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Largest Black Market: 1,256th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,338th Most Cultured: 1,671st Most Beautiful Environments: 1,997th Smartest Citizens: 2,101st Most Inclusive: 2,163rd Nicest Citizens: 2,170th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,266th Healthiest Citizens: 2,301st Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,335th
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Welcome to Europe and its 18th year!

Founded in 2002, we are one of the most ancient, influential, and endorsement-happy NationStates regions. Europe is also known for being one of the largest roleplaying regions with more than 1000+ RP posts a month. Welcome to one of the largest player-created regions and visit our Linkcommunity forum, join us on our LinkDiscord channel, and read our LinkLaws!

Nations of Europe are encouraged to join the WA and endorse our WA delegate! Every endorsement for the delegate is a stronger Europe in the WA!

Europe does not have an endorsement cap.
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    Welcome to Europe

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Embassies: the Pacific, USSR, The North Pacific, the Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, The Western Isles, the West Pacific, World Assembly Legislative League, Balder, International Democratic Union, Forest, the South Pacific, and Union of Christian Nations.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Europe contains 1,030 nations, the 18th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Safest in Europe

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, Europe is ranked 7,614th in the world for Safest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of Outer SpartaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Promote and Preserve”
2.The People's Republic of TroltoviaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Trols of the world, unite!”
3.The Vinlandic Republic of FalvaardLeft-Leaning College State“Liberty and Democracy”
4.The Free Buffet of Nukls-AndwiczCorporate Police State“When you meet a stranger, kill him.”
5.The Combined Syndicates of ThespolisLeft-wing Utopia“Now's the time and now's the hour”
6.The Socialist Democracy of LeviathaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We are proof that freedom and equality can coexist.”
7.The Democratic Republic of All are EqualDemocratic Socialists“Everyone has the right to pursue their bliss”
8.The FPCM of Northern German FederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“to each their own”
9.The Republic of AnsingtonCivil Rights Lovefest“Safety through liberty”
10.The Imperium of KardjaliLiberal Democratic Socialists“Watch me rule!”
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Recent polls: “Motion to Enact, Moderation (Amendment) Act 2020”“Motion to Elect, 26 June 2020”

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The Federal Republic of Eurasies

Enway wrote:So, did you use photoshop on pc or smartphone? I used the smartphone one and I found it not useful~

on my PC, it's easier for me, Illustrator is also a good option, or inkscape.

The Federal Republic of Enway

Eurasies wrote:on my PC, it's easier for me, Illustrator is also a good option, or inkscape.


The Empire of United Engiresco

The Commonwealth of Nations

Anthem: God Save The King

Lyrics: 1. God save our gracious king!

Long live our noble king!

God save the king!

Send him victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to reign over us;

God save the king!

2. Thy choicest gifts in store

On him be pleased to pour;

Long may he reign!

May he defend our laws,

And ever give us cause

To sing with heart and voice,

God save the king!



United Engiresco


Eurasies(Affiliated Member)


Drew Durrnil























1: We accept semi-parliamentary, democratic, and parliamentary nations.
2: No dictatorships or Psychotic Dictatorships are allowed. (However if you join as one but swear to change your Government, then it's a different answer)

Allied Alliances
The Eurasian Pact (EAP)

No enemies (yet...)
Read factbook

For those of you who wish to join the Commonwealth of Nations, I am looking for a Chancellor to lead beside me. Also I am looking for members who wish to uphold democracy.
To join you need only fill out the following and telegram it to me.

Name of Nation:
Heads of State and Government:
Government Type:

The Federal Republic of Yahlia

Enway wrote:Well, I'm inspired from Icelandic Krona, Norwegian Krone, Canadian dollar and New Zealand Dollar, but I'm not getting how to get started? I hugely liked their designs~

New Zealand does have sexy banknotes UwU

The Empire of United Engiresco

Yahlia wrote:UwU

Begone weeb
I'm just kidding xd

The Haugen Matriarchy of St Scarlett

Enway wrote:Well, I'm inspired from Icelandic Krona, Norwegian Krone, Canadian dollar and New Zealand Dollar, but I'm not getting how to get started? I hugely liked their designs~

I also took inspiration from more colourful banknotes like Australia’s

You could also try and make yours more unique, like how I’ve used square coins and banknotes

Skarlagen Vix

10p Coin (Obverse) and a ℣10 banknote

ISO 4217



















℣10, ℣20, ℣50


1p, 5p, 10p, 25p, 50p, ℣1, ℣2, ℣5


Official Users

St Scarlett
Laver Island (Local Issue, KLV)
The Mongol Plain (Local Issue, NMV)


Central Bank

Bank of Scarlett



Bank of Scarlett


Snowby Mint of St Scarlett




Pegged with

Pound Sterling at Par

The Skarlagen Vix (symbol: ℣; ISO Code: HSV), commonly known as the Vix, is the national currency of St Scarlett and is a secondary currency in Corthaen. It is a part of the International Vix Union which also includes the Laverian Vix (KLV) and the Mongolian Vix (NMV) which are both pegged to the Skarlagen Vix but are minted with different coins and notes in their respective territories, only regulated by St Scarlett.

