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St Abbaddon was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 189

WA Delegate: The Empire of Draganisia (elected )

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Most Nations: 156th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 765th Largest Black Market: 1,984th
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Welcome to the mystical Isles of St Abbaddon, home to Man, Merfolk and Dragons.
Please Endorse our Lord Reaper: Draganisia
Endorsement Cap: 3

Please endorse our Council of Elders to keep our region secure:
Our region was originally founded by a group of roleplayers in 2003, and as a result we have a rich and vibrant history and lore. We are a founderless User-Created Region, putting us in a very unique minority of regions.
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Forever remembering Hawkswind, and Kitsco! Beloved friends, and protectors of St Abby! Long live St Abbaddon!

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Regional Power: Moderate

St Abbaddon contains 136 nations, the 156th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Fattest Citizens in St Abbaddon

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, St Abbaddon is ranked 9,940th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Galactic Anarchy of The DisorderCompulsory Consumerist State“For the good of all Chaos!”
2.The Republic of Middle WiteopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Unity, Discipline, Work”
3.The Republic of Frank DonaldIron Fist Consumerists“My nation is better than yours”
4.The Incorporated States of SungieAnarchy“Pride and Industry”
5.The Commonwealth of DreadstormCorporate Bordello“Fly Upon The Sky For The Wealth Of All!”
6.The Often Forgotten Genre of Sesame Street Death MetalAnarchy“Rainbow Sunrise Hell is brought to you by the number 7”
7.The Kingdom of OgrefellCompulsory Consumerist State“Strength in Victory.”
8.The Principality of West BloniaCapitalist Paradise“We Will Endure”
9.The Transitional State of Meteora AmoreCorporate Police State“Every atom in magnificent glow.”
10.The Corporate Holy Oligarchy of Yellow Tang IslandsAnarchy“Yellow as One! Yellow Forever!”
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The People's Republic of Unanda

Unanda wrote:

Male Voice 1: 2 months ago, darkness has consumed the land. Humanity as we know it has ceased to be, turning into bloodthirsty Dark Dragons. Every nation has screeched to a stand still has entire populations have mutated. Men, women, and children... turned to monsters...

However, with Unanda's territory being mostly underwater, and her people being aquatic dragons, we've became virtually untouched by the disaster. Especially since the Dark Draganium wasn't able to reach our Republic, for it got taken by the waves.

But that doesn't mean we weren't affected. Ever since the world fell into darkness, we had to become self-sufficient in oder to sustain the masses. For awhile it worked, but overtime it became obvious that we can't solely rely on aquatic crops and livestock; we need to be on land! When news broke out about a possible food shortage, Unandans began reaching for the surface to start an expansion of territory.

And then... The Dark Dragons had a new target. Reports of raids on both old and newly established farms began to circulate. This caused the people to panic, resulting in food to either being stock piled and/or rationed. The food shortage had become a reality, and those that didn't have enough began to steal.

It became abundantly clear that in order to sustain a massive underwater republic, we must expand on land; weather the people of fallen or stuggling nations like it or not.

Male Voice #2: Colonel Roland Dhamkan, I hate to interrupt your log, but your team is ready for deployment and they like it better if they don't wait.

Roland: Alright, I'm coming.


The Call for Justice

"Ever since the Blast of Walshitopia spanned across the surface, the world has fallen into total anarchy; nations ceasing to exist in seconds of exposure to the Dark Draganium. Reports beyond our borders say Draganisia is the last stronghold of St Abbaddon, a statement that if they were still alive, then it would be far from true.

We, the Unondate have remained mostly untouched until the Dark Dragons turned their sights on us, raiding us of valuable resources such as agricultural goods. I'm afraid this is only the beginning. Those Dark Dragons are more intelligent than previously anticipated, and soon I fear the worse.They may start taking other things like our weapons, power sources, and other valuable resources. It's high time that we strike back, and for Unanda to expand its land borders!

And more importantly bring down Makarov's terror once and for all!"

