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Most Nations: 117th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 217th Most Rebellious Youth: 987th+6
Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,149th Largest Black Market: 1,233rd Most Influential: 1,320th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,345th Most Inclusive: 2,399th Most Cultured: 2,429th
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“The State is like a vast slaughterhouse or an enormous cemetery, where all the real aspirations, all the living forces of a country enter generously and happily, in the shadow of that abstraction, to let themselves be slain and buried.”
― Mikhail Bakunin

Welcome to Anarchy, a community in NationStates that advocates for all forms of Anarchy and a safe place for fellow anarchists.

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Anarchy contains 171 nations, the 117th most in the world.


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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Anarchy

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Anarchy is ranked 2,345th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Undefined Lawless Territory of Total anarchyaCapitalizt“ataxias kai anarkhias”
2.The Cruel Irony of TaxandrieCapitalizt“.......................................................”
3.The Free Land of The Dead IslandsAnarchy“freedom and prosperity”
4.The Jingoistic States of CnaxAnarchy“Silence is Golden”
5.The Federation of BragoAnarchy“Be wise”
6.The Disputed Territories of WhatsAnarchy“Sup?”
7.The Dominion of WraighAnarchy“Silence is Golden”
8.The Empire of MandroAnarchy“Restless”
9.The Commonwealth of LovelikeAnarchy“Love, love, love”
10.The Commonwealth of Guy FoxAnarchy“Remember, remember”
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The Agrarian Urban Communes of Baldwin Park

I figured I should introduce myself.

I'm not a very legit anarchist if I'm honest. I hardly read and I'm more keen on conversing and learning that way. Its not that I don't try I just have a hard time remembering what I've read. You lot are probably way more well versed and well read.

My favorite anarchist is Emma Goldman. I also like Kropotkin and Magon. I'd call myself a Queer Anarchist.

I have trouble at times expressing myself. I hope I did ok without looking stupid.

In terms of in game background, I started RPing and recruiting for my first region. I've had issues since then staying in one place very long. I'm looking to stay here for good.

I was recently in The Black Hawks but only as a reservist who did 'piling'. I harbor no ill intentions on your community, just looking to help defend the region and make friends hopefully.

As a general question to anyone who's reading:
How's your day going? What kind of music do you like?

The Xenopolis of YoriZ

I'm doing fine but watching the ancap endings of the incumbents presidency with mounting bewilderment makes me feel kind of disgusted. Ordered a nice record from the Chats. I think I will listen to some Tomahawk songs like Rape the Day. Next to that, I have a broad taste for alternative music in all kind of genres. What about you?

The Agrarian Urban Communes of Baldwin Park

YoriZ wrote:I'm doing fine but watching the ancap endings of the incumbents presidency with mounting bewilderment makes me feel kind of disgusted. Ordered a nice record from the Chats. I think I will listen to some Tomahawk songs like Rape the Day. Next to that, I have a broad taste for alternative music in all kind of genres. What about you?

Can you elaborate on 'ancap endings of incumbents presidency'? I feel like such a boomer asking that but I didn't follow.

Maybe we can chat sometime on Discord and listen to music sometime if that's cool with ya? I'm not very musically rich and I'd love to hear more music with others.

I'm sitting in my room watching Trumpists ravage the Capitol building while I come down. Not a good vibe or trip.

Just realized that is what you were mentioning before.

Here's a song for you YoriZ:

The Xenopolis of YoriZ

Baldwin Park wrote:

Here's a song for you YoriZ:

Thanks for that. Almost forgot about Folk Implosion. You might like the Kids Soundtrack which features this song.

I'm not so in to Discord, so chatting there is not an option for me.

For now, I think it is about time for anyone IRL to reach out to really understand what is happening. What happened at the Capitol was a pre-fascist outburst. They didn't succeed yet to oust themselves as true fascists, however the forces are at work, not only in the USA, in other democracies as well. People are suffering from inequality, poverty, insecurity, job loss, the pandemic. We cannot just fight the right and defend leftist points, we have to reach out and find a new narrative to unite the poor and the middle class against the ones trying to break democracy and their enablers. Understand before understood!

The Agrarian Urban Communes of Baldwin Park

Hi to the newcomers.

Song for all Anarchy:

Money by Pink Floyd

The Xenopolis of YoriZ

62 endorsements for Astrum Nigrum. Something must be going on.

via Democratic Socialist Assembly

The Isles of Student Loan Debt

From The DSA Department of Sports Leagues

The DSA is hosting an RP Winter Olympia Games! Imagine the Olympics but less sweaty and simulated by polisci nerds. These are open to all our allied regions so, if you wish to join, please feel free to do so.

Remember when we used to have the Summer Olympia Games? Yes? No? Well your answer doesn't matter because this is only related to it. The 2020 DSA Winter Olympia Games are commencing! Would you like to join? The Winter Olympia Games is intended to show unity and brotherhood among our nations. All DSA member nations, as well as members of Allied Regions, may join the Winter Olympia Games.

Signing-Up and Hosting
  • Sign-ups to be in the tournament will begin today (January 17th, 2020) and end in 8 days (January 25th, 2020). To sign-up, send me, Student Loan Debt, a telegram saying that you wish to enter. You also need to make a team roster (see Tournament Specifics below for more detail).

  • We also need to find a place to host the games. To sign-up to host the games, directly DM me, Student Loan Debt and tell me that you wish to host the events. These will start today (January 17th, 2020) and end on January 21st, 2020. After, there will be a 2 day voting period (January 21st-January 23rd) where the people will decide who will host the Winter Olympia Games.

  • If you wish to host, it is required that you have snow. This should be obvious but probably someone would try to have it on a beach or something. However, you do not have to send a team to the Olympia Games if you are hosting. You can just host if you like.

Tournament specifics
  • You will need to make a team name and a roster of players. Each team will have 4 players. All we need to know is their names. However, you want to be creative, tell us more about them. Send your team name and roster directly to Student Loan Debt.

  • Competitors can have a skill level between 1 (new athlete) and 10 (professional athlete). All competitors will start at 5 (average) or lower if you request it. If you want to get it higher, do some role play involving all this. The more RP you do, the higher skill levels you can give your team. The higher your skill level, the better chances you have of winning (this is an RP event, of course actually participating in RP gives you advantages).

  • Once the sign-ups have ended, we will know how many nations wish to compete in the games. This will determine how many events we have, from skiing to skating to curling and more. Once sign-ups end, I will post which events are happening and you can sign up your athletes.

  • Only 1 athlete per event, meaning you can't put 2 people from your team on the same event.

When is the Tournamanet?
The Tournament will be on January 26th.

Where Will The Scores Be Posted?
LinkThe scores will be posted on the DSA Forum. I will also provide links to the scores on the RMB and the Discord server as they come out, along with tagging members who got scores so that they will know. If you cannot see the scores, tell me and I'll try and figure out why

Read dispatch

Post self-deleted by Baldwin Park.

The Xenopolis of YoriZ

The narcissist flew away and the sun shines on Amanda Gorman!

The Community of Guteszeug


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