The Red East

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The People's Republic of Dong Fang Hong

Last WA Update:

Most Authoritarian: 1,690th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 1,846th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,972nd+1
Most Ignorant Citizens: 2,730th
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TEKE Administrative Region

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    The Everlasting Kawaii Empire - Main Dispatch

    FactbookOverview by Everlasting Factbook . 487 reads.

  2. 29

    Loushinism | A Left-Wing Thought

    FactbookInternational by Loush Land . 738 reads.

  3. 661

    Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment

    BulletinCampaign by New ex patria . 6,682 reads.

  4. 285

    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

    MetaReference by The international working class . 13,948 reads.

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Embassies: Nekoist Federacy, Faxitar, Loush Land, and The Everlasting Kawaii Empire.

Tags: Anime, Anti-Fascist, Communist, Egalitarian, Feminist, Isolationist, Minuscule, Non-English, Password, Regional Government, Serious, Social, and 2 others.Socialist, and Surreal.

The Red East is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in The Red East

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, The Red East is ranked 17,312th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of TRE DispatchCorrupt Dictatorship“The East is Red!”

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The Neko Witchess Union of Echidona

Yay finally :3

The Shogunate of Rushmor

How many times have we moved?!

*fills up his hole*

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Planet rucia

*A mysterious purple ball of unusual origin with beige rings, large white eyes, a tiny mouth and nose rolls through the quiet coast until it bumps into Ya Zhu. Ya Zhu, interrupted by the sentient being who turns out to be Ya Zhu's personal sidekick, looks down upon the object with scornful eyes.*

Ya Zhu: "Nǐ xiǎng yo shnme?" ("What do you want?")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "Psst. I'm your sidekick, ya? Is that right? Name's Ru-Wan-Jin."
Ya Zhu: "Wǒ b zhīdo nǐ zi zh fjn zu shnme. Nǐ bsh wǒ de tngzh." ("I don't know what you're doing around here. You are no comrade of mine.")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "I'm not your usual sidekick that is solid with nothing on its sides. Look at me! I'm in a ringed ballad costume."
Ya Zhu: "Nǐ zu hǎo zhy nǐ shuō dehu, fǒuz wǒ hu bǎ nǐ rēng jn hǎilǐ, h y yīqǐ yuyǒng. ("You better watch you're saying, or I'll drop you in the sea, swimming with the fishes.")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "Chill it out, ya hear? Listen to me, ya, your friend in arms... is in deep vain. I can show you ya way, ya? Don't want some shady people in tuxedos to grab ye on the way."
Ya Zhu: "Kui diǎn, nǐ zhǐyǒu yī fēnzhōng." ("Make it quick, you have one minute.")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "Right, uh, so yer Chief Sergeant Karola, ye know her? She's been kidnapped the other day somehow. No one else needs to know, only me. She's probably locked up in some faraway empire... to the east of yere."
Ya Zhu: "Xinzi wǒ yīnggāi rh tōnggu ng jiyun ty?" ("Now how am I supposed to go through that rescue offer?")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "You'll find out when you come rith me. But, one problem, though. I'm the only one too reavy to carry, so raybe some workmanship rould do, ya?"
Ya Zhu: "Zu hǎo sh liǎng grn de gōngzu." ("A two-man job would be best.")
Ru-Wan-Jin: "Much obliged to help carry ye arong. Rey, ron't reave ye ball friend ranging yon the reach, rey!"

*The mysterious purple ball tries to roll, but struggles to stay balanced, continuing to spout nonsensical distressing English romaji words to no one in particular.*

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The Elected Kingdom of Kerelen

what going on?

Planet rucia and Antoninus Pius

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Planet rucia

Kerelen wrote:what going on?

*The mysterious Rucianball slowly moves to your feet, probably picking up sand in its tiny mouth, struggling to talk.*
Ru-Wan-Jin: "Rey're (They're) either moving places to roid (avoid) some ancient deity's wrath, ya (you) probably never heard in reir (their) news broadcasts by state. Ror (Or) been taken away by devout relivers (believers) of the Wake. And then, Ya's friend Karola, her Chief Sergeant, of the so-called Rise, rot (got) kidnapped, and in reed (need) of rescue. Reeds (Needs) a two-man (two people) to help me find her, rore (before) it's too late. It could recimate (decimate) morale within her rorce (force)."
*The Rucianball just idles there in the beach under its own weight.*

Post self-deleted by Planet rucia.

The Shogunate of Rushmor

Imma stay here until Im booted.

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The Council of Council of Council of Minuscule and Small Regions

I am afraid this region can not longer be a member. Good luck!

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The Regional Gay Guy of The Hazar Amisnery


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The United Kingdom of Selsordia

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