The Pacific

The Pacific is a Feeder. New nations are founded here at an elevated rate.

WA Delegate: The Pacifican Empire of East Durthang (elected )

Last WA Update:

Most Nations: 12th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 255th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,376th+1
Largest Black Market: 2,162nd
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Welcome to The Pacific, the oldest region in NationStates and home of the New Pacific Order!

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    JOIN THE WA and endorse our Emperor East Durthang. Doing so improves regional security and strengthens our influence in the World Assembly. See article 201 of the Civil Code.

    Resident endorsement limit is 10. Security Officer limit is 80. Get to know your Officers

    All RMB recruiters will be banned on sight.

    For Embassies or Consulates, contact Pasybfic.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Pacific contains 4,525 nations, the 12th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in the Pacific

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 5,498th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Socialist Empire of Universal Utopian StateScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Libertatem est Servitus.”
2.The Federal Republic of WinklebottomLeft-wing Utopia“E pluribus unum”
3.The Imperial Dominion of LongweatherDemocratic Socialists“Endurance against all trials”
4.The Confederacy of ZolehenAuthoritarian Democracy“Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato”
5.The Republic of NovaRainLeft-wing Utopia“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”
6.The Federal Republic of Federation of the Astral PlaneLeft-wing Utopia“Service to all people”
7.The Martial Order of The Osperian SynarchyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hic Sunt Ad Manendum”
8.The Kingdom of LibaaxLeft-wing Utopia“A Better Tomorrow”
9.The Empire of Mystery7Democratic Socialists“We Are Here!”
10.The Imperium of Terran ExpansePsychotic Dictatorship“Break the heavens, rule the stars.”
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The Senator of Military Affairs of End666 wrote:What is your primary source of news?

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Last poll: “Aphantasia”

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The Pathedonist Maple Queendom of Pathonia

The Municipalities of Antarctica wrote:For the first time in a year & a half I finally updated Harukiyo's file with a few things.

To call the two conspicuous among the myriad of visitors to the Hanakibo Gardens, would be a statement of accuracy & honesty well beyond any doubt. It was never a skill of either of the two, to be forgettable in a sea of faces, a sea of visages whose traits ne'er matched their own.

Harukiyo, despite wearing but a typical black overcoat, simplistic black boots & pants of, you guessed it; the colour of a dark night's sky, of course could not escape the reality that it was she was recognizable for her very eyes, sparkling gold & exuding a coldness to them that most would not be willing to look into for long. Yet here, they were softer, as her away time meant that she was not under the expectation of showing a serious persona to the world, she could unwind slightly, leaving her duties behind with her uniform. Outside of the maroon-red uniform characteristic of the AMNF, she was just Harukiyo Izumoka, not Primary Admiral Harukiyo.

Hoshikei, whom was directly to her left & guiding her along, wore what she was most recognizable for quite openly; she was not like Harukiyo in that way. Whether working or on her off time, she alwaus wore her blue scarf, marked with its white snowflakes. She always wore her overcoat, black like Harukiyo's, yet with white lines marking the edges. Her boots, they were a soft leathery brown, although they were not made of leather at all. She never chose to dye her hair anything but that soft purplish she was used to, she never dared to meddle with contacts to change her purple eyes. She didn't mind being spotted, it wasn't in her nature to hide.

It had been Hoshikei whom had decided they would come here, to the Hanakibo Gardens. It had been Hoshikei who insisted that she would lead the way, that she would be responsible for deciding upon today's activities. Although Harukiyo oft let this occur anyway, she had been caught off guard by her friend's insistence this time around, as she had seemed genuinely disappointed some time ago about not being able to visit Pathonia owing to certain... hostilities. Neither of the two wanted to go there if those hostilities were ever to be directed at them, thus, they had chosen to stay home, which had left Hoshikei's original plans in limbo, & she had seemingly given up at the time on planning what she claimed would have been a "deserving vacation" for Harukiyo.

But now, she seemed to have suddenly regained her will to make things happen, to arrange things on the fly, from the perspective of Harukiyo. She didn't realize at all that the reality of the situation was a little more planned, & that Hoshikei had brought her here under another's request.
She would find that out fairly soon, of course. With how conspicuous they are, people tended to move out of their way, & even a relatively unfamiliar member of a foreign government, such as an Empress, might be able to spot the two with relative ease.


