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Most Nations: 157th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 887th Most Influential: 2,342nd+2
Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,518th Largest Black Market: 2,642nd
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Welcome to Middle Earth - Home to Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's Universe
"Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread.
Through shadows to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight."

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"Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by."

~poem, FotR

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    LotR Artist Gallery - A Musical Interlude

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    Invitation to Middle Earth

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    How to help Middle Earth !

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Embassies: Minas Tirith, Hell, Lothlorien, 10000 Islands, Mordor, The Shire, gondor, Hobbiton, Middle Earth Roleplay, and ainulindale.

Tags: Casual, Enormous, Fandom, Featured, Founderless, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: High

Middle Earth contains 137 nations, the 157th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Patriotic in Middle Earth

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

As a region, Middle Earth is ranked 11,759th in the world for Most Patriotic.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of LemongrabbeIron Fist Consumerists“Nil Desperandum”
2.The Mountain Song of DwarfCorporate Bordello“Listen for the Alpenhorn”
3.The Countless Orcs of The Armies of SauronIron Fist Consumerists“I See You!”
4.The Natural Union of FringillidaePsychotic Dictatorship“Caelebs”
5.The United Men of Minas ArnorIron Fist Consumerists“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.”
6.The Elven Realm of March of MaedhrosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We call the everlasting dark upon us, if we fail”
7.The Infinite Dominion of The Dread OverlordCompulsory Consumerist State“What Would Sauron Do?”
8.The Orc mountain-stronghold of The Mount GundabadIron Fist Consumerists“Akha gűm-ishi ashi gurum”
9.The Empire of AtheleianIron Fist Consumerists“Sons of Men”
10.The Animals of Farthing WoodAuthoritarian Democracy“Together or not at all.”
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The Armed Republic of Aitnutand

Yeah but which dialect. There are some of them - http://blackspeech.ru/index.php?page=1&lang=en

The Republic of VeniLad

'Twas fun raiding you all. But much like a cave troll after a long battle, I'm going back to my hole. Take care!

The LOTR Nation of Tatarica

VeniLad wrote:'Twas fun raiding you all. But much like a cave troll after a long battle, I'm going back to my hole. Take care!

Thank you, VeniLad. Safe travels!

The LOTR Nation of Tatarica

I whole-heartedly ask that our most recent visitors try not to turn our region into a jump point to/from their other activities.

I say this as I have seen much recent regional border activity on their behalf, by coming and going from their dedicated sinker region.

Needless it is to say that if you have an interest in LOTR related conversations, feel free to stay around and try the waters, the food and interact with our community.

I hope everyone can feel welcomed here, and I will try to accomodate this to my best extent - - while putting the community needs and desires first and foremost. So, if you have other interests that may not be aligned with the core principles of our region but still feel intrigued by us, or if you want to share other info, please feel free to send a personal TG to me.

The Hobbit of FrodoBaggins

i see we were raided while i was away. Now i'm back. Tatarica can you role me again pls.

via 10000 Islands

The Start work on new map of Onfande

Hello! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Here is the April report for 10000 Islands!

Stats of the Month:

Date: April, 2022| Population: 1713 nations| Delegate Endorsement: 414 endorsements

Table of Contents

~Around the Islands

~Islander Achievements

~XKI Gameside

~Meet the Nation

~The World Assembly

About the Emissary Report

The 10KI Update is a monthly report about the regional happenings of XKI made by the Blue Canaria North Senator and the Deputy BCN Senator. Stay tuned for any updates!

More XKI!

Forum: Link10000islands.proboards.com

Discord: Linkdiscord.gg/4uWZbNS

April TIBOE Update

April TITO Update

Interested in XKI? All of our Foreign Affairs dispatches will be published by 10000 Islands Foreign Affairs, and posted in our embassy thread!

