Traveling Wilburys

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The What Is Life of Nelson Wilbury

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Largest Cheese Export Sector: 1,780th
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Well it's all right, even if the sun don't shine
Well it's all right, we're going to the end of the line

Embassies: The Isles of Woe, Instyunykan Archipelago, Misanthropic Bloc, The land of pork, The Tavern, Lotaijuunnian Rainforrest, The Vast, The Corner of No and Where, Mr Rogers Neighbourhood of Socialists, Radical governments authright, The Bar on the corner of every region, Gypsy Lands, The Hodori Archipelago, United Nations of Atlantic, Union Hispanica, Nezasnorden, and 1,122 others.Alnobia, Loosely Antagonistic Nations, The Capitalistic States of Independenica, Kugelnio, The New Federation, The Pacific Rim, Joint Operations Space Command, The GCNG Union, Chicken overlords, The Garden Tool Shed of the Ferret God, Region of Wylaisia, Astares Covenant, Sol III, Cat Storage, United Earth Federal Government, the Yomese Empire, Fredonia, Sierra, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, Jedi Task Force, South Eastern North West, Globle Industrial Union, Desert Islands, The Military Superiority Union, International Peacekeepers, Rejuvenia, ISAF2, Arconian Empire, Holy Terra World, Pecan Sandies, Hollow Point, United Nations of Jerusalem, Albosiac, Cyberius Confederation, DGO, Tower of The Wizord, Amrak, The Alliance of Eros, United Utopia of Free Stone Carvers, Yakushima, Land of Prosperity, The Magician Hideout, Chill Land, Proof of horseshoe theory, Codex Ylvus, Old Zealand, Bitch world, Gold Coasts, Dragons Republic of Puppets, Treciene, The United States of Mondavia, Region of kangaroos, The Great Red Union, democratic and capytallistic union, Reddit, Victorian era rp 2, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Def Humana, Volcania, United Federation Of Edwards, Mythos, Azur Rozen Europa, SEC Fanatics, THE RANDOM REGION 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, Nihon Islands, Katzen, Hellhole, Panceltic Federation, The Galactics Union, Gran Stephania, Oneid, Charizard Sanctuary, The Regent Sea, White Obelisk, The Empire of Common Territories, Riskia, Squidqaulity, Oofery, Usea, Christmas, Confederation of the Mediterranean, The Association of Meritocratic States, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Greater Paxenska, Reality, Federal Powers, The Organization of Socialist Nations, Greater Canada, Japan, Union of Liberal Nations, Incontinentia, The Empire of Averlorn, Jeffreys Pocket Multiverse, Grey, The New Habsburg, Katanar, Gobbotopia, Catherby, BROKEN, The MLB, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Glorious Swampland, Novus Lucidum, Creatopia, The Cult of PCHS, Empire of Novaya Equestria, The Chane Mane Bois, Rumathier, The Federative, Confederation of World Monarchys, Confederation of New lands, Happenings, The Rock World of Pop Punk and Friends, RAMS, Anarcho Land, Britannia Prima, ainulindale, Scottish Highlands, The Freedom Realm, Terra Pro Redditu, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The Lost Brotherhood of the North Side, Eternal Dawn, Canguta Nations, Guinea Kiribati, Eagles of Germany, Orlogian Union, Plie, The Raxulan Empire, Mobian Archipelago, The Kongregate, The Monarchy alliance, Out Of Left Field, THE SUPERIOR GANGNAM GANG, Our beloved Chernobyl, Knights of The Templar Order, Free Las Pinas Card Farm, The Bokoen Federation, Kylden, RKS System, Crodown, Vylixan Prime, Turkic Union, Lady Rose, Indian Mars, Imperial Federation of Great Redanien, Union of Republics, Wizlandian Commonwealth, The Azure Confluence, Nudeia, Giovanniland, The Subcontinent of Somniosus, Interdimensional Empire, The Great Yellow Empire, Unionist States of Fatherland, Libertatem, The Fiercest, Quesenian Continent, Deuterra, Profoundly Immoral and Wicked, Argos, Nintendo, APSIA, The Britanasian Imperial states, Blood and Iron Community of States, The Greater Doluman Empire, Ashlands, International Immortal Ideaventions, Slavija, NTE Cards, Pontbridge Islands, Great Monarchical Dominions, UNITED, Oceania Region, The Barren Ones, The Anti Fascism Alliances, The New Horizon, The