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Forest Directory


Forest Directory



This is a list of handy links, resources, information, and dispatches for Forest. It is currently updated by Mount Seymour. Please telegram me if you would like your dispatch, page, or other link to be posted here.

News / Current Events

General Information

This is where most of the discussion in Forest happens. We encourage you to participate and be active here!
LinkDiscord Server
Discord is a chat system a bit like IRC or an extended RMB-- Forest's discord server is a place for fun, informal conversation.

LinkThe Forum
Forest's offsite forum hosts many regional activities, including games, further debates, government committees, and contests! Make sure you register and take part there!
The Map
The Forest Map is one of the prides of the region! It is currently under transition between cartographers and systems. This is the dispatch containing all information about the mapó how to get on it, how it works, an archive of past maps, and more!
Read up on what's happening in Forest and its nations! You can even submit your own articles! Talk to Frieden-und Freudenland, the Publicist, about it today!


The central document of Forest's government. Anyone, and especially those in the government, are strongly recommended to familiarize themselves with the document.
Government Offices
The different positions and Regional Officers in Forest's government and their roles and duties.

Foreign Affairs

Read before Requesting Embassies
Read the requirements for a Forest embassy before you request one!


Regional History
Read the history of Forest, from its founding to the present!
Z-Day History
How well has Forest ranked in the annual Zombie Apocalypses?
N-Day History
How well has Forest ranked in the Nuclear Apocalypses?


Guide to RPing
A guide, written by our native Forestian Caracasus, on the basics of roleplaying in Forest.
RPing Hub / Brainstorming / Discussion Thread
The main Forest forum thread for discussing ideas about RPing in the region.
RP Population Conversion
Convert your NS population to a realistic roleplaying population!
OFIN [Current RP]
IC Thread for the Organisation of Forestian Island Nations.
From Out of the Sea [Current RP]
IC Thread for a roleplay about a mysterious island.
Spectres of the Past [Current RP]
IC Thread for a roleplay about a mysterious ancient structure under the sea....


Forest Symbols
Forest's official flag, color, coat of arms, motto, and more; with links for handy use!
Forestian Puppets
A list of the declared puppets of Forestian nations and of puppets residing in Forest.
Exceptionally Green Nations
A list recognising those Forestian nations who excel and have achieved high statistics in certain environmental categories.
Greenness Index
A list of Forestian nations ranked by Ransium's Greenness Index.
Tree of Knowledge
Forest's Community Library-- a collection of literature submitted by Forestian residents.

General NationStates Utilities

Guide to NationStates
An overview and handy guide to all the different parts of NationStates!
Guide to Issue Types
What are the different types of issues I can receive? This dispatch answers that question.
Guide to NSCodes
The formatting codes you can use in posts and their effects.
A browser extension that adds helpful tools and information to NationStates.