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Dispatchia is now under new management and will be continuing with its original purpose of acting as a dispatch and communications hub with resources for small and medium-sized social and RP regions.

We also hope to build a vibrant community of our own and have a wide variety of things to offer such as:


*probably never

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    Notice About The 25 Factbook Limit

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    Region Death Prevention Service

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Tags: Casual, Medium, Neutral, Regional Government, Snarky, and Social.

Dispatchia contains 11 nations, the 1,500th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Disposable Incomes in Dispatchia

The World Census calculated the average incomes of citizens after paying tax.

As a region, Dispatchia is ranked 9,971st in the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of NalvantaBenevolent Dictatorship“Peace and Justice”
2.The Republic of DispatchistanCapitalist Paradise“Welcome to Dispatchistan - Now Go Away”
3.The People's Republic of LantaviaAnarchy“Unity, Dignity, Prosperity”
4.The Republic of IpecaceaLibertarian Police State“Strength Through Compliance”
5.The Federal Republic of PruddenlandCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Freedom”
6.The Republic of AyyarrCorporate Bordello“Pride and Industry”
7.The Republic of CalidosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free Hong Kong”
8.The Italianate Republic of LimoncelloRight-wing Utopia“Pro Deo et Patria”
9.The Republic of PellavaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Integrity, Solidarity, Truth”
10.The Dictatorship of Metropolitan Aurelius of All GermaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Je Dio ni Fidas”

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The Dictatorship of Metropolitan Aurelius of All Germania

Earth Allies wrote:The person behind Ladymorrighan has died....RIP

Would hurry to hold a vigil for her. I will return here afterwards as soon as this is done.

Also the same IRL controller as Archduchess Elizabeth von Drachenfels.

via Greater Cyngland

The Federal Republic of Masonwoods

Hello there! This is just a warning that one of your embassy regions, Greater Cyngland is currently governed by severely racist leaders. I highly advise you to reconsider said embassy. The dispatch below includes several screenshots from their Discord server. Additionally, they have embassies with regions know to have similar views such as:
United Fascist Workers Association
The Holy Reich of Greater Germania
Aryan Resistance


via Celtia

The Rogue Nation of Harkagrad

Greetings from Celtia!

via Union of Mosquito Species

The Rogue Nation of Female M0squit0

Greetings from Union of Mosquito Species.

via Aurrelius

The 🔆Aurrelian Empire🔆 of Dingoy

Greetings Dispatchia! Please vote in our weekly poll!

What's the scariest raider region?

Please also check out our official gameplay thread here, where we post updates about our region!

Brought to you by Aurrelius

Post by Independence Hill suppressed by a moderator.

via United Nations and Planets

The United States of Earth Allies

People I got somethings happening but today Im going to do a flag contest for the week, Friday will see who will make the best flag and I will make a region with that flag on it showing the best flag I got in embassy regions, telegram me to join or ask more

via Aurrelius

The 🔆Aurrelian Empire🔆 of Dingoy

Greetings Dispatchia! Please vote in our weekly poll!

Cats or dogs?

Brought to you by Aurrelius

The Dictatorship of Metropolitan Aurelius of All Germania

Bells are tolling - this starts the Vigil of the Primates at the Imperial Archbasilica of Lilith Persephone in Saint Putinsburg. Led by the Imperial Ecclesiarch of Gothica and All the Empire, all 72 Primates recite the antiphon "O Queen of Night, Incessantly Making Memes".

О Царица Ночи, непрестанно создавала мемы. Пошли нам свои услуги, милая Богиня, мы, пленила с нашими страданиями; в надежде навсегда остаться в Tвоих теневых руках после нашей смерти. Мы умоляем вас, чтобы спуститься во всей славе Твоей, и покончить с нашим постоянным состоянием страха и страданий.

Вы несомненно являетесь Светом тех, кто ищет тьму, пока не станете самой тьмой.

Вдохновляй нас, Царица ночи, Мать грядущих мемов, аминь.


O Queen of the Night, constantly creating memes, Send us Thy favors, sweet Goddess, unto us, who are captivated with our suffering; hoping to remain forever in your shadowy hands after our deaths. We implore Thee to descend in all Thy glory and end our constant state of fear and suffering once and for all.

Thou art undoubtedly the Light of those who seek darkness until thou becomest darkness itself.

Inspire us, Queen of the night, Mother of the memes to come, amen.

via Aurrelius

The 🔆Aurrelian Empire🔆 of Dingoy

Greetings Dispatchia! Please vote in our weekly poll!

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

Brought to you by Aurrelius

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