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Founder: The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKM

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Most Nations: 323rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 828th
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Today's the last episode of LWTL! We had a lot of fun, so thank you :D
- Joe Frick Kennedy wins the IQ contest with an IQ of 169! Emperor Aidan's negative results worrisome, claims the P.M. of Isonests
- Levachia - the greatest nation in (199 days of) the history of Eros, according to neutral political analysts based in C̵̀̕͢I͏̶̵͜Ţ̸̧͜Ż͡.
- Price of Izmaylovskiyan weed rockets up by 200% in retaliation of the unseating of our most emo V.P.
- Breaking the records for the longest unofficial term as President of Eros - Tsarist Tablencia!


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The Alliance of Eros contains 64 nations, the 323rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in The Alliance of Eros

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, The Alliance of Eros is ranked 11,129th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of AaaaaoaaaCivil Rights Lovefest“ye”
2.The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKMInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Democracy above all”
3.The Island Militaristic Treedom of The Army of the TreesLeft-Leaning College State“Figure out a way to grow watermelons on trees”
4.The Indus State of MEX LansLiberal Democratic Socialists“We are a state of SKM”
5.The Democratic People's Republic of North AeteaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“War on South Aetea!”
6.The Space-faring conglomerate of Likeable LandDemocratic Socialists“Peace”
7.The Dictatorship of StrokinstaniaNew York Times Democracy“Fascism is the only way to success”
8.The Principality of The VistaLibertarian Police State“Ranked 'Most Beautiful of the AOE' five times”
9.The Dominion of AhngardBenevolent Dictatorship“Viking go yaaaaarrrrrrrrr”
10.The Free Land of StenglandiaLeft-wing Utopia“Primitiveness ;)”
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Regional Poll • WA Delegate/Presidential Election 5

The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKM wrote:Ok, RMI resigned. Now, vote again!

Voting opened 3 days 12 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “What side of the road does your nation drive on?”

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The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKM

Izmaylovskiy wrote:you know exactly why

gay marriage legal haha

The Tsardom of Izmaylovskiy

skm and salty mountain always seem to be on at the same time?

The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKM

Izmaylovskiy wrote:skm and salty mountain always seem to be on at the same time?

so do izmayasslovely and skm

The Republic of The Northern Anaskan Islands

Levachia wrote:Neitanaēifitė
Nėitarēinimdė Rekyėterēė, Guvernė Levachii

Caretaker Administration of the Government of Levachia

With deep sorrow, we notify the Alliance of Eros of the death of Pryjidenti Ronald K. Archmann in the explosion that occured at Ortė harbor at 1046 LCT (Levachian Central Time). Not only did the explosion kill our dear President, but it also ended (abruptly) the lives of the Vice President, the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and the Navy respectively, as well as 23 civilians. This estimate is solely based on the charred remains of the bodies identified - nearly 60 civilians have been reported as "missing". Ortė is a bustling fishing hamlet, and we fear the casualty count may increase.

The Constitution of Levachia, federated and authored by our President, has no clauses detailing Presidential succession - yet it dictates that the Government can, "in the absence of the President due to his/her inability", declare a State of Emergency and assume powers as a caretaker administration. The Levachian Senate, which was due to vote on the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, has adjourned indefinitely in light of the tragic events. President Archmann's body sustained much damage given his proximity to the compartment that seems to have exploded - and yet we shall, as proud Levachians, display his coffin in state within the Presidential Palace, open to all men and women, liberated and united under the flag of Levachia, to pay homage.

Hence, this notification also brings with it the possibility, that the great Levachian state may dissolve from the Alliance of Eros. At this point, the only legal action we may take is the mobilization of the national guard, but we find ourselves too depressed to think of taking up arms. We are now, a land without its father. A nation without its grandest son. Our sorrow is much too deep.

We notify, therefore, that following the State of Emergency, all troops have been called to act upon their respective regimental orders, and our nation's borders have been sealed. A five-day mourning period has been instituted, but I invite any of you to look at Iyli now - the light has exited the lives of the people, and sorrow befalls the people who once rejoiced the liberation of oppressed Levachian peoples from Nevi Land. Emergency forces rush to the aid of estranged civilians and orphaned children, and our Bryjgadė "Radio" has been sent to investigate whether this was a nuclear attack - for that would create only more loss of innocent life, a loss which neither Nevi Land nor Raven Morocco Islands, nor any nation of this region suffered due to Levachia.

What makes this announcement all the more tragic, is that President Archmann had toured the ships to ensure they were in good quality for a return trip to the Raven Morocco Islands. Disobeying the views of his Cabinet, Archmann had actually ordered that the ships be returned to the Ravenian Navy to smoothen tensions. While doing his bit for peace, even Ronald K. Archmann would not have envisioned his tragic death.

And yet, not once did Archmann order the killing of civilians. When Empress Sophie was in the Palace, not once did he heed the instructions of his Chief of Staff who now bewails the missed chance to have killed the Queen. This is not the "opinion of the government" - in fact, this is the opinion of every Levachian, who now weeps when they once laughed. The resolve shown by Levachia in not budging one inch beyond Dnalhrėteyutis has been met with a massacre of civilians. The kindness shown by Archmann in returning the ships we commissioned for ourselves has been repaid with his life. The formality shown by Levachia in being hospitable to the Ravenian Empress has been met with brutality.

Horses are not bred in Levachia, and from now on, they never will be.

This unkind move is much too big to act upon, yet orphaned as we are, we may formally accede from our position in this region. Such a move was being considered by the administration, which now finds itself in chaos.

In solidarity, and kind regards
(Nėtēe) Pryjidentēė-aēiv Odolėt Imėr | Acting Vice President Odolėt Imėr

Top 10 anime betrayals

The Rogue Nation of Cxrtifixd

Salty Mountain wrote:Cxrtifixd homophobic!?!?!?!?

why would u think that, real bad judgement there smh

The Republic of The Northern Anaskan Islands

Cxrtifixd wrote:why would u think that, real bad judgement there smh

obviously, he doesn't know the difference between disapproving a certain WA bill and being against the groups it involves

The Tsardom of Izmaylovskiy

Cxrtifixd wrote:why would u think that, real bad judgement there smh

smh you sus

The Communist Monarchy of Victoslavia

celebrating 2 bil population!

The Baguette-addicted Republic of SKM

Victoslavia wrote:celebrating 2 bil population!


The Tsardom of Izmaylovskiy

election? O_O

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