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Most Nations: 5th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 306th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,843rd
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Regional Power: Very High

The Rejected Realms contains 12,273 nations, the 5th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in the Rejected Realms

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, the Rejected Realms is ranked 11,999th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Hivemind of The SeidLeft-wing Utopia“All Motion, Mutilation”
2.The Federation of ZaveaDemocratic Socialists“Quo Nemo Sequi Potest”
3.The Holy Empire of FarrakhanDemocratic Socialists“All Praise Is Due To Allah”
4.The Union of ValerionFather Knows Best State“One vision. One purpose.”
5.The Communist Easter Egg Kingdom of FauzjhiaLeft-wing Utopia“Long Live Easter Eggs and The Rejected Realms”
6.The Prolife Fauzjhian Seadom of EvilciaLeft-wing Utopia“Lots of fish around here”
7.The Dragon Fauzjhian Provincie of BhrazjhiaLeft-wing Utopia“We always forget, and never remember”
8.The Dark Fauzjhian Province of TaineizbriaLeft-wing Utopia“Nights are full of lives”
9.The Oceanic Fauzjhian Province of AuceanzniaLeft-wing Utopia“There is no life, without fun”
10.The Workers' Democracy of TrotskyaCivil Rights Lovefest“Workers of all countries, unite!”
1234. . .1,2271,228»

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The Guilty of Devilry of The Church of Satan

Slatos Empire wrote:What do you guys think of Elon buying Twitter. I personally think it's an improvement to an already deteriorating site

I'm genuinely curious about what he might do with the place.

Slatos Empire wrote:Does NS have less new players in the summer?

Traditionally, yes. In NationStates, this is known by many as "The Summer Lull."

United Kong wrote:Did you know McDonald's once created bubblegum-flavored broccoli

Did you know McDonald's Japan once had Nintendo make employee training software using a Nintendo DS game? They were carefully distributed to store owners all across Japan. The games all required passwords which were determined by each individual store owner. They even came with a unique McDonald's DS design. They became the rarest Nintendo DS' and DS games in the world, leaking out in small numbers to very dedicated collectors. Most of which did not have the password needed to get past the title screen. The few who did kept the contents of the game to themselves so as to maintain the game's value. The game usually sold at auction for upwards of $3000 (US.) I know what you're thinking, "Three grand for McDonald's employee training software? That's absurd!" And you are right, but it's also a piece of gaming history. I mean, McDonald's Japan trained employees with a freakin' Nintendo DS! It's such a Japan thing to do, lol. Somewhat recently, a YouTuber that focuses on preserving game history got his hands on a real, genuine physical copy of the game (with password,) which had to be smuggled through both Japan and US customs because it was during the pandemic, and dumped the rom so everyone can have it for free. It's not quite so rare anymore, but it's kinda cool.

Garthirr wrote:What about breadism?

The Bread Scale of Approval (inspired by A Leaf on the Wind) is more than enough. Although summoning hordes of the UnBread during Halloween is encouraged.



A: Canada


C: The Great DPRK!!!!

The Guilty of Devilry of The Church of Satan

Ant Union wrote:You have more level than me but I still win in a challenge lol.

He's only got one level on you. It's not much. Now if you were to defeat me at your current level, that would be incredible.

The Cancelled by all Snowflakes of Pre-Christian Persecuted People

Hoffania wrote:There are a few, but they seem to have quieted down recently. However, we cannot delete you, we can either 1. Wait 28 days for your nation to be deleted, or 2. Break a site rule and have a mod delete you. I donít recommend either course of action, as our community is pretty nice! Just try to stay off the RMB if you see an argument crop up-obvious tells are posts that are 30+ lines in length, made either by COPPAtilism or Pre-Christian Persecuted People
Are you kidding me? TRR hasnít seen this many nations since the Great Puppet War of 2019!

I didnít double post, shut up

No dude, no arguments, it was just another rather primitive way in judging someoneís abilities, their moral strength, their potential to get into occult should they choose it. Very crude way, and understandably rude, but options were limited. Found out a few in Reddit (even if controlled by government, got to meet a few personally), whom i am in touch with, thought I check with youngsters ( above 18 (hopefully but apparently at least one was younger I think but not my fault on that)) here and determine how much the future of the planet and all cultures are down the drain.

It would had been easier meeting physically, I could have seen peoples horrible side in an instant. But it is not preferable these days due to covid and the fact that USA is worse than fascist orthodox states in social aspects.

