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Welcome to Anteria, home to premier NationStates Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and International Brotherhood! Together, we create our own world and cohesive narrative in which members from all four corners of the world can call their own.

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Regional Power: Very High

Anteria contains 387 nations, the 53rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Patriotic in Anteria

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 7,594th in the world for Most Patriotic.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Socialist Republic of The dark skiesPsychotic Dictatorship“Jeder ist in Sicherheit”
2.The Empire of PromoIron Fist Consumerists“All Hail Me”
3.The United Democracy of REGINA LA VICTORIADemocratic Socialists“Endeavor! Fervor! Achieve!”
4.The Kingdom of IwoniaIron Fist Consumerists“The fallen are never forgotten”
5.The Dictatorship of Prussian regencyPsychotic Dictatorship“強盛大国”
6.The People's Republic of AnaveroIron Fist Consumerists“To live free is to live lawless”
7.The Armed Republic of Charge IslandIron Fist Consumerists“Imber cadit in terram nostram pulchram”
8.The Great Dynasty of Shi-YueInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Stand As Eternal As Old Mount Tai”
9.The Grand Republic of KilowattCivil Rights Lovefest“Scientia potentia est”
10.The Empire of LandinosoIron Fist Consumerists“Money Matters”
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The Kingdom of Sorlyset

National Procurement Service / Royal Airforce
Notice of tender

The Royal Air Force wishes to market test for the following equipment:

  • A 4+ generation multi-role combat platform jet fighter to include modern electronic warfare capabilities. ~10 hard points, 16500kg take of weight, Mach 2 or higher max laden speed, 98kN of thrust, and a combat turnaround of 10-20 minutes. The flight cost per flight hour should not exceed $5,000/hr

  • A 3+ generation mutli-role combat platform jet fighter to include modern warfare capabilities, training and display. ~hard points, 12,000+ take of weight, Mach 1.5 or higher max laden speed and combat turnaround of +/-20minutes. The flight cost per hour should not exceed $3000/hr.

If no suitable aircraft is found, the department will work with domestic producer ATL Ltd to produce its own fighters.

Bidders have until Monday to respond by Telegram and must state, the price per unit inclusive of 10 year warranty, capabilities1, and est. price/hr.

In accordance with national policy, the supplier must be a democracy.

1 - ooc: real world equivalent

The United Socialist Territories of Aisharia

Aisharia Morning News: 5 year old girl goes missing from hotel room

26/5/22 - 18:00

News has broken this morning that a 5 year old girl has gone missing, presumed to be kidnapped, from her hotel room while on holiday with her family. In the small holiday town of Qinqihua, holiday-goers flock to its many nice and affordable hotels and stunning beaches for fun, activity filled holidays, however for one family, it has become the town of nightmares.

At 19:00 the family, consisting of a mother, father, two 10 year old boys and a now missing 5 year old girl, sat down at a restaurant for a nice evening meal down the street from their hotel 'The Tiara'. However, after the 5 year old experienced of symptoms an ear infection, causing a breakdown in the middle of the meal, the mother decided to take her back to the hotel room to put her to bed. After failing to do so and letting her cry on, she allegedly then went to have a shower. To her alleged shock when she got out of the shower her daughter was no longer crying, but something just didn't feel quite right according to her in an interview a local reporter. When she went into the childs room to check on her she realised the girl was missing from her bed, and the window was wide open.

She immediately called her husband and asked for him and their sons to come back to the room where she explained the situation to him, after this they decided to go to local police and request a public announcement and community search for the child which was granted, however with some doubt of the mothers story she was taken into questioning, however as of right now the police are yet to announce the results of the questioning and their thoughts of the legitimacy, however she has been allegedly released from their custody. Nothing has been found so far in terms of the search which over 200 people have decided to participate in today, but there is still hope.

The punishment for kidnapping in Aisharia is 40-50 years in a maximum security facility and if the victim dies in the kidnappers custody then it is treated as 1st degree murder which carries the sentence of life with no possibility of bail nor parole. As well as this, due to laws in Aisharia it is illegal to mention the names or nationality of any persons involved in the case for the first 4 weeks they are considered legally 'a part of the investigation' and if they are dropped from the investigation as part of any party before this 4 weeks then only they may say if they were ever a part of the investigation, meaning there may be many suspects we will never get to hear of.