Hollow Lands, the Boneyard, The Alliance of North American Nations, Great Tenochtitlan Entente, The Redlands, The Nudist Dreamland, United Mauberska, The United World, The Union Of National Socialists, The Slide Countries, The New Nations of Ridgeview, Commonwealth of Saint Norm, Veran Economic Zone, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, The Cormorant Pact, The Separatist Alliance, The Delta, The Slide Countries National Assembly, Holy Order of Saint Anthony, Situationist International, Brennauer, The Federation of Squabbling States, Galactic Federation of United Alliances, G Stella, Divonya, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, Second Kekistani Republic, MARHAENISME for The World, Southern Army, Just relax, Tarn Vedra, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, Yeet Alliance, Omega Assassins, Viking Europe, The Region Of Gargery, Canottostan, The Atlantic, MG Puppet Storage, The Alliance of Livarkia, Imperium Invictorum, The Low Wilderness, The Subantarctic, S U C C, Great Chuliu Empire, Separatist Alliance, Nefelian Union, 1980s America, Stellarya, Axis of Storms II, The Holy Empire of Bawrai, Telegram Pals, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Saucy Way Galaxy 2, Austnara, Equestrian Federation, The Imperium of Man, The Cartwheel Galaxy, The Administration of Self Exile, Panellinion, The Yeetlands, EggLand, Cactus union, Confederation of Royal Nations, Vending Emporium, Glory of nations, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Syndicalist America, Nghymruian Lands, Hells Headbangers, Riverside, Roune, Kingdom of Science, Crab Time, Astalan an Elya, Alt Earth Roleplay, Top Hat Kingdom, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Greater Nasunia, Ambition, Calling all stations, Preathien, Spanish Empire, Noverra, New World, The Hellcatian Universe, Fundacion de los Paises Hermanos, The Red Front, Medio, The United Islands of the Atlantic, Scoria, Vauldres, Winter Park, Iveagh, Nilfgaard, Last Flight, Immeel, Yeet, Oxidentalia, Comedy Islands, Anime Girls, Kindness, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, The Region of Greater Miami Shores, Second Karpati Pact, Remnant, Capricornarius, Alliance of Isolated Tribes, The Fireworks Galaxy, Delaclava Overseas Provinces, Kingdoms United, Rindin Empire, Hetalia, Latinoamerica Libre, Alternative Northern Europe, Fodlan, The Forgotten Wastelands, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Zombie Factory, The Sea Of Love, The Golden Circle, The Slave Guilds, The Free Democracy Regions, Imperio Monarquico Do Brasil e Do Mundo, The Union of Sapientian States, United Otter Emirates, The Pupperlands, The Forest, Union of Pro Market Socialists, Nomansland, H Industry, Nighthawk, Delta, Neoseeker, The Leftist Hype House, Redonian Union, Dune, Polad, Marxia, The United Empires of Carson, Miliband Fan Club, The Land of Noah, The National Federation Region, Technotopia, Save Our Planet, Legion of Light, empire of the little guys, Canadian Confederation, Atlantic Union, Loamhedge, The West Pacific Card Farm Farmer, Brisbane Pact, Eastern Federation of Socialist states, Greater Derpingham Peninsula, The Dystopian Society, Raxulan Empire, United League of Nations, Patriarchal See of the Vatican, Firl, Changuu, the realm of insanity, CDW Federation, The Antichrist Trump, Sub Saharan Africa, Yharnam, The Drog, The Realm of Liberty, Wolf Rave, Christian Nations Union, Stepford County, Unicorn Party, Wendys, The Okchi Union, Pinwheel Galaxy, Alliance of Imperial States, Hunters Dream, Kogaion, Cao Wei, The Pinwheel Galaxy, Firelink Shrine, Absurdistan, The Commonwealth Of The Argimin, The Byzantine Union, The Congregated Region of Lakpia, The Finch Legion, Lady Vera, EPCOT Center 1981, The Great Monarchical Nations, The Dogeland Alliance, Union of the Crowns, Ebola QuarantineZone, International Union of Nations, Pocky, The Land of Darkness, The Greatest Freak Show on Earth, Penguinland, Deliciousness, Libertarian Nations, PinkDowlg Empire, Texian empire, September, Light Card Farmers, Fairy Tale Kingdom, Fraternal Union of States, Weffle, Universal Pact, Sealous, The House at Pooh Corner, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Beyonder Continent, Lofelkat, War