The Minotaurs


Nations of The Minotaurs

  1. The Holy Empire of L E FE
  2. The zombayE
  3. The Imperial Federal Territories of JaydorM
  4. Nova antaresE
  5. The Classified States of RadorM
  6. Darth alcorE
  7. SolyannaE
  8. The Federated Communes of New KletersiaS
  9. The Texian Republic of BoshtovaS
  10. The Republic of Yukon Free StateS
  11. The Empire of EbehentakisS
  12. Hydraic empireS
  13. The Federation of KkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkS
  14. The State of Indro IndevE
  15. The Holy Inactive Main Account of Frozen GunsS
  16. The Baby Eaters of VavaxE
  17. The Monie Master of YelevarE
  18. The One That Keeps Order of MenteraS
  19. The United Unity Union of ZhevlenM
  20. The Sineyourpityontherunnykind of Pootie TangiaM
  21. The Democracy of MerniM
  22. The Not A Puppet Nope No Way of VavaksM
  23. The People's Republic of PovelM
  24. The Imperial Empire of Portugal Is GreatS
  25. The Republic of Iconic ZE
  26. The Incorporated States of AsiozohS
  27. JoshpopuaE
  28. The Disputed Territories of Walnut GuyM
  29. The Apples of Egg AmenS
  30. The Commonwealth of EstarineS
  31. The Principality of PqsM
  32. The Republic of Blumpofubia KalebM
  33. The Split Personality of Hammer BritanniaS
  34. The A of the B of the C of the D of ZjaumS
  35. The Red Star Express of IS-2E
  36. The New Slough Empire of YsotraeE
  37. The Dominion of CapitalistE
  38. The Republic of SevS
  39. The Confederacy of EvangelicalS
  40. The Democratic Republic of BolshevikM
  41. The Monarchy of LMHSM
  42. JackaryaM
  43. TauvgfbS
  44. The Confederation of DeutscheuropaE
  45. The State of ArthenniaS
  46. Kaleb rebelsE
  47. The State of TeenemS
  48. The State of KeesesE
  49. The State of JervS
  50. The State of The State of EntrusS
  51. The State of ExpraE
  52. The State of The State of New ShepardS
  53. The State of New FillonoS
  54. The Trifederal Republic of HaxiaE
  55. The Republic of Port of PortugalS
  56. The Republic of Aliens1E
  57. The Democratic Republic of The FabyrinthM
  58. The Territory of SolustoneM
  59. The Republic of Wue1S
  60. The Republic of Wue2E
  61. Making nations is boringE
  62. The Democratic Republic of JorgosS
  63. The United Socialist States of SyndicatesS
  64. The Jingoistic States of Laissez Faire StateE
  65. The Kingdom of Hungarian MonarchistsS
  66. The Dictatorship of The Nationalist StateE
  67. The Confederacy of VexxiumM
  68. The Kingdom of The Gold AllianceS
  69. The Federation of ShantizaS
  70. The Republic of MakoerE
  71. The Republic of IealiasE
  72. The Republic of VictoriousM
  73. The Republic of UnrelentingS
  74. The Confederacy of Confederate ConfederacyS
  75. The Protectorate of Transitional StateM
  76. The Republic of KazersedE
  77. The Republic of Timurs EmpireM
  78. The Republic of Old FrussorM
  79. The Republic of French Seventh RepublicM
  80. The Holy Empire of EmojiMovieS
  81. The Starving Peasants of TopolianiE
  82. The Holy Empire of KedeavE
  83. BadrigaE
  84. The Celestial Realm of Chyornye BratyaM
  85. ClothesE
  86. The Republic of IcecaneM
  87. The Queendom of AshtieM
  88. The Interstellar Empire of Greater VictoraM
  89. The Empire of Fortnite Battle RoyaleE
  90. Portugal iz greatE
  91. Portugal is gr8E
  92. ZelroniaS
  93. The Federal Republic of EzbinM
  94. The Empire of Labyrinthine LandsM
  95. The Republican Dictatorship of Zambia and ZimbabweS
  96. The Imperial Federal Republic of YugoterraS
  97. The Giga Reich of AriankidoM
  98. The Luso-German Dictatorship of JorjolandiaE
  99. The Republic of PriimydiaM
  100. The Republic of TalgarthisS
  101. The Commonwealth of ChadsiaM
  102. The Republic of EzWM
  103. Tendie landM
  104. The Colony of ShehtakruolerpisE
  105. The Empire of YubiusloiytreaS
