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The Conflicted Warzone of Rei Khan

United States of Gondor wrote:Mi-Kal and Samandra nodded to each other, and Samandra stood up and began walking towards the outpost. She activated her gauntlets and crafted a sword, she also activated her shields which could repeal most basic weapon fire. She might’ve been out-numbered, but she was going to make quick work of these guys

New Franco
Golgoth smiled, “You’ve never seemed the type to want to settle down with one person.” He chuckled(Luna didn’t answer Yumi’s question XD; and I really like what you’re saying about Kyra, it makes sense)

North South North West Kansas

“I’ve been feeling the same way love…” Shunni said, standing in the doorway behind Kyra, “Every other version of me is one of if not the smartest person on the planet.” She let out a sigh, “And here I am stuck being little more than a common wh*re.” She said as she walked up to Kyra, and put her arms around Kyra’s waist, “At the very least, we’ve got each other.”

(Lol thx. And I swear, I'm intelligent sometimes)
Luna considered the question. "I think it started in the middle of end of the Multiverse problem. And no, I don't like every version of you. You've all got similar traits, sure, but each one is different in a key way."

North South North West Kansas wrote:Paul smiles. “Thank you so much.”

Lyn sees the message on her phone, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

Ken snorts. “Way to go, Luca, you’ve scared her.”
“What? She has nice ankles. It’s my job to notice people’s features, that’s why I’m Sienna’s personal designer.”
Ken rolls his eyes again.

Kiki nods. “You should take Nathan too, he’s going to get restless just sitting out here. I can go too, if you want, or stay here with Blue.”

“Like...” Casey shrugs. “You take care of each other. Support each other.”

Macy takes another bite of her food.

Noelle cries softly as she stares out the window of the plane she’s on, watching the airport disappear into the distance.

Kira wraps an arm around her, holding her close.

Gracie shrugs. “I guess so...”

“Noelle?” Lyn calls out softly.
Noelle slowly sits up, her face drawn up in confusion.

Thomas made Micheal face her. The child babbled a bit, looking at her.

Kara landed in Kansas, looking at the photo. She had to find that girl...but how?

Kyra kissed her cheek.

"You sure?" Casey asked.

"Somebody wants you." Kara muttered. "Best get some clothes on. Or at least a long shirt."

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The Occupied Territory of Aerlanica

Tyramon wrote:-snip-

Elanor nodded slowly.
"Yeah...I just...I miss home..."

She hugged Alice, and began to sob.
"I want to go home." She snivelled. "Lithalia's cruel...she's just...I wan't to go home."


Lithalia could not restrain herself, and Crag watched as she let go of his lead, and descended upon the arm ravenously, biting down and drawing blood from Delegata.


She was unimpeded.


"Sounds like a terrible place...must be a pretty massive change of scenery; a manor filled with nothing but females, and heaps of personal autonomy...well...semi-autonomy you know how it is..."

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The Realm of United States of Gondor

Aerlanica wrote:snip

Mi-Kal gave no response, only picked up a dropped rifle and with expert accuracy fired a couple of shots and killed the boy.

Samandra de-activated her gauntlets and began walking back towards the car, “I assume there’s more ahead?” She said

New Franco
Golgoth paused, “I uhh…” he said, “Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before…”

Rei Khan wrote:snip

(Now you need to respond to the Beyondverse story too XD)

Yumi smiled, “But you do like most versions of me? What about Prime me? I know she’s straight and more shy than me, but she’s still cute.” She said

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