Weary, Greater Aterman Sphere of Influence, Grand Avalon, Krythandya, Asia Pacific Economic Group, The Central Powers, Verilisis, Tyronia, Terra Domus, The Great Universe, Wolfonia, United Flaengaen, Invictus, 00 00, Klazt, Sopian Empire, South Central Atlantic, 00 0, Wanderlust, Gooseland, The Andoran Empire, Emeraldise, United Christian Empires of the West, Yuwa Colony, Ixars Puppet Storage, The Rabbit Council, Intruders, The Diplomatic Committee Of Nations, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, Southern Australia, Plebeia, Card Farming Region, The Union of the Political Compass, Arctic Reaches, Aviania, New Augrativan Kingdom, Interdimensional Alien Zone, Thanksgiving, Pangaea The Foundation, Mediobogdum, Olgienslavia, OnyxRavens, The Consulate, Neo Otaku Utopia, Nebraska Territory, Warehouse of Wayward Teen Punk Rockers, Northumberland, Villa, Imperium Figarium, The Global Democratic Union, Aerth, The Imperial Union, Homestuck, Rocain Labs, Brannackia, Greater Koaland, Old Spirit, The Cult of the Powerful, Undefeated, United States of America, Bluecrown Keep Fusions, Paradoxia, Bikini Islands, Scarif, The empire of free kings, Council of Constructed Languages, 314159265358979323846264338327950, Arcturus Council, Greater Nova York, Dudeland, The Pure Land, The Planet X, Star Frontiers, United States of Garfield, The Persian Empire, Fettarian Peoples Land, Basically Heaven, Florida, TopCornion, Caelum, Northern Wilderness, Alliance Francophone, Caldari State, Visayas Dominion, My Little Pony Equestria, Communist Regime, Zeodonia, The Beneficent Alliance of Technocracies, Roman America, Roumania, The Allied Nations, Theocratic Communist Motherland, Seora, Yarnia, Regionless, The Embassy, Autobot region, Auralia, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, The Known World, Sunset Archipelago, Decepticon region, The Free NationStates Region, Planet Hyzer, Krillin, Greater Arcadia, Hydro Town, Greater Eastenia, Saucer Union, Raxus Empire, The Nation Bin, north korea on steroids, Terran, 0 0 0, Galactic Imperium, Sikh Empire, Victor Emmanuelei, The Confederacy of MoFos, vincent drake, Land From Beyond the Stars, Ozymandium, Blood Gulch, Region de Chorizo, Deep Storage, North Eurasia, Fort Squidward, The Dour Isthmus, The Crimson Concordant, United Regions of the Gwilymverse, The Grand New Republic, Indonesia, Mozambique, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, Plushies United, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Owari, Union of Liberated Free Nations, Groovy, Tabarnia, Veris Administrative Region, Click Here, Weed, Beta, The Doctor Who Universe, The United States Armed Forces, Union Mundial, Free Syria, Vinlandic Confederacy, The Sneaky Foxes, The Geopolitics Roleplay Region, United Imperial Union, Earthsea, Nijisanji, Mercenaries R Us, The Sacred States of Shelly, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Misawa, Urana Firma, Former State of Massachusetts puppets, Absolute Goddamn Anarchy, Altmora, The Almondrian Collective, Eulera, Transatlantic Treaty Organisation, Tri Color Rotini, Marakiland, Federation of The A I K Union, Atlantis, Oberon Islands, The Doll Warehouse, BOSNA, That Place, Imperial Terran Territories, Empire Overlords, Annelid, Holy Imperial States, Heathcliff P and Autumn P, October, Seaworthy Ukrainian Cardboard Boxes, Celestia, Cacophonous States of Unanimity, The Sunlands of America, Aissurian Union, The Southern Pacific, South Bentley, An Alternate World, Republic of Cuba, The Commonwealth of Lager, The Northern Pacific, Hsiao Han, 404 Not Found, Rabat, United Nations of the Southern Seas, Queen City, The Northern States of Scotland, Jerusalem, Union Sovietica de Mordor, FOXHOUND, The Seven Deadly Sins, The West Coast, Ghela, Greater Nova Roma, NationStates Fanfics, The New Galactic Empire, Hoyerlayian Grand Commonwealth, Baymoor, The Final Enclave, Battleship, Region of the United, Sacred Roman Empire, Thornwood, Camerania, Infernal Realm, Democratic Union of Republics, Sailor Moon, The Vobranian Nation States, The Other Left Sea, The Empire of Old Falinar, BOTs, Bus Stop, Kraft, Kenmorian Communications, roman league, North Carolina, Eurasian Trade Federation, The Talk Show, Bobosville REFORMED, The Holy