Region: Dreams of Good Hope


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Aerlanica wrote:

Sarah forced a weak smile before she simply nodded. Soon after, she turned in for a sleepless night.

The night is long, the medical staff leaving her be to get some rest in the quiet room. Its almost ironically peaceful in a sense, despite her acclimation to the quiet during her time spent in the Republic, it is still odd to not hear any sound of war or struggle.

“Well you’re home late.” Come the voice of an elderly woman as Micah enters her beach house. “Ah.. I had a bit of time seeing Sarah today-“
The elder’s laugh cuts him off, “You never fail to check up on everyone you know, especially those whom you take to-”
“Mbak Asih! It is most definitely not like that, I was charged with her care is all, to make sure she has an understanding of the Republic.”
“You know as well as I that you’ve been cleared of that.”
Mitra sighs, “She needs help Asih… She used to have this excitement and joy on her face, but now its all gone-“
“I’ll speak with Ierna about it, but Mitra, don’t tuck her too close under your wing. She can handle herself.”
“Again its not li-“
Mitra huff, crossing his arms, “Alright, I just.. think it’d be good to take her out of this city, someplace where her heart will be restored.”
“Perhaps, but we shall see. Its time to rest now, don’t get any ideas ‘bout late night ro-“
The elder woman snorts, having been quite amused at putting Mitra through some old fashioned teasing.

Late into the morning, Mitra arrives back at the medical center, having brought Sarah some coffee and a bowl full of dates as promised.

Roxium wrote:


A note that came with the money has been discovered. It reads:

Sorry for the trouble from last night. Take this as compensation.

- C

The money is legit, and who ever sent it seems to be associated with what happened last night.

It is likely that one of Azulakas's satellites has passed over the Roxium/Monsone border by now, revealing the epicenter of that explosion from last night. A pretty sizable crater is seen on the border, a crater that was not there yesterday. All around the crater is miles and miles of destruction, with the bulk of said destruction being on the Roxium side of the border. Comparing the latest satellite imagery with older images, the crater is centered on a border crossing in the Roxium city of Hing-Myong, and said crater is bigger than Hing-Myong city proper. Last night's events have wiped an entire Roxium city off the face of Augusta...

A decent chunk of the tech recovered from the wreck should be somewhat easy to reverse engineer. Most of the tech however, is extremely difficult or borderline impossible to reverse engineer, especially the more... biological/organic bits.

A strange thing has likely been noticed while exploring the wreck: There's not a single dead crewmember to be found.

The recovered tech is soon taken to places for study by the armed forces by orders of President Ierna. The money too is still kept isolated by orders of the President, though investigation into the sender and of the letter does not commence.
In response to information signaling the destruction of an entire city, President Ierna orders the work on defensive projects by the armed forces to hasten.


North South North West Kansas wrote:

Kansa seems completely at ease, though he’s keeping a watchful eye over the restaurant and it’s patrons. He happily takes a bite of his pancakes, observing Azulakas a bit as well.

Her blue eyes, dark brown hair that curl at their ends, and her tanned skin make a pleasing pallet of natural colors. The colors she wears seem a bit odd, especially the old hoodie that’s byzantine purple, paired with a pale red sarong that’s patterned with birds makes for an odd fashion sense. Though, it all seems a bit dampened by the increasingly tense air about her, the way she drinks her tea is almost defensive in nature.