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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 43rd Most Nations: 61st Most Influential: 1,146th+3
Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,287th Largest Black Market: 1,803rd Most Cultured: 2,605th
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Welcome to the Frozen Realm of Wintreath! A three-time featured region!

Established on October 17th, 2013. Home of friendship, meritocracy, and opportunity. Refuge for warmth and hospitality in the frigid, frozen land of eternal winter...

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Regional Power: Very High

Wintreath contains 356 nations, the 61st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in Wintreath

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 22,905th in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Republic of PonderosaAnarchy“Live Free”
2.The Tsarist Autocracy of DawcreekCompulsory Consumerist State“Inn i slottet fra drųmmen.”
3.The Federation of ImperialRussiaFather Knows Best State“Conquest and Justice with an Ironfist”
4.The Most Serene Holy Empire of NargothondCorporate Police State“Le nallon si di'nguruthos”
5.The Despotic Hegemony of YestleckIron Fist Consumerists“Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus”
6.The Green and yellow of VivantInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vivant”
7.The United Coalition of New Narag EmpireCompulsory Consumerist State“We are the Narag! We will slaughter all who oppose us!”
8.The Queendom of SoraliNew York Times Democracy“Through Woman We Shall Persevere”
9.The Protectorate of Na VolaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Improve the country we live in for a better future”
10.The Kingdom of KaladarkaPsychotic Dictatorship“Feel the cold”
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Wintreath Regional Message Board

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The Inactive Army of Young Spice

Uueidhhd wrote:Why do you lock it in a 3X3 foot cage?

so it doesn't escape. its the only one of its kind.

The Republic of Uueidhhd

Young Spice wrote:so it doesn't escape. its the only one of its kind.

Why can't the cage be larger.

The Pro Freedom States of Trashkanistan73

The Ursian Empire wrote:Finished most homework. Woohoo.
Sovark Island, The Ursian Empire

"Giant Trashkan Mechs, Uniopolis unicorns, Stigyan air ships, Sakirian navy, I doubt the insurgents would be able to hold against this," said Vision.

The Bear Alphas looked at the magnificent army before them. Using UCVP warp, the classified Ursian base transferred its buildings to Sovark Island, now the perfect staging ground for the assaults against the insurgents. Even Bear Vanguard tank walkers, Polar Bear wheeled tank destroyer/ walker artillery, Black Hole tanks, and Black Bear scout armored assault vehicles were there.

"Yep, those insurgents will really pay. Oh and will you look at that," said BA4. Squadrons of Dragonstorms and Cyclones flew across the airspace. The Bear Alpha observed that the sonic booms made by these planes were more sharp, and more distinctive, nothing like the erratic display by the insurgents. This was the real Ursian airforce. And in the direction they were going, it looked like they were assaulting the mainland itself.

"BA4, you think those planes will do fine? Aren't they too fragile as shown in our homelands?" asked Vision.

"In the hands of insurgents unfamiliar with Dragonstorms and Cyclones, yes. But in the hands of a professional pilot of the Ursian Airforce and if they used our tactics well, Argus wouldn't just be the only one to fall," replied BA4.

"You're saying that the Violets were slacking?"

"Well, maybe they were, heck they attacked 7 places at once. That's in violation of every Ursian doctrine ever known to us."

"So what do you think they were doing?"

"Something. I can't put my word on it, but there is something they really wanna protect in Ursia, so much so they would distract everyone else with a fake assault."

"So you're saying, its going to be hell trying to assault this place?"

"Yep, so let's just do our best," said BA4, as he grabbed his auto-sonic sniper rifle.

Courtyard, Solitas, The Stigyan Triumvirate

"Emperor, this is a message from General Arcturus, one of the many in the military still in the mainland hiding. He's compiled a report of suspicious Violet activities in all of the major cities, most of all Ursus Majoro," said the Steel Eagle soldier.

"Good, good. We'll talk about this in the War Room...," said Roxas until he was interrupted by somebody.

"Excuse me, coming through," a woman came out of the walker tank. Unlike the regular blue cloak of any regular Ursian Ambusher or vehicle operator, she was merely wearing usual Ursian civilian clothing. Coming out of the walker-tank, her features were made more clear. Black raven hair just like her little nephew bear cub. Blue eyes like her father, as his father, all the way till the 137th High Councilor. And her facial features close to the features of a certain MIA High Councilor. Pieck II Windwalker, aunt of Barnos II, and one of the Hummingbird Alphas. FA3, 4 and 5, looked in shock.

