The World World Census

The Most Patriotic in the World

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

Nationflags saluted per person per day
21.The 🐶🐱🐯🐴🐗🐮🐷🐭🐹🐰🐻🐨🐸🐼 of Queen Yuno197.82
22.The Holy Empire of Klesh196.31
23.The Unassuming Puppet State of Americad195.31
24.The High-Technate of Athretvari190.67
25.The Corporate Dictatorship of Josephland189.1
26.The Christmas Brains of Vando0sa188.45
27.The Oppressed Peoples of Drogmar186.56
28.The Sindar Empire of Aelosia186.17
29.The Fassist Baasskap of Krich Aerd183.61
30.The True Divine Empire of Flandarz181.12
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