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The Union of Neko Dictatorship of Loush Land

“Inside our tattered heart and wounded arm there's home!” Dear Comrade Qizura Azare

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
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Regional Influence: Auxiliary

Location: The Everlasting Kawaii Empire



General Secretary | Head of the Communist Party

General Secretary of the
Communist Party of Neko Union

Chong'sae se Neko Ruyon se Kommuneze Gongsangia


Official Badge of the Communist Party of Neko Union


Qizura Azare
Since January 2, 2048

Style Dear Comrade
Residence Xi Lan

Preceded by Rio Daszare

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Neko Union
Head of the Communist Party of the Union of Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Neko Union is the title given in Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship as the head of the communist party in Loush Land (Neko Union). In Loushie, the General Secretary title is called Chong'sae. The current General Secretary of the Communist Party of Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship Union is Rio Daszare. In theory, the General Secretary of CPNU was appointed by the Supreme Neko Assembly, but in practice only 7 elite members of the standing committee appointed General Secretary. General Secretary has the highest authority inside and outside CPNU, they can appoint ministers and appoint standing committee members, as well as abolish them from the office.

General Secretary position has been the most wanted office in the entire Communist Party's structure. It's not impossible to become a General Secretary without joining the Communist Party, for example, Vinentia Burue Miveszi, ex-General Secretary of CPNU was winning the entire power struggle inside the party. The real point to becoming General Secretary of CPNU is having a real competent ability to govern and be beloved by the people.

General Secretary or Chong'sae was not the highest position in the entire Communist Party structure. CPNU used to have a Chairperson position, where it was given eternally to Arcalies Azarious as he is the Founding Father of Loushinism, the Party's and state's ideology. After Arcalies' death in 2040, his position was marked permanently as Eternal Chairman as well as the symbol of the glory of Loushinism.

Title History

In early 1900, General Secretary had never been introduced as a position inside Neko Communists, this position was replaced by the Chairman and Chairwoman of Neko Communists. In 1960, after the March Revolution, General Secretary was introduced by Dr. Hashesent as the second position in charge inside the Communist Party. From 1972 to 1988, Communist Party was abolished in Loush Land, and to fight for freedom, the Communist Party make smaller organizations that doesn't contain any General Secretary position to sneak inside cities and towns. After 1988, the Communist Party gain more supporters which allows them to fight the Pro-Starlist government directly, General Secretary was introduced as a position once again.