Mariner Trench

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Anarchist Territories of Calamari Lands (elected )

Founder: The Big Blue of MT2

Last WA Update:

Most Nations: 346th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 653rd Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,332nd+1
Largest Black Market: 2,219th
World Factbook Entry

🌴Founded: 28th of May, 2003.🌴

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10,994 km under the sea an ancient technologically advanced civilization exists, born from the survivors of a sunken Atlantis. 🦁

In their quest to see humanity ascend to a higher plane of existence, to live eternally, via science, Trenchians took on the responsibility to better the lives of those worldwide.

A major threat to this noble quest was the rise of the Nazi party/Fascism (hate, oppression and intolerance) in the 1930's/40's.

To combat this, The MT Army was formed to keep humanity from regressing.


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Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Fantasy Tech, Featured, Future Tech, LGBT, Large, Role Player, and Video Game.

Mariner Trench contains 63 nations, the 346th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in Mariner Trench

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, Mariner Trench is ranked 6,866th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federated States of BandeloniaNew York Times Democracy“Do Something I Guess”
2.The Borderlands of StonesticksDemocratic Socialists“They cannot defeat us, if they can't find us”
3.The Anarchist Territories of Calamari LandsCivil Rights Lovefest“So long and thanks for all the calamari”
4.The United Kingdom of HypronInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Arsenal of Democracy”
5.The Rouge Nation of RevolutionairDemocratic Socialists“No matter the loss”
6.The Kingdom of CryspusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the People, for the King”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of SprechenlandDemocratic Socialists“Words before arms, though not without arms.”
8.The Soviet Republic of Beef-landCorporate Police State“I'm a Card Now”
9.The Federal Republic of NouveaurichAnarchy“We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one.”
10.The United Kingdom of SatogaDemocratic Socialists“People, United”
1234. . .67»

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Mariner Trench Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.

The Kingdom of Vanilla Hilla

Marine python wrote:Congratulations to Vanilla Hilla for becoming a trenchian! ^-^

Thank you! :)

The Anarchist Territories of Calamari Lands

Vanilla Hilla wrote:Thank you! :)

Congrats! Always nice to have a new active member around.

The Protectorate of Prplian Corps

I have a new flag, the banner of the prplian reserves

The Republic of The Cosmic Expanse

Congrats on becoming a Trenchian Vanilla Hilla!!

Congrats on the commendation Anarchic Turkish States!!

Congrats on the SC resolution Calamari Lands!!

Prplian Corps wrote:I have a new flag, the banner of the prplian reserves

Ooh, what do the words mean ?

The Anarchist Alliance of Anarchic Turkish States

Prplian Corps wrote:I have a new flag, the banner of the prplian reserves


The Republic of Malestare animals

does anyone here have a youtube channel

The Protectorate of Prplian Corps

The Cosmic Expanse wrote: Ooh, what do the words mean ?

" Down with the Monarchy, Down with Government Corruption! Arm the People! Its time for Revolution! " it goes into the history of Prplia

The MT militia of Unkmilitia000

Malestare animals wrote:does anyone here have a youtube channel

I do, not related to NS, but I do, also need to post more as well

via Thalassia

The Semper Thalassia of Nationific

The most gracious Queen Sho has abdicated the throne, and Crown Prince Bad, the most noble inspirer of Bad jokes and the very epitome of stinkiness, will take the throne. This process will last two weeks.

Who's Bad, you ask? 'Tis Badivermeraed.

We're having a monarch change guys.

The Big Blue of MT2


I hope everyone likes the updated WFE and new Dispatches for our region, big thanks to The Deep Forest for your formatting and design skills.



Government Structure

🞑 Mixed structure of Gerontocracy and Liberal Democracy.


Gerontocracy is a form of rule in which an entity is ruled by leaders who are significantly older than most of the adult population. The ancient Greeks were among the first to believe in this idea of gerontocracies. The best example of this can be seen in the ancient Greek city state of Sparta, which was ruled by a Gerousia. The Gerousia was the Spartan council of elders, which was made up of members who were at least 60 years old and served for life.


Liberal democracy is a liberal political ideology and a form of government in which representative democracy operates under the principles of classical liberalism. Also called Western democracy, it is characterized by elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, a market economy with private property, and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people.




Chief Mariner (Elected)

Anarchic Turkish States

Deputy Chief Mariner (Appointed by CM)


Mariners (Appointed by CM)

Allangoria of MT | Senior Cabinet Advisor
The Deep Forest | Mariner of Internal Affairs
Beef-land | Mariner of Foreign Affairs
Marine python | Mariner of Immigration
Calamari Lands | Mariner of Roleplay

President (Elected)

Sweeze II

The Senate (Elected)

Chunga chunga chunga
Calamari Lands

Chief Justice (Elected by The Justices)


The Justices (Appointed by CM with approval from the Senate)

Stonesticks APPROVED
Allangoria of MT APPROVED

Updated: 15/02/21

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🞑 Article I - Grand Council of Elders

  1. Chief Elder:

    1. The Chief Elder(CE) shall be the root admin of the forums, the owner of all official regional discords and shall hold the founder nation of the region.

