The Red Fleet
The Red Fleet was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 324

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The red guards

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We are the longest-standing active force of the militant Left on NationStates. We oppose capitalism, fascism, and imperialism, and our forces stand guard for vulnerable regions on the Left when they are in need.

The Red Fleet and its allies stand at the forefront of antifascist and anti-reactionary action.

"Scourge of the Fash on the seven seas, in Solidarity with Comrades from sea to sea!"

P A X  I G N E S C E N S!

Admiralty Board
Sierra Lyricalia

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Embassies: Antifa, NSLeft, The Internationale, The MT Army, Argentina, The Red Fleet Conning Tower, Das Kommune, Fascist and Imperialist Union, The Ultimate Reich of Axis Powers, Volksgebied van Boere en Afrikaners, United Socialist Republics, Nazi Europe, Anti Nazi Alliance, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, Libertarians, Communist Republic, and 91 others.Korean Peoples Army, Anti Authoritarian Alliance, A m e r i c a, libertarian, Confederation of Free States, Federacion Comunista Iberica, The Federal Islands, NationStates Communist Victims Memorial, UCR, Greater German Reich, White National Socialism, the Greater German Reich, Peoples Republic of Iceland, 4th International, The Red Fleet Victims Army, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Korean Peoples Navy, Alliance Against Nazis, The URAP, The NSIA, Bunicken, International Socialists, Thirteenth of October Anti Fascist Group, Congress of Armed Proletarian States, Communist, Communist International, Alt Right, Alliance of the Axis Powers, The National Socialist Pact of Steel, A Territory of The Iron Order known as X, Nazi Imperialist Japan, The Elite Region of Global Command, united socialist states of indi, Nations for Total Fascism, The Alternative Right, The Fascist State, Reichsfolk, THE TRUMP WARRIORS, Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten, National Socialist Norwegian Reich, The Region Of Allied Nations, REATO, Commie Flotilla, The Iron Confederacy, Free American Empire, The Fourth International, New Leftist Union, The League of Fascist Nations, The Communist World, The Communist Faction, The Greatest Reich, National Socialist Angvar, The United Federation of Capitalists, The Internationale But More Capitalist, Monarchy, World Revolution, The Red Decade, Asian Communist Alignment, National Bolshevist Coalition, National Deutsche Uberpartei, Proletariat, The Ninth Reich, Fascist Latino America, Leninism, Communists Paradise, Fascists Parade, The Rainbow Fleet, The Leftist Assembly, Confraternity of Nationalist States, The Empire of Otselic, United Arkadia, I r o n P a c t, The Left, The National Socialist American Legion, The Flotilla, Anti Communist Bloc, The Republic of Rhodesia, International Socialist Party, Right Wing Paradise, Republic of Chad, The Capitalist Union, The Republic of Northern Powers, The United Federation of Fascist States, Apartheid South Africa, Conservative and Popular Confederation, GroBdeutschland Reich, Young Stalin, NationStates Monarchists, Fascism United, Nuevo Amanecer, and The Coalition of Fascist Nations.

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