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Founder: Oneid

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Most Nations: 58th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 946th Most Authoritarian: 2,310th
World Factbook Entry

Oneid,(Oneid1) is a great empire, the pinnacle of hundreds of annexed peoples in hundreds of years under one ruler and a culture to supply the homeland.

Imperial states have only one purpose: conquest. We also protect nations that have sought sovereignty and defense from other invading states. If one of us is attacked, he will be constituted to attack us all, and the answer will be irresistible. The system is based on a union in which all states have one ruler and the same foreign affairs, while everything else can be decided by themselves.

The owner of all nations here is Oneid,(Oneid1) .

Current RP Year:8815(2015)-8030(2030)|Defcon Level-5 |LinkRegional anthem| Nation Maintenance |Colony:Industrial hell

Accepts all requests for embassy.

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The embassy with Alliance of Democratic States is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Oneid contains 355 nations, the 58th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in Oneid

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, Oneid is ranked 22,773rd in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Union of States of Oneid1Corporate Police State“War is Peace”
2.The Dominion of RokopurrAnarchy“No”
3.The Theocracy of Jain State RuvendaAnarchy“Jainism is good”
4.The Disputed Territories of TorikianAnarchy“Nation States”
5.The Republic of BoranijaCivil Rights Lovefest“,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
6.The Federation of Kaito KorporationCorporate Bordello“Strength Through Freedom”
7.The United States of AziniaAnarchy“Freedom is freedom”
8.The Borderlands of Sd dcv gv gvLeft-wing Utopia“Peace and Justice”
9.The Federation of Aramia CeldLeft-Leaning College State“From Many, One”
10.The Republic of WinyiCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Freedom”
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Regional Happenings


Oneid Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.


via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

The RF has leaked a report from EDF high command stating that in the battle of Blackwater and surrounding areas cost 2 dropships carrying roughly 100 special ops troops each and gun fights that has cost 2694 EDF soldiers and 3465 injured.

361 wheeled vehicles destroyed or destroyed. 20 tanks taken out of action ad well.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

A simultaneous attack on a major supply depot and major supply convoy on it way to the front.

3 major supply trucks were destroyed, and the town housing the depot was hit with 30 simultaneous suicide bombers.

The military death toll is 55 and the civilians dead number 110 and around 300 wounded.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

After a week of sporadic fighting the Railroad camp has fallen to the RF at a cost of 153 local police, 305 EDF soldiers and 648 RF fighters.

They then lightly shelled the housing areas to sow chaos and confusion and killing 34. They then moved on the maintenance sheds and the overseer area and commenced their “pacification “

They first attacked the train station just short of the sheds meant to bring in more labor and shot dead 20 people on the platform and then moved on to the maintenance area.

The attack on the maintenance area killed 290 and the attack on the overseers killed 40 high ranking railway officials and die hard government supporters.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

In a shocking blitzkrieg action, the Red Faction has crossed the Montana River, by capturing the bridges at Masons Bridge, and Dixon Crossing, where everything on Montana Island up to the outskirts o Thieves Landing, and by making small amphibious landings at Tanner’s Span and Montana Ford. However a massive amphibious landing was made after rebel boats sailed up Stillwater Creek and captured the small fishing island of Stillwater Cove. 7 other beachheads were established by the rebels, they were assisted by gunboats, artillery and skilled snipers.

A road bridge and 2 railway bridges were also captured in that area.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

The RF blitzkrieg has continued and they have captured vast swathes of farmland north of Macfarlane’s Ranch and all the area between Thieves Landing and Macfarlane’s Ranch and all the way south to the Rio River. They captured the river settlements of Manteca Falls, Butter Bridge, and Old Baccus Place and used boats captured in these settlements to cross the river and captured another large portion of farmland, the offensive has lead to the mountain town of Torquemada, and a ferocious battle has ensued in the city and surrounding areas.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

At least 2 of the 5 prongs of the Red Faction offensive have been repelled, a 3rd is engaged in fierce combatants in and around the City of Torquemada, while the other 2 central fronts have remained unengaged.EDF intelligence is counting the dead and will release a more detailed report on enemy losses in the 2 repelled fronts.

Post self-deleted by E D F.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

It seems the assessment of victory on several fronts was premature as fierce pockets of resistance have held out for almost a week.

EDF high command has hinted they will ask the Martian Council for authorization for use of heavier weapons such as thermobaric bombs.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

Red faction terrorists have carried out 14 suicide bombings, 21 arson attacks, and numerous ambushes and sniper attacks in the battle of Torquemada in the last week. At least 395 EDF soldiers have been killed and another 1307 wounded in these types of incidents, which do not include normal combat deaths such as assaults on known enemy positions.

Intense fighting continues in the city of at least 100,000.

via Occupied Mars

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

The Martian Council has approved the limited use of thermobaric weapons in the Badlands.

The comes hours after an announcement that a limited number of high altitude combat drones have been deployed.

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