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Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 426th Most Nations: 469th Most Advanced Public Transport: 498th+28
Largest Welfare Programs: 542nd Most Inclusive: 555th Most Compassionate Citizens: 595th Nicest Citizens: 679th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 708th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 732nd Most Cultured: 787th Most Beautiful Environments: 791st Lowest Crime Rates: 801st Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 801st Best Weather: 822nd Largest Governments: 840th Most Advanced Public Education: 854th Smartest Citizens: 1,057th Largest Black Market: 1,075th Healthiest Citizens: 1,117th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,238th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,397th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,405th Most Cheerful Citizens: 1,560th Most Secular: 1,652nd Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,708th Most Influential: 1,846th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,042nd Highest Average Tax Rates: 2,101st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,180th Most Authoritarian: 2,528th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,582nd
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"Cᴜᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ᴏᴘᴘʀᴇssɪᴏɴ, ᴘʟᴀɴᴛɪɴɢ sᴇᴇᴅs ᴏf ʀᴇᴠᴏʟᴜᴛɪᴏɴ!"

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Celebrating 10 years of North Korea
(2009-2012 ----- ☭ ----- 2012-2019)

North Korea condemns the actions of western imperialism in Venezuela and recognizes the people's right to self determination and national sovereignty.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!
El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

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Regional Power: Moderate

North Korea contains 41 nations, the 469th most in the world.


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The Fattest Citizens in North Korea

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, North Korea is ranked 23,724th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Courelli in NKAnarchy“Nobilitatis virtus non stemma character”
2.The People's Republic of Korean Peoples ArmyCorporate Bordello“Workers of the world unite”
3.The Free Land of ConamAnarchy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
4.The Republic of Standy IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
5.The People's Republic of TejazIron Fist Socialists“Y'allidarity Forever”
6.The Democratic People's Imperium of Korean ImperiumLeft-wing Utopia“Yes”
7.The Republic of ShudoraNew York Times Democracy“We Will Endure”
8.The Democratic Republic of JeholCorrupt Dictatorship“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Federal Republic of Nike-AdidasLiberal Democratic Socialists“From Many, One”
10.The Democratic Republic of Kim Dynasty North KoreaPsychotic Dictatorship“Kangsŏngdaeguk (Strong and Prosperous Nation)”

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The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

Foundations of Leninism

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

History of Revolutionary Activities Of President Kim Il-sung

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

History that has advanced through self-reliance

(Chosun Central Communications departing on May 6, Pyongyang)

The spirit of self-reliance, which made the Yanji bomb during the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and the first submachine gun after liberation with its own strength, guarantees the production of wartime weapons during the last motherland liberation war period (250.6.1953.7.27.195). Gave birth to the spirit.

In the first period of the war, the great leader Comrade Kim Il-sung took steps to move the weapon factory in Pyongyang to the military position in Seongcheon-gun, South Pyongan Province.

In keeping with the noble will of the great leader, the military ranks in the military position waged a battle without separate day and night with the determination to guarantee the production of weapons unconditionally.

In particular, the working class here, who had been ordered by the great leader to make 700 submachine guns and send them to the front within a week of the strategic temporary retreat, ended up working on weapons production.

In the cave where the masons fell, they rotated the belt with their bare hands when the blackout occurred due to the bombing, assembled weapons with the lights on, and carried out the production battle without interruption by firing test fires in a narrow tunnel.

The members of the corps fought tense battles even at the moment when the enemies contributed closer to the factory, resulting in the achievement of producing 750 weapons instead of 700.

On the day to ensure wartime weapon production, they went through a blizzard when materials ran out, and carried on their backs overnight to carry out production, and when explosives ran out, they dismantled the enemy's time bombs and unexploded bullets to make up for the insufficient explosives. I worked without shifts in the workshop, and I assembled a weapon by putting a whole grain of rice and salt in each of the pockets on the side of the rice bowl and chewing it before eating.

The revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and association of the military class in the army was brightly engraved in the great history of the country's liberation war.;jsessionid=B0C589F3C2D2D17022DC39337860FDC4

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

Missile Deployments on the Korean Peninsula: An Accelerating Arms Race

"Despite the protection of US extended deterrence, over the next five years, the South Korean government plans to spend more than 80 percent of its $90 billion defense budget to boost defense capabilities, especially its missile defenses. Meanwhile, the US agreed to lift weight limits for South Korean ballistic missiles in 2017, “leading to the development of at least one heavier weapon that could play a key role” in implementing “strategies aimed at preempting North Korean attacks or ‘decapitating’ its leadership.” One of the significant outcomes is the Hyunmoo-4 missile with a range of 800 km and a warhead weight of two tons. This missile can be used to strike deeply buried underground facilities in North Korea.

Another big part of South Korea’s recent missile development is a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), the Hyunmoo-2B; these conventional missiles, with a 500-km range, are expected to be deployed with the 3,000-ton class KSS III or larger submarines. South Korea’s SLBM development and latest flight test may have been a potential motivation for North Korea’s new Pukguksong models, shown at recent military parades."

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

Lady Shira Bell wrote:MING! Answer me!


I have nothing to say to you Tokyo bell, you are but a footnote in the dustbin of NS history.

The revolution marches forward!

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists


In his statement on the 23rd of April, in support of the passage of the COVID-19 Hate
Crimes Act passed by the Senate, President Joe Biden decried the rise of anti-Asian bigotry and
hate crimes. He decried the fact that many have been killed, and many more have suffered from
the lack of safety that this crisis has created. What he did not decry, however, is that this crisis is
a direct result of years of US foreign imperialism.

As of writing, over 190,000 innocent people in India have lost their lives to this terrible
virus. Over 2,000 innocent fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are dying each day as Narendra
Modi’s hypernationalist regime fails to offer any semblance of support to its people. But, there is
hope: vaccines have been proven effective against the COVID-19 virus, and the entire weight of
the Capitalist mass-production machine is being put behind manufacturing millions upon
millions of doses of multiple different vaccines. Yet, once again, Capitalism creates its own
contradictions, and the United States as its imperial champion stands alone as the corpses of her
own allies gather at her feet. Despite easily possessing the capabilities to manufacture and share
vaccines with all those who are most at need, throughout the entire world, the Biden
administration has instead elected to embark on a game of vaccine imperialism.

Amid the initial outbreak early last year, accusations were plentiful of the United States
government actively participating in outright piracy, stealing much-needed PPE from anyone
they could get it from. Now, with the secret to vaccine production unlocked, the Biden
administration has begun hoarding. Not only is the United States government sitting on a
stockpile of over thirty million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine1 which it refuses to allow
anyone - not even Americans - to receive, it is also actively hampering attempts by other nations,
such as India, to create their own. Despite Biden’s honeyed words at a strategic summit on
March 12, that his administration would “expand safe, affordable, and effective vaccine
production and equitable access” in India, he has continued to enforce an export ban, under the
Defence Production Act, on the materials needed for vaccine production. In other words, the
Biden administration is actively ensuring that over two thousand innocent people die every
single day in India alone. As hospitals across the country have begun ringing the alarm, oxygen
supplies have run out, and the death toll reaches higher and higher, action must be taken.

The Communist Party unequivocally and categorically condemns the Biden
administration for its policy of vaccine imperialism, and demands an immediate end to the
materials export ban currently in place under the Defence Production Act.

The Communist Party stands with the workers of America and India
We have nothing to lose but our chains

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

No to patents on vaccines!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great tragedy for more than a year now. In this period, in many countries, millions of workers have caught the disease, losing their health, their jobs or even their lives. On the other hand, in the same time frame, some companies that have sold the essential needs food, hygienic materials, masks and finally, vaccines, as commodities, have become among the wealthiest in the world. The capitalist class has turned the pandemic into an opportunity for greater exploitation of workers in order to make more profits.

Several vaccines that have been administered since the end of 2020 are developed by pharmaceutical monopolies. There is a substantial level of information on the clinical efficacy and dose intervals of these vaccines. Despite some of them being administered cautiously due to some adverse effects, they can effectively contribute to tackling the pandemic. However, since the administration of the first shot, only around 2.16% of the world’s population could have been fully vaccinated.

