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Fódlan: A continent divided between 3 great countries, a storied but aging empire in the south, a troubled feudal kingdom in the north, and a confederation of squabbling nobles in the east, as well as a powerful church, wielding great influence in the affairs of all three. For now, these powers coexist in peace, despite their internal issues...

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Card for Bob13Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fire Bob”
2.The Free Land of LinhardtCivil Rights Lovefest“Perhaps it's time for a nice nap...”
3.The Brigid Princess of Petra MacnearyCorrupt Dictatorship“My heart is full of victory!”
4.The Community of Card for Bob2Moralistic Democracy“Bob Emblem”
5.The Kingdom of Altean AtlaeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Marth was pretty cool”
6.The Empire of Flame AdrestiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Fódlan's New Dawn”
7.The Federation of Lysithea-ChanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I don’t have time for this!”
8.The Theocracy of Holy Garreg MachFather Knows Best State“Guided by virtue, care, and sincerity.”
9.The Grand Duchy of The Noble State of GloucesterIron Fist Consumerists“This land is Gloucester. You will want to remember it.”
10.The Republic of Marriane Best GirlLiberal Democratic Socialists“Marriane is best girl.”

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The Magnificent Territories of The Noble State of Aegir

Linhardt wrote:...which is your opinion. Whether something is well-substantiated is a wholly subjective question. I'd also like to add that I'm still playing the other routes of the game and fully understanding Fódlan and its characters. Further:
I don't think that Dorothea doesn't have good reasons to be on the Empire's side, I was more talking about her aversion to war despite being on the battalion that is supposedly the leading force for the Empire. The same is true of Linhardt, although to a lesser degree because he is a healer. My point was more that I think they should have explored further her coming to terms with being on the Force and the horrors of war. For the most part, she just is constantly depressed, which isn't an issue of itself and in fact is a completely normal reaction to war. In fact I agreed with almost everything you said in your last post about her, and quite like her, so I apologize if my posts made it sound like I disliked her. I just think she could have been explored even more in supports and such.

As for what you had to say on Ferdinand: maybe I missed it, but it definitely didn't seem like Edelgard was in favor of retaining the nobility at all. After the war she allows, say, Caspar to be the new war minister despite his lack of inheritance to that position. Perhaps the game is just vague enough that either result could be interpreted from it. She certainly doesn't turn Adrestia into a democracy, seeing as democracy isn't really something that is thought of in that time era of Fódlan, but I don't understand how she could lead a meritocratic, egalitarian Empire if she did not abolish the system of nobility. I'll pay more attention to stuff like this during my new game plus CF playthrough.

Finally I want to say that I wholly agree that there are practically no bad characters. I may be criticizing all of them, but I even warmed up to Ferdinand and Hubert, which were my least favorite Black Eagles, because they all have convincing motivations to believe what they believe. My only issue with all of them is their tendency to fall into tropes, which is especially present in the Black Eagles.

Of course.

Depressed? I suppose I never saw Dorothea as "depressed" when compared with some of the other characters. I essentially understand your desire to hear more about her conflicting opinions on the war, but I personally can't expect too much more than they provided, considering that aspect of her character only emerges after the war begins and most of her A supports should be focused on concluding the arcs of their respected support series. Many of her A supports touch upon this change in mentality and how it impacts her perspective on other characters and issues, which is great, but I'm not expecting an in-depth discussion of her mentality on that when there are so many other interesting dynamics to deal with. I think her post-timeskip monastery dialogue does a solid job of addressing this on its own, supplemented by the bits in-support.

The matter isn't that Edelgard doesn't want to abolish the nobility, but that taking and maintaining control of a feudal state like the Adrestian Empire naturally necessitates the loyalty of enough of the upper classes. She certainly doesn't execute as dramatic a "purge" as she might ideally like, but without the proven loyalty of the general population, many of which still associate with their lords as was customary in feudal society, how could she get anything done. It is a matter of political necessity that she retains Bergliez's and Hevring's loyalty, and if Ferdinand can successfully make personal inroads with her as a close and loyal advisor, perhaps he could ensure that the nobility retains some of its past honor, if only in a titular or vestigial form? Regardless if Edelgard intends to abolish the nobility in its entirety or not, the other reasons I mentioned still apply, let alone the fact that Ferdinand does not necessarily need a government sanction to continue to represent House Aegir, his ancestry and prestige alone can grant him and his descendants his noble pride.

The Republic of Marriane Best Girl

I've played all 4 routes, and of the routes, Black Eagles is my least favorite. I'm not sure if that is because I did Black Eagles last, or if it is because it is my least played route. But I just enjoy the Golden Deer and Blue Lions better.

