WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Hyperborean Empire of Vostag

Last WA Update:

Most Nations: 156th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,122nd Largest Black Market: 1,653rd+1
Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,161st
World Factbook Entry

Chief Executive:
Thor Odinson Vostag

Chancellor: Open Elect: Apr. 5

Foreign Affairs Minister: Luther Hulburg of Malulota Elect: Mar. 28
Domestic Affairs Minister: Zoe Astratas of Athant Elect: Mar. 23
Defense Minister: Luis Deldelapoe of Tritra Elect: Mar. 12
Communications Minister: Vladmir Astasoky of Inner Vestil Elect: Mar. 17

Embassies: The Illuminati, Coalition of Sovereign Nations, The Dirt Alliance, REGION OF HONOR, Eladen, Scandinavia, Wyndia, Imperial Russian Empire, The Bar on the corner of every region, Grand Central, Solar Alliance, Yarnia, Avadam Inn, Arconian Empire, Hollow Point, Official European Union, and 157 others.Regionless, The Arab League Congress, United States of America, Sikh Empire, Ozzy, The Republic Nations, International Debating Area, The Great Universe, Gypsy Lands, The Vast, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The Milky Way Galaxy, Trump, East Asian Dominion, Region of Heroes, The Association of The United Continents, Union of Nationalists, Altmora, The Confederacy of Free Lands, Austro Hungarian Empire, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Novo Brasil, Despotic Europe, The Alliance of Dictators, Imperial Fatherland, The Alterran Republic, The Fallout Wasteland, Azerupt, United Imperial Union, Free Market Federation, Eastern Roman Empire, Brasil, The Rose Garden, Zentari, The Empire of Friendship, Japan, Kylden, Haiku, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Groland, Farkasfalka, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Arctic, Golden Dragons, Lardyland, Australia, The Sands, United Fascist Workers Association, Region Name, Fredonia, League Of Allied Powers, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Turkic Union, Pax Britannia, Emirates of Futurnia, Atonement of Harmony, The Commonwealth of Crowns, nasunia, Sunalaya, The Dank Meme Alliance, Commonwealth States, Prince Edward Island, Empire of Andrew, The Persian Empire, The Savage Garden, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, The Moderate Alliance, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Crystal Empire, Pontbridge Islands, The Sea Of Love, Portugal, Union of Allied States, Die Schwarze Sonne, HoH SiS, Jakarta, Happy Utopia, J o J, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, International sovereignty pact, Capitalist Paradise, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Ozymandium, Northern Africa, ACA, The United Coalition of Nation States, Non Aligned Movement, Australialia, United Christian Empires of the West, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, France, The Interdimensional Community, The Cormorant Pact, fluffy squishfish, Chicken overlords, The Flying Fishes Bait Shop, HALO UNIVERSE, The Reich, Glass Gallows, Union of Justice, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, Steam Islands, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, Oneid, Commonwealth of Mankind, Krasnaya, Albosiac, The Seventh Reich, Sivella, The Imperial Union, Jeffreys Pocket Multiverse, Deeds of Men, Click Here, New Reich of Bunicken, The great german lands, Organization of United Sovereign States, Reddit, International Society of Julius Evola, Dispatchia, Traveling Wilburys, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Pecan Sandies, 1st Epitome United, Genua, Lusosphera, Yet Another Region, The Cult of PCHS, BCHS, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, First World Order, The Hellcatian Universe, New World Union, Aryan Resistance, ITALIA, Empire Overlords, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, World of 2011, Weffle, Lyrali, Palmyra Tudmur, The Defenders of Nations and States, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, Independence Hill, Moomin Valley, Engal, Pirate Paradise, The Jewel Nations, free land, Sovereignty Defense Pact, Worldwide Fascist Alliance, and Create an embassy with us.