  106. The Holy Empire of EkketedE
  107. The People's Republic of I keEp DoIng tHIsM
  108. The Democratic States of NotmyfaultiaE
  109. The Incorporated States of NonationnamedE
  110. The Confederacy of F8INM
  111. The Incorporated States of Join The LabyrinthS
  112. The Principality of XCIIS
  113. The Most Serene Republic of EusihintieweoraplS
  114. The Grand Duchy of NNNJNS
  115. The Community of Nuk3sarefunE
  116. The Constitutional Monarchy of Target This NationS
  117. The Empire of L1FNE
  118. The Dictatorship of Zero Two is Best GirlS
  119. The Republic of MenteraaE
  120. New vestaburgE
  121. The Senate Majority Leader of Chuck SchumerM
  122. The Senator from Arizona of Kyrsten SinemaM
  123. The Former Senator from Indiana of Joe DonnellyM
  124. The 38th Vice President of Hubert HumphreyS
  125. The 24th Vice President of Garret HobartS
  126. The Disputed Territories of Bad Trap MusicM
  127. The Republic of Sterling1S
  128. The Queendom of HeyaPalM
  129. The Borderlands of IfeltsickmakingthisnationM
  130. The Jingoistic States of DrMartyE
  131. The Grand Duchy of NonverbalDogS
  132. The United Socialist States of Really JesseM
  133. The United Socialist States of Frightening StatisticsS
  134. The Matriarchy of MrMarkSharkS
  135. The Borderlands of Oogsura1M
  136. Oogsura0M
  137. The Dictatorship of Oogsura3M
  138. The United Socialist States of Oogsura4S
  139. Oogsura5S
  140. Oogsura6E
  141. Oogsura7M
  142. Oogsura8E
  143. The Allied States of SfeedE
  144. The United Kingdom of SfeedfE
  145. The United Kingdom of SniiweeE
  146. The Grand Duchy of LottanationsS
  147. The Dominion of S-ClassM
  148. The Federation of 1moreKM
  149. The Nomadic Peoples of Fernandos CupE
  150. The Empire of 1994 Chevy ImpalaS
  151. The Jingoistic States of 1994 Chevrolet ImpalaM
  152. The United States of UScoopCatM
  153. The Republic of WwinmyhouseS
  154. The Incorporated States of CORNSTARCHLANDE
  155. The Grand Duchy of Rose Gold HeartE
  156. The Nomadic Peoples of OvenniasM
  157. The Community of AustrogovinaE
  158. The Theocracy of AbunchalettetuffidkheccS
  159. The Jingoistic States of LanidadS
  160. The Federation of Redesigned2019E
  161. The Allied States of YenismymoneyohnoS
  162. Crappy nation nglS
  163. The Community of Panama HeadS
  164. The Matriarchy of PapaponrfsafE
  165. The Oppressed Peoples of DinglelandS
  166. The Sultanate of GontyhsE
  167. The Kingdom of WeirdEyeHandS
  168. The Republic of StrangeEyeHandM
  169. The Republic of Marco AlisdairM
  170. MoonbreakerE
  171. The Democratic Republic of BlueztopiaE
  172. 11 stroke rollE
  173. 19 stroke rollE
  174. UshisharaS
  175. XactlyE
  176. Z raptorM
  177. The Republic of Melanie FinnE
  178. Whom not whoM
  179. MkmasterdoniaM
  180. ZickeM
  181. The Kingdom of Baltica statesE
  182. Emp card storage 2E
  183. CholaaS
  184. New ironlandiaE
  185. Worvan yarM
  186. The holy eggE
  187. The Holy Empire of Imperial GatorlandE
  188. The Republic of WalpoleM
  189. The Republic of Rainbow TilesM
  190. Vavax-chanE
  191. EdenesqueS
  192. Strad melosS
  193. Vavax central stationS
  194. TiggerhitskidsE
  195. AsurapurS
  196. The Most Serene Holy Queendom of Smart Cookie BookiesS
  197. FenenjirM
  198. The Queendom of DarkanarM
  199. The Archduchy of KalakairiE
  200. LormytheE
  201. TroozoE
  202. Land of smithS
  203. The Dominion of GlancyistM
  204. Blood marinesE
  205. MccaffistanM
  206. SorozM
  207. Terra da bostaS
  208. Potatotopia abluntE
  209. Papapozonis pizza empireE
  210. A failing econamyE
  211. Imperial sith lordsM
  212. Kalmar union of peoplesE
  213. House angevinM
  214. The Jingoistic States of FunnyTownE
  215. Tajaar arabiaS
  216. StalinsbergS
  217. Stark bonkersE
  218. JustiamE
  219. Wojo69S