St Abbaddon
St Abbaddon was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 189

WA Delegate: The Empire of Draganisia (elected )

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Most Nations: 140th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 553rd Largest Black Market: 2,029th+1
Most Valuable International Artwork: 2,147th
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Welcome to the mystical Isles of St Abbaddon, home to Man, Merfolk and Dragons.
Please Endorse our Lord Reaper: Draganisia
Endorsement Cap: 3

Please endorse our Council of Elders to keep our region secure: Draganisia, Allangoria, Niktobr, and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
Our region was originally founded by a group of roleplayers in 2003, and as a result we have a rich and vibrant history and lore. We are a founderless User-Created Region, putting us in a very unique minority of regions.
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Forever remembering Hawkswind, and Kitsco! Beloved friends, and protectors of St Abby! Long live St Abbaddon!

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Regional Power: Moderate

St Abbaddon contains 150 nations, the 140th most in the world.


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The Highest Drug Use in St Abbaddon

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, St Abbaddon is ranked 13,036th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of AbsyAnarchy“Free at last!”
2.The State of Orange Tang IslandsLeft-Leaning College State“Together Forever”
3.The Leuthenist Union of The Imperial Oceanic PeopleAnarchy“Glory to the State Where the People Choose Their Fate”
4.The Rogue Nation of JetestanScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Down with the empire!”
5.The Commonwealth of SkunklandCivil Rights Lovefest“A constitution should be short and obscure”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of South arpagoniaCivil Rights Lovefest“You Can't Stop Progress”
7.The People's Republic of MalpataScandinavian Liberal Paradise“To be or not to be.”
8.The Rogue Nation of The DisorderCompulsory Consumerist State“Hail chaos!”
9.The Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of Petit MustiqueDemocratic Socialists“bzzzzzzzzzzz”
10.The Republic of NihachuLeft-wing Utopia“Life”
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The Federal Union of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Br0landia wrote:so what's going on in this region?

OOC: Roleplay. We also have a growing government which we are looking for people to join.

The Totally real and sane people of Br0landia

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire wrote:OOC: Roleplay. We also have a growing government which we are looking for people to join.

well then where can i find how to participate?

The Federal Union of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Br0landia wrote:well then where can i find how to participate?

You can find how to participate by joining our discord. Its on our RMB. If not:

The Totally real and sane people of Br0landia

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire wrote:You can find how to participate by joining our discord. Its on our RMB. If not:

thanks! I'll stop by at some point

The Pacific Northwest Kingdom of Greater Kopmakia

I'm not sure that "Pacific Northwest Kingdom" works anymore but idk what to change it to.

The Empire of Draganisia

Greater Kopmakia wrote:I'm not sure that "Pacific Northwest Kingdom" works anymore but idk what to change it to.

Just delete the Pacific part.

So it would just be Northwest Kingdom.

The Federal Union of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire



The city itself was surprisingly empty. Not a single soul could be found in every single corner of the city, which brought fear into the group as they continued to scout the city. Abby immediately jumps out of Helena's hand and began sniffing around the rotten fruit placed evenly between the fruit stalls in the marketplace. Abby sniffs around, even taking a bite of a rotten apple which she spits out as if it was acid. Abby immediately hops back towards Helena, Helena picks her up and puts Abbie into a side pocket in her brown leather jacket.

"If this fruit is still here, it means nobody has been here in months," Gretel calls towards Eliezer and Helena as she returns with Simmons by her side from looking around at the Acropora Palace: "Palace is empty as well, no signs that anyone has been there recently. Chunks of the palace are broken and destroyed as well, the Anarchists left their mark pretty well." Gretel tosses over a small gold sculpture of a mermaid, "One of the artifacts left behind."

Eliezer catches the sculpture and begins examining it. The sculpture was heavier than it looked. The weight of the gold was surprisingly heavier than Eliezer thought, he looked at the figure of the mermaid as it stands upright with its tail connected with a flat circle to allow it to stand, he looks at the trident the mermaid holds and notices a small symbol it has on the center of the trident's handle: "SA"

"Interesting sculpture, well designed too." Eliezer places it into his knapsack and continues moving with the rest of the group to exit the city and head towards the hill valley towards the east. He continues thinking about the sculpture until Helena interrupts his thoughts.

