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Founder: The Socialist Republic of Yeetza

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Welcome to the DankLeft Commune: A region for leftists of all stripes. Seize the memes of production and redistribute them to the working class!

The Commune is run by the ANTIFA special ops/community outreach control center. Every time someone complains about the number of genders we have, we add 5 more...we wish anyways, that would be pretty cool. We're really a division of the Linkr/DankLeft community, though association is not a requirement to join us.

All comrades are welcome to use the RMB andLinkjoin the Discord!

URA affiliate region - current resolutions
GA - For
SC - For
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Embassies: Anarchy, The Allied Communes of The Black Savanna, Bytes, Pan Posadists, Alliance of Democratic Socialists, The International Communist Union, The Anti Fascism Alliances, Libertarian Socialist Confederation, Dead Sea, Balugata, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Bluecrown Keep, The Tavern, San Francisco, The Vincence Empire, and 7 others.Antifa Milkshake Factory, URA, Philippines, New International, The Embassy, Callista, and The Great Universe.

Tags: Anarchist, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, Communist, Eco-Friendly, Feminist, LGBT, Large, Socialist, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

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