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WA Delegate (non-executive): The United Conservative States of Ifrimia (elected )

Founder: The Commonwealth of The Pangaean Union Founder

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Most Nations: 209th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 291st Most Devout: 1,205th+1
Most Valuable International Artwork: 2,432nd
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Est. June 3rd, 2022

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"I asked my cat what's two minus two. He said nothing."


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Embassies: Right to Life, Liberty Democratic Alliance, Oatland, Lewisham, Gypsy Lands, Union of Free Nations, Liberal Democratic Union, KAISERREICH, Guinea Kiribati, New Alvarez Union, The Democratic Republic, The Official United Nations, The Orange Order, Christmas, and The Israeli Free Front.

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The Pangaean Union contains 100 nations, the 209th most in the world.


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The Most Avoided in The Pangaean Union

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, The Pangaean Union is ranked 4,870th in the world for Most Avoided.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dixieland Empire of The Rouge Christmas StateCorporate Bordello“Exodus 15:9-10”
2.The Anarchy of Confederate FarmersCapitalizt“We hate tourists”
3.The Republic of LosthaveIron Fist Consumerists“We are fine!”
4.The Confederacy of LaraickAnarchy“Strength Through Excellence”
5.The Queendom of La La La and Ha Ha HaCorporate Police State“Motto...”
6.The Community of He free worldCapitalist Paradise“Might Makes Right”
7.The Holy State of FerlikIron Fist Consumerists“God, order and Strength”
8.The Sultanate of Sapphic-CoupleIron Fist Consumerists“Lumity”
9.The Theocracy of Grace and KarenCapitalizt“Motto...”
10.The Republic of Abssid CaliphateCapitalizt“Strength Through Freedom”
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The Empire of West Phoenicia

Confederate Farmers wrote:I need a break from partisanship and politics. This region sounds pleasant for a visit whos all played crusader kings ?

Age of empires ?

What were some of your favorite video games handheld and stationar?

Here is a question 🙋‍♂️ for the Australian

Who was the outlaw in Australia who had a suit of armor? Could that armor protect against rifle rounds or musket fire?

As a kid when I heard the crocodile hunter died I cried it was sad 😢. And on labor days for all the days for him to die from a stingray. Im not your expert for stingrays but when we were at the zoo we went into the petting the stingrays and they were very sweet and they enjoyed being Pet and wanted to go back for more and more.

The outlaw was a Bushranger known as Ned Kelly. There was an issue with the bullets that dented his armour and trapped him in the suit. Also bullets hit him in areas where the armour couldn't cover. And other areas where the armour was soft.

Stingrays can be dangerous and need to be handled correctly, and really shouldn't be in a petting zoo tank. There are reasons why certain animals have certain traits to protect themselves.

The Commonwealth of The Pangaean Union Founder

Whoever can tell a joke that me pmsl. Will find the joke up on our RMB as the next joke of the week.

The Anarchy of Confederate Farmers

Right now in Hannibal Missouri its nice and cool and cloudy 75 degrees as a matter of fact.

Well about the stingray Im not an expert on animals but they were mostly Caribbean stingray from what I remembered so maybe stingrays are less aggressive than the stingrays in Australia but Im ignorant on that field so I wont dispute you.

Well the stingray was only defending himself because he felt threatened. Well our hands were above the sea creatures. It was a shallow tank and only our hands were submerged in water if you can even call it that.

Well I appreciate the Australian telling me The information I would like to make bulletproof armor for my planned alternative history of the Civil War except the armor works.

People sold So called bulletproof armor during the Civil War but it was pretty useless and too heavy

How is everyone doing I tried summer is over nearly

The Constitutional Monarchy of The return austria-hungary

I'm back from vacation, how have you been and what have I missed?

The Empire of West Phoenicia

The return austria-hungary wrote:I'm back from vacation, how have you been and what have I missed?

Most people are on vacation, getting ready for school or working. So not too much.

The Commonwealth of Haltatia

West Phoenicia wrote:

Most people are on vacation, getting ready for school or working.  So not too much.

I'm about to leave for the first day of my senior year in 20 minutes lmao

The Confederacy of The Dodo Republic

Haltatia wrote:I'm about to leave for the first day of my senior year in 20 minutes lmao

Oof good luck

The Catgirl Imperium of Ecclesia Catholico Romanum

The return austria-hungary wrote:I'm back from vacation, how have you been and what have I missed?

I downloaded UBlock Origin so I could look at drawings of anime women the news on Twitter without an account.

The Empire of West Phoenicia

Haltatia wrote:I'm about to leave for the first day of my senior year in 20 minutes lmao

Have a good first day

The Anarchy of Confederate Farmers

Well A buddy of mine its gonna help me install crusader kings 2 but it probably will not work because my laptops is a chrome book. Right now Im mowing the grass.

About Ned Kellys armor so I guess it could absorb rifle rounds depending on the range but correct I already know that not all of his armor protects them as there are vulnerable missing parts.

I had pancakes for breakfast what did yall have for breakfast hows everyone doing in life?

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