Spotting Harukiyo within a rather quick amount of time- mainly thanks to the golden eyes- Augusta began to walk towards both her and Ms. Haridacho. At least... until she suddenly was overcome with a strange nervousness. Harukiyo was rather tall- about four inches taller than herself; though an inch shorter than Snowrose. Yet Augusta hadn't interacted with Harukiyo in-person before, like with Snowrose; or even Cetiri, far taller than her. What if she wasn't recognised, in some strange way? What if she ended up tripping on something, or dropping the box?

What was she doing, thinking about these implausible scenarios? Augusta hadn't the foggiest idea. She had to go now before the passed her, leaving her awkwardly stumbling into the two of them from behind whenever she got around to giving Harukiyo the gift. Agh- she hated herself for this. Strange moments where she froze- often from random nightmares- but now for no discernible reason. Frustrating... She was glad she'd chosen to wear green, she was rather difficult to spot with a lazy gaze; though Augusta had the feeling that Harukiyo or Ms. Haridacho were rather keen in their vision. She felt herself loosening up, now ready to move; the two of them were within maybe five metres now.

Snowrose's presence had disappeared, she now realised; perhaps having gone to a more hidden vantage point, or back to their housing unit.

At least... until she saw her approaching the purple-eyed Hoshikei accompanying Harukiyo.

*Scenario 1
Even more baffling, was how Ms. Haridacho was somehow drawn away from Harukiyo- who appeared rather unwilling to have her friend swooped away. Soon enough, Harukiyo was standing alone in the flows of people, the smallest of vacuums between her and everyone else; as they kept their distance.

*Scenario 2
Augusta sighted a rose in Snowrose's hand, perhaps a gift of her own? A brief interaction with Ms. Haridacho, and the rose switched hands, with Snowrose appearing to handle it with the utmost haste; before jovially walking away. Strange, to be sure, Snow hadn't mentioned any kind of gift on her part that she wanted to give to...
Ah. Maybe it was as a thanks for guiding Harukiyo here? Perhaps-


An involuntary movement of her leg- Augusta tumbled to the ground, making such a commotion that it would've been impossible to not notice... She could feel her face reddening, as she kept facing the ground to avoid eye contact with those sharp golden eyes. It must've been standing in that one immobile position for too long... Luckily the box was safe- her thoughts on what would happen next were suddenly cut short as----- (assumed) -----she heard footsteps approaching. Those footsteps could only be made by boots... Augusta could only remain in her current position, rapid-fire thinking on how best to interact with Harukiyo; desperately trying to recall the scarce research she'd done on the Admiral.

(Slightly rushed myself. I think I did... alright.)

The Stalwart Federation of The Municipalities of Antarctica

Pathonia wrote:(Slightly rushed myself. I think I did... alright.)

(I'll react to this when I feel inclined to. For the moment I'm lazy.
Also means you can focus on your homework.)

The Second Empire of Dushina

Mittens R. Fluff has abolished capital punishment.

The Pathedonist Maple Queendom of Pathonia

Outside of studying for the test(s) tomorrow, I got nothing else for homework.
Thankfully the History Teacher made a study packet. I would mindlessly read blocks of text otherwise.

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The Rogue Nation Conspiracy Theo of Horrorlandian State

New Flag Alert! And A Message From The Ministry Of Culture:

Horrorlandian State Wishes All Nations Across NationStates A Very Peaceful International Day Of Peace, 2023!

We currently live in a world of deep hostilities and have gone away from the tranqulitites of yesteryear. All kinds of wars are being fought within nations worldwide whether they are total physical wars such as the one occurring in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Somalia (Darfur), Myanmar, Central African Republic, Iran, and The Sahel or ideological wars occurring in many Western nations against marginalized groups of people, the world is suffering.

Today, we offer palm branches of peace to our neighbours and we pray for a world where there's no more suffering as we turn over a new leaf for a brighter, stronger, and more tranquil world.

To celebrate International Day Of Peace, we have changed our flag and are extending our warmest regards to all nations on NationStates. Let us build peace and co-operation with one another no matter our differences. Let us forgive each other for our trespasses (known or unknown) and let us build a better world...together as one!

What are your thoughts on peace for this International Day Of Peace?

Do you think the world is becoming more or less stable? Why/why not?

What are your hopes for your community, city, country, and the world?

Thank you for sharing with us. Please note, that Horrorlandian State reads EVERY single post made by those who comment and while we might not always respond back or respond back quickly, we still enjoy reading your opinions.

The Metal Motherland of Maxifaer

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The Grand Duchy of Vorsilano

Usa RP
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