    2. The Chief Elder shall appoint members of the Grand Council of Elders.

    3. The Chief Elder shall be the Head of State.

    4. The Chief Elder shall sign all treaties alongside the Chief Mariner.

  2. Elder:

    1. Elders are members of the Grand Council of Elders.

    2. Elders are the administrators of the regional forums as well as the discord.

    3. Elders shall run polling's for elections, or shall instead appoint a committee of three to do so for them.

    4. Elders must give assent to the elected head of government for them to create a government for the betterment of the region.

🞑 Article II - Executive Government

  1. Chief Mariner:

    1. The Chief Mariner(CM) shall be known as the Head of Government.

    2. The Chief Mariner shall create or dissolve executive departments which shall be lead by Mariner.

    3. The Chief Mariner shall assent to all written bills, acts and other legislative writings.

    4. The Chief Mariner is elected every twelve (12) weeks by the Trenchians with first past the post system.

  2. Deputy Chief Mariner:

    1. The second in command of the region.

    2. Shall take the place of the Chief Mariner in case of emergency.

    3. Appointed by the Chief Mariner.

🞑 Article III – Legislature

  1. President:

    1. The President of the Senate shall be elected every eight(8) weeks by the Trenchians with first past the post system.

    2. The President shall bring bills to vote within the Senate.

    3. The President shall either assent or veto a bill within seventy-two hours within its passing.

    4. If the President neither assents nor veto's a bill within seventy-two hours, the bill is assumed to pass.

  2. The Senate

    1. The senate shall be composed of an odd number of senators.

    2. The senate shall have no less than three senators and no more than five senators.

    3. The senate shall vote on all legislation within the region.

    4. Legislation shall pass with a majority of the senate.

    5. The Senate shall have the power to hold a vote of no confidence against the President. The Chief Mariner, a Mariner or any other government official with the exclusion of the Elders.

    6. The Senate shall be elected via first past the post system every three months.

    7. The Senate shall vote on how many senators shall serve in the next term within the first month of their session.

🞑 Article IV – Judiciary

  1. The Judiciary shall compose of three Justices.

  2. The Chief Elder shall appoint the Justices for life, with approval of the Senate.

  3. The Justices shall elect a Chief Justice from among themselves who shall bring the court issues, court dates, and head the courts.

  4. Justices shall have the ability of Judicial review, if an issue is brought to their attention by a Trenchian.

  5. The court shall appoint a judge from among themselves to handle trial cases, and a separate justice shall hear any appeal to that case.

🞑 Article V – Amendments

  1. All amendments to this constitution shall requires a senate majority

  2. Any amendments to a legislative document requires a senate majority

🞑 Article VI – Supremacy

  1. This document shall overturn any former constitution or bill of law

  2. If any legal document contradicts this constitution than that document shall be null and void

🞑 Article VII – References

  1. The region shall mean Mariner Trench and any regions underneath it

  2. The forums shall mean

  3. The discord shall mean

Mariner Trench Constitution written by Hesskin Empire and approved by the Council of Elders (16/07/18).

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🞑 World Assembly Act
10th April 2019

Proposed by: President Hudsonolia with assistance from Chief Mariner Anarchic Turkish States.
Modifications: Senator Maddiefayee.
Approved By: Senators Maddiefayee and Hypron.

Noting the importance of the World Assembly in regards to the Trench, and that the more who endorse the Delegate and one another, the greater MT's voice is within the World Assembly ;

Recognising participation in the World Assembly is beneficial to the region through means of morale, involvement, and security;

The Senate Hereby:

Establishes the World Assembly Delegate as a legally recognized position within MT, to be elected every 2 months by the Trenchians following the appropropriate electoral method;

Encourages members of MT to endorse not only the Delegate, but also fellow residents and citizens;

Allows the delegate to approve and vote on World Assembly proposals deemed to be in the best interest of MT;

Charges the delegate to initiate conversations regarding World Assembly proposals to ensure the best interests of MT are met.


🞑 Government Activity Act
30th May 2019

Proposed by: President Hudsonolia with assistance from Foreign Affairs Mariner Beef-land.
Modifications: Chief Elder Vippertooth33.
Approved By: Senators Maddiefayee and Hypron.

An active government helps drive community activity within NationStates regions and as a result helps recruit new nations and makes established ones want to stay.

Acknowledging that the community activity for Mariner Trench is at its lowest point since its re-birth in July 2018;

The Senate hereby proposes:

All elected and appointed government nations shall maintain a reasonable level of activity;

Reasonable level of activity will be defined as a minimum of one post on either the discord and/or the regional message board of Mariner Trench a week;

If an elected and appointed government nation fails to meet these requirements they will be dealt with by the Judiciary whom will decide if they will be ejected from the Government;

If ejection from the government is decided upon, the elected Chief Mariner will choose a Trenchian to appoint;

If the Chief Mariner is the nation being ejected from the government, a member of the Council Of Elders or the Chief Elder will appoint a Trenchian;

The Senate will then approve the candidate before they are appointed as the replacement;

The replacement will maintain this position until the next election, or they themselves are ejected via the same process.

To avoid unfair ejections due to real life circumstances, an elected or appointed government nation can apply for a "leave of absence" to the elected Chief Mariner, or if the Chief Mariner is the nation requiring a leave of absence, a member of the Council Of Elders or the Chief Elder.

A suitable appointee will be selected to fill in duties until the return of the absentee.