The Vix is a decimalised currency where one Vix is divided into 100 pence. It is currently pegged on par to the British Pound Sterling. The currency is regulated by the Bank of Scarlett and is minted in Snowby, St Scarlett.


The currency is named for the female fox, the Vixen. The name was chosen for the country's national animal, the Arctic Fox, and was shortened to Vix after a year of use.

The penny is named for the British penny, the origins of the term are largely unknown but it is believed to have germanic origins, possibly from Low Franconia panding meaning a pledge or a dept to a pawn broker.


As a part of Norway St Scarlett shared its currencies for many years. In 1875 Norway began using the Krone and St Scarlett became a part of the Scandinavian Monetary Union until 1913.

Within the territory some local currencies emerged in protest of Norway but they usually consisted of pieces of precious medal or simple barter, the Vix would not come in to play until independence.

In 1987 when St Scarlett became independent it at first adopted the British Pound Sterling, wanting to end its reliance on Scandinavia, but this was not popular with many citizens who wanted a stronger Skarlagen identity. In 1990 the Skarlagen Vixen was introduced but was almost identical to the British pound being both pegged to it and using similar coins and notes, it was renamed the Vix in 1991 but the subdivision retained the name "pence".

Over the years the currency became more unique with its famous square coins and banknotes emerging in 2012 under Erin Redwood's reign as Matriarch. The 20p coin was scrapped in favour of a 25p coin in 2003, and the Five Vix note was replaced by the Five Vix Coin in 2014, leaving just three remaining bank notes. The 2p coin was also scrapped in 2017.


St Scarlett favours coins over banknotes with just three currently in circulation. Originally there was also a Five Vix note but this was scrapped in favour of a coin in 2014, something which the UK also considered doing.

The notes are all square shaped and are about the same size as a British bank note cut in half, the unique shape was chosen just to defy Norway and to further push St Scarlett as its own country. All three notes use the triangle shape from the flag, representing Skarlagen Fjell, and feature a large Vix symbol, a number representing the value of the note and text reading "Bank of Scarlett" in both English and Norwegian.

The ten is red, representing Saint Scarlett, the twenty and fifty are blue and yellow respectively representing the Haugen government. The ten features President Astrid Haugen, as well as the logo of the Republican Party, it has been agreed this will not change if a new president is elected but may some day in the future be altered. The twenty features Skarlagen Fjell, which interestingly means the mountain is featured twice on that particular note as the triangle on the left is also meant to represent the peak. The flag of Redland, where Skarlagen Fjell is located, is also featured. The fifty features an image of the national animal, the Arctic Fox, alongside its latin name Vulpes lagopus.

The reverse side of the notes does not feature the triangle and features the Grand Matriarch, Kari Erland, along with her title on all three notes. Prior to 2020 Erin Redwood was featured instead, this was the only change made to the 2020 notes with the obverse sides retaining their 2018 designs.

Before 2018 the notes were coloured red (10), white (20) and black (50) and all featured the national emblem on the obverse side, this was the case from 1987 all the way to 2018 when the Haugen government was formed. The former Five Vix note was dark blue, representing the oceans around the nation and later Scotland once Erin became matriarch, with the Scottish Saltire being featured alongside the national emblem.





10 Vix Note


20 Vix Note


50 Vix Note



Skarlagen Vix coins are known for their interesting shapes, with all pence coins being square except the 50p which is a cross shape, and only the Vix coins taking the traditional round shape.

The designs are relatively similar, all heads sides feature the national emblem, the country's Norwegian name and the year of printing.

The tails sides feature the value of the coin and small symbols, the Vixen from the national flag, a cross representing the Catholic faith and a heart representing the Skarlagen people. Prior to 2018 the heart was absent from the Vix coins, instead a mirror of Venus was featured.

The penny, five pence and fifty pence coins are made from nickel, the ten and twenty pence coins are made from brass and the Vix coins are made from copper, giving them their distinct silver, gold and bronze colours.







Five Pence


Ten Pence


Twenty-Five Pence


Fifty Pence


One Vix Coin


Two Vix Coin


Five Vix Coin


Template by New Transeurasia can be found Here.

Read factbook

The Your Antityrannical overlord of Apabeossie

Eurasies wrote:




Notable Acts

Pedro Pérez

1950 - 1955

Adrianna de Pérez (Wife)

Joseph Pérez (Son)

Capitalism Law

Legalization of new political parties
Institution of the First Republic

Theodore Marquez

1955 - 1960

Fabiana Marquez (Wife)

Modernization of the whole country

Creation of the first national currency
Creation of state channels

Anna de Cornell

1960 - 1965

Joel Cornell (Husband)

Jesus Cornell (Son)

Gender Equality Law

Joshua Gomez

1965 - 1982

Lisa de Gomez (Wife)

Elias Gomez (Son)
Betty Gomez (Daughter)

Attempt to establish a dictatorship

Beginning of the War of the Atlantic Islands

Roger Ali

1982 - 1985

Mary de Ali (Wife)