"Falcons, the more you gawk, the less you can protect my nephew," said Pieck.

"HA1, don't you have a mission in Ursuda?" asked FA4.

"Well, lets just say I took a shortcut to teleport here just after completing the mission. Luckily, this tank was chosen to teleport a message. And please. call me Pieck, I have no need for formalities."

The three Falcons just looked at the Hummingbird. Where Falcons specialized in defense and protecting high value targets, a Hummingbird can literally hijack any ship or vehicle, by themselves.

"So Emperor Amory, many stories about you in Ursia. Pretty, divided, my people are about you. But that is not what I'm here for," she said.

She approached the emperor.

"Is my nephew alright?" she asked.

"In safe hands, I would not break your brother's plea," he replied.

"Good, then we have strategy to discuss."

War Room, Solitas

"So you're telling me that the aerial assault on all the WARPP and Wintreath countries, was just a distraction," asked Roxas.

"Very much so. You gave us your seismographs yes? This output is merely a fraction of what a professional Ursian army can do. And the reports and the sheer amount of troops in the major cities show more of their armies. They are trying to protect something we don't know," said the Steel Eagle soldier.

"And of course, they are still insurgents. Hiding anywhere in the world. The last attack will probably not be the last if it means distracting us," said Pieck.

FA4 looked at the war council. Not only did they just deal with kaijus and Ursian insurgents, even the Violet plan was eluding them. Even Pieck, a respected strategist on the battlefield as Alex was in politics and engineering, was struggling to figure out what they were doing.

"So what do you suggest Pieck?" asked Roxas.

"An assault is going to be our best option. However, while we're doing that, we can also use our commando teams to figure out what on Wintreath is going in Ursus Majoro," she replied.

"Well then, informant, contact WARPP and Wintreath, we're moving in Ursia. You know what the commandos must do as well"

Courtyard,Citadel of Solitas

"Pieck, this isn't the only info you have, don't you?" asked FA3. While Pieck was brilliant, and a trusted commando of USOC, she would, occasionally omit details, especially to other countries.

"Well, as much as we need WARPP's help, we should always be prepared if they ever show a sign to betray us. Yes, yes I did omit a certain thing."

"You know damn well you're infamous for lying a lot of crucial details. Please, just tell us."

A happy Barnos was spotted across Courtyard.

"In time, but now, my nephew needs some comforting."

The two leave each other. One hugged her beloved brother's son, the other went to inform his team.

Project SHP Headquarters

Sharp Booga: Is it Ready?

Engineer: Yes it is

The AP-04 turns on

Engineer: It is powered by Magnetic Electricity and the Arms are detachable
And retachable. Making so it can change out weapons. It is the ultimate Mecha.

The Republic of Uueidhhd

I am going to block off my nation from the world.

The Interplanetary Kingdom of Sakiria

Uueidhhd wrote:I am going to block off my nation from the world.

Ok. Don't forget to set your nation on Vacation mode.

Btw, how are you going to do this?

The Republic of Uueidhhd

Sakiria wrote:Ok. Don't forget to set your nation on Vacation mode.

Btw, how are you going to do this?

With walls I am talking about.

The Valkįr Sortėria of XXURBANXX

Uueidhhd wrote:no I will not I will not explode them don't worry.

it will still radiate the waters. i hope you removed the uranium first.

Shy Guy Nation wrote:No it isn't, because NS stats don't affect any other nation except yours.

he's right.

Uueidhhd wrote:In a very hidden hot place are the nukes.

and please tell me you removed the core from the bombs. i dont feel like having all my fish dying lol

Post self-deleted by XXURBANXX.

The Narex Council of The Ursian Empire

My Civil Rights went up, at the cost of Scientific Advancement going down just a bit. Cmon Nationstates.

The Republic of Uueidhhd

XXURBANXX wrote:it will still radiate the waters. i hope you removed the uranium first.he's right.and please tell me you removed the core from the bombs. i dont feel like having all my fish dying lol

I did remove the uranium and the core.

The Ursian Empire wrote:My Civil Rights went up, at the cost of Scientific Advancement going down just a bit. Cmon Nationstates.

I need to get my Scientific advancement to 320 when I have 500 million people.

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