Region: The Alterran Republic

The Dainheim of Condain

Barnabad wrote:I've been playing on and off for months, but mainly as far as dealing with issues that arise. How do I start delving in further and dealing with international stuff like embassies and such?

Embassies is just a branch to another region within Nationstates or if you're wanting to join the WA and vote on issues for the site as a whole?

Gasakstan wrote:Where did the founder go I noticed he just ceased to exist :(

He hasn't been on in sometime even before all this happen it was rare for him to check in and talk with anyone.
Zygoltiana gave these words as his passing.
"Let us mourn for a moment the loss of our fallen friend, UT, he was a good man on NS, and now he shall be a better man free of it.
May the good memories and times of Alterra be with him always. So fair winds and following seas our friend, fair winds and following seas."