The Region Of Gargery

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Queendom of Lorila (elected )

Founder: The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

Last WA Update:

Most Valuable International Artwork: 573rd Most Nations: 637th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 980th+2
Largest Black Market: 1,474th Most Devout: 2,203rd
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Welcome to The Region Of Gargery!
Where equality, creativity, and democracy thrives!

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We support capitalism, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, democracy, gun control, the WA, moderators, being who you are, etc.

We stand against oppressive governments, communism, fascism, etc.

PSA: Anyone suspected of being a puppet to one of the nations banned, will be banned on sight. No exceptions.
Latest News
Lorila has won the election! Our new Prime Mistress.

Embassies: Kylden, Reminated Euromean Republic, Montrandecs Neighbours, 0000, Samoa, Union of Democrats, Cyberius Confederation, The Cormorant Pact, Fredonia, Mathematics, Codex Ylvus, The Region Of Gargery Citizenship, Fettarian Peoples Land, Sanctum, Monaco, United Christian Empires of the West, and 145 others.Gypsy Lands, The Great Universe, Allied Conservative States, Independence Hill, Federal Republic of Russia, Krillin, Empire Overlords, The Doctor Who Universe, Katanar, Gargery, Korriban Tombs, Nordic Lands, Tegucigalpa, Raxulan Empire, Austria and Hungary, Lisseum, Republic of South Africa, The Northern Pacific, Hollow Point, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, The Illuminati, Hadrians Wall, The Region Of Gargery Military, Britannia Prima, Victorian era rp 2, The Okchi Union, Gay, Weffle, Syria, The Vincence Empire, WEG Secret Society for the High Class, Remnant, The Rock World of Pop Punk and Friends, Chicken overlords, The Dominion Of India, Cactus union, The Empire, Tuvalu, Underworld, Guinea Kiribati, The Bar on the corner of every region, Moradaland, The Cult of PCHS, Free Market Federation, Gru, Christmas, RAMS, Canguta Nations, IBXToyChat, The Geopolitics Roleplay Region, United Utopia of Free Stone Carvers, Lasagna, United States of America, Mirror World, 42 Douglas Adams, Kyiv, Zimbabwe, Just relax, The Cheesecake Factory, Gas Station, Pecan Sandies, The Greens, The Galactics Union, Got Issues, EPCOT Center 1981, The Supreme Union, Regionless, Nebraska Territory, NorthAtlantic, Cuara, Montealba, Kingston, The Wooloo Kingdom, Founderless, Callista, Bogota, British North Pacific, Trendsetter, Grand Pacifica, Corfu, The Defenders of Nations and States, International World Union, matheo, SEC Fanatics, 0000000000000, Solomon Islands, The Wolf Clan, Pennsylvania, the nation, Commonwealth of Liberty, The Altivian Coalition, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, The Free Will, Celadonia, Greater Hindu Empire, Macula Offeret, Balk Money, Asmara, Formula 1, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Marcia, East Timor, The Waste Land, South India, Albosiac, The Moon Colony, Osakaland, Dune, The Monarchy alliance, Lyrali, Alnobia, cat in frog hat, Amalgamated Federation, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Kylaris, Alyr, Cape Verde, Belmopan, Ankh Morpork, Grishahakkaverchynot League, The Central Pacific, Nonadia card farm region, New International, Syrian Alliance, The Free Society of Tic Tacs, Gay Equality, Australia, Lewisham, The Global Union Consortium, Math fans, Florida, Save Our Planet, The Freedom Realm, Evan, The Planet X, The Embassy, South East Nirth, Union of Ever Socialist Republics, Tbilisi, Global Union Consortium, Unieae, Old Spirit, The Great Union, The Fish Tank, and The Blue Star Union.

The embassy with The Wolf Clan is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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The Region Of Gargery contains 29 nations, the 637th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Fattest Citizens in The Region Of Gargery

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, The Region Of Gargery is ranked 12,082nd in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Republics of AnamontaCapitalizt“Our Sacred Ancestry”
2.The Sultanate of Scrabble-Uno UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“No u”
3.The Republic of SollistusCapitalist Paradise“Freedom, fun, and sun”
4.The Democratic States of LinusLunaLandCivil Rights Lovefest“Mission Accomplished”
5.The Empire of GloiyaeNew York Times Democracy“The moon is always there, spellbound and a friend”
6.The Republic of The wild and the freeCivil Rights Lovefest“Sweet Sweet Freedom!!!!”
7.The Community of Francis P LandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
8.The Protestant State of LevyCorporate Police State“God, Motherland, Security”
9.The Queendom of Peanut butter headInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Always kill random people”
10.The Queendom of ClawziadeNew York Times Democracy“Strong but noble, come together forever united”

Last poll: “The Official Region of Gargery Election! ”

Regional Happenings


The Region Of Gargery Regional Message Board

Messages from regional members are co-ordinated here.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

Alright, the time has come. The projected winner is...


Since there are only 2 hours left, I don't see it likely that Helsiny will pull ahead. Only time will tell...

Stay tuned.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

Bow down to your new leader: Lorila. The Prime Mistress of The Region Of Gargery. Congratulations.

If you'd like to attend the inauguration, you can here:
This will take place on Saturday, May 15th, 2021. Feel free to join the server ahead of time. A time is still being worked on, so stay tuned for that. Once I come up with a time, we will announce the news to the embassies so they can also attend.

Congratulations again, Lorila. I can't wait to see what great things will become of this region under your rule.

The Republic of Dethrone Lorila

Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Add term limits or limits on how many positions one can have, otherwise Lorila will singlehandedly get every single position in the region.
Now that I have stated my piece, I shall leave.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

Dethrone Lorila wrote:Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Add term limits or limits on how many positions one can have, otherwise Lorila will singlehandedly get every single position in the region.
Now that I have stated my piece, I shall leave.

Yep. Weíve already discussed term limits. Itís sounding like 3-6 months until the next election. This is not finial.

As for your other comments, we will have a Parliament, with elected people. Thatís the next part of this. So no, Lorila will not have every position. We donít believe in dictatorships.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

Dethrone Lorila wrote:Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Add term limits or limits on how many positions one can have, otherwise Lorila will singlehandedly get every single position in the region.
Now that I have stated my piece, I shall leave.

Also, if youíre a member the region, you donít have to create a puppet and speak your mind. Weíre open to constructive criticism.

The Sultanate of Scrabble-Uno Union


The Deadly Nation of New Deathland
The Queendom of Lorila

Good greetings region members! I am thrilled to step into the position of Prime Mistress. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for region wide policies, or just general requests.

Have a fantastic day!

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

What time would work for everyone, in regards to the inauguration?

It will be taking place on this Saturday, eastern time.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita

New Deathland wrote:?

? Indeed.

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