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Most Nations: 7th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 143rd Largest Black Market: 1,433rd
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Welcome to the Corporation of Lazarus! - We're Dead Serious.

The end of every year marks a new beginning, keep your determination and spirits unshaken during the next year! Leave your best Lazarus memories of 2018 on the RMB and have a wonderful 2019! 🎇 🍾 🥂

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Please Endorse the CEO, Imkiville, COO, Treadwellia, and the Lazarene Security Auditors: New Rogernomics, Harmoneia, Killer Kitty, & Aflana, to help keep the region safe!

Endorsement Cap: 120 if endorsing the Delegate, 10 if not.

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    Lazarus needs your help!

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    Welcome to the Lazarene Corporation!

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Lazarus contains 6,024 nations, the 7th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Workforce Participation Rate in Lazarus

World Census experts studied the ratings of daytime television chat shows to estimate the percentage of citizens who are employed.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 16,685th in the world for Highest Workforce Participation Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Modern Portfolio Theory of Daedra1aCapitalist Paradise“DULCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIA MORI”
2.The Green Primum Federation of AiganiaDemocratic Socialists“Secularism, Scientific Advancement, Integrity”
3.The Ur-Quan Masters of HesperonisCapitalizt“Hold what you do is wrong! Why do you do this thing?”
4.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine CervineDemocratic Socialists“Tomorrow hasn't been so terrible”
5.The Armed Republic of RousannasDemocratic Socialists“Groovus!”
6.The Republic of AbarastanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Salus populi suprema lex esto!”
7.The Empire of GunfreakDemocratic Socialists“All you're base are belong to us”
8.The Democratic Communist Empire of Aguaria MajorLiberal Democratic Socialists“How the Hell do you get the zombie Easter Egg?!”
9.The Royal Republic of ThespiniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Viva, Ammora, Toleranda.”
10.The Democratic Republic of Pico TurquinoLiberal Democratic Socialists“Libre Siempre”
1234. . .602603»

Regional Poll • Tubbius wants you to answer this poll: do you love Lazarus like He does?

Poll called by The Kingdom of Treadwellia

Voting opened 1 day 23 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Tubbius just cleaned his eyeglasses. Can He see now?”

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Lazarus Regional Message Board

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The Kingdom of Treadwellia

The Aluminium States wrote:Also, deciding to decrease military spending decreases environmental beauty how, exactly?

Tubbius does not know. Chemical defoliants are not invested in, so there are more weeds?

The Sovereign University of Zetaopalatopia

Whoo! Got my first Epic card!

The Kingdom of Treadwellia

"HRM hrm hrm HRM!" comes a sharp complaint from Mrs. Tubbius to Tubbius the Fat this morning, waking Him with gasps from both of the Two Tubbies. It seems that a sizable flabby roll of His Immensity had flopped onto Her Maternity in the night, pinning one of Her arms to the bed. Many apologetic mmphs are made as His Obesity worms over to His half of the bed.

The Sovereign University of Zetaopalatopia

ooc moment. A low political apathy means a politicly involved populous? I'm 99% sure that's the case, but the using of apathy instead of involvement in the ranking system is what confuses.

The Kingdom of Albert
The Representative Republic of Margandy

Treadwellia wrote:Well, His Rotundity should not just go around naked, should He?

The media would go nuts.

The Kingdom of Treadwellia

Margandy wrote:The media would go nuts.

This just in: one Judy Jellybelly, employee at Tubbabies, has been tasked with a very private measuring and fitting of the newly enlarged Immensity. The rest of Piggy Cliff Mall is locked down to avoid sneaked shots of His Rotundity in the nude.

Word has it that Tubbabies is already hard at work restructuring the TubBra and Tummy Sling to hold so much more Holy Heftiness.

The Dictatorship of Great Burundi

Zetaopalatopia wrote:ooc moment. A low political apathy means a politicly involved populous? I'm 99% sure that's the case, but the using of apathy instead of involvement in the ranking system is what confuses.

That is correct. High political apathy means people don't care and the other way around.

The Sovereign University of Zetaopalatopia

Well then, my nation is full of people who like to have a voice in the matters of campus.

The Kingdom of Treadwellia

In Piggy Cliff, Treadwellia, His Obesity and Her Motherhood are about to go to sleep in Their matching purple nightgowns. Loving mmphs and hrms signal the end of the night before the Two Tubbies doze off, snoring with a hand on each other's tummy.

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