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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 548th Most Nations: 984th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,758th
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Construction of embassies with The Freedom Isles has commenced. Completion expected .

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URA contains 17 nations, the 984th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Economic Output in URA

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, URA is ranked 16,637th in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Technate of MarlidaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Oderint dum metuant!”
2.The Republic of EropagnnisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pro populo! pro Eropagnnis!”
3.The Empire of United Kingdoom 1st Grenadier UnitNew York Times Democracy“For the Empire”
4.The United Republics of UnalariaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Remember our fathers”
5.The United States of FacodalconMoralistic Democracy“Facodacon, united, free and together as one.”
6.The Democratic States of United Region AllianceFather Knows Best State“Might Makes Right”
7.The Democratic Republic of Suvmia-2Anarchy“Unsterbliche Loyalität!”
8.The Republic of GraisonNew York Times Democracy“Hold my beer”
9.The Scalizagastian Puppet of UppertoniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Forward to victory!”
10.The Republic of URA Head of SecurityLeft-wing Utopia“Preserve and Protect!”

Last poll: “Would you utilize a Minecraft server if the URA offered one?”

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URA Regional Message Board

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The Federation of Ruby Islands

United Region Alliance wrote:Welcome to URA home!

Thank you

The Federation of Ruby Islands


The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

Candidate declarations for the positions of President, Vice President, Head of Role Play, Head of Public Affairs, and Head of Recruitment have begun. You are allowed to declare candidacy for a maximum of 2 positions. I would suggest that all candidates create a campaign dispatch. For those who are running for two positions I would also suggest indicating your preference. When declaring candidacy please state the position you are running for. Candidate declarations will end on January 14th. Candidates interested in running can declare on the URA discord in Campaign Central. Further details will be released later. All WA nations are eligible to run for and Vote in URA alliance positions within a member region.

The Federation of Ruby Islands


The Scalizagastian Puppet of Uppertonia

Ruby Islands wrote:Hello!!!


The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

URA's first edition of the URA Tribune is out!

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Taking off from the trail blazed by the URA Harbinger, the Tribune is the official publication of the United Regions Alliance.

Constitutional Convention Ongoing Along With January Elections

January 2021 will be featuring the biannual election cycle of the URA, with the field already showing potential for hotly contested races. The presidential election already has four announced candidates, the most since the alliance was founded. Member nations are highly encouraged to vote. World Assembly membership is required to be eligible. To recall, the last election in July 2020 almost doubled the previous voter turnout.

This as the Constitutional Convention, assembled in November 2020, continues to deliberate on amendments to the alliance charter. The convention and its outcome is seen to loom large in the upcoming campaign, as some of the candidates' pledges cross into the prevailing issues.

One of the presidentiables, URA Armed Forces Marshal Allangoria, has declared, "The URA has grown way to(o) fast as far as government structure. We have seen the creation of so many councils, committees, and so many unattended projects. The URA does not have a true identity." The incumbent President, Suvmia, stressed how the alliance needs to set its long-term goals straight "to create a better future for the URA." Meanwhile, presidentiable The Pir has promised greater economic output and boosting the defense budget.

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World Assembly Voting Reform Act Overwhelmingly Passed by Civic Council

With 20 affirmative and no negative votes, the World Assembly Voting Reform Act was passed by the Civic Council on January 1, 2021. Authored by Alliance President Suvmia and Alliance Founder Ellenburg, the act aimed to keep a conscientious balance between the voting powers of the larger and the smaller member regions of the URA.

The new system apportioned votes to regions directly based upon Delegate Endorsements and number of WA Members in each region. It is seen as an innovative step towards sustaining the alliance as a solid World Assembly voting bloc.

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United Regions Alliance Celebrates First Anniversary

The URA was established by Ellenburg as a World Assembly alliance to bring together like-minded regions as a powerful voting bloc in the NationStates world. Initially, there were few members, but the alliance has seen significant growth in the past year. The URA is comprised of over 30 regions, representing more than 1,000 World Assembly members at the time of its anniversary. To celebrate the URA’s full year of existence, the alliance’s administration decided to organise a festival. The week-long festivities, named the ‘URA Anniversary Festival’, ran from November 9, 2020 (the URA’s founding day) to November 15, 2020.

In describing how the URA has grown in the past year, Alliance President Suvmia has this to say, "We are building a strong foundation to stand on for many years to come; a foundation of democracy, and unity. A foundation of free and fair elections; one of strong community, and camaraderie."

The Chess Tournament, meanwhile, held centre stage for the entire week. URA members have a reputation for enjoying chess, so it naturally featured heavily in the alliance’s celebrations. The tournament consisted of seven matches. The final was between URA Representative Scalizagasti and The Labyrinth player MoneyGoodLand. The latter resigned to the former and Scalizagasti won with a score of 127/-102. The Bronze Match went to Suvmia when Ellenburg forfeited the game.

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Regional News: Anteria Implements Civil Service Revisions

The Anterian Civil Service is a means for citizens who are not necessarily involved in the Directorate directly to become involved in the day-to-day operations of Anteria, filling in the gaps where the founder and directors cannot always perform their duties, or would prefer to help share the ability to participate in their Directorates.