"What do you think is located eastwards of the city? People?" Helena questions Eliezer for more information on why they are heading east of Rowandale.

Eliezer responds but not with the happiest tone: "Probably people if nobody has been in the city then we can probably guess we shouldn't be here either, it's best we make camp in the hills as soon as we can," Eliezer pauses for a brief moment as he looks at Abby as she reappears from the side pocket of Helena, "To be honest I am disliking her more and more each day."

"Sorry," Helena apologizes. "I wasn't expecting her to be that rude to you during the flight, she's tough to control as well. Nearly got herself cooked inside of a microwave back in Draganisia."

Eliezer gives a short laugh but stops when Abby yells, "Slaphead" then buries her head back into Helena's pocket.

The walk to the hills continued to force them to cross through ruined parts of the city. Pieces of human bones could be found in the rubble, the remains of bodies left behind after the battle. Helena began vomiting uncontrollably when they saw the dead and decaying body of a woman, forcing the group to wait around ten minutes for Helena to stop vomiting. The group continued after that as they crossed several police stations, cars, along with several rats scurrying around the roads of Rowandale carrying chunks of rotten meat which Eliezer doesn't want to know where they came from.


"How much longer?"

At this point how much longer until they stop hearing the complaints of Abby. She hadn't even walked one bit and she'd been the one to complain the most among the group. Eliezer was already ready to grab the shroom and throw her out of sight if he had to. The group finally made it to the edge of the city as they had crossed most of it, they arrived at a large barbed wire fence as if some group had attempted to block the city for some reason. Simmons pulls out some pliers and makes quick work of the barbed wire, making a gap big enough for the group to fit through.

The group continues walking as the sun finally sets behind them, they continue walking along some asphalt roads hoping to find a good place to camp. Gretel begins getting a bit weary but continues walking with strength hoping that the group will make camp soon enough.

"Just a bit further, then we can make camp." Eliezer sets his eyes on the satellite image map he is holding of the surrounding regions of Rowandale, they should be arriving at some large hills soon where they can settle down and rest. Then they can continue traveling tomorrow further eastward. However, Eliezer is concerned if the people they come across even are friendly.


The Next Morning

Eliezer leads the group further as they cross through heather-filled moorland. Dozens of heather bushes can be seen as they cross, providing the only bit of shelter really if the group wants to make camp here. The group had put their small tents back into their knapsacks as they woke up to the sounds of birds flying high above the hills. While traveling, Simmons and Eliezer have a nice chat as they continue crossing the vast moorland.

"Why'd the Emperor choose you?" Eliezer asks Simmons as they cross the heather moorland. Simmons holds his 5.56 mm carbine rifle with him and holds it with a tough grip.

"I saved his son Jesse during a firefight during the Oceanic Civil War. I got promoted thanks to him, then became good friends with Jesse during the war. The Emperor I supposed trusted me to accompany you on this mission I guess. I don't have anything left in my life really, my father and mother died of cancer two weeks apart. My sister moved to Trutinia, I doubt she's alive from what I've heard of what happened there. My girlfriend left me for another person, I'm just a lost sheep I suppose. Still looking for a purpose."

Eliezer suddenly reveals his pity for Simmons once hearing that, "Wow. I'm sorry if I disturbed you by asking you about that. I didn't mean—"

"It's fine, I don't see why not I can't express my story," Simmons responds coldly, but in no way that is aggressive.

The two then chatter about the civil war, family, and what lies beyond the moorland of Rowandale.

"I got a sister, her name is Elizabeth. Though both of us never met our real parents. According to the story from my adoptive parents, they found me and Beth right in front of their door. Twins. Stannis wanted to return me and Beth to an orphanage, but eventually, his wife Katerina chose to keep us and persuaded Stannis to agree. The only remains from my parents were the blankets that were wrapped around us, and the nametags they put on our baskets 'Eliezer' and 'Elizabeth' and those names have been left on us to this day."

Simmons finds the story interesting. "Have you ever questioned or even tried finding out who your parents were?" Simmons asks this question with some curious eyes, hoping to get a positive response.

"No. I don't plan on finding out. If they never wanted me and Beth, then I might as well not care. Katerina was happy to take us in as her son had been killed by a youth gang at sixteen. I and Beth however were barely two months old from the estimate one of the doctors gave Katerina. I guess taking us in allowed Katerina to feel like a mother again, and to be able to move on from her son's death."