That was the speech given to Unandai army soldiers by the Premier of Unanda before their deployment. Everyone knew that the Dark Dragon infestation was no threat they've ever dealt with before. It was a combination of zombie apocalypse meets terrorism(OOC: that sounds like a B-movie).

Colonel Roland Dhamkan of the United People's Army(UPA), felt like there was more to this war than simply getting revenge and taking territory. He knew something was up, but can't quite get an inkling about it.

As he and his team rallied up for deployment, he couldn't help but wonder if there were any ulterior motives to fighting the Dark Dragons now. Was this simply an excuse to go on a colonial campaign? After all, territory is now fair game.
Or is this simply a hunch that the Dark Dragons themselves has something to hide?

Roland kept these thoughts to himself, not because he worried about consequences if there was any. He didn't want to spread distrust of the government among his soldier brothers. If there were any ulterior motives, it wouldn't matter in the end. The common goal right now is to keep Unanda safe and in one piece.

Many armies were told they fought for their people, but in reality it was for their fearing elder. Roland knew this, and he knew wars were mostly start from fear as opposed to fending off threats.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter. As long as his nation is safe, and hopefully nations outside of it, he has fulfilled his purpose: maintain peace.

For those that didn't notice, I had an issue with the flow of time in my RP. I initially wanted to do a flash back of a battle that already happened, where it would end with Roland exiting out into occupied Unandai territory as he puts his recorder away.
But seeing how I worded things I decided to scrap that.

Hopefully this will be the last time I edit posts I've made for awhile.

The Holy of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

A hundred nights had passed. No night was greater than this.

The storm continued to shake the lighthouse, making it shake with rage as it stood still on top of the coastal cliff. Thunder roared and shook the earth with trembling howls. Water, color of dark blue-gray, rollers of the waves, dashed along the cliff side as it had done for centuries and generations. The tall cliffs provided the spacious look for the lighthouse during its days of use. Sailors, merchants, mercenaries, pilots; once all used this same lighthouse for guidance by its light. Now the lighthouse was dark and empty, its old and ancient lights now dim. No ships ever came. No maintenance ever occurred. The only friend of the lighthouse was the empty darkness and the howling wind.

The sky was yawning in a starless and moonless form. Rain poured down from the heavens, forming pools of water on the ground near the lighthouse, dark-gray water growing bigger by the hour.

Now though, two figures stood clashing in front of the lighthouse. One was decorated with a black uniform. The other had a brown leather jacket. Both had one thing in common, they had the Oceanic banner engraved on their uniform. They clashed. Fists flying. Rain pouring. Lightning in the distance. Both fighters were evenly matched. Hatred flashed in their eyes as a lightning strike hit the top of the lighthouse, sending sparks flying below them, which drowned in the rain.

"Your a good match," said the black-uniformed figure. "too bad we never could've worked together, Elias."

The two figures stood staring at each other. Neither had inflicted severe blows on the other so far. But that could change.

Elias pulls out a dagger from a pocket in his dark-brown pants, while keeping his gaze on his opponent.

"So are you Leuthen," Elias responds. "Too bad ill have to execute you right here. For treason."

Elias runs towards Leuthen, knife in hand, prepared to strike. Leuthen paces back a bit to allow Elias to get close. Elias lunges towards Leuthen's throat with his knife, allowing for Leuthen to use his left arm to grab Elias's hand and stop the lunge.

"Too slow," Leuthen smiles.

He swiftly has his right hand clenched in a fist swing towards Elias's face, knocking Elias with a powerful blow, allowing for Leuthen to loosen his grip. Elias also drops his knife in the process.

Leuthen's face shows a smile. His eyes flash with hatred as another strike of lightning hits the ocean waves from beyond the cliff area. "I respected you at one point, Elias." Leuthen laughs sadistically "It was a time when we both believed we we're right. When we both respected government—well you did—I believed you were my equal, people against the corruption that purges this world, hoping to make it better." Leuthen walks towards a stumbling and collapsed Elias. "But I was wrong about you. You're no better than the former president of Oceania, Willow Vinski. Wanting to hide her father's actions against the people of Oceania."

