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The Imperial Federation of Tamiy

Just thought I would fill you in concerning the ongoing matter in the FMF.

An official statement from the Free Market Federation Ministry of Embassies and Foreign Relations.

A conclusion to the Genua incident : Press release
From the office of minister Tamiy, approved by FMF intelligence agencies.

Today Monday November 23, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. P.S.T the ministers office was made aware of an ongoing global condemnation of the region known as Genua, this call to action was executed by the receptionist of the region known as The Embassy. The claim of the campaign was a simple one, indecency, raids, and hatred, now this information was given to the office unsolicited the office wishes to clarify this detail as if it was given to the minister directly, discreetly, and with grace in short the matter would have been handled differently in a private manor. Now sense this matter reached the office in a public manor on the regional message board, other officers cabinet members and ministers were also made aware of the matter. In saying this I would like to point out that the comments made by Environmental Support who had been informed before the minister may have had influenced the minister and his judgment at the time.

At 1:15 p.m. P.S.T the minister called for the closure and ending of official diplomatic relations with the region of Genua this action has now been called out whether it is just or appropriate without a formal investigation or being carried out without the council or advisory of the High admiral.

At 5:52 p.m. P.S.T claims were made aware of at the ministers office by the nation of Cerveskia these claims were of defamation, slandor, knowingly spreading misinformation, and false accusations.

To this the office will make the case that our administration of the embassy ministry never signed off on any legislation concerning diplomatic relations or embassy closures, now current law states in article 5 : "The Free Market Federation reserves the right to revoke embassies for any reason as deemed necessary". Although it is the minister's position that we don't see this as current FMF law as the office was never asked to revise nor draft a new document to replace our predecessors outdated vague law. Our administration is under the position to withdraw this document have all article be invalid until a new one can be ratified until then we will not carry out or uphold the executive actions of the previous admins work.

A direct response to Numerous Currencies of the region of Genua.

Numerous Currencies wrote:I will make a short statement.

1. The Amalgamated Federation declared war on our RMB, for apparently no reason at all, when we didn't even know of their existence. Their post is still in our RMB for all to see.It was clear that they were clamouring for a proportionate response from us, to their war mongering. It was evident vthat they were crying for attention.But we mostly ignored them.
Our refusal to give them credence probably enraged them and they started their diplomatic initiative of contacting our embassy regions to severe embassies.
In this,they found a willing partner in the Embassy.

The dubious nature of Amalgamated Federation is evident as they dropped in our RMB today and announced cessation of war. A unilateral decision. We neither endorsed their declaration nor their cessation.
The region looks to be of unstable equilibrium.

2. All our conquests are refoundings of earlier existing regions. How they qualify to be raids is not known to me.

In view of above, I feel we should not severe embassies.

As previously stated this administration has come to its conclusion that your region is unfit to be affiliated with the FMF, It was misjudgment and a complete lack of oversight on my part. I stated before I will not die on this hill defending your region nor your ideology and that is final if anyone disagrees bring it up to the next Embassy Minister until a new document outlining official procedures can be ratified It is my sole responsibility to protect this regions image. I am also solely responsible for the mistake in the first place.

In conclusion this region dose not offer our harbor to the extremities of the political spectrum and I offer my deepest apologies for not upholding the duties of my office, I failed on many levels to carry out a simple task of my office, and for that I have considered resigning, but instead I wish to 1, ratify a new document concerning my office and duties 2 carry out a full investigation into every one of our 77 embassies.


Catos wrote:

So far as I'm concerned, Genua's allignment with fascism places them in violation of our Embassy Code and Tamiy is in the right to shut it down. I would argue that fascism is inherently extremist, according to our definition, but even if you disagree, it's ties to centralized economic control are indisputable. Remember folks, we're a free market region. That doesn't always mean right-wing.

And their is my council/advisory the High Admirals approval so I am legally in the right according to old legislation as well.

For this great region, we must be better

-The Imperial Federation of Tamiy
Embassy Minister of The FMF

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