The embassy with The Confederacy of Free Lands is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Anarchist, Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Capitalist, Casual, Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Enormous, Fascist, and 24 others.Featured, Free Trade, Imperialist, Independent, Industrial, Isolationist, Liberal, Libertarian, Map, Modern Tech, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Neutral, Pacifist, Past Tech, Post-Modern Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, Serious, Social, Socialist, Surreal, Theocratic, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Moderate

Barbaria contains 138 nations, the 156th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Barbaria

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, Barbaria is ranked 12,287th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic People's Republic of New GoguryeoPsychotic Dictatorship“Big Brother is watching you.”
2.The Federation of SovernInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Trade. Technology. Unity.”
3.The Hyperborean Empire of VostagNew York Times Democracy“In the Gods We Trust”
4.The Armed Republic of InnaveDemocratic Socialists“El conocimiento es poder”
5.The Armed Republic of GarnoaFather Knows Best State“Hold My Beer”
6.The Principality of The Egyptian Pharocracial SuzeraintyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Semper Ascendens”
7.The Republic of East PiedmontDemocratic Socialists“Glory to our Motherland”
8.The United Imperial States of GarnelInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hīel Īm Sīegerkränz”
9.The Empire of 8-bit DragonsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nature does not forgive weakness”
10.The Old Realm of VasnliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind.”
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The Great Horde of Legionary Sansar

Berdune wrote:OOC: The poll says a lot what countries are true dictatorships, if you can control the press - you control the People. Interesting.

OOC: I don't that directly means they're dictatorships. It just means their media is regulated or under the supervision of the state; in all honesty having a free press isn't always a good thing. There are consequences to all aspects of how the media is managed.

The Empire of Dankest Kekistan

IC: Dankest Kekistan and Kazakborathas formed an alliance in the effort to secure peace in their respective regions and work together to block the progression of socialism.

The Empire of Dankest Kekistan

SIC: Dankest Kekistan has begun secretly developing its offensive-hacking program under the works of their cyber security program, instituted by the regime.

The Empire of Dankest Kekistan

Berdune wrote:OOC: The poll says a lot what countries are true dictatorships, if you can control the press - you control the People. Interesting.

OOC: Suck my toes new kid!

The Amazonian Queendom of Imperii Feminam

Dankest Kekistan wrote:IC: Dankest Kekistan and Kazakborathas formed an alliance in the effort to secure peace in their respective regions and work together to block the progression of socialism.

IC: The Queen of Imperii Feminam has stated that "The Axis of Evil is nearly founded, beginning with the rise of uncontrolled authoritarianism, and radicalism."

The Norse Domain of Greater Viking Empire

IC: Despite having a horrible impression of first contact, a mutual defense alliance has been made between the Vikings and the United States of Berdune. It appears that the Viking commander in charge of the diplomatic mission misunderstood the directions of his higher officers as a raid, instead of a peaceful mission.

The Kingdom of Namraca

Imperii Feminam wrote:IC: The Queen of Imperii Feminam has stated that "The Axis of Evil is nearly founded, beginning with the rise of uncontrolled authoritarianism, and radicalism."

IC: The Fishfolk of Namraca will support Imperii Feminam in their opposition to the rising evil in the world.

The Imperial Confederacy of Holy Barbarian Empire

Berdune wrote:OOC: The poll says a lot what countries are true dictatorships, if you can control the press - you control the People. Interesting.

OOC: *sniffs air* Ah....Fresh....MEAT!

The Confederate States of Tritra

IC: "A Speech to the World"

President Ion from Tritra makes a momentous speech to the world, as elections in Tritra have once again arrived in time for the future of the country will lay in the hands of the People. Press from all corners of the world have arrived in Alruis, Tritra on this occasion, directly taking place in front of the Ivory Tower. Whose beacon of Tritran culture shines throughout the presentation for the country's destiny.

"Brothers, sisters, and fellow countrymen. In three months your will as a citizen of this nation will determined the future leadership of Tritra. Today, I am here for my platform, a speech in which will evoke your very emotions, and remind you what lies outside our nation's borders, and what lies within. This address comes from my soul, with my upmost honesty. I am connecting my soul to the viewers, listening and watching as my words weigh the outcome of the election season.