The main method of combating communicable diseases is widespread, rapid and effective immunization. Unfortunately, capitalism in the 21st century has been incapable of implementing this basic formula for a worldwide infection, as seen in the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons for this situation are clear: Despite all vaccine development studies having been conducted thanks to public funds and the collaborative efforts of thousands of scientists, in the great capitalist powers the final product was seized by pharmaceutical monopolies under the name of intellectual property, or so-called patents. Today, vaccines can be produced only in a number of countries. While the most powerful imperialist countries are ordering much more vials beyond their needs and getting a larger share on the stocks available now and in the future, tens of countries, mainly the economically less developed, would only be able to vaccinate a small part of the population, in an uncertain future. This is turning a blnd eye on the deaths of the citizens of those countries from a preventable cause.

The most dangerous scenario in the case of infectious diseases is the vaccination of a very limited part of the population, which would facilitate the evolution of the virus so that it would have more advanced properties. This is what is happening right now.

The COVID-19 pandemic will not disappear from the world at once. Moreover, the social and environmental conditions created by capitalism show us that humanity will be facing such epidemics again, though in other ways. The COVID-19 pandemic will also continue until an effective treatment targeting the virus will be found and/or a massive and rapid vaccination will be achieved; and the best-case scenario is that humanity will continue to live with the coronavirus with reduced morbidity and mortality. Therefore, it is in the common interest of the working class and the popular strata to struggle for priority to be given to vaccines and treatments against infectious diseases.

Patents or intellectual property rights have had an impact not facilitating the production of vaccines as argued, on the contrary, they slowed down the immunization of masses.

But we cannot leave any issue concerning public health to the “good will” of profit-seeking monopolies and the competitions between them.

Taking into account and valuing the actions of solidarity and cooperation, initiatives and efforts developed by some countries, as communist and workers’ parties of the world, we are jointly calling for:

The abolition of the so-called intellectual property rights, namely patents, on all COVID-19 vaccines and treatment formulations used or being developed, as well as necessary legal regulations for this in all countries.
Production, distribution and implementation of vaccines must continue entirely by public means and the intensification of popular intervention. Public health system has to be immediately expanded and strengthened.
We denounce speculation on vaccines. All information on vaccines and treatment formulations should be presented transparently to international scientific organizations. Research in this field should be carried out with the principle of international solidarity and cooperation, not competition
Anti-vaccine campaigns and unscientific disinformation must be decisively addressed.
The peoples must strengthen their struggle for the protection of health. We need to come into conflict with the interests of the monopolies, which sacrifice human lives for profit!


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Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party of Canada
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Workers’ Party
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
TUDEH – Iran
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Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)
Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE)
Sudanese Communist Party
Communist Party of Turkey
Communist Party of Ukraine

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

DPRK’s AKs: Inside the Shadowy World of North Korean AK Rifles

"North Korea began producing 7.62x39mm AK rifles in 1958. Designated as the Type 58, the weapon is a copy of the Soviet AK rifle with the milled receiver. Some of the early manufacture Type 58 rifles were assembled using a number of Russian-made parts until eventually the Koreans were able to produce all of the components in-country. The North Koreans produced the rifles under license in two state-run factories. These have been identified only as Factory 61 and Factory 65. Both are reportedly located in Jyn Chun, North Korea. The weapons were produced from 1958 until approximately 1968. It’s estimated that 800,000 Type 58 AKs were made during its 10-year production run.

The Type 58 was manufactured in full wood-stock and under-folding-stock models. Identifying marks on the receiver’s left side include a five-point star inside a circle and the model number, “58 Type.” On the right side, the selector positions are designated with Korean Hangul characters. However, the “safe” position is umarked. North Korea also manufactured a copy of the SKS rifle designated as the Type 63. After enough AK rifles were manufactured for the army, the SKS weapons were relegated to the Labor-Farming Red Guard (Home Guard). Some of the features on some North Korean AK rifles suggest that they may have also received some help from China. North Korean-made Type 58 rifles have surfaced all over the world, first in Vietnam and Cuba during the 1960s and more recently in the Middle East, South America and Africa."

The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminists

Che Triumphant is ranked 86th in the world and 1st in North Korea for Most Developed, scoring 100.02 on the Human Development Index.

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