The Magnificent Territories of The Noble State of Aegir

Marriane Best Girl wrote:I've played all 4 routes, and of the routes, Black Eagles is my least favorite. I'm not sure if that is because I did Black Eagles last, or if it is because it is my least played route. But I just enjoy the Golden Deer and Blue Lions better.

You mean CF I presume? Even though it was my first, I think SS is by far the worst

It's just an objectively inferior version of VW, CF may be short, but it's the most unique route and offers the opportunity to fight at Tailtean Arianhrhod and against different people from a different perspective. CF's short length does limit it though.
The Magnificent Territories of The Noble State of Aegir

Marriane Best Girl wrote:
Both CF and SS were done after I completed at least one run of VW and AM. It doesn't help that I ragequit on CF endgame because of all that damn fire chipping everyone to death. Just the idea of all the wasted potential for both SS and CF doesn't help any either.


I went SS->CF->AM->VW. AM was distinctly more polished and distinct than the other three, and had I not done SS first, I almost certainly would have found it very boring. Interesting to hear you had so much difficulty with CF's final map. I found it to be a decent challenge on Hard, although less so than AM with its massive swarms of gremories and mortal savants and SS, where I found the IO much harder to beat (on normal) What difficulty were you playing on?
The Republic of Marriane Best Girl

I'm assuming you suppressed my comment to avoid possible spoilers for people who have yet to reach CF endgame?

The Magnificent Territories of The Noble State of Aegir

Marriane Best Girl wrote:I'm assuming you suppressed my comment to avoid possible spoilers for people who have yet to reach CF endgame?

Yeah, as stipulated in the regional rules.

The United Fodlan of The Adrestian Empire

Marriane Best Girl wrote:I'm assuming you suppressed my comment to avoid possible spoilers for people who have yet to reach CF endgame?

Yes, please use [ spoiler ] tags to conceal post-timeskip information on the Regional Message Boards. I am a bit disappointed you think CF is the worst,

as while it was short and a bit lacking in cutscenes, I thought the maps and gameplay it did have was generally better than much of the other routes
The Federation of Lysithea-Chan

AquilaJordyn wrote:

I really think, based on someone who enjoys fan-art, from multiple franchies, the yuri is half a result of straight guys thinking the characters are hot. You cannot try to tell me that half of the fanbase is Lesbian. They're not. I get there are non-straight dudes who play these games, but not nearly close to a majority. I follow a subreddit called r/Edelgard. Half of it is people who just like Edelgard art (With various pairings, and also her solo) and the other half is people who can't shut up about Edelgard with female Byleth. They act like it's her default pairing (As in over male Byleth) and as if everyone cares. Of course, the opposite can also be weird, like whenever I post pictures or something, someone has to comment 'a rare surprise Edelgard and male Byleth' like bro. I'm glad you like it, but why do embrace the weirdness of this community? But the whole thing is sort of toxic, and it annoys me because I honestly just respect the character, and I love the pairing because they mesh so well. I don't want to deal with the weirdness. I have found that almost every woman, who is not explicitly married or dating a dude in canon, ends up paired with another woman in the franchise, even if it makes zero sense. People will pair two sisters together. Else and Anna are a prime example. I could think of others, but I digress. I'm not here to rant about it. I can't stand the toxic people who hate on my ship for weird reasons, I'm not here to bash the ship because I think a lot of people into it don't actually cares about the characters.

Okay...I will just end up by saying I was annoyed when someone said Edelgard made more sense with female Byleth because they imagine Edelgard being the stronger partner.

1. That's sort of sexist. Byleth, as a dude, can so be soft with her.

2. That ignores that Edelgard is 100% a little girl, crying out for help, wanting to be held, given toys, and cherished. She's a broken person, in need of some serious love. Yes, she's a strong character, but internally, she hides from everyone how much she needs her teacher. She's not some invincible woman who needs no one in her life.
...But again, whatever. I feel weird just talking about it, people the culture around some of these ships makes me feel weird. I love Edelgard as a character, I'm not going to hate on Edelgard and female Byleth. I respect who Edelgard is, neither is 'better'. I just think the community can be toxic.

Oh, I accept Manuela with Ferdinand isn't a natural pairing. But they only get together after time spent in my post-game plotline, where I'm going to develop a relationship. Basically Ferdie gets with Dorie, but Dorie admits to him that while she loves him, she thinks she needs to be with someone else (Bernadetta). The two stay friends, but Ferdinand is hurt by the whole situation. At some point, he finds himself with Manuela...I haven't planned out why that happens yet.