Our prayers are with anyone currently in mourning or worry of the young girl, and the girl herself. Updates to this investigation will be published as soon as they possibly can be.

The Kingdom of San Calia

OSF-15 Launches from San Calia

At 10:25 AM, May 25th, Space Shuttle Astro lifted off from launchpad 22, successfully carrying the crew of 7 into LAO. The mission is destined for 3 Days in orbit with the new and improved Bay-Lab, allowing the crew aboard to run tests and experiments in orbit while aboard the shuttle.

The crew is composed of 1 San Calian Astronaut and 6 Astronauts from the nation of Speke. This will be the first time the crew from Speke will be in orbit as well as flying aboard the San Calian Space Shuttle.

Another part of this mission is also special as Space Shuttle Astro will not be landing in San Calia. Just like the Bakyern-San Calian mission weeks ago, the space shuttle will land in another country before being flown back to San Calia.
The airport of choice is Sczesczołiszin International Airport (SIA), Speke. The landing will be interesting as the shuttle will be touching down at an International Airport, giving many citizens a special sight to see as the shuttle will be parked on the ramp before being loaded about the SCA and flown back home to San Calia.

Another successful launch of the revamped Shuttle program seems to show that the program is on a climb to it's former glory.

The United Socialist States of Asthearia

Brought to you by the Asthearian Herald

Herald leader retires after 55 years
Alvrin Oslin, the leader of the Asthearian Herald, is retiring after 55 years running the newspaper. He founded the newspaper in 1967, during what’s known as the Era of Tyranny. The Herald became an essential part of the resistance, helping the different factions communicate. Now, Oslin is retiring at 82, saying that it’s time to hand over the newspaper to a younger generation.
He will be missed by many at the Asthearian Herald. When he announced his retirement this morning, many people shed a tear. He’s known as a funny and kind man, and for personally reading each issue before it’s sent out. He will stay on until the end of next month, and make his farewell speech at the Herald anniversary party. It seems that his replacement will be announced then.
There have been several people nominating him for the Phoenix Medal, an award given to those who lead Asthearia’s fight against tyranny. The last time that the medal was awarded was 38 years ago, after the Second Asthearian Revolution. It was given to several resistance leaders. Now, there is a growing call to acknowledge how essential the Herald was to the rebellion, and give Oslin the medal.
He has done a lot for our country, and we at the Asthearian Herald wish him a long and happy retirement.

The Federated Dukedom of Toendraland

Royal Toendran News
Giving unbiased news since 1398
Traditionalist Agriculture Workers protest across the nation
Tradionalist Farmers across Toendraland woke up to worrisome news - rural towns where to recieve extra money to develop. This may sound great, but these farmers think not.
“I j’wanna farm in peace! None of zis foreign “develoment” nonsense! Ze state is ruining our traditional mefods we’ve used since ze dawn of time!
It’s believed these farmers may protest further soon, as rumour have spread of their plans. In other news, a small rural town was burnt down, presumably by extreme nationalists.

Written by Kani Jekura

The Country of Freice

KTP calls for committee-based politics
By Tefe Idela
For Radio and Television Freice; 27 May '22

    KTP has called for the abolition of the ministerial system and its replacement with a system of committees.

    The party, which is campaigning in all available Kivunna seats as well as in local authority and mayoral elections, has emphasised the importance of consensus-building, which it claims the current system does not support.

    "Having all decision-making in the hands of one party or one single electoral bloc is not democratic", KTP leader Kana Tenqel said.

    The party, instead, supports the abolition of the Government Council (the cabinet) and its replacement with five comittees to oversee a particular portfolio. Each committee would be elected by the Kivunna, with every member to serve.

    The chairs of the committees would be drawn from the largest party, who would also serve as members of a joint committee that would act as the government. This would be chaired by the president.

    Both KTP and the Community Action Party support some sort of mandatory coalition system, with the latter saying that its large voter base has been "neglected" by the current system.