Elias whom was still on the ground looks back at Leuthen. Guilt flashes his eyes, memories fly, and sadness makes him move his head down. "I've done horrible things. That I can agree with. But me and Vinski have something in common. We would never betray our friends!" Elias leaps towards Leuthen, grappling both of his hands onto his neck, beginning to choke him.

Leuthen gasps for air, looking for something to grab onto. Immediately, his hand grabs something metallic, he swings his hand towards the thigh of Elias, slamming the object. Elias yells in fury as his dagger is plunged into his leg. This loosens his grip from Leuthen's throat, allowing Leuthen to kick Elias off.

"You betrayed General Nemo," Leuthen yells at Elias through the howling of the wind. "Don't think I never knew about that."

Leuthen saunters towards the groaning Elias. Dragging his arms towards the edge of the cliff. Elias tries to resist, but his attempts fail as his arms are unable to fight back, and his legs are weak.

"Goodbye," Leuthen bids farewell towards the weakened Elias.

The body of the brown-uniformed figure falls into the dark gray waters.

A Lost Soul

He stood walking through the woods. The search had not yet finished. Where was he? Eliezer came across a clearing, beautiful, with bloomings of flowers. Bees hovered and buzzed as they flew around the flowers bringing their pollen. Boulders were situated at the edges of the clearing, covered with moss and surrounded by ferns. Eliezer had never seen such a beautiful sight. The sunset streamed down from the branches of trees above, streaming Eliezer's black hair in a bright shine. The illumination of the sun brought a beautiful sense of peace and happiness.

But in the blink of an eye, the entire scene changed. Eliezer saw it in a heartbeat. There were bodies, motionless and rotten, flies surrounded them, maggots sucked on the eyes. Eliezer turned away, nearly vomiting with disgust. He attempted to run away, but his feet were glued to the ground; so he felt. He couldn't move his legs, they were stuck, gripped, and glued. He pulled with all of his might, strength, energy. But it was worthless.

He saw something towards him. The dark-black uniform of a soldier, carrying a machine gun in his hand.

*BAM!* *BAM!* *BAM!*

"Ahh!" Eliezer jumped from the nightmare. His head felt dizzy as if he'd bumped his head on something hard, but he couldn't be sure about it.

He looked around and stared. Noticing the dark white color of the walls around him, the hospital bed he was in, the medical gear that was around him, and throughout the room. He knew he'd been asleep for a long time. He just didn't know how long.

*Creak!* The door of the room opened in front of Eliezer. A male medic walked into the room, his green uniform showing him as a soldier.

Eliezer gave a sigh of relief. He wasn't stuck in an Anarchist facility.

"Had a nice rest?" The medic walks toward Eliezer, examining the gear around the bed, as well as examining the injuries. Eliezer doesn't respond. "I know what you're going to ask; however, I can't tell you much except that the Admiral wants to see you."

Eliezer was confused. Admiral? Eliezer had speculations this could be the Rowandale remnants. The ships he's been looking for this entire journey, and what got him in bad shape.

For the next four hours, different doctors and nurses came to examine Eliezer. They gave him a green uniform to wear, which was the same uniform worn by the first medic that Eliezer saw. Eliezer put on the uniform in one of the bathroom stalls in the medical hall. Since he had already guessed he was on a ship, he wasn't surprised when they escorted him across the ship through the deck. He saw the blue waves lapping at the naval ship he was on. The rays of the sun slammed brightly across the blue-clear waters, emitting a beautiful sight. The rays reminded Eliezer of his nightmare. He shuddered at the reminder of his terrifying vision.

Arriving at the front of the ship, he was escorted down several stairs which advance inside the ship. When they reach the bottom of the stairs they come to face with a hall going forward. One of the two soldiers opens a wooden door at the end of the hall, then stands guard. The other soldiers move Eliezer into the room and stand guard outside. They close the door as Eliezer enters.

