RegionMapAuthorship NationMap Weight
The North PacificFlagThe Lai RainŽ LiŽarda of Meadowfields166,549
The East PacificFlagThe Gettin' Wild of Zukchiva85,528
Conch KingdomFlagThe Puddle of Socialist Platypus79,035
EuropeFlagThe Constitutional Monarchy of Regnum Italiae40,489
10000 IslandsFlagThe Protectorate of Paffnia24,217
The North PacificFlagThe Generation Kill of Kastonvia20,656
Commonwealth of LibertyFlagThe Alpine Republic of Cascadla17,576
The Western IslesFlagThe Blue Islands of Corindia17,441
EuropeFlagThe Autocratic Empire of Walfo17,249
Lands EndFlagThe Peafowl Conglomerate of Peacockastan11,598
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