Establishment of the Second Republic

Overthrow of Joshua Gomez
Establishment of an Emergency Government

James Campbell

1985 - 1990

Stephany de Campbell (Wife)

Sebastian Campbell (Son)
Stephen Campbell (Son)

He established the rabbit as the national animal

Campbell Doctrine : No military officer can hold power

Robert Reed

1990 - 1995

Mary de Reed (Wife)

Ander Reed (Son)
Zoe Reed (Daughter)

The War of the Atlantic Islands ended

Establishment of electoral system majority single-vote count
First National Park in the history of Eurasies

Peter Morgan

1995 - 2000

Monika de Morgan (Wife)

Michael Morgan (Son)

Creation of the Eurasian Intelligence Agency (EIA)

Illegalization of communism

Mary de Villadolid

2000 - 2005

Taylor Villadolid (Husband)

Bill Villadolid (Son)
Antoniette Villadolid (Daughter)
Benjamin Villadolid (Son)

End of the Campbell Doctrine

Women's Rights Law
Start of the Eurasies Nuclear Program

Gregory Scott

2005 - 2010

Emily de Scott (Wife)

Institution of the Third Republic

Illegalization of ultra-nationalism (far right)

Rose de Sommer

2010 - 2015

Jack Sommer (Husband)

Kevin Sommer (Son)

Creation of the Eureka (current currency)

Universal vote law

Matthew Alarcon

2015 - 2020

Elena de Alarcon (Wife)

Justin Alarcon (Son)

Start of the Brasilistan War

Issuance of the first Eurasian passport
Eurasian Space Program Foundation

Cesar Ramirez

2020 - Present

Katie de Ramirez (Wife)

Francisco Ramirez (Son)

Legalization of Gay Marriage

End of the Brasilistan War

Illegalization of abortion and tobacco

Presidents of the Transcontinental Conservative Party :

• Theodore Marquez
• Anna de Cornell
• Roger Ali
• James Campbell
• Gregory Scott
• Matthew Alarcon

Presidents of the Republican Liberal Party :

• Pedro Pérez
• Robert Reed
• Peter Morgan
• Mary de Villadolid
• Rose de Sommer
• César Ramírez

Presidents of the National-Socialist Party (no longer exists) :

• Joshua Gomez


The Eurasian Democratic Socialist Party, The Party of the Proletariat, The Eurasian Ecologist Party, Nationalist Party for Eurasies. They have never won presidential elections.

Read factbook

I have completely finished my book on the presidents of Eurasies, take a look at it, I would appreciate it.

ooh, all the past presidents are colorized XD

The Federated States of Pizza of Pilipinas and Malaya

Eurasies wrote:The Orthodox Basilica in Istanbul, as I understand it.

It's clearly located in Constantinople.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Pontus and Trebizond

Pilipinas and Malaya wrote:It's clearly located in Constantinople.

Make Istanbul Constantinople again!

The Federated States of Pizza of Pilipinas and Malaya

Eurasies wrote:
Eurasian Assembly



Type : Eurasies Legislative Branch
Term Limits : 5 years

Founded : 1982
Preceded by : Eurasies Congress

President of the Assembly : Adolf Green (TCP)
First Vice President of the Assembly : Frank Warren (TCP)

Political Groups
Republican Liberal Party


Transcontinental Conservative Party
Eurasian Democratic Socialist Party
Nationalist Party for Eurasies


Voting System: Proportional System
Last Election: 2015
Next Election: 2020
Meeting Place

Eurasies Capitol, Greater Eurasia

The Eurasian Assembly

The Eurasian Assembly, also known as the Parliament of Eurasies, or the Congress of Greater Eurasia. It is a governing body belonging to the Legislative Branch, the one in charge of approving or repealing laws, precisely that is the function carried out by the Assembly, the representatives of this body are known as deputies, who are elected in legislative elections every 5 years, representing in more or less quantity to a region.

They usually meet daily to meet in the Eurasies Capitol, it currently has 600 seats, being dominated mostly by the Transcontinental Conservative Party (TCP) with 238 seats out of 600, followed by the Republican Liberal Party (RLP) with 134 seats, the Eurasian Democratic Socialist Party (PSE) with 129 seats, and finally the Nationalist Party for Eurasies (NPE) with 99 seats.

The President of the Republic belongs to the RLP, which is why despite not having the majority of the assembly, it is the ruling party, the TCP, PSE and NPE represent the current Eurasian opposition.

Unlike other countries, in Eurasies the upper and lower houses are one, this established in the Constitution. The President of the Assembly is also the leader of the TCP; Adolf Green, who exercises the highest authority of the legislative body.

Currently they are carrying out a campaign before the 2020 legislative elections, in December of this year the results will be revealed. With the introduction of the Proportional Electoral System, the less important parties, such as the EEP and the PoP, will be able to obtain seats in the next elections, trying to end the eternal rivalry between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Read factbook

The Eurasian Assembly factbook is also now available.

Which website did you use to generate your parliament diagram?

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