🞑 Embassy Act
29th June 2019

Proposed by: Acting President The North Crystal
Approved By: Senators Hypron, Maddiefayee, and Communist Asians.

Mariner Trench is a region that has a friendly embassy. This policy is aimed to establish embassies that benefit our region, and the requesting region. Below are the requirements to have an embassy.

Embassy Requirements
~ They have a RMB post from that at least 10 days ago.
~ They must have at least 35 nations or at least showing signs that they are recruiting. They also need 5 World Assembly Endorsements.
~ Future Embassies after this bill is passed must state the reason why they want an embassy.
~ They cannot have any embassies with Fascist or Totalitarian regions.
~ They can be either raider or defender as long as they keep our region neutral in any issues with theirs.
~ Must have a stable environment and government.
~ Must be able to provide an ambassador.
~ Must not be a puppet or storage region unless it's a defender or regional restoration organization.
~ If we close an embassy, that closing embassy has the right to appeal the closure to the Chief Mariner.
~ Once you meet the requirements we will happily accept your request!
~ The Chief Mariner or The Minister of Foreign Affairs must review the embassies every 3 months.
~ The Senate reserves the right to update, or make changes to meet the standards for the region.
~ The Requesting Region Must not have a Fascist tag.

Desirable Traits
~ Having the "anti-fascist" tag.
~ Having an active policy of not tolerating Nazi/Fascist nations within your region.

~ Voluntary Member regions of Antifa
~ Protectorates of Mariner Trench.
~ Captured regions of The MT Army and/or Antifa. This includes any formerly Nazi/Fascist regions liberated by Antifa forces.


🞑 World Assembly Reform Act
8th July 2019

Proposed by: Acting President The North Crystal
Approved By: Senators Hypron and Maddiefayee.

Bill Intent: The Mariner Trench World Assembly Reform Act is intended to reform the office of the WA Delegate, and to increase the overall efficiency of Mariner Trench role in the World Assembly.

World Assembly Delegate: The World Assembly Delegate shall be an elected office that any citizen in Mariner Trench may run for as long as they meet the citizenship requirements. The office of the WA Delegate entails,

~ The term of the WA Delegate is 180 days or 6 months. Elections shall happen on the 15th of January, and December.
~ The WA Delegate shall be granted with Communication, and Polls for game-side Powers.
~ The WA Delegate shall vote based on the majority of the WA nations in the region.
~ The WA Delegate serves as head of the WA Ministry.
~ The WA Delegate shall vote with the majority of the WA nations in the region.
~ The Chief Mariner sets the WA Endorsement Cap.

Emergency Executive Authority: If the Founder Vippertooth33 ceases to exist, the WA Delegate automatically resumes game side executive powers. The rules for this are as follows,

~ The WA Delegate, and the Chief Mariner will discuss the best possible options for the regions via a regional refound, or what’s next.
~ The WA Delegate must lock down the region when they get the influence to do so.
~ If the Delegate cannot be trusted, then the Chief Mariner shall assume the office for regional security.

Removal of the WA Delegate: The Mariner Trench Senate reserves the right to remove the WA Delegate by a super majority vote if the sitting Delegate is convicted of a crime, is absent for more than 10 days without notice, or is incompetent on their responsibilities of the Office.

Line of Succession: If the sitting Delegate is removed or resigns from office, the following is to be followed.

~ The Chief Mariner shall assume the role as WA Delegate, and will finish out that term session if it’s less than 25 days.
~ If there is more than 25 days remaining on the term then the President will call a special election.

World Assembly Rewards: Citizens can be awarded for endorsing the Delegate. They will get a ribbon to add to their factbook. The sitting Delegate designs the ribbon.


🞑 Workers/Mentorship Act
29th March 2020

Proposed by: Chief Mariner The North Crystal with assistance from President Communist Asians.
Approved By: Senators Creative utopia, Inven and Hypron.

The Mariner Trench Workers/Mentorship Act 2020 creates more jobs for citizens to sign up for. Each Ministry shall be granted these special privileges:

Each Mariner shall have the power to appoint a Deputy Mariner to help run their Ministry without Senate approval. The Deputy Mariner can be mentored, and learn the traits to someday serve in that position.

Each Ministry may hire up to five additional personnel including the Deputy Minister to help with the day to day operations of the Ministry. Those employees will stay members regardless of the election results.

The Chief Mariner reserves the right to hire personnel to help with their agenda. The Chief Mariner reserves the right to remove employees.

Each Mariner shall be charged with designing an application, and recruitment for their Ministry. They may send regional telegrams, advertising on the RMB, or even setup on the discord. Their primary workspace will be out of a dispatch, and storage will be on the forum.

The Supreme Court reserves the right to hire 3 court clerks, or one clerk per Justice. The court clerks will be charged with the helping the Justices ensure that every government official is following the constitution, all citizens maintain the requirements for citizenship, gain skillful education on the constitution, and become certified as an attorney if they serve for 6 months as a court clerk.

Each Mariner, or Justice shall design a special ribbon, or button. This is a great way to award citizens for their service to that Ministry or branch of government.

This bill also establishes the MT Historical Society that will be charged with keeping up with the history in MT. This special commission is appointed by the Chief Elder. They are life term members, who may resign at any time. There will be a maximum of 5 members.