Until recently, the Anterian Civil Service was relatively underdeveloped and disjointed between departments. However, under a new initiative started by the region's Founder Emiline every Directorate in Anteria will now have a structure for joining.

The expansion now centralizes the application process for joining the Civil Service to one dispatch, and expands the service in several departments. For example, the Directorate of Recruitment has now absorbed the greeters, a group of citizens who greet new members as soon as they join the Discord server.

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Regional News: First Commendation Proposal of URA Delegate Sparks New Committee

A landmark commendation proposal backed no less by the World Assembly Secretary General Kuriko focused on one of the longstanding WA Delegates of the alliance, Ariusgrad of the Philippines. Although eventually failing the vote, this was regarded as the first ever commend of any current delegate of the URA. Ariusgrad is currently the longest serving WA Delegate and President of the Philippines, being first elected in 2012.

A known defender in international circles, Ariusgrad emphasized that the Philippines is more than a founderless region which had long resisted invasion attempts, "More than our military portfolio, we have also committed ourselves to other noble pursuits such as sustainable and innovative development, upholding rights and freedoms, diplomatic missions, and of course, creating a loving, caring, and sharing community for all. What we have is a shared world, a shared economy, a shared dream. Our collective energies can do so much more when we all work together in one spirit."

Despite the losing proposal, the alliance was empowered to raise its profile from a WA voting bloc into a WA drafting bloc as well. This led to the creation of a Resolution Writing Committee which has since attracted talent across member regions. It is actively recruiting willing members who would be interested to participate.

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Contact Information

Feel free to telegram or Discord message the following if you have any questions or comments!

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Authored by Lanaograd and the Public Affairs Council. Banner design by Maricoen. All rights reserved.
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The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

URA Recommendation: Vote FOR "Commend Northrop-Grumman"

URA World Assembly Recommendation

Commend Northrop-Grumman
The Security Council,

Darkly noting the great importance that knowledge of the world’s nations plays in facilitating foreign affairs, and that the significance of this information being readily available and effectively collated cannot be overstated, for without it relations cannot feasibly be conducted in any reasonable manner; the ramifications for such mismanaged relations would surely be dark,

Applauding Northrop-Grumman and their shadowy archivists for their commitment to the arcane task of maintaining well organized and frequently updated indexes of both nation’s capitals and leaders, which are truly ancient, having been maintained by Northrop-Grumman for fifteen and sixteen long years respectively,

Remarking that the two mysterious indexes believed to have originated somewhere within the dark realm of Northrop-Grumman possess the following merits compared to the regular procedure of finding and viewing a nation’s information panel:

  • The indexes of Northrop-Grumman contain useful references to information nation’s have chosen to provide that is relevant to their capital or biographical of their leader, which is both utile and edifying,

  • Nations newly founded are not able to display their capital or leader, so Northrop-Grumman’s indexes can be the only way to discover them,

  • The indexes allow for the quick finding of information on multiple nations, since they are all held in one place,

Knowledgeable also of the fact that Northrop-Grumman’s indexes have additionally inspired a separate catalog of national sports that employs the same methodology and layout, and cognizant that there is no standard display for national sports, so without the index foreign nations are left completely in the dark,

Intimidated by the extensive work of Northrop-Grumman in creating the Universal Network for the Integrated Transactional Economy (UNITE), a national and transgalactic computer system that registers all citizens, organizations of citizens, and foreign visitors through the use of a personal identification card, and which provides numerous advantages by providing easy and efficient flow of information and government services,

Astounded by Northrop-Grumman’s labor in chronicling countless collections of invaluable accounts of historic events that would otherwise have been lost after a shift in record keeping abandoned all previous years’ knowledge, a vast swathe of which Northrop-Grumman’s archivist managed to preserve and are still available for all of NationStates today,

Confident that in light (or as the case may be, darkness) of these contributions, which exemplify both long lasting commitment and frightening technical prowess, there can be no question that Northrop-Grumman is overly deserving of recognition,

Hereby commends the most dark nation of Northrop-Grumman.

This Security Council resolution was written by Makdon to commend Northrop-Grumman. You can find the forum thread here.

The United Regions Alliance recommends that you vote FOR the resolution

While the skirting-around of the dark theme in this commendation is confusing at times, it is the opinion of the members of the URA that Northrop-Grumman is worthy of this commendation. The other accomplishments mentioned, such as the indices created and maintained by Northrop-Grumman, are impressive enough to make up for the restrictions placed on the resolution regarding the mention of the dark theme.

There were no comments in favour of or in opposition to this resolution during the internal discussion and vote on the LinkURA Discord server.

This document was authored by Scalizagasti on behalf of the United Regions Alliance. Please do not reproduce it without permission.
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The URA WA Affairs Council will begin publishing more dispatches like these in the future in order to make the recommendations more accessible to citizens

The Federation of Ruby Islands
The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

Debate for Head of Recruitment and Head of Public Affairs have started on the URA discord! Head of Recruitment no debate scheduled due to only one candidate.

The Democratic States of United Region Alliance

World Assembly Nations please endorse Marlida for Delegate. This will help us gain power in the Alliance and also help secure our region more.

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