I honestly just like the Edelgard and Byleth ship, because I love Edelgard. But with the others, I just like them so much I sort of want everyone to have a happy ending...I did consider letting Hubert or Linhardt stay single...but at this point, I'm only planning on Jeritza staying single because...he's Jeritza. I think El and Byleth are supposed to end up together, their dialogue outside of supports is so explicitly romantic. I could go either way with the others, you could make an argument for any pairing.

I am letting Shamir star in this fanfic eventually, but I haven't actually seen her supports yet. She does interest me as a character, from what I do know of her. I'd like to learn more from her.

Oh no, so this is my idea for Petrabert.

You know the scene, where Hubert tells Dorothea he'd marry someone besides Edelgard if she ordered it?

Well, in order to keep Brigid close to the Empire or something (Still need to decide, that's many chapters away) she does order him.

At this point in the story, Edelgard is already married to Byleth. So Hubert will have to deal with his emotions about that, but he does obey her as he sees it as the best course of action.

I'd have to decide why Petra agree's. I's Hubert. Maybe our daughter of Brigid has a soft-spot. I could see 1. Petra realizing Hubert needs someone to love him as a friend 2. She thinks its best for Brigid 3. Something happened between them earlier in the story that draws her to him, maybe he shows a hint of kindness.

But yeah, they have an arranged married. One intended to end up loveless, totally political.

But in the course of fighting Dagda (Yeah, that is going to have happen), Hubert finds out that while he serves Edelgard, he belongs to Petra, and his home is in Brigid. Oh, and maybe he offers her lessons in English :/

I want to keep the harsh nature of Hubert, but he's going to have to show a different side of him. I think expanding on his relationship with his parents might help draw some sympathy. Alot of the Black Eagles have trash parents. Maybe I could explain why he is like he is, and somehow, Petra helps crack the egg open. Maybe I'll have Edelgard and Hubert's relationship be revealed as truly mostly just professional with him, with some twinge of longing on his part. Petra offers him a chance to be simply Hubert...and show off something about him we never knew. Maybe he likes reciting poetry or something. If I end up finding a true-to-character way to make Hubert a genuine person with a personality, I deserve a Pulitzer's prize and to be featured in the New York Times.

I agree they make no sense based on their current rapport. I'm going to need to build this relationship...which is what makes it so difficult. El and Byleth have alot of explicit canon dialogue, Ferdinand and Bernadetta have some. Caspar and Dorothea as well. But Hubert has nothing with Petra. Of the black eagles, they'd be the best candidates to remain single in my mind. Especially Hubert, but while Petra is loveable, none of her dialogue was particularly romantic with anyone except the Professor. I could sort of see her with Edelgard, but barely. They're sort of equals, as two great female leaders...maybe it could work, though it might end up a political marriage. I'm not sure where the romance would come from.

I actually was going to ask if you had any ideas of how to make them work. Hubert and Petra I mean.

I'm also planning on making Raphael and Felix best buddies (platonic) and Linhardt is going to fall in love with Lysithea...if you have any idea how to make those work.

I could see Felix and Raphael some how bonding as battle bro's, men fighting valiant together... with Lysithea and Linhardt, it has to start with crests. They're just going to end up needing each other on the battlefield, and I don't know, maybe Linhardt stands up for her when someone gets too nosy, or protects her from ghosts... Lysithea gets him to actually get off his tush and work...

Maybe I don't know Lysithea well enough, because while I did recruit her, I accidentally missed her first support :| so I couldn't see any others but she strikes me as a natural motivator. She also strikes me as a natural tsundere... I honestly am most comfortable writing Lin and Lys, of the pairings I mentioned (PetraXHubert, Ferdinand x Dorie.) Maybe I shouldn't. I think I have a handle on Lysithea's personality, but I know all of those others inside and might prove to have been unwise to write this before playing around with her in game.

I actually have planned a new threat from Dagda, one greater than the threat of Rhea, related to the Slitherer's.

I'm aware that since I took Crimson Flower, I missed some action with them...I need to still play it first, but basically, plan on hearing that those guys...have a boss :)...

And it's not everyone's least favorite Uncle.


Actually, Shamir stars in all of it (She isn't the villain, promise).

I could see Petra with Ferdinand...

I just really generally see Ferdinand with Dorothea or Bernadetta more. Petra ended up with Linhardt of all people in my first game :D.

I didn't know they all end up pairing together.

Dorothea and her big bro ended up single because I didn't know what I was supposed to play matchmaker :/

Linhardt comes across as platonic with everyone to me, maybe even asexual. He does not seem to care about romance at all.

Edit: Sorry about double posting originally. I thought I was in Argo Navis friends.