🞑 Government Responsibilities Act
8th March 2021

Proposed by: Chunga chunga chunga with assistance from President Sweeze II.
Approved By: Senators Calamari Lands, Hypron and Chunga chunga chunga.

Whereas numerous new positions in the Mariner Trench government have been created, namely the Senior Cabinet Advisor, the Mariner of Internal Affairs, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Mariner of Roleplay, and the Mariner of Immigration;
And whereas there ought to be a clear definition of the responsibilities of these new positions;

The Senate of Mariner Trench hereby enacts the following:

  1. The Chief Elder(CE)The Senior Cabinet Advisor, the Mariner of Internal Affairs, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Mariner of Roleplay, and the Mariner of Immigration are all positions appointed by the Chief Mariner.

  2. The Senior Cabinet Advisor shall be in charge of:

    1. Advising the Chief Mariner,

    2. Advising other members of the government,

    3. Assisting in recruitment of new Mariners, and

    4. Assisting in the day-to-day operations of the region.

  3. The Mariner of Internal Affairs shall be in charge of:

    1. Generating activity within the region,

    2. Building regional culture and community,

    3. Creating polls, debates, discussions, and other engaging events for Mariners to participate in, and

    4. Organizing elections when the Chief Elder is busy.

  4. The Mariner of Foreign Affairs shall be in charge of:

    1. Maintaining relationships with regional partners,

    2. Reviewing all embassy requests pursuant to the Mariner Trench Embassy Act,

    3. Reviewing all existing embassies every 3 months, pursuant to the Mariner Trench Embassy Act, and

    4. All affairs pertaining to the United Regions Alliance, for as long as Mariner Trench remains a member.

  5. The Mariner of Roleplay shall be in charge of:

    1. Operating and maintaining the regional roleplay,

    2. Recruiting new people to join active roleplay scenarios, and

    3. Generating new ideas for future roleplay scenarios.

  6. The Mariner of Immigration shall be in charge of:

    1. Regularly checking the Mariner Trench forums,

    2. Reviewing all new applications for citizenship that have been posted,

    3. Approving citizenship requests unless granting citizenship to a particular individual would negatively impact Mariner Trench's community, and

    4. Announcing all citizenship approvals on NationStates and Discord.

Read factbook



What does it mean to become a Trenchian?

Becoming a Trenchian is a big step. You'll have certain privileges and rights here, and also several responsibilities to our region, which are outlined briefly below.


As a Trenchian, our Law guarantees you the right to vote in elections and referenda, participate in The MT Army Reserves, and run in elections for official positions, as well as granting you certain other legal rights.

Our Government will also take whatever steps are necessary to help you if you are in need of it, and for the preservation of your rights both in Mariner Trench and abroad, to the extent that is appropriate with your involvement in other regions.


At the same time, it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and do your best to abide by our Laws, which are, of course, in place only so that our community can function democratically, harmoniously, and with a high level of regional security.

We'll also ask you to maintain a nation in our region and maintain a reasonable level of activity on Discord and our forums, as conditions for your Trenchianship.

How does one become a Trenchian?

It's relatively simple, copy and paste the below form into the Trenchianship thread LinkCLICK HERE (register a forum account), fill out the detail with your name as the title, and wait for approval.

Joining the forums is a necessary evil, a matter of regional security, to help protect the region from unwanted enemies and trouble makers.

Application for Trenchianship

This is a legal document. You affirm that your responses are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

What is the name of your nation in the region (you must have a nation that will remain in Mariner Trench during the tenure of your citizenship)?

What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known as in NationStates regions or organizations?

What NationStates regions or organizations are you currently involved with?

What NationStates regions or organizations have you been involved with in the past?

Do you have a World Assembly nation? If so, please name it:

How did you find Mariner Trench?

Please also take the following oath, inserting your name where it says YOUR NAME:
I, YOUR NAME, swear that I will bear true allegiance to the Mariner Trench, that I will faithfully observe and read the laws of Mariner Trench, and that I will fulfill my duties as a Trenchian, including maintaining a nation in the Mariner Trench region. I understand that any violation of the vows in this oath may result in the termination of my Trenchianship.

Former Trenchians:

- Anthaur (BB the Freaky#2693)
- Tsuchi no kuni (Ice Bear#0461)
- Etoil
- New scottsville
- Anarchic byzantium (Chef Sjef#7313)
- Greater scituate (M_6464#9419)
- Gaycadia (gh0st.p3pp3r#3978)
- Sirruses (Landinium#5827)
- The Maryland Alliance
- Sectraxip kiropited (Skreeett#1849)
- Earthly delights (Silver lined clouds) (Eartly Delights#8954)
- Wraith hives
- Emperika (pokebro2000#9221)
- Fen val yargarmero
- Stragetists
- Mil island
- Madygas
- Pacificano
- Spiridaus (Formally Ecologystan / Arcticwaterlandia)
- Valencia i balears (Lemlar)
- Freaksrus
- Trap o bell (trapburrito#1517)
- Wasatia
- Kurovanka (Bunny#3294)
- Alta novano (Formally The united sovereign states of america) (AdmiralSeth#9818)
- Naurenia
- Yuno3
- Iceystan (Rosamund)
- Oilick (Houndonia)
- Creative utopia
- Sailis
- Signy
- S17 Google (Stadia#8679)
- Cenujamie
- Kjazz
- Reborn Empire of Necroi
- Fluorid (SulfurSepulchre#3802)
- Parascas (Haha poopy#3858)
- The council of cosbys (boyothekiddo#7473)
- Furosia (#7675)
- Free republic of hong kong
- Naverde (Johannes Hofmeister#6887)
- The treffgarne islands
- The united balkan states
- Hudsonolia (‘ϚҟҽӀҽէօղʂ ටƒ Ϛօçìҽէվ#6003)
- Soviet romany (♔Tsar Собственик на България♔#8361)
- Aveerya (aveerya#4540)
- Aionixia (Nexus#1036)

Read factbook



Ongoing War Simulation Maps

Written by Calamari Lands

In the last couple of months, the most active Trenchians of Mariner Trench held a map RP where they claimed European territories and fought for land. This is their story.


