The Western Isles

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Free Lands of Vancouvia (elected )

Founder: The Free Lands of Vancouvia

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Most Influential: 21st Most World Assembly Endorsements: 26th Most Nations: 115th+12
Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,156th Largest Black Market: 1,437th Most Cultured: 1,516th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,713th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,851st Most Devout: 1,882nd Best Weather: 1,963rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,137th Smartest Citizens: 2,323rd Most Advanced Public Education: 2,367th Most Inclusive: 2,392nd Highest Poor Incomes: 2,467th
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A proud past, a bright future

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Regional Power: Very High

The Western Isles contains 190 nations, the 115th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in The Western Isles

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 3,149th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Federal Kingdom of EuraniaIron Fist Consumerists“Dei Gratia Rego Eurania Major”
2.The Socialist Federal Republic of FrencinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free the proletariat!”
3.The Kingdom of WellsiaMoralistic Democracy“Good Deeds, Good Words, Good Thoughts”
4.The Federated States of DomananiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do not forget the past and its sacrifices”
5.The Free Lands of VancouviaNew York Times Democracy“Prosperity, Freedom, Efficiency”
6.The Utopian Kingdom of the Union of RoendavarScandinavian Liberal Paradise“oth Roenar, Althoros cartha Eleathil”
7.The Jollibee store of BhikkustanPsychotic Dictatorship“bida ang saya”
8.The Dominion of FrajlandDemocratic Socialists“Everything for the World”
9.The United Prefectures of NoronicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Adh Dutchaichn Realas | A Nation Reborn”
10.The Federation of Hangates of Athara MagaratDemocratic Socialists“Unity in Diversity.”
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Last poll: “Would you live in Balnik? (Probably gotta be born there for this one)”

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The International Organisation of The League of TWI

The League of TWI wrote:A period of voting has commenced for the proposed amendments by the delegate from the Union of Thromsa. Note that this is not a vote for Resolution No. 22. Voting period shall end in 2-3 days.

Last call for all member states to vote in the League regarding the proposed amendments by the delegate from the Union of Thromsa. Once the amendment is passed, the voting period for Resolution No. 22 shall commence in the soonest time.


The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

Aizcona wrote:Always good to see :)
Once winter is done, I'm done with snow

Wait winter is still here?

The Much love from Polar of Aizcona

Ainslie wrote:felt trash the past few days - been thriving ever since getting back from my run a few hours ago

Glad youíre better now

Nhoor wrote:In general fine though slightly annoyed (that's Dutch for "extremely pissed off") by the stupidity and selfishness of some people who apparently can't wait a few more weeks until the vaccination campaign wraps up, and go out to parties or on holidays and expose themselves and then others. So far my one-physical-handshake contacts still contain only one infected person (and he got better), but the number of infected people that are two handshakes away is increasing rapidly -_-

That sucks man. Hope youíre able to stay healthy

Keomora wrote:Wait winter is still here?

Iím getting more snow tomorrow

Wellsia wrote:Going to be a beautiful day.

I wish. Howís the leg doing?

The Kingdom of Wellsia

Aizcona wrote:

I wish. Howís the leg doing?

Have to you wait till they can schedule a MRI, pain pills allowed me to sleep in the bed for the first time in over a week.
Better living through drugs. Lol.

The Parrot Fondler of Shidei

Chauvin found guilty on all counts

Exciting stuff

The Confederation of Alteran Republics

I've started creating the graphics for the following armoured vehicle; but I'm holding back on the development story until I can get some more international backers.

Looking for two or three interested parties to help finance, develop and adopt the vehicle:

L-55 'Vantage' MRV
Modular Reconnaissance Vehicle for the 21st Century

The Verhun 'Vantage', is a medium, modular, advanced, tracked combat vehicle
vehicle developed by Verhun Defence Systems. It is seen as the direct successor to the L-34
L-34 'Vulcanite', to be used in a wide variety of roles within the Armed Forces. Its modular design allows
for greater cross-compatibility and off-the-shelf equipment design.

Verhun Defence Systems 'Vantage' MRV

Verhun Defence Systems 'Vantage' MRV

Photo of L-55 Vantage
with 50MM Autocannon


L-55 'Vantage' MRV


Armoured Personnel Carrier
Logistic Carrier
Short/Medium Range Anti-Tank (Missiles)
Short/Medium Range Anti-Air (Missiles)
Bridge Layer


Alteran Republics


Verhun Defence Systems

Unit Cost



2018 -


2020 -


In Production

Primary Users

Alteran Republics


Tracked Combat Vehicle


3 to 7 (variant dependable)
+4 Infantry (PMRS)
+8 Infantry (APC)
+4 Patients (Ambulance)


x1 50MM Autocannon or
x1 120MM Gun or
x1 Co-axial M/HMG
x1 M/HMG or
x2 Quad-Pack Anti-Tank Missiles or
x2 Quad-Pack Anti-Air Missiles







Unlike previous vehicles developed by Verhun Defence Systems, the L-55 Vantage has its developments and variants divided into four "Blocks". Block One includes the Reconnaissance and Recovery/Repair types. Block Two includes Armoured Personnel carrier, Anti-Tank and Anti-Air vehicles. Block Three focuses on the heavier vehicles; the Logistics Carrier, Ambulance, Command and Bridge Laying vehicles. Block Four focuses on the 'Medium Armour', namely the Direct-Fire and Indirect-Fire/Mortar variants. The development was separated into blocks to allow for different teams within Verhun to focus on their designated designs; whilst all still be cross-compatible with each other.

Block One


  • Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle - MRV-CRV

  • Repair/Recovery Vehicle - MRV-RRV

Block Two


  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle - MRV-IFV

  • Armoured Personnel Carrier - MRV-APC

  • Tank Destroyer (Missile) - MRV-TD(M)

  • Aerial Defence (Missile) - MRV-AA(M)

  • Tank Destroyer (105MM Gun) - MRV-TD(105)

  • Aerial Defence (35MM Autocannon) - MRV-AA(35)

Block Three


  • Logistics Carrier - MRV-LG

  • Armoured Combat Ambulance - MRV-ACA

  • Command Post - MRV-CP

  • Armoured Bridge Layer - MRV-ABL

Block Four


  • Medium Direct Fire - MRV-MDF

  • Medium Indirect Fire - MRV-MIF



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Verhun Defence Systems L-55 'Vantage' MRV

Merito non pareret. | By merit, not birth.

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Read dispatch

It's based on the ASCOD/Scout SV (AJAX) development - so it would have started in the late 90s/early 00s.
WIP image is in the Discord. TIA.

The Much love from Polar of Aizcona

Wellsia wrote:Have to you wait till they can schedule a MRI, pain pills allowed me to sleep in the bed for the first time in over a week.
Better living through drugs. Lol.

Thank goodness for pain pills haha

Shidei wrote:Chauvin found guilty on all counts

Exciting stuff

Very good to see

The Federation of Balnik


The Parrot Fondler of Shidei

It's more than halfway through April, why is there snow on the ground where I live?

The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

4/20 Letís go!
Iíll be missing for most of today everyone have a good day.

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