Eliezer looks at his surroundings; no windows, pure concrete, no desk. There were only two chairs. One for the Admiral and one for him. There was currently nobody else in the room, so he just sits down on the chair to pass the time. He whistles, it feels nearly like an eternity. But soon the door creaks with the sound of a visitor.

Eliezer stares at the chair in front of him, not bothering to look back at who the person is. He knows exactly whom he is meeting.

"Welcome to the battleship Tau." The voice rings from behind him.

The Admiral walks towards the chair where she is to sit. Eliezer takes a good look at the visitor. A gray uniformed woman, officer cap on top, several naval badges patched on her uniform, and a long strand of brown hair falling from behind her cap. Thats strange. Eliezer wasn't sure if the naval officers of Rowandale used buns at all, or if this Admiral was just breaking her old code. She had olive skin, brown eyes, and the face of someone being a veteran of several battles. They seemed stern; so it seemed.

She sits down. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions," She hands Eliezer a photo. "Which I'll be happy to answer."

Eliezer grabs the photo and examines it. It's a photo of the littered bodies of the clearing. The prisoners. Jinha. Eliezer's corpse. . .

"Did anyone else survive?"

"No." She responds grimly. "It was just you. We found you barely breathing. There was a large sounding of alarms from the dockyard. We sent a couple of scouts on some dinghies. They searched for hours and hid for hours, but eventually found the entire dockyard empty. They followed the route you and the other prisoners took, and found your bodies, took photos, and brought you back."

She stops for a bit to let Eliezer examine the photo further. "Our doctor said you got shot twice in the left arm. Two shots in the center of your body, which avoided major organs. Your friends and prisoners took the major hits, however. The doctor said you hit yourself on a boulder when you collapsed. You probably have a headache."

Eliezer finishes looking at the photo. His mood and emotion drop into deep sadness. Jinha dead. His fellow prisoners dead. It's as if he had been cursed by Bahamut to remain alive to suffer. He had started this mission with enthusiasm, but he messed up by coming here.

"How long have I been in a coma?" Eliezer asks.

"Four days." The Admiral responds. "We noticed your uniform was patched with the Draganisian symbol. It's semi why the others decided to extract you when they found you still breathing."

As Eliezer is about to ask another question, an officer walks into the room.

"Admiral, you're needed at the starboard."

She looks at the officer and nods. She turns to Eliezer as she is about to leave with the officer out of the room. "We'll finish this conversation tomorrow. What's your name?"

"Eliezer." He responds. "Eliezer Alexander, from Oceania. I was enlisted by the Draganisians. . .its a long story."

"Well alright, Mr. Eliezer." The Admiral responds. "You can call me Admiral Tau."

She walks out of the room. Eliezer turns back to the empty chair in front of him.

"I hope I don't end up becoming stuck and confined to this ship for the rest of my existence." He mutters.

He'd found the Rowandale remnants, but he wasn't excited or enthusiastic. He didn't feel happiness. Jinha was gone. Helena and Snake Man were out of reach. Eliezer's instinct was to try and find a way off this ship to head back to the moorland, but he knew it was unlikely. He had no idea where he was. For all he knew, he could be in the middle of the Rowandale Sea.

Eliezer is escorted into a small cabin in the medical hallway. He's given a tray of food along with a tin cup of bottled water. But he doesn't eat. He slumps onto the bed to feel miserable over himself.

His vow to Jinha felt worthless. He hoped his friend would have made it through the prison unharmed. However, this never happened; instead, all the prisoners and Jinha were dead because of a trap set by the Anarchists.

Eliezer rubs his right hand along his left arm. He touches the hard tracker which was worthless now, embedded in his skin. No aid was ever going to come from them anytime soon.

He fell into exhaustion and fell asleep.

The Democratic People's Republic of Blue Tang Islands

The Final Preparations

Draganisia Royal Palace.

The Palace shook as explosions rocked the entire city. Their defenses returned fire against the airship fleet but they knew they wouldn’t be able to hold out forever because of how huge the attackers fleet was.

“Our forces are holding but they need help.” Jake said as they looked at the battle maps in the Military HQ.