The game begun with 9 nations: Cephalopodia (Calamari Lands, myself) had claimed Spain, Scandinaviaga controlled Norway and Sweden (Mariner Aga), the Empire of the Isles had the UK and Ireland (Hypron), the Kingdom of Mivolis had claimed Germany (Mivolis), the Kingdom of Cryspus controlled the area east of Germany, with territories corresponding to Ukraine and Poland (Cryspus), Inven controlled northern territories such as Finland (Inven), Chungreece had Greece and Sicily (Chunga chunga chunga), Anarchich Italian States controlled Corsica, Sardinia, northern Italy and the Balearic Islands, and Sargonian France had, well, France (Sargon Reman).

Most nations decided to take grey territories (land that hadn't been claimed) in the first rounds. However, France decided to get aggressive. They attacked the Empire, but they were unsuccessful and actually lost a territory to their forces. In a change of heart, France publicly proposed to the Empire the idea of attacking Cephalopodia together.
Meanwhile, Cephalopodia, Mivolis and Cryspus had decided to ally, creating the Potato Alliance. When the Potato Alliance saw this threat, Mivolis and Cephalopodia, who had borders with France, immediately decided to fight back against the French threat. This marked the beginning of the Retaliation War.


The war began with a Mivolisian attack on France, which began taking territories from it. The sheer strength in numbers of the Potato Alliance against France made the Empire join it instead of France, who ironically started the war by trying to ally with them.
From then on, Cephalopodia, Mivolis and the Empire all attacked France. France itself had a fixation on attacking the Empire, which left them defenseless to Cephalopodian and Mivolisian attacks. This also meant that the Empire barely got French land during the war.
To help with the war effort, Cephalopodia recruited the Anarchic Italian States. Caphalopodia's full name is The Cephalopod Confederation of Anarcho Monarchist Territories. Due to their shared anarchist ideology, AIS decided to help Cephalopodia. AIS surprised France with an attack in the middle of a round, weakening it even more.
Eventually, France was reduced to just a few territories. After some negotiations, Sargon decided to surrender and gave Cephalopodia the last remaining French territories.
After some redistribution, Cephalopodia ended up with the West half of France, while the Empire got a few northern territories and was able to claim Belgium and Holland as war compensations. AIS and Mivolis split the Eastern front.


After the war, AIS and the Empire formally joined the Potato Alliance, making it remarkably big. Only Chungreece, Inven and Scandinaviaga weren't in it. During the newly started times of relative peace, nations decided to take grey territory. The Empire took Belgium and Holland, Mivolis, Cryspus and AIS took territories in central Europe, Scandinaviaga took Denmark and Chungreece, together with Cephalopodia, took northern Africa: Tunisia for Chungreece and northern Argelia for Cephalopodia. Cephalopodia also managed to conquer Portugal, and Chungreece steadily moved up the Adriatic coast, eventually bordering Cryspus.


But peace couldn't last forever. During the war, Inven had expanded on territories in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic Sea was becoming more and more crowded, and tensions were inevitable. Scandinaviaga decided to attack Inven's new territories and after a long, excruciating conflict, they took them all. That wouldn't last long, though: Cryspus got territories that made them eventually border Aga's 3 new counteies, so the pressure was on. Meanwhile, Inven retaliated and took all those 3 back, along with half of Sweden.
After this, Inven and Aga signed a Non-aggression pact. This new combined force had a lot of manpower, so the Potato Alliance was wary of them. With Cephalopodia and AIS strategizing in the shadows, Cryspus, in the end, took action: they unleashed a massive attack on Scandinaviaga and took all their territories except Denmark. Inven then decided to join Aga beyond a NAP and attacked Cyrspus, pushing back very strongly on the Estonian-Lithuanian-Latvian front. Scandinaviaga also unleashed their troops at Cryspus, taking back all the territories they had previously lost. After this, Mivolis from the Potato Alliance helped Cryspus by attacking Aga, taking Denmark and south western Sweden.
Later, Inven and Cryspus kept pushing back and forth, not gaining any significant advantage, while Mivolis gained a little ground on Aga. Then came in the deciding factor of the war: The Empire had been preparing its navy and finally unleashed it on Aga, taking all of Norway and what was left of Agan Sweden except one single territory that Aga had just been reduced to. After that, Cryspus pushed back on Inven, gaining some much needed breathing space.
In one last effort, Aga attacked Mivolis, but was eradicated in the act, as they lost their last territory to the mighty German nation.


