Forest was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 219

WA Delegate (non-executive): The United Mangrove Archipelago of Ransium (elected )

Founder: The Kawaii Potoroo Habitats of Errinundera

Last WA Update:

Most World Assembly Endorsements: 12th Most Nations: 32nd Most Influential: 213th+20
Most Beautiful Environments: 662nd Best Weather: 665th Most Rebellious Youth: 792nd Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,009th Nicest Citizens: 1,053rd Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,113th Most Cultured: 1,203rd Most Inclusive: 1,324th Largest Black Market: 1,541st Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,607th Healthiest Citizens: 1,715th Smartest Citizens: 1,758th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,854th Most Devout: 1,865th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,993rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,996th Longest Average Lifespans: 2,046th Largest Governments: 2,222nd Largest Publishing Industry: 2,226th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,314th
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🌲 Forest welcomes all nations, especially those concerned with the environment.


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Quote of the Fortnight

"The world's forests are a shared stolen treasure that we must put back for our children's future."

~ Desmond Tutu

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Regional Power: Very High

Forest contains 374 nations, the 32nd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Workforce Participation Rate in Forest

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to estimate the percentage of citizens who are employed.

As a region, Forest is ranked 15,939th in the world for Highest Workforce Participation Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Undead Empire of WoolitaniaDemocratic Socialists“Lassen Sie mich Arzt, ich bin durch!”
2.The Snow-wreathed Commonwealth of FroenburgLiberal Democratic Socialists“Never again! Hopefully!”
3.The Wilderness of ElorenLeft-wing Utopia“Ŭŋ∂ҽԅʄŧѻɽΐɐჷ ϑɲʈɚღԑშ, ҩυიτѥs βɩσσʂɫαιηєძ”
4.The Federation of TaurideLiberal Democratic Socialists“Fieles a nosotros mismos”
5.The Cosmic Dream of The Grene KnyghtLeft-wing Utopia“Bigog!”
6.The United Socialist States of CaracasusLeft-wing Utopia“Will class angle for labour vouchers”
7.The CUP-Eladeni Isocracy of Liberal LiberalsLeft-wing Utopia“Can't we all just get along? Eladen Rep”
8.The New Inhabitants of Sangamon of Palos HeightsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Stop reading this and give me feedback in Got Issues”
9.The Colony of ChilledsvilleAuthoritarian Democracy“Smile! It's not that bad!”
10.The Joyeux Solarpunk Queendom of Alanis StarLiberal Democratic Socialists“I am Clarissa! I am built to love! ^^”
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Regional Poll • Shall we open embassies with Pacifica?

The Old Growth Forests of Ruinenlust wrote:See my RMB post...

Voting opened 7 hours ago and will close . Open to all native nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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via New Western Atlantic

The Dictatorship of Reolaa

The New Bluestocking Homeland wrote:Oman! I know you're Havana good time, but if you keep this up I'm moving to Paris before I go in Seine.

Uan aa Boa wrote:Oman, I can't Belize the Nepaling puns here. For you Togo to such lengths shows you must have a lot of New Zealand enthusiasm, but if you post Samoa I may Laos the plot, or else turn Thailand run. I don't think you're Ghana do it, but you've Benin the region for a while so I don't want Tibet. You might make a Korea out of it, or think you Congo around doing it all day, but if so Denmark my words Madeira. If you Palau this to continue it'll be a Chad day for all of us.

Shwe Tu Colony wrote:I was so Hungary I could've eat Wales, so I went Russian to the fridge. When I Czeched it, I found a Brazillian different things, one of which was a Greecey Turkey that was pretty Chile. I Perused my cabinets, & found some fine China to put my food on. Once I got halfway through eating it, I put it back in the fridge once I realized there was Norway I could Finnish it, but my stomach Israely bad now. Irish I hadn't eaten it now, but I won't exSpain the pain I'm going through, since that'd be too bad.

Don't Punish me with a Punch to the gut or anything like that, now. I don't feel any comPunction for what I've done, but hopefully you guys won't exPunge the Pungent things I've done just now from the Forest records.

Anyway that last line was entirely using a compendium of English words & F3 so shut your applause. :v

These puns are awesome, don't worry I'll be back with more puns.

Post self-deleted by Eschwich.

The Turbofan of Turbeaux

Eschwich wrote:Are you trying to suggest that you made my flag?
If so, that statement is grossly incorrect.
I made those two flags before I even made this nation, those flags I made for a D&D campaign.
Now if i'm just interpreting what you said incorrectly, sorry.