    Elections to fill the remaining seats in the Kivunna will be held on 9 June, with the results likely to determine the balance of power in the assembly.

    With KTP likely to win at least two seats according to recent opinion polls, it is unlikely that the MURO Alliance will be able to reach a majority, necessitating some form of coalition agreement.

    The idea of a committee-based system, which was used from 1969 until 2021, is likely to be raised by opposition delegates.

In the news:
| Nunes suggests Freice development grant
| Campaigners call for femicide to be made a hate crime
| Neikela: "I'm open to reform suggestions"

The People's Republic of Anavero

Tresnistan National Television
Brought to you by Aleshenko-Berenovich Corporation, leading Anavero's innovation for a better tomorrow
'Second Great Anavero Civil War' begins as 'Revolutionaries' cause dissent in southern region
Late last night, Anavero's navy began to bombard coastal cities in the nations southern region. This action comes as the 'Revolutionaries' have amassed forces and have overthrown the Regional Administrator who was appointed by The Premier and the Central Committee, causing the Regional Administrator to flee to Tresnistan. The 'Revolutionaries' have declared the southern region as the Democratic Republic of Anavero and have taken such actions as eliminating police officers and soldiers loyal to The Premier within the region. After a few hours of naval bombardment, Anavero launched it's biggest naval invasion in its history and was largely successful. 'The Hand of Anavero' have been deployed to ensure that peace remains in the conquered lands, taken back from the 'Revolutionaries'. The Premier's forces are currently moving through 'Revolutionary' territory and destroying every city, town and village in the region. The Central Committee have stated that this is to deter more 'Revolutionary' activity and that once the war is over, the People's Republic of Anavero can rebuild and come down harshly on the 'Revolutionaries'.

The Central Committee have announced that border security is to be increased and have placed more armed forces on the borders to such countries as Toendraland due to it bordering Anavero and the fear of fleeing citizens. The Central Committee have also announced that them and The Premier will come down harshly on any nation that shows it support for its enemy and will see it as a threat to the People's Republic of Anavero.

"Our nation has not seen a conflict like this since the late 70s and early 80s of which The Founder emerged victorious against the Democratic Republic of Anavero. To this day, the Great Anavero Civil War remains our nation's most devastating conflict in history, shaping our nation's leadership from peaceful negotiators to what it is today. Before the rise of the Democratic Republic of Anavero, our nation was a nation that pirded itself on conflict, fighting, strength and brutality. Once democracy changed our people's minds, they followed it like sheep to a shepard. But those with a strong heart and mind remained loyal to our nation's true values. Those that remained loyal to our nation's true values were those that fought by The Founder's side and my side to establish our glorious People's Republic! It is our duty to protect and uphold the ideas that make our nation strong and to eliminate opposition to our rule! Long Live the People's Republic of Anavero!"

The Premier has stated that the northern area of the southern region is to be punished harshly once the war is won. He states that he has no intention of stepping down the Great Anavero Purge which is eliminating opposition against the rule of The Premier and the Central Committee.

International Affairs
Early this morning, The Premier has announced his plans to increase security at the nations southern borders, bordering Toendraland, by placing checkpoints, patrols and making it difficult from anyone from Toendraland or members from the Saltstil Pact such as the Trident Union,Respublica Hyliana and Vultesia. The Premier has announced that the Central Committee and him will make it impossible for anyone not of Anaveroan citizenship to enter the country and will turn anyone away who is not Anaveroan. The Premier made an appearance at an inspection of the newly assembled Anavero People's Border Security (APBS), shaking hands with the soldiers and congratulating them on doing their duty. Later during the day, Anavero's Beloved Leader could be seen waving from his armoured convoy as people cheered for him and waved back, thanking him for keeping their country safe.

The Central Committee have announced that The Premier aims to establish talks with the leadership of Toendraland and those of the nation in the Saltstil Pact which he hopes will carve Anavero's place in Anteria's history. The Premier states that he hopes to sit down with the leadership of the nation in the Saltstil Pact to reevaluate their relations for a more peaceful future and for Anavero to show that it too can be influential in Anteria. The Central Committee have announced that The Premier has aspirations of forming his own pact with nations similar to Anavero to challenge the influence of the Saltstil Pact.

