World Assembly Member Nations

The World Assembly has 21,482 member nations and 1,067 Regional Delegates.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Republic of -Astoria-Left-wing Utopia“Bedhent cewsel ein gweisau. | Our deeds shall speak.”
The Zombie Red Unicorn Republic of -Echolilia-Civil Rights Lovefest“Tacos aren't tacos, except when they are tacos”
The Wise Man of -ECW Paul Heyman-Left-Leaning College State“Burn The Past… Embrace The Future”
The Empire of -Empire of Japan-Left-Leaning College State“Isk”
The People's Republic of -GregoriaCorrupt Dictatorship“Unity is justified, when working together!”
The Commonwealth of -RainierLeft-Leaning College State“Dieu, Patrie, Liberté”
The Republic of -RopoiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Live, until you Die”
The Confederacy of -Switzerland-Democratic Socialists“One for all. All for one.”
The Dictatorship of -The Death Empire-Father Knows Best State“Don't mess with us.”
The Theocracy of -The Sorcerer KingdomFather Knows Best State“Sasuga Ainz sama!”
The United Federation of -United Earth-Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“0”
The Confederacy of -URAN-Democratic Socialists“Freedom and Health”
The United Socialist States of 0010101Father Knows Best State“Even God Can't Save You Here”
The Holy Empire of 00piumLeft-Leaning College State“In Lone we trust.”
The Empire of 0200-GammaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Breathe Air”
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