Just as Simmons is about to respond, Helena yells out at that moment.


Eliezer looks forward at the horizon and notices some smoke waving up towards the sky. Eliezer quickly grabs Helena's knapsack before she can begin running.

"We don't know if they are friends or foe. We should advance slowly before making an entrance we might regret." Eliezer tells Helena. Helena nods and continues to walk with the group as they walk down the hill towards the smoke.

But upon their arrival, all they find is a pile of stones and the remaining cinders of a campfire.

"Well, that's tough, whoever was here just decided to leave," Gretel responds with a grunt.

Eliezer, "At least we know we're not alone."

Slippery Scales

Helena wasn't too fond of whatever trip they were taking. However, she had no choice but to continue moving forward with the group. Upon having found the pile of burning coals in those hills, Eliezer had been determined to be able to find nearby civilization. Gretel wasn't too sure about finding civilization in some empty hills, but Eliezer persisted that there was.

"This heather being some of the only vegetation we have is making this trip a bit boring," Simmons was hoping to get out of the moorland as soon as possible as the others, "Can't we rest for a while, drink some water before traveling some more?"

The sun was making it a hard journey for the group, with the limited supplies they still had in their knapsack, they were a heavy load to carry in the swathes of the landscape they had traveled on. Helena brushed a drop of sweat from her forehead with her arm, and sat down on a small flat boulder, and began gulping down the metal canister of water in her hand. After drinking her fill, she sat down a bit and took out a granola bar from her knapsack, and began crunching. Abby eventually popped out, eyes blinking, and yawned obnoxiously.

"Feed. Now." Abby was hungry. Well she was always hungry, wasn't she? The little shroom opened her mouth open wide, revealing a small pink tongue and some small unnoticeable retractable teeth. Helena took a chunk of the granola bar and placed it carefully onto Abby's tongue. The little shroom immediately crunched and ate the chunk, then she placed herself neatly on the boulder, and began giving puppy eyes that she wanted more.

Gretel was quite amused at Abby's behavior. "If you keep feeding that shroom our entire food supply. We're gonna have to divide her in five—I mean four." Gretel looked at the shroom. Abby gave a loud grunted expression as she heard what Gretel said, so she snapped back.

"YOU TRY TO EAT ME! I'LL MAKE SURE I SNAP YOUR NECK ONCE YOU GO TO SLEEP—GET OFF ME!" Helena began grabbing a reluctant and angry Abby as she gave Helena a bite on the arm. Helena forcefully placed her once again in her pant's side pocket. The shroom gave some angry moves, but eventually stood still.

"Sorry," Helena responded. "she usually isn't like this. The trip shook her up that's all."

"To be honest," Eliezer chipped in the conversation between the two. "how did you meet her? After all, you two seem close and seem to have known each other for a long while now." Eliezer was intrigued in knowing the origins of the shroom who was making this trip difficult, of course, he would want to know the origins of this shroom.

"It's a long story, to be honest." Helena quickly began looking in her knapsack, and she pulled out a photo of a smaller Abby sitting on the shoulder of a younger Helena, with her parents side-by-side; the Queen and King. She hands the image over to Eliezer so he may look at it. "I found her when I was sixteen, she was a small little creature. Father had taken us on some kind of political trip to the Hard Coast mountains. I don't know if it was luck or fate that made me find her, but I found her. While one of the corporate heads of one of the mining companies was touring my family around. I started looking through a patch of yellow with white-spotted shrooms, the same pattern that Abby has. I must've somehow gotten hold of Abby because the next thing I saw was a tiny yellow creature get yanked out of the stone-covered flooring. One of the miners noted that they had heard stories about those little creatures, they were extremely rare in the caverns and inhabited mushroom-filled caves like the ones I saw. My father wanted to send Abby away for a laboratory when I took her back to the palace. My mother managed to persuade him though for me to keep Abby. I gave her the name 'Abby' after St Abbaddon's nickname 'St Abby'. I eventually learned that Abby's kind is called the 'Guardians' and are hibernating organisms as well, they can bury themselves within layers of stone to preserve their age, life, and body. However, this comes at a cost of their maturity as well. This is what Abby is dealing with currently." She pats the sleeping creature within her pocket, "Legend says that Bahamut created the Guardians as a method of dealing with the evil of the world. Eventually, their purpose was fulfilled as the Guardians successfully defeated the Darkness that purged the world. So many of them hibernated once their purpose was fulfilled. They had a variety of abilities and powers that they could use, based on nature, and utilized in mass during the war with the Darkness. The Guardian's that exist today don't use their ability much, they just live as normal organisms. Of course, there are groups of people that attempt to extort them for their powers. Some more than others."