Oh well, at least moral compass of a few westerners is much better than those in the Middle East. The middle easterners are proud of what has happened in the past and would proudly repeat that if situation similar arises. That does not seem in the west. But that maybe because the sample size of the west is much greater than Middle East, whom I have gauged their actual nature personally. Possibility is, the actual nature of most westerners might be the same with few exceptions and same for those living in the Middle East. But oh well, interesting experience. Now I might just observe different posts till I get busy, which I have started to be.

The Grand Duchy of Garthirr

I may or may not have remembered my main nation's password

The Federal Republic of Manuelian Empire

Guys, i know that some people like me joined NationStates for drew durnil, who has joined thanks to him?

(because i joined bc of him too)

The Draconian tribe of Thepeopl


There, and now vote!

The Jingoistic States of Sahico

[quote=hoffania;47601749]Question of the Day!
How will next year start out?[/ quote]
getting top 3 for IA in TRR :)

i did the quote wrong :(

via The South Pacific

The Allied States of Bistritza

Hobbubobbia wrote:I'm confused, are you saying you're an anarchist or that you don't support any extant forms of government

based Rousd

via Portugal

The Empire of Herya

Hey there my friends!

I'd just like to remind you that you still have 2 weeks to submit a text or story about your NS country as part of the Lusitanian Games (remember you can make a submission in english and another in portuguese). This part of the interregional contest we designed with other regions like Europe, 100000 islands and Forest is directed to those who love RP and wish to tell a short but insightful tale (or any other type of text) about the idealized country you've built and its people which you, as their beloved leader, rule.

You also have time to submit photos in our photography contest and a flag as part of the flag design one.

You can read all about it here:

Is the camera rolling? Let's do this then!

Welcome to the First Edition of the Lusitanian Games (or LusitanŪadas in our oh so tongue-twisting Portuguese). In a never-seen-before attempt, Portugal, Europe, Forest and 10000 Islands came together to offer a fun and engaging time for all the NationStates multiverse: a cultural competition! Consisting of three seperate competitions - Writing, Photography and Flag Design - we hope these games may bring forth some peaceful banter and aid in the strengthening of bonds during such turbulent times. Without further ado, let the games begin!

How can I participate?

Regardless of your region, status in the WA, heck as long as you have a pulse you may join any of the three competitions we have in store for you


    Submission's Deadline 7th of June

    Jury: Ofiussia (Portugal); Haivon (XKI); The Union Empire (XKI); Logar (Europe)

    The nations who wish to join must write a story regarding either an event or a simple story set within their NS countries. This part of the competition will be divided in two seperate sections: one for English-written stories.

    Regarding the texts themselves, these must be written out in a dispatch in the respective language of the competition the writer wishes to join (he can submit up to 1 in each). All text formats are allowed (poetry, prose...) and there is no word limit. Plagiarism and hate speech will not be tolerated in a submission (though hateful topics may be explored in the narrative).

    In the English competition a jury composed of players from different regions will give out four different thematic awards to the best texts: best scenery, best story progression, best character development and best plot;

    As for the Portuguese one, a poll will be conducted in Portugal for its citizens to choose the best text out of the bunch.

    Once finished, submissions must be sent via telegram in a dispatch to:

    • All the judges, for the English competition

    • Our Minister Alentejo and Algarve, for the Portuguese competition.

    Submission's Deadline 21st of June

    Jury: Peterandia (Portugal); Totaristan (Portugal); Uan aa Boa (Forest); Wille-Harlia (XKI)

    You will be able to compete in 4 different categories, submitting up to 2 photos taken by you in each one:

    • Black and White photos

    • Photos of national monuments and landmarks

    • Animal photos

    • Free category

    Filters will be permited for the photos, but their impact on the quality of the pictures will be taken in account. Plagiarism won't be tolerated.

    The 3 best pictures from each category will be chosen by a multirregional juri, to whom you must send your pictures with links or in other available mediums that facilitate the jury's work.

    Submission's Deadline 7th of July

    Jury: Alentejo and Algarve (Portugal); Jutsa (Forest); Pilipinas and Malaya (Europe); Markanite (XKI)

    The participants will be encouraged to submit one original design - and with absolute thematic freedom - with the following limitations:

      You can only use up to 4 colours and in this set of 4 you can only use one of the following {green, red, blue}. Coat of arms and others like it must abide by the same rules.

    The submission of the flag design must be done in the same way as the photography one, sending the design to all the members of the jury, which will select the 3 best designs.

Anything else?

We highly recommend you join Linkour discord server where you can keep up with the latest news on the event!

Read dispatch

We'd really like if there were lots of you participating and hope that you will try and have fun with us!

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