After the destruction of Aga, everyone was on edge. Every nation stocked up on manpower, and thus began an arms race. Everyone wanted to be ready for the enemy's next attack. It was Inven against the entirety of the Potato Alliance, while Chungreece was a neutral third party that could change the configuration of the European map drastically with a single pledge of allegiance. However, during this time, nobody attacked and Chungreece didn't pledge alliegance to anybody. The Mediterranean powers (AIS, Chungreece and Cephalopodia) conservatively expanded on grey territory: AIS finished taking central Europe, Cephalopodia took southern Italy and Chungreece expanded in the Balkans.


These three Mediterranean nations also were approached by a group of sailors who wanted to set out to find a new continent. Amused yet intrigued, Chungreece, AIS and Cephalopodia financed them. Eventually, while the tensions in the north died out, these sailors came back with outstanding news: They had discovered an entire new continent, America, waiting to be explored.

These news reached the entirety of Europe, and seeing how nobody really wanted to fight each other, the European Potato Alliance Peace Treaty was signed, establishing peace and trust between the remaining 7 nations. Before moving on to America, Chungreece got Turkey and together with Cryspus they split the remaining Balkans, while Inven took the most eastern territories and Cephalopodia finished up taking what was left grey of Italy. With the whole European map colorful, the European powers were ready to take on America.

With the borders of Europe tightly defined after the war and resources running scarce, the European nations sought new lands to expand their nations. It wasn't long before the continent of North America was discovered. Excitement of this major discovery turned sour when it was realised this continent was already claimed by local native nations.

The second scenario will pit the surviving nations from the first map against the native nations (remaining/new players).

Surviving nations will choose starting locations along the eastern shore, whilst native nations will select locations on the west coast.

The great North American colonization project, headed by the Potato Alliance, was a resounding success for the invading Europeans.

With this victory came a sense of confidence, they lowered their gaze south of Europe to the continent of Africa.

In times gone by, the European ancestors attempted to conquer this much feared and cursed ancient land, but were always beaten back by strange weather, animals and the local "ghost" tribes.

However the Europeans now dominated intercontinental civilizations, old fairy tales were not going to stop them taking more land.

Mariner Trench Alternative History

3000 BC (Origin)

Authored by Vippertooth33.

Earth, 3000 BCE, ancient beings from a distant planet who had evolved to a higher plain of existence, visited Earth. These beings called themselves "Azguardians".

It is not known why they visited our planet but their intention was clear. To provide guidance for the young human race to ascend. They taught that ascension is a process that allows beings to be able to separate from their physical bodies and to live eternally as pure energy in a superior plane with a greater amount of knowledge and power. It can be a mental, spiritual or evolutionary process—a direct result of obtaining a certain level of wisdom and knowledge as a civilization.

These beings collected various humans from all over the globe and placed them on an uninhabited island in the Atlantic Ocean, an area that is today landlocked and known as the Richat structure "Eye of the Sahara". This circular highly symmetrical geologic feature is thought to be caused by an uplifted dome. It was here that they cultivated one of the first civilizations on earth and a unique one due to high levels of ethnic diversity. This civilization was taught strong social values and unity as well as technology well ahead of other civilizations popping up around earth. The name given to this civilization was "Atlantis".

2000 BC

1000 BC

Authored by Vippertooth33 and Earthly delights.

Around 800 BC two exploratory space craft from an alien race known as the "Ex'ien" arrived on earth landing in Athens, Greece. The aliens set about improving the lives and technology of the Greeks. Focusing their power in what would eventually become mighty Athens.

The ascended "Azguardians" warned the Atlantians that this species followed a political philosophy based on extreme racist or authoritarian views. It was because of this, their highly technologically advanced space faring race was unable to ascend. The "Azguardians" used their passive abilities to cloud Atlantis existence from the "Ex'ien".

The ascended "Azguardians" had leaned that the "Ex'ien's" xeno-sociologists made a fascinating discovery- according to their models, humans would eventually develop a political philosophy similar to their own (Nazism/Fascism), and that it would conquer the world- if the human city of Athens were allowed to thrive.

The "Ex'ien" originated from the opposite side of the galaxy making it difficult for them to return and exterminate humanity (as per their standard doctrine) within at least a 10,000 year time line, therefore progressing/protecting Athens was a quicker option.

The Ascended "Azguardians" tasked the Altantians with attacking and destroying the two "Ex'ien" space craft, in order to save humanity from an ascended-less future.

A plan was hatched, the "Azguardians" helped foster a new kind of super weapon that was capable of destroying space craft. As described by Plato hundreds of years later, the Atlanteans attacked Athens, followed by a strategic withdrawal to draw the "Ex'ien" space craft, to the location of the newly created super weapon in Atlantis.

Such was the ferocity of the battle over Atlantis, it could be heard around the world. One of the space craft was completely disabled, crashing into the ocean, the other was severely damaged to the point where it fled to space. However such was the "Ex'ien's" hate-filled fury that the city and island of Atlantis was submerged into the Atlantic completely.

Unbeknownst to the "Ex'ien". a small group of Atlanteans survived the catastrophe. The survivors were able to salvage, understand and use some of the alien technology. After what had happened, the remaining Atlanteans were strongly opposed to intervention, and also very worried that the "Ex'ien" might return and finish them off. So they decided to construct a great city 10,994 km beneath the sea- in fact, as far beneath the surface as possible, providing them security and solitude. They named this place "Mariner Trench", thousands of years later lost in translation to those on the surface as Mariana Trench.