Jesse had an idea. “Makarov is building up his forces on the coast in a large staging area along the beach and in the agricultural fields there. If we take him out it might be enough to turn the battle in our favor.”

Jake. “How?”

Jesse continued. “Our forces are also gathering on the outskirts of the city in order to counter against them. You and I will lead the charge and take out Makarov once and for all along with anyone who tries to stop us. We are going to kill them all.”

Jake. “A streight up assault. Let’s do it."

Brian. "I am coming. I'm sure Mara will be there as well and so if she is than you two won't be enough to stop her. She is my sister... If anyone is going to stop her once and for all than it has to be me."

Jesse. "I don't care what you do to Mara but I swear that Makarov will die here no matter what. This ends now."

They all transformed into their Dragon forms and joined their forces on the outskirts of the city getting ready to attack Makarov's position. But none of them ever expected... That it would end like this.

Lady of Skulls

"My name is Amelia Charlotte Tang the Third, Queen of the Tang Islands, Lady Paramount of the Blue Tang Islands. . ."

Tang stood shaking uncontrollably as she stared beyond the hills where she stood. Her nerves and condition had worsened ever since she'd left the isles of the Tang Islands which were situated north of Oceania.

She'd been trying to control herself from her several nervous breakdowns with the help of her friends; Queen Alyssa Cinnamon of Cinnamon Hill, Sunheart Bailey Violetshine, and her sister Rebecca Bailey Violetshine. The three stood beside Tang to attempt to comfort her with words. Amelia felt no comfort with words though.

Rebecca Bailey wasn't royal, unlike her sister who was the Duchess of the Yellow Tang Islands. Rebecca was a skilled foreign investor, merchant, and had good knowledge within the field of psychology and medicine. Rebecca essentially operated as Amelia's doctor, with Amelia having lost her entire realm to the swarms of Dark Dragons.

"Keep repeating that," Rebecca encourages Amelia. "It'll help remove those thoughts of derealization. You're real and loved, Amelia. Always remember that." She says this in a soft tone to try and calm down Amelia.

Rebecca stares at the battlefield beyond them. Sounds of explosions and artillery fire are heard from the distance.

The battle is a total loss for us.

She knew the Draganisians were probably going to lose this battle. Thousands were already being evacuated and fleeing to the countryside to avoid the heavy fire within Draganisia City. When Amelia was being escorted by a truck outside the city, she'd seen the horrific effects of war. Children were placed into trucks and busses in mass, driven away from their families because the vehicles did not fit all the children.

Though Amelia had refused to leave the city, Emperor Brian had ordered it directly after seeing the condition that Amelia was in mentally. Rebecca felt pity for her. She'd lost so much and had not stopped mourning her mother and the rest of her family back in the Tang Islands. Amelia had been stuck on Draganisia ever since Prince David's 18th Birthday Ball. Though she'd been able to keep herself sane back then—since she was happier and cheerful.

Tang's depression had begun when the Dark Dragon apocalypse had started. She fell into despair and grief, unable to rescue her friends and people whom were stuck back in the Islands. She fell into grief for her mother the former Queen Amelia Charlotte Tang II, the second queen of the Tang Islands. Devastated and heartbroken, Tang fell into a hard depression while in Draganisia. She nearly even started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic drinks in mass before Sunheart and Alyssa Cinnamon stopped her from doing so.

Tang's tan-colored fleece and her dark-blue jeans were the only clothes that Sunheart and Alyssa had managed to pull out for Tang before they were evacuated. All four of them didn't have enough time to gather clothes and stuff, they had to leave as soon as they could.

"Is this entire world going to be ravaged by foes?" Alyssa stammered with distress in her voice. Her green eyes darkened with fear as she spoke. "I don't want to die by those dragons or invaders." She puts both of her hands in the two pockets of her brown coat.

Rebecca quickly responded to prevent Tang from speaking as she saw Tang open her mouth, "It'll be alright. The Draganisians are strong enough to drive off these invaders. St Abbaddon will never fall." She tried to show a smile but instead, she kept a neutral expression on her face.