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:

~Chief Executive: Hakketomat

~Field Commander: Kanta Hame

~Tactical Officers: Thedairos, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Wischland, Flying Eagles, Thedairos

~Executive Officers: HN67, Eastern New England


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:

~Chief Executive: Hakketomat

~WA Delegate: Markanite

~Senior Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Aschente

~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Liberdon

~Senator for Himes West (Role Play): AxeCapital

~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Gonggong

~Minister of Education: Porflox

~Minister of Labor: Wille-Harlia

~Minister of Immigration: Valentian Elysium

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

Around the Islands

~In early through mid April, the National Flag Competition, originally created by Anime Daisuki and now recently revived by Thedairos, was held. The competition was to see who had the best and most creative national flag. After voting had ended, Brickston and Hashari Darussalam both came out as first place and runner-up and were each granted their respective prizes of a legendary card & 100000 Tacos and a legendary card & 50000 Tacos. Check out the full thread Linkhere!.

Islander Achievements

~Congrats to Brickston for being the first place winner of the National Flag Competition!

~Congrats to Hashari Darussalam for being the runner-up of the National Flag Competition!

XKI Game-Side

This month our favorite Regional Pollster, Jabberwocky, brought us two fantastic polls; the first one asked Islanders if they anticipated a better year in 2022 than they had in 2022 and the second one asked Islanders if there is intelligent extraterrestrial life.

In the first poll, there were 180 voters, of which 53 (29.44%) said yes, they’re optimistic, 23 (12.78%) said no, they’re a pessimist, 88 (48.89%) said maybe and decided to withhold judgement until they had seen more of 2022, and 16 (8.89%) said from the viewpoint of eternity, all points in time, past, present and future, coexist simultaneously.

No idea what the last one means, but I’m hoping for the best for everyone in 2022!

In the second poll, there were 194 voters, of which 18 (9.28%) said no, because Homo sapiens is the pinnacle of biological evolution, 160 (82.47%) said yes because it is inconceivable that we are the only intelligent life in the universe, and 16 (8.25%) said no because they’re not convinced that there is intelligent terrestrial life.

I suppose we’ll never know the truth unless space exploration expands considerably in the next few decades. Oh well…

As usual, it was pretty miserable looking through 300 pages worth of January RMB posts...but I did manage to find some hilarious (or perhaps just noteworthy) moments.

~ Definition of laziness

~ Time really files

~ Don’t we all?

~ The dough is a lie.

~ Never!

~ Me too

~ A good question

~ So disappointing…

~ I’ll need to see that in writing

Meet The Nation

This month, the DelegateMarkanite interviewed Gonggong before their appointment as Senator for Blue Canaria North!.

Mark: First off, how did you join NS and why pick XKI as a region?

Gong: I first joined NS as a nation named Ravanon! At first, I never really joined any region until I made an alt account called Selu-Ahare, where I joined XKI through a telegram from Sulenia inviting me to XKI! A bit after, for RP reasons, I made an alt called Gonggong to join ATA.

Mark: And you've been here ever since! What is your favourite thing about XKI?

Gong: My favorite thing would be the community! For me, it really feels warm and inviting!

Mark: Brilliant! Do you have any additional roles in 10000 Islands? Tell us about them!

Gong: The only role in XKI that I have is Tiboe secretary! As Tiboe secretary, I get to write the monthly summary report for Tiboe and I also answer Liberdon's phone calls and organize her files!

Mark: I know from seeing you work that you are exemplary at your job. TIBOE is such an important group for the region and you and Liberdon are the dream team! What other areas of XKI interest you? Do you have any future ambitions?

Gong: Hmm, in XKI I'd like to run for a seat in the Co9 at some point! Though I'm not entirely sure which one I'd run for, or if I can even run a good platform.

Mark: Well whichever one you choose, I'm sure you will be amazing. 10000 Islands is lucky to have you! Thank you for doing the interview!

Hope to see you all next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off!

Gonggong and Markanite

Read dispatch

The LOTR Nation of Tatarica

FrodoBaggins wrote:i see we were raided while i was away. Now i'm back. Tatarica can you role me again pls.

Welcome back, FrodoBaggins!

Very happy to see you return.

I will make some time soon to see about the officer positions.

The Armed Republic of Aitnutand

How do I get custom classification?

The Forgotten Younger Brother of Caleb Mensha Khaine

Aitnutand wrote:How do I get custom classification?

Since you're past 500M, you should be able to set it now page=settings

If you mean a pretitle anyway

The Orc mountain-stronghold of The Mount Gundabad

Aitnutand wrote:Yeah but which dialect. There are some of them - http://blackspeech.ru/index.php?page=1&lang=en

I don't know honestly

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