Viltarian Empire, Card Farm X43, A New World, Dyskil, Silvetta, The Isle of Gold, SCC CISC 310, Pawnsilvania, The Land of Equality, Greater Serene Republic Gold Union, December, Camp Half Blood, United Federation of Autonomous Nations, The Eastern Orions, Universal Empire, The State of Nature, ITALIA, Poralladodino, Thowossia, Sovereignty of Saint Thorn, The Treaty of Enlightenment, Schatten Bereich, Neo World Arcadia, The United Kingdom of Centrists, New Space Scotland, New Skyrim, The Heart of Darkness, CWCville, The Cheesecake Factory, Haute Dannet, Balamb, Naval Station Great Lakes, Birder, Neo Siberia, Great Europe, Manama, Asmara, Nohbdy, April, Westminster, Pisces Centauri, Thorossia, Mello, The Gungeon, empty wasteland, International Debating Area, Japanese Black Metal Scene, Mollson, Enfindania, Sentakeo, Fenrir, January, Sewer, Tagwaran, The United Armies, The Union Of Social Media, Ligma, The Salt Mines, Bellatoria, Unionist Democratic Republics Alliance, Morocco, Socialist Union of Marianne Williamson, Tbilisi, Solid Kingdom, NDjamena, Thimphu, The Cabrera Alliance, Ebonhand, Worms, Confederacy of Allied States, Ancient, The 2nd Texas Republic, Zero Zero Zero Zero, Covenant, The Claws of Colob, Grumbletonia, Pokemon Gang, New West Europe, Big Water, Asia, New United Socialist States, Thicc Economy Bois, Phaesisian Empire, Minas Tirith, Vis Novum, The Free Socialist Democratic Region, Despotic Europe, gondor, WeKnow Card Farm, The Islands of the Sun, Warzone Airspace, Sagittarius Arm, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, Autism Spectrum, Yeeto McCheeto, The Nine Divines, The CoolandWealthy States, Dao, Minnesota, Kinshasa, Black Dragons, Iowa, Jeinnhezslhaunia, End 500, Lunaria, Corfu, The Northwest Pacific, Venus Project, 84 point 25 Anomaly, Melayu Archipelago, Not The North Pole, Raylore, The Coast, Nix Lustra, Moneylania, The International Board of Nations, A random RP Region, Green Hills, New Regime of Great Cyan, Norden, NationStates Leftist Alternative, Legendary card farm, Wyndia, Equatorial Sotan, Kenya, Copenhagen, Joint Command, Dili, The Animatrix, Estado Novo, The Ascendancy, The putnan empire of nations, Calnuxia, State of North Dakota, Thrones of the Three Kingdoms II, Mobile Suit Depot, Wrangel, Crooked Brook, The Galactic Empire of Britain, Sandbox, Diarcesia, Bully Pulpit, Benisos, Mare Islands, CrazyKids, Wolverton Mountain, Norte Pioneiro do Pe Vermeio, Cascadia, This Game, Strawberry Hill, Fourty, Region of Bob Saget, Syndicate of Asian Nations, Pokemon Land, Believe And Be Saved, El Torneo Del Poder, Mallia Panica, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Imperial Galactic Empire, Simpsonsia, The Sea Of Hate, Meillur, Wales, South Carolina, The Interstellar Union, Wampumian Star Cluster, Laraniem, Solemnace, The Christmas Season, NBF, Sad Skinny Peninsula, MAGNet, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Region Of Capitalists, The Thonlands, The United States of Greater BlatterLand, The Abyssal realms, Nordic Lands, Aorda, New Market, TRUE AMERICANS, Republic of the Congo, Monrovia, Ouagadougou, Victoria City, Gitega, Seri Begawan, Guayas, Nova Italia, NS Card Player Rehab Center, Halcyon, Hatari, White Lotus Society, The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, Loony Bin, Starkiller, Land of Orcs and Goblins, YBAST, The Sands, United Federation of Earth, Region of Hetalia, Velvet Harem, Non Aligned Movement, Raxus puppet storage, Terran empire, The Isolated region of Mymindia, Raxus Tribus, Redundant Realm of Redundancy, Hapes Consortium, The right wing party of yellow empire, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Kerchaeum, Duluth, Winnipeg, Libreville, Praia, Great Duck Point, Putrajaya, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Quorarare, Citta di San Marino, Belmopan, Muscat, Vancouver Island, Guadeloupe, Warzone Raxulan, Male, Glasgow, El Aaiun, Keewatin, Tegucigalpa, Sinkiang, City State of Monaco, Montevideo, Oblitus Realm, Roseau, Freshness, Mount Arden, Republic of South Africa, The outlawed nations, Commonwealth of Rananke, Kingston, Fields of Hoth, Livonia, Sao Tome, Lilongwe, Porto Novo, The Remnant of Alkmon, The Meritocracy, Separatist Empire, Atafu, Valletta, United Essentan