The newly found Trenchians swore an oath, that if the prophesied extreme racist or authoritarian politics did arise, then they would act, and that they would be prepared for total war against the forces of evil.

Authored by Vippertooth33.

A council was formed, consisting of the greatest minds of the Trench including James the Great, The peace makers, Steve austin, Baka jin and Shogun lodge. A political decision was made that Mariner Trench as a whole would follow a mixed structure of Gerontocracy and Liberal Democracy. Gerontocracy is a form of rule in which an entity is ruled by leaders who are significantly older than most of the adult population. The ancient Greeks were among the first to believe in this idea of gerontocracies. The best example of this can be seen in the ancient Greek city state of Sparta, which was ruled by a Gerousia. The Gerousia was the Spartan council of elders, which was made up of members who were at least 60 years old and served for life. Liberal democracy is a liberal political ideology and a form of government in which representative democracy operates under the principles of classical liberalism. Also called Western democracy, it is characterized by elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, a market economy with private property, and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people.

The famous scientist James the Great held the honor of founding the first nation within the Trench, it was known as Sanmyaku. This was soon followed by the mighty peacekeeper warrior The peace makers who united 33 warrior guilds, forming Vippertooth33. The loyalists banded under the unwavering leadership of Steve austin to create a nation named Gi-krycek. Historian Baka jin vowed to keep history and tradition alive in their new nation of Furi kuri 2. Political dynamo Shogun lodge gathered his closest party members to create the mighty Golden Hind.

0000 AD

Authored by Vippertooth33.

Early experimentation in the pursuit of accelerating human ascension was born from the theory of “brainwave synchronization”. It was thought that on a minute scale, during conversation, participant’s brains were synchronized to increase understanding of essentially alien points of view shared as opinions. By recording cerebral electrical activity, the neuronal activity of two people involved in the act of communication, it was discovered that inter-brain communion goes beyond language itself and may constitute a key factor in interpersonal relations and the understanding of language. Brainwaves corresponding to the speaker and the listener adjust according to the physical properties of the sound of the verbal messages expressed in a conversation. This creates a connection between the two brains, which begin to work together towards a common goal, effective communication. Going one step further, future experiments sought to find a medium to enhance this synchronization. The answer it seemed was all around them, water. By placing two people in separate sensory deprivation tanks filled with water and artificially increasing the amount of acetylcholine in their brain it was found they were able to communicate with each other without speaking a word. Just like any muscle their brains began to strengthen and they no longer needed to use the tanks to communicate in this way. Even more remarkable it was discovered that once their brain had unlocked this skill, it was inherited by their offspring in 80% of cases.

1000 AD

Authored by Vippertooth33.

Born Nov 3rd, 1837 Leader of The MT Army Factbook (Viper)

10,994 km under the sea, Mariner Trench was mostly hidden from the outside world until 1939.

As the Nazi Party in Germany rose to power, Chief Elder Viper realized, in his wisdom, that this represented the ascended Azguardians 800 BC prophesied future of "extreme racist and authoritarian politics". Viper set about campaigning to change Mariner Trench's policy of strict distant observation of land based civilization, it was time to get involved and paramount to defeat this growing evil.

The campaign was successful, on 1 September, 1939, The MT Army was born and Viper was elected to lead the mighty Warriors to a heroic victory. The entire Trenchian populations were converted into mighty Anti-Nazi Warriors (Note: in RL was founded June 22nd, 2003, is known as the godfathers of Anti-Nazi/Fascism military action on NationStates).

After the successful defeat of the Nazis/Fascists in World War 2, Chief Elder Viper established the Mariner Trench "Global Outreach Program", assisting the land based civilizations to defeat any remaining or newly rising Nazi/Fascist elements, provide humanitarian aid and help progress technological advancement to meet the high standards set within the Trench.

As a safety and diplomatic precaution Chief Elder Viper mandated the use of a new type of weapons technology developed in the Trench. Firearms of which use the physiological signals of the user to determine if their intent to use the weapon is for good or evil. If the user attempted to kill or injure someone out of anger, jealousy, spite or hate it would simply refuse to fire. Trechians who wished to contribute to the Global Outreach Program were forbidden to use any other firearms.


Authored by Vippertooth33.

In May 1951, Nostromo Yagua, a Mariner Trench engineer, gained approval to test his experimental second generation unmanned surveillance drone, for use of surveillance of the Korean War. The drone was sent to observe American forces using artillery on a village containing North Korean soldiers. The test was a success with live footage broadcasted directly to the depths of Mariner Trench, the soldiers on the ground none the wiser that the drone was watching them.

The overly eager engineer decided that the situation provided a good opportunity to test the drones maneuvering abilities and shielding technology. He directed the drone directly over the village, within the firing line of the American artillery. Nostromo rejoiced as the drone automatically dodged the first 10 incoming shells with ease, however his celebration was short lived, as artillery began to strike the drone and before long they disabled its stealth ability and depleted its energy shield.

The engineer rushed to fly the drone away from the artillery fire, but without its stealth technology it had now become a target for the American soldiers who suspected experimental Russian technology. The Americans opened fire with their rifles, piercing the drones outer defences, the drone went wild, lights flicking on and off, sporadic movements side to side. The Americans stopped firing out of fear of the object exploding or crashing into them.