Lindhart and Lysithea? I don’t think those two would get along well at all in a romantic relationship ngl, but if you can justify it, you can write it

via Argo Navis

The Orchiddic Imperium of AquilaJordyn

Lysithea-Chan wrote:Lindhart and Lysithea? I don’t think those two would get along well at all in a romantic relationship ngl, but if you can justify it, you can write it

I mean, I can see why you might say that...but I wanted both to star in my story, and well, I want to make it work.

I think justifying it is going to be less difficult than with Hubert and Petra, another pair I'm planning out... With Linhardt and Lysithea, they're sort of going to fall into it. I'm not quite sure how to go about it yet, so I'm delaying them getting together. Whatever I end up doing, they'll have to grow into it. I feel like you can justify almost any pairing in this game, because most of them are at least cordial, and decent people. Not to say people just have romantic feelings for any or all of their friends, but I mean, you could make someone look good in the right light.

I mean, okay, anyone pairing Edelgard with Rhea is just wrong. But other than that, or say, eh, Byleth with Kronya, I could see almost any relationship in this game, with enough time, happening. Not to say all of them are as obvious as others...but anything is possible with the right push towards it. Honestly, the only couple I ever shipped in the game while playing was Byleth with Edelgard. Maybe Caspar and Dorothea a little, but not much.

Maybe I just like to be niche with who I pair together.

The Adrestian Empire wrote:Yes, please use [ spoiler ] tags to conceal post-timeskip information on the Regional Message Boards. I am a bit disappointed you think CF is the worst,
as while it was short and a bit lacking in cutscenes, I thought the maps and gameplay it did have was generally better than much of the other routes

I can't speak for Marianne, but for myself, the length of Crimson Flower was a serious hinderance. I loved the route, but when I discovered how short it was, and then saw how it was much shorter than the others, including SS, I was bothered.

Look, the gameplay is great. Crimson Flower has awesome battles. I'd have to play all of the others first to decide if they're better, but they are great. However, I expect gameplay to be great. I'm not playing a game that is a bore.

What makes a route great, is how satisfying it is as a final piece. I've discussed this with Aegir before. I know some people first approached this game as a chance to get into the strategy. I like grand strategy games, and am a big fan of turn-based games like Fire Emblem. But I have never once played an RPG primarily for that. It's the story I care about.

We could talk about the lost opportunities for expansion on certain groups in Crimson Flower, perhaps something with Brigid.

But really, the more glaring issue is just the length itself. They should not have drawn it out, and take the same story already there, but take longer. That's pointless. But there was not enough. I'm not only not bored yet with the Black Eagles (As in, I still want to hang out with them more), I'm not satisified.

Games lead you through an emotional arc. You start off just curious, become emotionally invested, get led on a roller coaster, where they, the developers, want you to keep wanting more. They keep you hungry. Then, it's supposed to end in a climax, a grand finish. The dessert.

The dessert in Crimson Flower was sweet. But the main course wasn't filling.

What I mean is, besides all the unaddressed problems, I felt like I was dropped off a plot cliff.

They brought me on a high, to the point I was rooting for these folks, totally embracing the culture and sentiments of the Empire. I was a proud Adrestian citizen.

Then it just ends.

A post-time skip should not be shorter than the preparatory period.

That's the issue.

The post-time skip, crimson flower proper, was significantly shorter than the Monastery period.

The Monastery plotline was certainly interesting, but that phase in Fire Emblem games is what is suppose to lead up to, prepare you for the war phase.

In older games before this, in between time-skips, you got married and had kids.

I'm not against the fact they removed that aspect in this game, for several glaring reasons. (Such as Byleth's relationship with the characters...) and it gave more time for relationships to deepen. Byleth and Edelgard's would have been worse-off.

But the point is, the post-time skip should be the focus. It's where everything gets intense, people are forming strong alliances, even relationships.

I mean, what happened in the Monastery phase, I would not want them to get rid of. You could excuse it as they wanted to really tell that story. But then the post-time skip phase was just cleanup...

Except it totally wasn't, it was supposed to the climax of everything. Also, considering Crimson Flower was much shorter, then they obviously didn't see the others that way.

A reign period, after what did happen in Crimson Flower would make a ton of sense, considering Edelgard's other goals. Maybe it would focus on Enbarr.

I felt the game set-me up. I seriously felt like I was maybe, maybe halfway through the game by Derdriu.

The whole game

That's how I felt in terms of sentiment, my emotional state, and the pacing. The Monastery phase was loooong. I could not believe they'd cut this short.

It's like if a book has all of the set-up, gets you really attached to the characters...then...

They just win, and it's over.