nations, Peoples Republic Of Korea, Riga, Yaren, Kingdom of Eswatini, Moroni, Basseterre, Purgatory, Capital Heights, Anti Anime Action, Illinois, Norsewood, Dhaka, The Great New World, Command and Conquer Universe, Goawayitsallmine, Coalition of crackheads, Grand Arcadia, Rhi gion, United Imperial Alliance, Thandamaniland, Cheers, Best Heaven, McDonalds burger dipped in toilet water3, United Region of Sovereign Nations, Harare, The Crimson Continents of Korthrall, Puggonia, Baku, The Region of Grotesques, White House, Podgorica, Vilnius, Institute of Cellulose, Antico of Raxus, Dushanbe, Djibouti City, Virgin Islands, God Complex, The Eternal System, Bridgetown, Port of Spain, Funafuti, Luxembourg City, Dakar, Colombo, British North Pacific, The Union of States, Yerevan, North Alliance, Weg der Einheit, State of New York, Independent Post Nuclear Union, Kingstown, Terrasia, Orthodox Empires for Tsarist Autocracy, Ashgabat, Bee movie, Brasilistan, Baloo Kingdom Card Farm Plantation, Rights way, Greater Cyngland, Congo, Honiara, Gaborone, The union of Confederates, The Holy Church of Roads, Marshall Islands, Plague, Temporary Home, Swaziland, Brisbane, The Vincence Empire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Barbados, New Caledonia, Brasilia, Kho, Abandoned Island, Nova Universalis, Calgary, novia, transvaal SSR, TMO, Valdez Isles, The Union of Slavic Socialist Republics, Isolationist Borderlands, TwitchPlaysPokemon, Nova Dumfries, Arconia, The Spear Danes, 4chan, Greater European Pact, Kappa Region, The Region of Lost Pizza, Kattar, Transatlantic Alliance, Tonga, wash out, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Steam Islands, The Wooloo Pact, PNF 404, The Limbo, The Empire, Triumvirate of Mwindo Levant Fembois, Valley of Paradise, The Baloo Empire, Netraucora, UnitedMichaelStates, The Bacon Grasslands, Barbaria, FRC Collation, Sozialistischer Bund, Epstein Island, 765 Production, An Almost Empty Region, CAPA, cat in frog hat, The Snakes, Nuran Empire, The Puppeteria, Union of Sovereign Socialist Nations, Goddamn Holy Reich, Tarkin, Arcanum, Union of Nationalists, The House of Prayer, Nebrascotialand, Galactic Council of Sovereign States, Union of Socialist Powers, Outer territories, Northern Africa, The Illuminati, The Hague, Soyuz Sovietskik Sotsialistik Respubliks, Lossium Union, Desert of Independence, The Organization of Cultured Nations, Estremadura, Balckan Peninsula, Wheroq, Oceanosphere, Azeroth, ONIF, Jamesia, MegaGreater Alliance, Of Books and Stories, Alliance of Democratic Socialists, ecco, Fender, Advent Dawn, Popeyes, Cantabria, International World Union, 1000 Islands, Ayy lmao, Euresia, Hololive, Creikaiaea, The SOP, Dominions, Mogadishu, Card Farm All Day, Surrey, Managua, Paramaribo, VoVoDoCoan Multiverse, Little Paradise, Ethiopia, Concordia Primus, The Wolfia Galactic Alliance, The Toppat Clan, Pacifists and Warlords, Hells Daycare, Yertania City, Ecuador, The Doom Squad, Mockba, Senegal, Leo Belgicus, Jeo, Bissau, Burundi, Bujumbura, Pitcairn Island, The Galactic Imperium, Utah, Manila, Ancient Lands, The Oldest House, Glorious Praetorian Empire, United Regions, Banjul, Novus Imperium, Castries, Panama City, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Golden Antarctica, Parkland, BEEBOLOMO, Nation of One, North Columbia, Ulaanbaatar, The Inner Rim, Zanonor, Skivx, The Republic of Lisseum, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, CrimsonHand, Middle North Atlantic Islands, The Sweet Ubiquity, Court of International Law and Justice, Starwars Rules, Cyleto, General Alliance of Nations, Athenia, Beer, The Owl Coven, matheo, Democratic Socialist Sphere of Asia, Sable Fin, Blepia, Significant States of Newport, United States Of North America, Alliance of European Nations, Raxula, Laos, London, The Meme Must Go On, Edmonton, New Delhi, Lobamba, Cemetery, The Dron Empire, The Silent Leyline, Meatpackers union, gaming union, Universal academy, Drackett Islands, Golden Dragons, The State Of Hawaii, My Chemical Romance, White Lands of Empathica, Trans Paradise, Hegiroth, Winterspell Confederation, Guinness, SolarFlare, Union of Allied Planets, Kingdom of Portugal, East Asia, Noon Puppet Dump, Motor Corporation, and 504 Rue de Davide Biale.

