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The Totalitarian State of The New North American Union

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Regional Influence: Superpower

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The Economic Standpoint of The New North American Union

The New North American Union is an economic superpower, standing as the hegemon of Pax Americana, The Capitalist Economy of the NNAU is under strict control of the Government as they strive to remain top dog. They are very industrialized and tend to fully mobilize the economy for wartime production. They have a very versitile economy that produces alot of everything, though they import very little they are a major exporter of realitive resources and goods, though if a nation gets on the bad side of the Union they crush there economy by emplacing major trade sactions upon them until they crumble. The American people are mostly upper middle class, as the government mainly focuses on keeping the middle class stable and strong. With thousands of Factorys roaring the American production capibilitys are nearly unmatched.

The New North American Union Government Budget Details
Government Budget: $8,786,669,222,441.78
Government Expenditures: $7,908,002,300,197.60
Government Waste: $878,666,922,244.18
Government Efficiency: 90%

The New North American Union Government Spending Breakdown:
Administration: $1,186,200,345,029.64 15%
Social Welfare: $79,080,023,001.98 1%
Healthcare: $1,028,040,299,025.69 13%
Education: $553,560,161,013.83 7%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%
Defense: $2,293,320,667,057.30 29%
Law & Order: $2,135,160,621,053.35 27%
Commerce: $711,720,207,017.78 9%
Public Transport: $79,080,023,001.98 1%
The Environment: $0.00 0%
Social Equality: $0.00

The New North American Union White Market Statistics ?
Gross Domestic Product: $6,868,330,000,000.00
GDP Per Capita: $2,840.50
Average Salary Per Employee: $5,094.36
Unemployment Rate: 23.21%
Consumption: $30,231,405,946,470.40
Exports: $4,794,794,096,640.00
Imports: $4,767,480,283,136.00
Trade Net: 27,313,813,504.00

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