The drone stabilized itself and automatically began self defence protocols, scanning the battlefield and sending a beam of charged energy at every solider within firing distance. In panic Nostromo scrambled to disable the protocol and succeeded in stopping the beams before the soldiers were cooked from the inside out. Return to base orders were initiated and the badly damaged drone zoomed off into the distance, leaving the shocked and confused American soldiers to ponder what just had happened to them.

Mariner Trench kept tabs on the American soldiers exposed to the energy beams, those who survived the war were met with a series of ill health significantly shortening their life spans. Their families were supported by large financial gifts from anonymous sources.

2000 AD

In 2018 Chief Elder Viper championed a mass (often nation wide) immigration policy, opening up Mariner Trench to new faces, cultures and ideas to help steer the Trench to a new golden age of enlightenment and hopefully fast track humanities ascension to a higher plane of existence.

Mariner Trench Undersea Map

The map below shows geographic locations where specific Mariner Trench Nations exist within the trench itself, created by Calamari Lands

Mariner Trench Global Outreach Program Map

The map below shows geographic locations where specific Mariner Trench Nations aim to assist the community to defeat Nazi/Fascist elements, provide humanitarian aid and help progress technological advancement to meet the high standards set within the Trench.


Create an anomaly, a creature within our Mariner Trench Extended Universe role play that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Ideas to be posted on our Regional Message Board or in the #role-play channel on Discord.

Format example:



Anomaly Name:


Physical Traits:

Grey fur, Purple Flairs, Underbite, Large Lower Canine Teeth.

Known Abilities:

Strength, Durable.

Known Weaknesses:

Speed, Fire.

Native habitat:

Riparian Zones

Short Bio:

The Orsimer, are considered to be barbarian and are from the mountainous regions of western Delta. Orsimer are of bear kind, but this heritage has is forgotten.

Cannon Anomalies

- Vippertooth Dragon (created by Vippertooth33)

- Suori (created by Cryspus)

- Tarasque (created by Soviet romany)

Read factbook




Providing Anti-Nazi/Fascist Community Service Since June 22nd, 2003.

In 1940, the Mariner Trench (MT) Army arose from the deepest place on planet Earth to find a world in peril, full of hate, oppression and intolerance.

The diverse, multicultural and truly free people of MT voluntarily dedicated themselves to become mighty warriors, fighting against those who promote hatred such as Nazis, Fascists and Dictators, whilst protecting Democracy, Equality, Liberty and Freedom throughout NationStates.

Known as the godfathers of Anti-Nazi/Fascism military action on NationStates, our collection of Museums against hate, is one of the most extensive in the game.

Vippertooth33: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good people to do nothing!!!

⚠️ Target Policy | History | Museums | Liberations | Warriors | LinkWebsite ⚠️


🞑 Current Leadership:





Second in Command

Golden Hind

Third in Command

Sweeze II.


🞑 How do I join The MT Army?

The MT Army Reserves

"I think you show great talent. And I pride myself on having an eye for that kind of talent. But your status as a Nazi hunter is still amateur. We all come here to see if you wanna go pro."

So, you wish to play a role in the utter defeat of Nazism/Fascism across NationStates?

What more noble way to enjoy NationStates, doing good things for humanity and having fun at the same time!

The purpose of The MT Army Reserves is to support MT Army raids, liberation's and defenses against those who promote hatred such as Nazis, Fascists and Dictators, whilst protecting Democracy, Equality, Liberty and Freedom throughout NationStates.

The Reserves will also serve as a training ground and potential pathway to gain a position in The MT Army.

Please read the War Games fact book for training details.


- Regarding military game play in NationStates, Nations who join The MT Army Reserves must at all times follow the orders of the following, in order of hierarchy:

- Only regions owned by Mariner Trench / The MT Army can be targeted by the Reserves Army, unless approval has been given by Vippertooth33 (Chief Elder).

- Notifications of intent must be made to Vippertooth33 via Discord, prior to Reserve Army activity.

Ranking System

- Promotions to higher ranks through The MT Army Reserves are achieved by earning operation participation points.

- Nations who participate in "War Games" will receive 0.5 operation participation points.

- Soldiers who serve as pilers for The MT Army receive 1 point for their participation, soldiers who serve as updaters receive 2 operation participation points.

- It is the sole responsibility of individual nations to post evidence of their participation in the Mariner Trench Discord #ranks channel (found under MT Army Reserves).

- Nations reaching "Orcas" rank (see ranks below) will be considered for recruitment to The MT Army.

- Vippertooth33 (Chief Elder) reserves the right to promote or demote nations as they see fit.

Ranks (Operation Participation points)

Orcas (150 - 300)


Sharks (100-150)


Seals (80-100)


Turtles (60 - 80)


Squid (40 - 60)

- Beef-land (50)
- Cryspus (47)

Crab (20 - 40)

- RustyNails (Krustybooga) (36)

Sea Cucumber (0 - 20)

- Communist Asians (15)
- Buxtehude (12)
- Chunga chunga chunga (5)
- Socialist Devionsa (1)
- Calamaria (Boda) (0)


Guide to NationStates Military Gameplay.

Read factbook


A big round of applause to Calamari Lands for their fantastic Mariner Trench underwater map :)

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