A long time ago, there was an order that predates the rise of the Voliekian Manifesto. It existed in a time when Tritra was divided, and so were its people. To combat the aging enemy and to united all of the brothers and sisters of the nation, this society congregated in the halls of governance, and possessed the very essence of the Tritran identity. Out of sight, these people made way for the birth of not only our country, but our culture. Once again, this collection of Tritran nationalists run the government; we are known as the Vanguards, the members of the awoken entity that once ruled the land. Now it has returned because at its founding, there were threats to our way of life from not only outside powers, but a sickening division was beginning to form. We have reversed the leftist agenda, and prevented our country from becoming the door mat for countries abroad. We brought peace, and we wish to continue the peace so long as we have the position to keep it. However, Belethornes' opposition wants to corrupt our sacred halls with the exploits of corporate gain, globalism, and liberalism.

Our society will no longer be a secret to our People, nor to the world. However; just because the path is set, doesn't mean it was made of stone. It can be lifted, and ruined. That choice is up to the voters, and the trust was bestowed to every individual by God. It is within the Constitution to ensure that the government preserves the rights He gave us. There are those who aren't in the light of God, nor are they willing to seek his forgiveness, rather they plot and convoy to undermine our Confederacy, the Constitution, and ultimately God's Will. I am here to stop it, but I am limited to what I can do, and the time of judgement is impending. The time to act is now, or we will never be able to defend ourselves.

Our economy is prospering, red tape has been cut, and tranquility touches those who reach for it. The lazy and self righteous seek to get what they want through unconventional means, and I will not tolerate those who don't earn a life, but rather expect one. I would tell you, the unforgiving dud that you are; go get a job, or serve in the military, or devout yourself to God's Will. We will continue to win, and we will never have to suffer ever again. Foreign powers have done no good for us, because they try to contain what they can't handle, so they drag what they can to their level. We can not let this happen, we must rise above them, and continue to prosper as we have. More jobs have been created, more money has gone into every Tritran's pocket, securities have been put into place, and minimal legislations has been required to acquire the goals of my original candidacy. Tritra has become a contending power in international trade, and our surplus has exponentially grown.

Tritra has also taken the first steps to improving relations with the Hyperbroeans, regardless how repressive their leader was to finally establish common ground. It is uncertain what their intentions are, but it isn't for our benefit. More so was it a message to the world that Tritra will return to the stage, and presume its place in the world. Our industries have flourished since our re-introduction into the much larger markets, and we reign supreme in most industries, claiming the top ranking according to the standards of that of the most economically prosperous. We have started new friendships where old ones fade, and our reach is expanding without any resistance.

I have more plans for my second term. I will do what I can do improve the average living conditions, reduce poverty in the rural parts of the country, solve the opioid epidemic, de-criminalize non-violent crimes that are out-of-date, expand trade even further, and punish the nations responsible for standing in our way for so long. Much more is to come, as my plans are not limited to my plans for the day, as I will spend every breathing moment considering what I can do for my country, and those who live in it. For so long we have been suppressed and under the thumb of so many powers, but no longer will our name be soiled, but worshipped - lead by example, and virtue. Tritra isn't just any country; it is the heartland of Aucuism, the motherland of the Tritrans, and the shield of Voliekia. We are Tritra, and all of her embodied principles.

Me, I am just a simple man. If you join me, we can even be more than that. We can rise together against the world, a small fraction of power to the Hyperpower to the far North, but we have what no other country has; perseverance. If you know your culture more than anything, then you must know that we are the envy to the world, and nothing else. Let is be known that every Tritran is special in their own way, but collectively our aim has always been to survive that no other folk could endure. God Bless Tritra, and may His Will guide us to victory and protect us from the evil of this world. More is to come from my dreams, but we will go one day at a time solving our problems, together."

The Confederate States of Tritra

IC: Tritra will officially support the Revolutionaries in Hedra, as ordained by the foreign doctrine under President Ion. However, President Ion does hope that the transition in power be done peacefully.

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