"By establishing a sit down with the members of the Saltstil Pact, Anavero can tell them that we have firm intentions of being as influential as they are in Anteria. I will be able to establish that our nation will carve its place in the history of Anteria as a military, political and economic powerhouse that challenged the Saltstil Pact. Their leadership does not have an understanding of how we operate and they never will but we have an understanding of theirs. The members of the Saltstil Pact operate as every other democracy would: blinded by their beliefs, ignorant and their leadership being a popularity contest."

The Premier has announced that the ANB will now take heavier actions against those that critise the state and take action against the state. The Central Committee have appointed a Head of Anavero's Labour Camp System and have given him firm instructions on how to run the labour camps to The Premier's ideal system. The Premier has also announced that any citizen from nations in the Saltstil Pact is to be viewed with heavy suspicion and has given the ANB orders to monitor their visit heavily. The Central Committee and The Premier have announced that their reasoning behind such action is to deter any espionage while The Premier negotiates with the Saltstil Pact and to not hinder international relations any further. The ANB have been authorised to arrest any tourist and foreign citizen from member nations of the Saltstil Pact unless any valid reason is given. Anyone found guilty will be sent back to their home and if they return will be imprisoned.

In other news...
- More 'Premier Blocks' to be constructed in Tresnistan to house more the from countryside in southern region to flee Civil War, only handing housing to those loyal to the state
- The Premier to personally oversee the 'War on Revolutionaries' as Civil War erupts in Anavero's southern region, 'Revolutionary' leadership remains unknown
- The Premier to personally visit Anavero's largest work camp, Camp Gusev, where many of Anavero's materials are mined and shipped off to be processed

The Nomadic Peoples of Maiydris

Does anyone want to take Maiydris?
I ask because this region seems way more rp heavy than I'm used to, and
I've had no motivation to do anything with this nation.
I Don't want it to just die though, so someone else might do something
creative with it :P

The Crown Plutocracy of Neuewland

Neuewland unveils previously-classified black project; offers to sell recorded data, manufacturer cleared to auction prototype

Yesterday, the Neuew Defence Department posted a lengthy article on their website, detailing a previously unknown hypersonic bomber project. The article, complete with pictures, described in heavy detail a hypersonic bomber project designed to transit the Sivuk Gulf in under an hour to strike targets such as Lenina and other major Alenians cities. The project is revealed to have undergone development between 1998 and 2005, before being cancelled as being redundant for a role which could be fulfilled by ballistic missiles. The prototype has apparently being well maintained since the project's cancellation, and Neuewland has announced that data from the project is open for sale to any organization, state or non-state. Very few specifications were revealed to the public in the article, but it was revealed that the aircraft was attempting to reach Mach 5.1 and that the body was constructed of Inconel, which likely required extremely powerful engines and a massive wingspan given the weight of the metal. Additionally, the manufacturer, CjunsoJit Corporation, announced that it would be willing to auction off the test vehicle if foreign nations showed interest.

The People's Republic of Supraton

A relatively young world leader appears on screen, his crisp suit complementing a pair of determined, green eyes. His voice is a mixture of emphatic and discerning as he addresses the camera,

"Residents of Anteria, for too long have the citizens of Supraton lived in isolation from the rest of the world. Beginning this month, the doors to international trade and cooperation have been thrown open. Under my government, and with the worthy critique of my loyal opposition, we will seek to build a new era of peace and harmony.

With the power bestowed to me in my duties as First Citizen, I will not shirk from the protection of Supraton's borders and peoples. I will pledge to use my executive authority foremost in the name of building better relations and treaties that will benefit all. Sovereignty and free will are paramount to the Supraton nation, not just for us, but for all communities.

Our values are strong, as are our industries. We are not easily cowed, but we make friends readily. I say this as a fellow citizen of the global community: Supraton is here to stay. Our envoys will be with you shortly. Chancellor Erasmus Tagon, signing off."

Chancellor Tagon holds his gaze steady for a moment longer before the transmission cuts, showing the emblem of Supraton with its motto.

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