Regions World Census

The Most Nations in the World

The World Census tracked the movements of military-grade geo-airlifting helicopters to determine which regions have the most nations.

RegionNationsWA Delegate
1.The North PacificFlag9,343The Kingdom of Prydania
2.The East PacificFlag8,256The Parrot Excommunigate of Libertanny
3.LazarusFlag7,738The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia
4.The South PacificFlag7,745The 🍪 Tropical Biscuit Paradise of Aumeltopia
5.OsirisFlag7,625The Inlustris of Rigels Light
6.BalderFlag7,663The Kingdom of North East Somerset
7.Chicken overlordsFlag7,345None
8.The PacificFlag6,740The Lucky Holy Pacifican Empire of East Durthang
9.The West PacificFlag5,882The Great Western Sasquatch of Bran Astor
10.The Rejected RealmsFlag5,301The Watch how I Soar Nation of A Leaf on the Wind
1234. . .2,3232,324»

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