The World World Census

The Most Patriotic in the World

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

Nationflags saluted per person per day
245,501.The United Socialist States of Eshington0.75
245,502.The United Socialist States of Kirzikstanz0.75
245,503.The Federation of Montagneux0.75
245,504.The United States of Rokaka0.75
245,505.The Federation of Gamon Islands0.75
245,506.The Republic of Joeh0.75
245,507.The People's Republic of Aurinal0.75
245,508.The Republic of Felipinaas0.75
245,509.The Republic of Smugquazland0.75
245,510.The Constitutional Monarchy of Infinitedeathville0.75
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