Election 2020

Voting Ended: World Assembly Secretary-General

Congratulations to new WA Secretary-General Kuriko!

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Kuriko“For the Empire!!”Kuriko - SC Author, Defender, Potatoes, and National SovereigntyRunning Mate: The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans


Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls“OwO”Vote Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls!Running Mate: The Experimental Ideas of McMasterdonia


Valentine Z“신 대한국 독립군의 백 만 용사야 ! ♥”Valentine Z Promises the Mew and Sports! ⚽🏎️♥🐱- #Valentine2020, because there will be no more sad days, and sports is the healthy way of life! (If you are tagged, that's my Big Thanks to you! ^^)Running Mate: The Home of Sports of Atlantian Oceania


How It Works

Minor Rounds

The election begins with three Minor Rounds. During this time, any nation may enter the race if they have:

Each round lasts for 24 hours, during which all World Assembly nations may vote*.

At the end of each minor round, unviable candidates—those outside the Top 25—are dropped (although they may re-enter).

The ballot is re-ordered, with candidates with the most votes from the previous round listed first.

General Election

The Top 5 candidates from the final Minor Round are automatically entered into General Election. No other candidates may enter. At the conclusion of voting, the leading candidate is elected World Assembly Secretary-General, and gains unspeakable power over the rest of the world.

Regional Boosting

Regions may "boost" for a candidate by displaying prominent signage on their region pages. This can be set in Region Control by any Delegate, Founder, or Regional Officer nation with authority over Appearance.

Round 1

Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.2%, 11.5%, Kuriko 10.5%, McMasterdonia 5.9%, The Bigtopia 4.6%, Jocospor 3.5%, Valentine Z 3.0%, Wymondham 2.5%, Racoda 2.3%, Giovanniland 1.7%, 9003 1.6%, The Salaxalans 1.6%, Ecclestia 1.5%, Dekks 1.5%, Anarchitaria 1.2%, 1.2%, Bohseon 1.1%, 1.1%, Treadwellia 1.0%, Amsterwald 1.0%, Aexnidaral 1.0%, Atlantian Oceania 0.9%, Castle Federation 0.8%, The Stalker 0.8%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 0.8%

Round 2

Kuriko 24.7%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 19.4%, McMasterdonia 8.3%, 8.2%, Jocospor 6.7%, The Bigtopia 4.3%, Valentine Z 4.2%, 2.3%, Giovanniland 2.2%, Ecclestia 1.5%, Dekks 1.5%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 1.2%, 1.2%, Atlantian Oceania 1.1%, Ofiussia 1.0%, Bohseon 0.9%, Treadwellia 0.9%, Anarchitaria 0.8%, NewTexas 0.6%, 0.6%, Pure Blooded Whites 0.5%, Amsterwald 0.5%, Castle Federation 0.4%, Corindia 0.4%, 0.4%

Round 3

Kuriko 25.7%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 15.1%, McMasterdonia 10.1%, 10.0%, Valentine Z 9.9%, Jocospor 9.4%, 4.0%, The Bigtopia 3.9%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 2.0%, Giovanniland 1.1%, Ofiussia 0.8%, Treadwellia 0.7%, Anarchitaria 0.6%, Pure Blooded Whites 0.6%, 0.6%, Kitty Hitler 0.5%, Bohseon 0.5%, Yodle 0.4%, 0.4%, Corindia 0.4%, Penguin Dictators 0.3%, The World Capitalist Confederation 0.3%, Amsterwald 0.2%, ScotlandSerenity 0.2%, Jamestownnnn 0.2%

General Election


* Very young nations (those with populations under 30 million) may not vote, even if they are World Assembly members, to prevent excessive foundings. Leaving the World Assembly will automatically revoke your vote.

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