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Founder: The Ultimate Joyfull Free Land of Vylixan Dionysus

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Most Nations: 59th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,597th
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Vylixan Prime

Where all Vylixans gather and party!

Contact the owner, Vylixan, for any card related inquiries.

Embassies: Fredonia, Gypsy Lands, Card Gardens, Hollow Point, Regionless, Penguia, Riemst, Bytes, Cat Storage, Kitten, Giovanniland, The West Pacific Card Farm Farmer, Cult of Koem Kab, Enders Game, Fairy Tale, Vexillology, and 48 others.Rex Duos, The Legio Wars, Valandor, the Pacific, Princess, Teal Nation, Blepia, Trade Market, Chitato, Aftoi oi omorfoi anthropoi, The Embassy, Precoixious, Fern, Het eiland Amoras, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Curiosa Mathematica, Siege workshop, Turtle Island, Mouseion at Alexandria, Rainbow Lands, MandalMotors Spaceshipyard, Flowers, People are Beautiful, Milkyway, Afte ta omorfa edafi, Sinnoh, DogeLand, Chi, New Duck Order, Warzone Asia, Holmond Holdings, Pax Indica, Guinea Kiribati, DuckTales, Nerdlandia, Leaky Cauldron, Numenor, Wheel of Time, Centrist Card Farmers, racoda, Arconian Empire, The Realm Of Rewan, POLINASIAN PUPPET STORAGE, Furballlandian Card Farm, The Babylon 5 Universe, Yuyushiki, Greifenreservat, and The Apexialan Commonwealth.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Casual, Enormous, Free Trade, Issues Player, LGBT, Password, Puppet Storage, Social, and Trading Cards.

Regional Power: High

Vylixan Prime contains 364 nations, the 59th most in the world.


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The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Vylixan Prime

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Vylixan Prime is ranked 12,954th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ultimate Joyfull Free Land of Vylixan DionysusAnarchy“The roaring voice of the God of Joy!”
2.The Kingdom of Vylixan Puppet 1Authoritarian Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
3.The Fiefdom of Vylixan Puppet 2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
4.The Republic of Vylixan Puppet 3Moralistic Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
5.The Free Land of Vylixan Puppet 4Iron Fist Consumerists“Vylixan για πάντα”
6.The Rogue Nation of Vylixan Puppet 5Moralistic Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
7.The Federal Republic of Vylixan Puppet 6Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
8.The Commonwealth of Vylixan Puppet 7Moralistic Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
9.The Nomadic Peoples of Vylixan Puppet 9Psychotic Dictatorship“Vylixan για πάντα”
10.The Jingoistic States of Vylixan Puppet 8Moralistic Democracy“Vylixan για πάντα”
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via Gypsy Lands

The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands

In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

The Ultimate Joyfull Free Land of Vylixan Dionysus

CaveDweller, do you like banana's?

via The Pacific

The CookiEvee of CaveDweller


via Seven Deadly Sins

The Prideful Star of Superbia Pacifica

Do not fear! Why?!
Because I am here!

The Wealthy Trade Hub of Vylixan Dora

Superbia Pacifica wrote:Do not fear! Why?!
Because I am here!


via Warzone Asia

The People's Republic of Triceraton Prime

Just tidied up my Factbook, hope you guys like it. Please check it out and upvote it if you think it's any good. Thanks a lot and stay safe out there!

The Triceraton Republic was a glorious empire, whose warriors and citizens followed a strict code of honour throughout their lives. But when Prime Leader Zanramon took over, the Republic soon began to regress into a dictatorship, with few warriors and nobles left to follow the true path of honour.

Prior (and succeeding) to these darker times, The Republic was once a society of honor and glory. The Triceratons have a proud and continued warrior history, with 30% of every new male generation (and now females inside of scout organisations) expected to serve the Triceraton military at some early point.

This new warrior code of honour and discipline is far more laid back than previously, and because of this is now accepted amongst the general population, and no longer percieved as cruel by the civilian masses.

Up till most recently, the Triceraton armies consisted primarily of the Triceraton Warrior— it was these poorly trained, but stubborn conscripts who made up the Republic's billion strong armies. These warriors were supported by elite formations of close combat specialists called gladiators, and professional century old veterans known as Longhorns. The infantry was supported by numerous vehicle formations of well drilled crewmen, and small units of figher-bombers supported them from the clouds above. Like a sledgehammer, the Triceraton military was unwieldy, but otherwise unstoppable. The Triceraton way of war was direct and brutal, where the infantry was expected to enter into honourable close combat during the battle, after brief and cumbersome fire-fights, where blade and Triceraton muscle could do its work. This millenia old tactic, to this day, still held an impressive success rate. But casualty rates were always, always insurmountably high.

The Triceraton Space navy/Air force was organised primarily around the large colony ships made up from the Triceratons lost and shattered homeworld. These motherships were supported by smaller pilot ships, connected to the colony dreadnaughts via giant metallic clamps. The main forces were supported by a small number of escort frigates and commerce vessels, and by numerous bomber strike fighter squadrons.

