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WA Delegate: The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis (elected )

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Most Valuable International Artwork: 60th Most Nations: 68th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 341st+1
Largest Black Market: 2,497th
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Originally founded on 17 April 2016, the community in The League stands as a strong and active community, gameplay, and roleplay region!







Security Council: N/A

Embassies: The Order of the Grey Wardens, 10000 Islands, the Rejected Realms, The East Pacific, Spiritus, Philippines, Geopolity, Commonwealth of Liberty, Anteria, Eurth, Warzone Asia, Thaecia, The Free Nations Region, The Union of Democratic States, the South Pacific, Fukuoka, and 5 others.Partnership for Sovereignty, Celtia, Hell, Warzone Sandbox, and Europeia.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Conservative, Defender, Democratic, Enormous, Game Player, Liberal, Map, Modern Tech, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and 4 others.Security Council, Serious, Socialist, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

The League contains 319 nations, the 68th most in the world.


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The Most Efficient Economies in The League

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, The League is ranked 12,168th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Peoples Democratic RE of New MakastaCorporate Police State“Felix mendacium mendacio veritatem libertas seruitute”
2.The Directorial Republic of CospaniaCorporate Bordello“Libertas est donum Dei”
3.The Holy Traditionalist Empire of CreeperopolisCorporate Police State“Devajo Dios yel Emperador”
4.The Intergalactic Commercial Hub of AustralopiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Gloria!”
5.The United States of FratlandiaCapitalist Paradise“Sanctum Fortis Bellator”
6.The Grand Republic of IkaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam”
7.The A of the B of the C of the D of ZjaumNew York Times Democracy“Don't mess with us, and we won't mess with you, friend.”
8.The Constitutional Theocracy of IandrulMoralistic Democracy“As one, we raise ourselves higher.”
9.The First Supreme Holy Order of LossaknachIron Fist Consumerists“Be Here Now”
10.The People's Technocracy of MenomineeCivil Rights Lovefest“Forewarned is forearmed”
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The Republic of Paloder

hi guys i passed my university exams

i'm back

The Republic of Paloder

what to do with cards?

The Federation of Iakomanskaya

Я хочу вам сказать, чтобы у вас было всë хорошо!

The Serene State of Quebecshire

Paloder wrote:hi guys i passed my university exams

i'm back

Welcome back!

Paloder wrote:what to do with cards?

You can collect them or ignore them, Makasta here is a big cards player

The Federal Republic of Super Top

Paloder wrote:hi guys i passed my university exams

i'm back

Welcome !

The Republic of DragonBorn Clan

Soldorada wrote:How can I, DragonClan?

Go to my page and look for a icon that looks like a newspaper near the top of the page on the left hand side. It is in between an icon that looks like an the Washington monument and a old fashion weight scale. IN short, tap or click on my name, and when you are on my nation page, press the fact book button. It's the same one you used to write your Facebook.

The Empire of ImperioKorkumida

A random question: what did you want to be when you were kids and what do you want to be now?

Kiss from: Korkumida Empire

The Allied States of Pasadamia

ns really needs a translater button, im tired of using google

The Empire of ImperioKorkumida

Pasadamia wrote:ns really needs a translater button, im tired of using google

strange question, are you brazilian?

The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis

Imperial Cup of the Emperor, an Appropriate Name for a Tournament Only for the Elite Clubs
26 May 2022 – 2:10 p.m. Eastern Time

This upcoming Saturday on 28 May 2022, the Imperial Cup of the Emperor's 4th round will begin in Creeperopolis. The tournament, which is presented as a tournament in which clubs from all across the country from any level of professional association football, is, in reality, only a tournament for the elite football clubs of the country.

The tournament has 4 rounds, and the first 3 have all concluded. The 1st phase consisted of matches between the top 32 teams of the ANF Division II, the third level of the Creeperian football system. The 16 winners of the round then played all 32 teams of the AND Division I, the second level of the Creeperian system. Here, the hierarchal and elite-focused structure of the tournament already manifests itself, as the Division I teams easily defeat, even blowout and shutout, the Division II teams. There are 12 groups of 4 where the 12 winners advance to the 4th round, while the 12 runners-up advance to the 3rd round. Of the 16 Division II teams in round 2, only 2, Extremadura and Santo Domingo, advanced to the 3rd round, and only Extremadura made it to the 4th round. (Not a surprise, as that city remains a favorite of the monarchy.)

You may be wondering, where does the ANF Premier League come into this? Well, the 16 teams of the top level of Creeperian football are all automatically qualified for the final round, while the 64 lower division teams are forced to fight it out amongst themselves for the chance to, basically, immediately lose to a Premier League team in the Round of 32. Every match of the Round of 32 is hosted by a Premier League team, effectively a death sentence for whatever poor Division I or Division II team is sent to play them. No Division II team has ever won the tournament, or even ever made it past the Round of 16. A few Division I teams have come close, but have never won the tournament either due to them facing a Premier League powerhouse or due to blatant rigging and favoritism by the match officials.

Even then, if we just focus on the Premier League teams, there is even a clear bias in which teams win the entire tournament. San Salvador, Adolfosburg, Salvador, San Romero, Chalatenango, Victoria, La'Victoria, La'Libertad, these teams are the ones which have won the most titles, with very few others ever tasting the title in the 52-year history of the Imperial Cup of the Emperor.

Victory is only hoarded by a predestined few elite clubs, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. People can petition the National Football Association's administration to change the format to potentially allow for more upsets with the Premier League teams – take away their bye to the 4th round – but this is the ANF we are talking about, one of the most corrupt entities in all of Creeperian history. The current format just makes too much money for the ANF to ever consider making the tournament actually fair. What makes more money? A final between San Salvador and Adolfosburg, or a final between Guadalajara and Hidalgeso? Anyone can tell you that the former is the clearly more optimal option to make as much money as possible, however, I believe that even if the Premier League teams are stripped of their bye, that will still end up being the most common final. Despite this potential reality, a change must be made to the tournament's format to ensure the fairness of the tournament to the Division I and Division II teams and to take away the elite privileges of the elitist and aristocratic Premier League teams.

Written by Orlando Édgar Hernández y Alvarado
From Liberty City, Paleocacher
©El Faro 2022

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