Tang looked at the battlefield with dark and emotionless eyes. She then turned around in the opposite direction and went down the hill. Sunheart followed Tang towards the refugee camp that had been set up below. Alyssa and Rebecca had their own conversation.

"What'd Brian tell you?" Alyssa asked. "I saw those guards escort you towards the main court. Is everything alright?" Alyssa had concern in her eyes but mixed with fear.

Rebecca sighs. "He wants us to take care of Amelia. He's hopeful that Amelia has a part to play in the events happening around the world. If she kills herself...well it wouldn't help his argument."

She expects a response from Alyssa but receives none.

Instead, they both look at the battlefield. Wondering about the future.

The Holy of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

OOC: I'd like to note that "Lady of Skulls" is before "A Lost Soul". It's also before "Life and Death". Since the Battle of Draganisia has already been mentioned in "Life and Death" when Leuthen is ranting.

"Non Omnis Moriar" is also after another post that I made a long time ago, which is called "Towards Gaen We Go". It's essentially where Elias and the other generals are in a nation—which is also north of Oceania and is called Enga. They get stuck here when the Dark Dragon apocalypse begins. They are trying to reach a city called Gaen in order to rescue Elias's sister: India, who is stuck in the city with her troops.

Gaen, United Enga

Elias, Leuthen, Victor, and the other generals take a landing craft from one of the amphibious assault ships as they make their way towards the coast of the city of Gaen. Rebel aircraft can be seen skirmishing with loyalist fighters in the air above the city. Guns from the fleet of ships behind the landing craft, continue non-stop firing as a group of three corvettes begin firing on the fleet; which General Elias and the others had just left behind.

Victor, "Keep moving. Seems like the Anarchians got their own fleets now."

Elias, "So whats the status here?"

Victor, "Siege, attrition, gonna run out of supplies soon."

"Non Omnis Moriar" takes place after this. It takes place only a few hours after "Towards Gaen We Go". So it's pretty much only a couple of hours till it becomes night. "Non Omnis Moriar" and "Towards Gaen We Go" however take place concurrently with the Attack on Rowandale. However, by the time "Non Omnis Moriar" and "Towards Gaen We Go" occur, the battle is already ending. So the Attack on Rowandale has essentially started a couple days before "Non Omnis Moriar" and "Towards Gaen We Go", but ended by the time "Non Omnis Moriar" finishes.

Thought I'd state that for the roleplay.

The Corporate Republic of Allangoria

Question of the Day!

Every country has a leader! In your nation, what is your government like, and who is usually looked to as the leader?

via Coalition of Crown Albatross

The Armed Republic of Balkanense Empire

Allangoria wrote:Question of the Day!

Every country has a leader! In your nation, what is your government like, and who is usually looked to as the leader?

Government: Socialist-Communism-Dictator
Leader: Li Zongren

The Holy of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Allangoria wrote:Question of the Day!

Every country has a leader! In your nation, what is your government like, and who is usually looked to as the leader?

The President (Canonically Oceania doesn't have a President right now).

Federal Constitutional Presidential Republic

Post self-deleted by Unanda.

The People's Republic of Unanda

Allangoria wrote:Question of the Day!

Every country has a leader! In your nation, what is your government like, and who is usually looked to as the leader?

Canonically, not really sure. Still developing my nation so to speak.

But for now. I'm a People's Republic, that is genuinely by the people, for the people, and not socialist.

The top position right now is the Premier.

via The Empire of Draconic States

The Dominion of Platinia

Allangoria wrote:Question of the Day!

Every country has a leader! In your nation, what is your government like, and who is usually looked to as the leader?

Platinia runs a devolved government system where the towns run themselves individually. The highest officials are elected by their local population, all of which are are independent individuals. No government parties are allowed.

However, Exarch Sera is the absolute ruler of Platinia, and can override any individual rulings, or even outright remove them from office if necessary should any of them be considered corrupt or dangerous.

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