In recent years however, after many humiliating wars and continued lack of success against new foes, the Triceraton Military has been going under major revolution. Whilst mass conscripted formation of Warriors are still commonplace, these bulk numbers are now supported by superior modern professionals. The backbone of the professional Triceraton war machine now comes in the form of the marines.

Whilst considered skulky by the older Warrior generations, the marines exhibit an undeniably successful form of war. The training is advanced and arduous, focussing on development of peak stamina within the soldiers as well as improving their core strength. The training is so intense that it pushes even the Triceraton physiology to the brink. The marines receive a year of training, which improves the soldiers's stamina, core strength, develops superior speed and reaction times and produces an impressive 360 degree situational awareness. With a far greater combat repertoir than the warriors, they are trained to appreciate the importance of a soldiers skills of marksmanship before his close combat prowess. Marines show no shame whatsoever in 'cover-hugging', and in using the surrounding enviroment to their own tactical advantage.

The marines perfect the arts covert and unconventional warfare, sharpshooting, and also are taught staples in martial arts and extencive knife-fighting techniques of which a marine is expected to be expert in. All this takes place, forming a Triceraton requit into the best marine possible (and after a year even hopeless requits will be conditioned into effective solders), before being pushed onto the frontlines for their first trial of fire.

Gone are vast infantry charges into enemy gun lines and kill zones. Their ranks are made up of the best of the Warriors and those directly recruited into the Marince Core. They are masters of urban and covert warfare: Acting as commandos, conducting raids behind enemy lines and as the spearhead of the Triceraton army. These well disciplined and brave troopers represent a revolution in Triceraton war ethos.

Marines are well drilled, and make use of more advanced battle dress, trading halberd-blades for firearms, and dressed in brilliantly designed camouflage suits.They maintain a strict ethos of duty and honour, and exhibit a proud devotion to the Republic. The standard Marine is looked up to with favour and respect by the other members of the Triceraton regiments - and whilst traditionalists may mock their 'skulky' style of warfare, the marines are singlehandedly responsible for putting the Triceraton armed Forces back onto the galactic stage.

These co-operating organisations are now supported by updated Longhorn veteran regiments. They are also supported by warrior shieldmaidens, who operate inside the pathfinder scout regiments. And thirdlly, rough-riding Triceraton Outriders who are well practiced in the usage of their energy shielded jet-bikes.

The Bread and Butter of this new military however is that of the Stormtroopers.

The Triceraton Stormtroopers represent the very best the Triceraton military has to offer. They take the most promising requits of the warrior disciplines, and are equipt with the best war technologies the Triceratons can produce. The war gear of the Chapter is produced with painstaking precision, and is often hand crafted. The weapons and equiptment of the Stormtroopers are maintained with almost obsessive thoroughness. They are known to almost never fail their operators on the field of battle.

They are the warrior elite—made of marine protégés and ancient longhorn veterans. They are armed with advanced weapon systems, and impregnable carapace armour suits. More rare is the possession of the imposing executor-class combat battlesuits worn by the Stormtrooper Primes—the very best, of the best, of the best. They effortlessly swap between loosely knit skirmishers and inpregnable phalanx formations as to best suit the demands of battle.

With next generation fighting vehicles, and a newly revised Navy and Airforce, the Triceratons are now utilizing great and maneuverable space cruisers as well as their newly refitted colony dreadnaughts and pilot ships.

Particle and Mass driver cannon, missile and EMP-like ion cannon for their navy, new battleships to replace the weak escort frigates and unsuitable commerce vessels, new fighter/bomber designs for their Airforce—plasma rifle, particle sniper, next generation blaster rifles and armour corrosive disruptor blades for their warrior and marines.

The Triceraton military is now the force the Republic always wished to possess, and with an ever widening score of victories (with near to no losses) the pride and reach of the Republic grows ever greater with each passing year. Much to the dismay of their once victorious enemies...

One of their most predominant advances is their developments in autonomous warfare. The Triceratons possess a number of highly advanced battle droid types—with remarkably advanced programming (so good that it actually mimics true Biological Intelligence). With a number of notable classes: Praetorian (Common Battle Biploid), Defiler (Advanced Support Biploid), Vulture (Autonomous Support Fighter/Quadploid), Grievous (Super Battle-Biploid), Destroyer (Rapid Fire-Support Pentloid), Longshot (Ambush and Sharpshooter Quadploid), Sidewinder (Advanced Jetpack Biploid). This classification system outlines these platform's recommended tactial use, and a rough estimate of their outload and maneuverablity by recording the number of legs each platform possesses (Biploid = 2, Triploid = 3, Quadploid = 4 etc.).

All are capable of autonomously waging war, whilst lacking the basic ingenuity of living infantry—they are fearless and utterly relentless combatants. So whilst a living soldier will always best his robotic component, the daunting prospect of fighting many relentless dozens your own number more than makes up for this inadequacy.

Whilst the Republic only possesses a small Cadre of these robotic soldiers, they're numbers are growing swiftly. The threat posed to her enemies via the potential ability to engineer an army of trillions is a...daunting prospect for the enemies of the Triceraton Republic.

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