The embassy with Nova Italia is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Traveling Wilburys is home to a single nation.


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The Highest Economic Output in Traveling Wilburys

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, Traveling Wilburys is ranked 20,665th in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The What Is Life of Nelson WilburyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“My sweet Lord”

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via Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom

The Royal Confederation of North American Imperial State

Merry Christmas from your embassy in the Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom,
Please enjoy your competently Wooloo as a gift

via Empire Overlords

The United we can't survive of Nister

via The Region of Grotesques

The Grotesque Hivemind of Grotesque spore creatures

Nister wrote:hH


via Democratic and capytallistic union

The Country of Life empire

does anyone want to join my region

via Atlantis

The Twelve Tribes of Lemmingtopias

On behalf of all nations in Atlantis, we wish you all a Happy, safe and active 2021 and hope that in the coming year our regions will build friendship through our Embassies.

The What Is Life of Nelson Wilbury

Lemmingtopias wrote:On behalf of all nations in Atlantis, we wish you all a Happy, safe and active 2021 and hope that in the coming year our regions will build friendship through our Embassies.

Glad to hear it!

Post by Disgraces suppressed by a moderator.

via Birder

The Underground Barbarian Empire of Firebirder

Hello kingdoms, please attack Gynostan

via Simpsonsia

The Colony of Homer-Land


via The United Islands of the Atlantic

The Possessed One in Scarlet of Libitina Jezebel Bartley-Wolff

Hail to thee, beloved spirits. Our Lord and Master, the Dark God Ḉ̶̳͖͖͕̖̪͖̯͎̄̍̇͂́̉͐̏̆̋ḩ̷̻͖̟̗̗̫̻̮̮̳̮̮͖̩̝̉̈́̋̂̾̊̍̄͑į̸̩̤̜̮̫͇͓̈́͌̅̉̎̇̂̄̍̓̚̚͠ͅņ̶̛̲̖͓̳͈̺͕̫̯̙̟̼͚̭̬͙͉̆͋̌̇͛͗̀̊̃̀̎̚͝-̶̧̱͎̖͚͉̥̘͈͂̄̋̌͛̓͗͋̓̌̀̓̂C̸̡̘͇͍̭̠̗̞̈́͐͊̔̀̋͌̌̃̄̅̏͛̔͝h̵̜̗͉̩͖͎̭̜͓̿̽̿̎̔͑̈̈̓͌͐̿͘i̸̢̬͉̟͙̳̤͚̜̰͗̂̀̉̚̕n̶̡͔͖̽̐̆̚, bless you with His chromosomes.

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