The Potato Alliance

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Tuberous Garden of An Alliance of Potatoes

Last WA Update:

Most Valuable International Artwork: 709th Nudest: 1,221st Largest Retail Industry: 2,278th+2
Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 2,364th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 2,524th
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🥔 Welcome to the Potato Alliance! 🥔

N-Day's biggest and most potato-y faction: So many regions that we can't fit them all onto one WFE! (click for list)

Spiritus founded the original Potato Alliance on N-Day 1, and has kept the name ever since. To see it represented on a scale like this is just unbelievable, and on behalf of Spiritus, thank you to everyone has joined. Old allies, new friends, and friends of friends thanks for making this whole process great!


The Basics of N-Day | How to Take Part | Ground Rules | The Strategy | Useful Tools

You thought we were done? Think again.

Long live the potato! #2 for Score and #1 for Strikes in N-Day⁵. 🥔

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Embassies: Spiritus, India, The Union of Democratic States, Warzone Asia, European Union, the South Pacific, Big Farma, Warzone Sandbox, Autropolis, The Hole To Hide In, New West Indies, the Rejected Realms, Union of Democrats, The Communist Bloc, Equilism, and 00000 A World Power.

The embassy with The Hole To Hide In is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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The Potato Alliance contains 7 nations, the 2,737th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in The Potato Alliance

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

As a region, The Potato Alliance is ranked 8,363rd in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Tuberous Garden of An Alliance of PotatoesMoralistic Democracy“Two potatoes for all! way of nukes!”
2.The Republic of Captain PotatoCivil Rights Lovefest“I can do this all day.”
3.The Empire of PotatocentralCorrupt Dictatorship“Eat fried potatoes or turn into boring raw potatoes”
4.The Protectorate of MacoryInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One King, One Country”
5.The Empire of NSC Potato HQAnarchy“Potato nukes, activate!”
6.The Commonwealth of Non SequiturLiberal Democratic Socialists“Sola Dei Gloria”
7.The Community of Smallish HutsLiberal Democratic Socialists“ερωτv πάντα”

Regional Happenings


The Potato Alliance Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.


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Macory wrote:libre mo, wala ako pera. hahaha

brah bakit bah

The Protectorate of Macory

Karktopials wrote:brah bakit bah

sana ikaw na lang ang baby girl ko.... hahahaha

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Macory wrote:sana ikaw na lang ang baby girl ko.... hahahaha

bakla ka ba lalaki to eh

Post by Alderton Alt Account 1 suppressed by a moderator.

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The Republic of Sutarianesia

Non Sequitur wrote:My location? Yonder potato fields, of course.

Hello potatoes

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The Kingdom of Karktopials Reborn

Sutarianesia wrote:Hello potatoes

pooptatos tastes better

The Commonwealth of Non Sequitur

Vermacomposting FTW!
Worm poop + potatoes = profit.

The Commonwealth of Non Sequitur

My attempts at collecting Easter Eggs has failed.

I tried several of the tricks listed here:

Easter Eggs

by New fakeland

Easter Eggs

In NationStates, Easter Eggs are secret issues that are unlocked in unusual ways.

Easter eggs found by New Fakeland so far:8

Colour issue (favourite colour):
- From having a colour ["golden"] in the nation's classification (pre-title).
- No other factors appear to be involved.
Holy issue (pull the lever):
- From having "holy" in nation's classification (pre-title).
- May require population of over 1.25 billion (I had 1.367 billion, and ~1.33b on other nation)
Issues issue:
- Seems to be from completing a set number of issues (possibly 250),
- Possibly requires existing easter eggs.
- Other possible factors: population over 1 billion, high intelligence, possibly large government size and happiness.
Eggs issue:
- Have atleast 3 eggs.
Zombie issue:
- From reactivating a dead nation (after 30+ days of inactivity).
- May require population of over 1billion before inactivity (had 1.6billion, and 2.1billion)*
    *Saw nation get this egg with just over 300million population, so population probably isn't a factor.
- Time from resurrection to issue may be 1 day to 2 weeks.
- No lower time limit of being dead. Unknown if upper limit (but suspect there may be one).
- Changing region and WA doesn't effect this.
Halloween issue (A Holiday Masquerade) :
- Have a national animal name include something Halloween related (e.g. "monster", "bat", "vampire", "zombie", or "ghost")
- I achieved this with "monster".
- Unsure if other factors are involved, but I got this in December, so it doesn't need to be Halloween to get this issue.
- Seem to have gotten this twice on seconds nation.
Christmas issue (Red Sleigh Down) :
- Have something Christmassy in nation classification/animal/motto/leader, etc.
- Seems to only work in December (make nation Christmassy at beginning of December to maximize chances of getting it.
- I got this with: national animal=reindeer, leader=nick santa
- I got this on another nation with: Motto=Ho ho ho, Classification=Christmas, currency=candy cane
Irish issue (Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms!) :
- Have something Irish in nation classification/animal/motto.
- May only work in March.
- Got it with "Lucky" in motto, "gold bar" in currency, "leprechaun" in national animal, and "St Patrick" in leader name.
- Got on second nation with "Lucky" in classification, and currency as "gold bar".

*Easter eggs take between 1 day to 2 weeks to appear, after conditions have been met.

*After receiving your 1st Easter Egg, you will unlock the banner at the top of this page.
*After receiving your 4th Easter Egg, you will unlock the banner below.

Other potential eggs

Breaking the fourth wall issue:
-I've heard that having NationStates in your motto unlocks this one, but I haven't tried, due to lazyness

Alien pizza issue:
- Have lots of pizza.
- Cheese may help too.
- May need high IT.
- May be other factors

Space suburbs issue:
- High crime and space exploration?
- Possible crime in to 1%, or over 80.
- National analysis for other possible factors:
Auth:ba, Eco-F:ba, Envi:ba, Hpy:10, Hlth:ba, IncEq:ba, Int:aa, LawEnf:ba, Obe:aa, Rude:aa, Safe:bab0, SfCr:bab0, Manu:aa, Stup:a11, tox:aa, WelGp:aa, Wep:aa, Wtr:ba, Welf:ba,

leader-clothes Easter egg:
can't remember where I say this
-maybe have capital city as "[[your-nation-name]] city"
-maybe have "friendship" in your motto

Read factbook

Got nothin'.
Nada. Zip.

Anyone else unlocked any of these?

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The āćčēėęīįłń of Drew Durrnil


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The Kingdom of Luxize

Drew Durrnil wrote:germany

Potato Edition.
[I didn't even know we had this embassy. I guess TRR just has too much embassies.]

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