This of course was related to some incidents where some of the small number of Guardians in captivity in labs or facilities were stolen by groups of criminals hoping to utilize them for selling on the black market or using them for research. There were less than fifteen Guardians that existed in captivity by scientists or domesticated (like Abby), but there were groups of people who sought after the small creatures for their abilities. Some of these groups hoped to utilize them as military weapons, but none had been able to accomplish this. Draganisia had led an effort to rescue the captured creatures. Which succeeded. The Guardians were returned to their original laboratories, all owned in Oceania and Draganisia. However, its believed that there could be more than tens of thousands of Guardians secretly living, hibernating, and hiding throughout the world. The creatures were declared a 'Special Preservation Organism' by the League of St Abbaddon which was the international organization that had attempted to bring international peace to St Abbaddon. Of course, this failed since nationalism was stronger than ever throughout the land of St Abbaddon.

After resting for a bit, the group continued on. The moorland continued to stretch farther. The sun was now setting in front of their eyes, as the sky began to turn orange. Upon getting on top of a large hill so they can camp for the night, they notice in the distance what seemed to be...buildings...wooden towers...people...

"We finally did it! We found civilization!" Eliezer cheerfully gathered the group together to look at the small town in the distance. They saw groups of people walking in the distance, but it was too far to get a good description of the town. They would camp on the hill for the night, then they would travel over to the town to meet with the populace.


It was dark, and Helena was unable to sleep. She continued to toss-and-turn around in her sleeping bag. Helena got up and started to look around. She noticed Gretel sleeping in her sleeping bag instead of standing guard, which she had agreed with. As Helena looked up, she noticed a large dark figure looming over the camp, the moonlight glinted off a bright piece of metal that the figure was holding. Helena quickly headed back into her sleeping bag and tucked herself in tightly as she began shaking.


Eliezer and the others woke up smoothly. However, Helena was more of a pain to wake up, as she was still afraid after last night's encounter. After she finally got out of the sleeping bag, she told the group she had seen a "large figure" during last night. She didn't tell them about seeing Gretel sleeping instead of standing guard, but she regretted not telling them. Upon telling them about the figure, Gretel and Simmons exchanged a look which Helena couldn't understand the meaning of.

The group continued to pack together with their items so they could head into the town, but as Helena was stuffing her sleeping bag back into her knapsack. She heard the sound of gunfire, as she turned around, she saw the same figure from last night having fired at two men armed with katanas.

Eliezer, "What the hell! Who are you!?"

The figure spoke back in a dark and gloomy tone, "You might as well appreciate me saving your life, these two nearly would have killed you all. Just remember that I'm here to make sure that the girl remains safe." The figure takes off his helmet with his human hands, revealing the figure of a human body. "It's not the first time we have met Mr. Alexander."

The shadowy figure walks off as he puts his helmet back on, he heads towards the town as he carries his rifle with him to the side.

Eliezer remains confused, "Who is he? I have seen him multiple times in Draganisia but he was always in his Dragon form and would avoid me whenever I tried to get close to talk to him. Why now?"

Gretel and Simmons exchange a look at each other. Gretel then responds: "If the Emperor didn't tell you who he is then it's probably best I don't either. All you need to know is that he is on our side and is the most badass Dragon I have ever seen. What I can say is that he was the one who trained Prince Jesse in the first place and that he has been scouting for us this whole time by taking out threats before they get to us. The Emperor is serious about keeping you and Helena safe so don't be surprised if he is really here to kill Leuthen after we find him, or kills any of his officials. Either way, he will reveal his identity to you when he is ready but until then don't worry about it. He's a slippery snake, hard to capture, and hard to kill."

Eliezer nods in agreement as he turns around to finish packing. But the gunfire keeps Helena shook for the rest of the day.

The Totally real and sane people of Br0landia

there is a large wall above me

The Federal Union of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Br0landia wrote:there is a large wall above me

OOC: Yes. A very big roleplay post is above you. Glad you noticed.

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