10 chapters for Leicester, 10 for Faerghus, 9 for the Church...6 for Adrestia.

As a writer, I get that when a story is done, it's done. It's dumb to drag it out. Maybe I liked it so much partly because it wasn't dragged out. I don't see how it was complete at all.

I definitely loved it, and thought it was awesome. I was just disappointed that I didn't reach closure. I felt the final support scene was too short, and so was the whole route.

SS was not an advertised side. When I bought the game, I thought I was choosing Adrestia, Leicester, or Faerghus. It's great that it exists, I love that. But Edelgard is on the game's cover box. Her route should be as long as the others.

Forget the Slitherer's. There could have been something with the grumbling Lord's of the Empire, another insurrection situation. Internal conflict. There could have been something in Adrestia, following the family of say, Bernadetta, that ends up expanding on all of the characters.

Lord knows Hubert could use it. Some internal problem with Hevring that offers us something with Hubert, and again, expands on the others (Longer than a paralogue. A full main mission) would mean so much.

I mean, I'm sure you could argue this for any character, any route. There is always room for more. I just feel they left a lot of meat on the table for Adrestia.

We are told Arundel is terrible, the guy who hurt our poor El. Every other parent in Adrestia besides Ionius seems terrible. We're made to hate them as much as anyone else, maybe more, because it's personal...

Yet we don't get to confront them? I really have never bought into the idea that dev's should leave something like that up to the imagination.

Let me leave it up to the imagination who they all end up with, or if they remain friends.

There is literally no one who does not want to beat the heck out of that woman's Uncle or Bernadetta's Dad, and there is no one who would dislike learning more about these folk's trauma, past, or Adrestia's nobility El hates so much (It would be a way to show how right she is, or let you decide if she is. Maybe some of the Nobles don't seem so bad). I mean, maybe they were afraid to do that? I could see how they could screw it up with Edelgard, they don't want her to be just the official trauma girl of the game. Some of them dealt with legitimately abusive parents/relatives.

But I'd love to touch on that, and more importantly, I wanted them to delve deep. Considering Adrestia justify's its motives on the basis of justice, and all of the Adrestian players were somehow wronged by the nobility, crest system, or the Church, slamming home how they have hurt the country would mean a lot. Not just the characters, but Adrestia. Showing the country's disrepair, the suffering the people, specifically because of the deranged, totally pragmatic actions of the nobility and church without regard for the people. I mean, consider how easily they throw people away, without concern. How is that not incorporated into a dedicated mission? Really breaking through the decadence and greed of the establishment.

Really, considering how some parts of the community think Edelgard is the devil or something, offering a chance for her 1. To be sympathized with and 2. Justify herself more (As in, by I don't know, maybe the route has more exclusive intelligence about Rhea and the Church, something to really make you question their motives more.) would be good. Of course, the dev's want to balance the routes. So making Rhea be pure evil, would not be great. But I don't know, a negative painting of Rhea's handling of Sitri, and Byleth's birth would make sense. Maybe they dig up whats-it-hooser from the Abyss, and see some of his justification. I don't think he was just nuts, Jeralt literally burnt down a library for his kid. They can't end that with Rhea telling Byleth 'oh yes, she wanted you to live, I gave her your heart.'

Have them somehow dig into some less savory motives or past actions of the Church. Maybe the 'real scoop' on the western church. I don't man, all countries have propoganda. Show me it all.

The Noble State of Aegir It's 15 days in, but I'm finally working on maybe responding to that reddit post....maybe. I sort of thing making a new thread myself might be more productive, considering how old it is, and my major problem is not the post, it's the fan-boying in the Fire Emblem community.

Also...I'm playing the game again...for research purposes. I wanted to say:

I forgot how much I disliked Monica von Ochs immediately. I mean, she's set up pretty obviously as suspicious, but that is not what annoyed me about her.

No, the worst thing about her is that she keeps taking Edelgard's time up. I wanted to have tea time with my house leader, and I can't. Ugh. Is it weird to be jealous of a videogame character stealing time from your favorite?

Hubert even mentions how much she is focused on Edelgard. I felt myself getting protective.


She broke me with this line (Edelgard): "But maybe it's better to have someone to rely on... so that you can support and guide each other through the darkness." after the battle of eagle and lion.

This might be the fact I learned public speaking from MLK (As In I'm inspire by his speaking style) but I love how she talks in terms of light and darkness. I'm just screaming at the screen, saying: "Yes girl! Speak the truth! We need to stand together against the darkness."

'Darkness cannot banish darkness. Only the light can do that.' - MLK.

Edelgard speaks like a prophet, a preacher, or a civil rights icon. My type of leader.

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