You are, Dubant is just offering to make new flags for any interested nations and complimented your new design!

The Sexy Melange of Dwardossa

My GDP is finally 666 Trillion Stars! Appropriate for the banning of religion in dwardossian land.

if you are reading this, have a devilish day!

via New Western Atlantic

The Dictatorship of Reolaa

Dwardossa wrote:My GDP is finally 666 Trillion Stars! Appropriate for the banning of religion in dwardossian land.

if you are reading this, have a devilish day!

I'll be sure to have a devilish day ;)

The Turbofan of Turbeaux

Dwardossa wrote:My GDP is finally 666 Trillion Stars! Appropriate for the banning of religion in dwardossian land.

if you are reading this, have a devilish day!

😈 and congratulations!

The Republic of The Southern Cascadian States

Ehhhh, I can never catch up in the conversations.

The Planetary Alliance of Jutsa

A message from the Jutsaish Transcommunications System:

Finally, we kicked out the hackers! I think... we're not actually sure if they just stopped for no reason, or if our super experimental AI removed them. We're not even sure it works, although there has been an eerie smell coming out from our main computers. But in the end, who cares? At least the flag is no longer pink, the color representing the communist regime that broke our economy, freedom, hospital funds, sale of cottage cheese, and environment... I've said too much.

-Boffin Bob, signing out.

via The Leftist Assembly

The Community of ILFA Administration

it's ya boi, Pele

Greetings to all! The Interregional Left Football Association (ILFA) has finished our first season of competitions, and we're glad to say that the whole operation has been a complete success! Therefore, we are now inviting you to join us in our second season, with brand new competitions to compete in, more teams to beat, and more gold to win! Forest, having an embassy with the ILFA's home region (TLA), is part of the ILFA's auto-acceptance policy, meaning that all applications from Forest will be accepted. As before, we are more casual than our friends over on the NS Sport sub-forum, so if you don't have time to RP, it's not a problem, and won't affect your ability to compete!

This season, we are expanding the ILFA from 2 to 4 competitions. We are introducing the ILFA Second Division to run alongside our Premier Division, and we are also introducing the ILFA Entrants' Cup, for all new members of the ILFA!

To sign up, please send a Telegram to this account confirming that you'd like to join us. We are heavily based on our own Discord server, so if you can't use Discord, please let us know when applying.

We hope to see you for Season 2!


President of the ILFA

PS: While we are aware that not everyone here is going to consider themselves a Leftist, we feel that we should extend the comradely spirit that the ILFA was founded upon to all residents of eligible regions. Though we are based in an ideological background, what we really care about is the sport.

The Old Growth Forests of Ruinenlust

Dear Friends,

We have gotten an embassy request from the region of Pacifica. They meet all of our quantitative requirements; in fact, they are the 24th largest region in the world, with 514 nations, as of this writing.

This is the telegram from Cormactopia Prime, Pacifica's WA Delegate and President:
"Hello! I'm writing to request embassies between Forest and Pacifica.
Pacifica is a democratic republic, with a Regional Congress that is open to all citizens. The President, who also serves as head of state, World Assembly Delegate, and handles external affairs, is elected by the citizenry; as is the Prime Minister, who handles domestic affairs; and the Speaker, who presides over the Regional Congress. The Justices of our High Court and members of our Guardian Council are also confirmed by the Regional Congress, and are subject to reconfirmation every six months. Secretaries and Ministers are appointed by the President and Prime Minister without confirmation, but can be removed from office by the Regional Congress (as can all officials).
Although we are not an explicitly environmental region, we are quite interested in the World Assembly and looking to expand our World Assembly program, which could include working on environmental proposals. We would also be happy to work with Forest on other environmental awareness and advocacy programs to help bring that perspective more into the gameplay sphere.
If you have any questions about Pacifica that would help your government reach a decision, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Cormactopia Prime
President of the Republic of Pacifica"


I have been in communication with Cormactopia for a while now. Some of you may recall that Pacifica requested embassies nearly a month ago, approximately. That request was allowed to time out, because we had agreed to wait until the business with the proposed constitutional changes was settled. As time went by, however, Uan aa Boa and I both felt that it would be better to just proceed as normal until something actually happens, so here we are! :-)

Please have a look at Pacifica and see what they're about, and then vote!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,

Ruinenlust, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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