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Founder: The Repubblica of Nuovoiork

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Best Weather: 1,191st Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,255th Largest Black Market: 1,447th+5
Most Beautiful Environments: 1,478th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,022nd Most Cultured: 2,186th Rudest Citizens: 2,255th Most Nations: 2,399th
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Welcome to Nuovoiork! (est. 20 July 2019)

Proudly Co-owned by Legio de Caesar and Nuovoiork.

Featured on January, 22nd, 2021

We are a friendly startup roleplaying region set in a different but similar world. A collage of familiar political systems under the intense pressure of a fractured world, if you will. Here, we explore the themes of geopolitics, storytelling, and fiction wrapped up in a neat little bow.

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Current Date: October, 1916

Embassies: Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Gay Equality, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, New Reich of Bunicken, Greater Nasunia, Russian Federation, The Gynocracy, Minnesota, and Schloss Blutungsraben.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Featured, Independent, Isolationist, Offsite Forums, Role Player, and Small.

Nuovoiork contains 8 nations, the 2,399th most in the world.


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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Nuovoiork

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Nuovoiork is ranked 9,133rd in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperium of Legio de CaesarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A Lux in Tenebris Nitens”
2.The Bandit Kingdom of CanadraInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mud and Wind”
3.The Colony of Les renardsNew York Times Democracy“Throughout time comes evolution”
4.The Republic of The New kalifornia RepublicCorporate Bordello“the West was won by the Gun and will be Kept by the Gun”
5.The Kingdom of El Imperio MexicanoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Equidad en la Justicia”
6.The Republic of American-StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God Bless Texas”
7.The Repubblica of NuovoiorkCivil Rights Lovefest“Lo stato giardino.”
8.The Dictatorship of Baron Alhvaharjis von RabenhofPsychotic Dictatorship“Je Dio ni Fidas”

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The Republic of The New kalifornia Republic

El Imperio Mexicano wrote:"We shall recognize the New Kalifornia Republic. We both share the same view towards the so called "united" states and it would be beneficial for our nations to come to a mutual understanding. However in recognition of the New California Republic, what we ask in return is for the Republic to sign a treaty of friendship to ensure territorial integrity and serve as a basis for future cooperation".

"as this treaty of Friendship and Territorial Integrity aligns with our policy towards Mexico I shall gladly sign it"
*he extends his hand to the Emperor*

via Greater Nasunia

The Imperial Monarchist State of Almerdonia


Where did you get your nations name and what inspired the backstory of your nation?

The Gray Flag Brotherhood of Zobertevia

Lost at Fort Lauderdale? Let’s just try again.

The lost in the First Battle of Fort Lauderdale is annoying, but will not hinder as the mercs are just going to try again.

The Repubblica of Nuovoiork

Almerdonia wrote:Question

Where did you get your nations name and what inspired the backstory of your nation?

The canonical answer: It is the name that the Italian American Partito d'azione chose to name the lands in New Jersey and Long Island that they had acquired in the 1905 Dayton Peace Accords, as it is an Italianized version of New York, with Nuovo or Nuova meaning New in Italian. As for a history, please refer to my main factbook.

The out-of-character answer: Back when I adhered to backwards, Fascist ideas, I was heavily inspired by Mussolini's Italy, and during that inspiration, I stumbled upon this map;

I was heavily into things like cartography, race, and other anthropological ideas that confirmed such ideas, and I thought to myself: "What if I got on Nationstates, a game where I can use this creative idea (I wrote the country's first factbook on paper and printed off a map back then) and actually run this like a country, and interact with others?" I thought it was quite genius at the time, and it's stuck with me ever since, minus the Fascism and icky beliefs, as it's just for rp now.

The Gray Flag Brotherhood of Zobertevia

Before the First Battle of Fort Lauderdale: Real Common Sense, by: Ronnie Driffield

Logical case 1: If a American man discriminates against an Irish, African American, Native American, etc., due to history, then that is just flat out wrong, but if the same happens to the Americans, the others think that is fine, well, it’s not, it makes them hypocrites, and blind hypocrisy is one of the main symptoms in the falling of the US, just as bad as discrimination, but in Zobertevia, we won’t tolerate hypocrisy nor discrimination, and we’d actually put effort in stamping both out both in the military and civilian life.....

Logical case 18: Being christian doesn’t mean that you can be self-righteous to justify hate crimes, Jesus was non-judgmental and accepted all of gods children no matter the race, religion, or creed, but christians, especially Catholics and Protestants, are usually very judgemental and self-righteous and some racists groups that are probably plaguing the US today like the KKK should not have been tolerated, even if members are rich white men, people like that should be held accountable for their actions.

End quote for Ronnie Driffield: “If Zobertevia falls and this book is safely collected by one of the sides of the collapsing US, I hope that I bring retrospect to the lucky collector who found it, if Zobertevia gains control over the US, this book I wrote will be my greatest achievement I made equal to gaining control over the Federal Government.”

(This is Zobertevia becoming a tolerant nation to other cultures.)

The Repubblica of Nuovoiork

Nuovoiork Today, Breaking News

President Misiano Announces 'No Re-run', amid public shock

In a shocking turn of events, after months in Distachio for his slow recovery, President Misiano has announced that he will not be running for President in 1918. Many in the public are quite astounded, as the Father of Nuovoiork has been vocal about his plans.

"Because of my slow recovery after the failed attempt on my life, and after many years of service to the good people of Nuovoiork, I encourage you, come 1918, to put your faith and vote behind Vice-President Rossi", said President Misiano in a press conference. In addition, he has decided to retain his position as General Secretary of Partito D'azione, where he will stay to oversee party functions.

Nuovoiorkers, while upset that the founder and curator of Nuovoiork is no longer going to be their President, are optimistic that the change in leadership will usher in a continuation of Misiano's chosen path for the future of the nation.

In addition, Partito D'azione welcomes viewers, journalists, and tourists of all stripes to witness the opening and construction of the Statue of Misiano, built atop the ruins of the American Statue of Liberty.

The Repubblica of Nuovoiork


Light Green: Nuovoiork
Crimson: Legio de Caesar
Dark Green: El Imperio Mexicano
Gold: The New kalifornia Republic
Maroon: Canadra
Pale Brown: American-States
White: Zobertevia

Blue: United States of America
Salmon: Canada
Light Grey: Tidewater Rebels
Grey-Green: Rhode Island

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The Colony of Les renards


The Repubblica of Nuovoiork

Les renards wrote:Oi

Bonjour. Ca va, mon ami?

The Colony of Les renards

Nuovoiork wrote:Bonjour. Ca va, mon ami?

Je vais bien et toi?

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