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~Welcome to the Hole To Hide In! ~
Founded September 4th, 2017 | Featured October 13th, 2021

Whether you're a role player looking for a trustworthy and active community, or just wanting a place to chill, THTHI is the place for you! A region of modern tech, THTHI is full of tanks and graphic artists to make your dreams come true. Once you join, you'll never leave after coming to love our little nutcracker community!

All embassy requests will be rejected unless you review the Embassy Policy and fill out an Embassy Request Application.

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The Hole To Hide In contains 297 nations, the 73rd most in the world.


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As a region, The Hole To Hide In is ranked 4,796th in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of What The HeckoslovakiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“be gay do crime”
2.The Holy Republic of Werewolf IslandsDemocratic Socialists“We must be stronger united”
3.The SFKR of KemonomicaNew York Times Democracy“For the Sufferist Federation of the Kemonomimi Republic”
4.The Republic of Empire of GoraInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Wings of the Free”
5.The Imperial Military State of Novaya EquestriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”
6.The Empire of LenlyvitLiberal Democratic Socialists“By Sword and Shield”
7.The Democratic Capitalism of South EasthernCapitalist Paradise“Power to the people”
8.The Etr-Abov of EtriusCorrupt Dictatorship“Remain polite and remain armed”
9.The Federation of Federation of AfricaPsychotic Dictatorship“Peace, not war. That is what we want.”
10.The Holy Empire of The Morning Paragon SunDemocratic Socialists“Public rights taking downturns since 2010”
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The Empire of Averius

RP: Diplomatic Success
The Diplomatic meeting between Averius and Werewolf Island diplomats has concluded and is deemed a great success. Diplomatic relations and trade were discussed in this meeting, resulting in beneficial deals for both sides. In addition, railroad, highway, and internet infrastructure connections between the nations was also discussed. Many beneficial arrangements have been made during this meeting. The government has begun work to fulfil its side of the deals made at the meeting almost immediately after the Averius diplomatic representatives returned to the capital city.

The Empire of Eslave


The Empire of Eslave will hold a meeting with The Two Silver Isles, where they will discuss diplomatic and economic matters with the nation, we hope to have a great relationship with them!

The Crowned Republic of Schwypia

RP: Abdication

About five years have passed since King Corin developed health issues. Though his condition has nearly vanished, the lingering weakness that has afflicted the King has led him to announce his abdication as active monarch. His regent and daughter, Princess Dawn, will fully adopt the title of Queen and will serve as the sole monarch. Representatives from nations across the world are invited to attend her coronation ceremony, especially representatives from long time Allies like the Rumanian States, the Archron Empire, and Cenagrad.

The Empire of Eslave


The diplomatic meeting with The Two Silver Isles was finished, economic matters were discussed there and a military union between the two countries, copper and uranium trade is now carried out monthly. Emperor Dannyel IV is pleased to welcome Chief Aarin today, wishing long leadership and luck to the magnificent archipelago.

The Federation of The Two Silver Isles

Eslave wrote:RP

The diplomatic meeting with The Two Silver Isles was finished, economic matters were discussed there and a military union between the two countries, copper and uranium trade is now carried out monthly. Emperor Dannyel IV is pleased to welcome Chief Aarin today, wishing long leadership and luck to the magnificent archipelago.

RP: Adding on to this

This union is an official alliance, made to help keep piece and label our new nations as capable and strong. The alliance is known as krysse havalliansen, or cross ocean alliance. Together we stand!

The Arch linux of Weccandia

RP: The Last Time

Once again, a group of Weccandian hikers discovered a sentient species living in the Shibe Mountains. Dubbed the Wenlandi, these fox-people live on the Northern Plateau and are currently in what is believed to be their equivalent of the Bronze Age. The Department for Non-Human Relations has opted to keep a "Stay away and observe from afar" status, creating the first and hopefully last "Sapient Species Reserve" to help keep this species undisturbed until it is decided that the time has come for first contact. Currently, the League of Weccandian Linguists are observing their language and rudimentary written script to help communicate when the time comes.

It is observed that this species is advancing very fast, and is predicted to reach the minimum threshold for first contact in just a few years. However, their advance has been slowing lately, so it is unknown if they will reach the threshold near the time predicted. The Department of Non-Human Relations has also considered entering first contact early very soon after the LWL has deciphered the language and help advance them very fast and attempt to assimilate them into Weccandian society in a new "non-human town" on the Northern Plateau. This plan is being seriously considered after the New Weccandia Party, a party with the stance that Weccandia should give local non-humans another chance has entered majority in Parliament with a coalition with the United Labor Party.

The Republic of Staship

How much cows could fit in a really big box?

The Colony of Kiwilogan2

Staship wrote:How much cows could fit in a really big box?

All of them

The Constitutional Monarchy of Dwarf Land4

Seibalath wrote:RP : The Native Congress

February 10 of 2210

The years had gone by smoothly in the Seibalath, the little conflicts going all around the Tull Archipelago have been reduced to petty quarrels and disputes about administrative duties. In the end, it could be said that the worst had passed, and the region over all is better than it has been decades ago. In 2175, right after the three-year long Seibalathian Civil War, the island and its connected mainland region was split between nine occupiers, the largest of them being the Liranaholm, and their KSI allies that participated in the partition. Ceolan was the first of the states to gain its independence, formerly a protectorate of Midribbonia, it became the beacon from which everybody's dreams of sovereignty gathered. The region has undergone multiple trials, from the post-war rehabilitation that followed initially, the druid guerillas of medievalistic wizards terrorizing the countryside, the Human Worker's League made up of fascist humanists, and the great hunger that came with the asteroid ZAKU, with a famine ravaging the entire area. The final chapters of the colonial era would start with the promises of independence by the Lirana Rjiksterritorien, the largest colony consisting of more than 60% of the Seibalath, and the Ceolanese-Lentelan war that ultimately resulted in a stalemate with the intervention of the Rhineland Republic. Both benevolent and horrifiying acts have been committed either under the name of ideology, survival, or money.

In under five decades, the Seibalath went from a medieval confederacy of states in Kuros, known for its myths and fantasies, into a modern state backed by knowledge and technology. The adoption of foreign ideas started way back during the reign of Phatrek Selmundo Alva, the former leader of Lentelan, whom had seen the wonders of the outside world, where everybody lived quite much like those in the stories of utopias. It was an impossible dream for him to accomplish peacefully, and the discovery of the gun rapidly destabilized the social structure of the old, resulting in the civil war that destroyed most of the confederacy. Instead of bringing prosperity, it brought an industrialized version of suffering to all the inhabitants of the archipelago, countless lives were lost for the acquisition of contemporary technologies, and many still question whether it was worth it or not.

Invitations and background negotiations for the Native Congress have been set, and will now occur in February 20. All native leaders of the Seibalath, from the Alvas of Lentelan, the Saaltzun of the Milencian Territories, the Chiefs of Rorfreth and Hudyaria, the Sicher of the Windsaar, the Tershen Necrocracy, and the Interim government of Ceolan. The meeting will discuss the re-establishment of the confederacy known as the Seibalath, once destroyed in the aftermath of the civil war, will be recreated as one united national identity. Other topics will be discussed about the independence of the states from their respective occupiers, the laws that will be made, and the question of "who rules what?". It will be held in the city of Ilimir, an underground mountain-city occupied by Liranaholm and their Ratfolk collaborators.

RP: A visitation

Recieving news of the native congress, Lirana Princesa Liina Feylani would travel out to Ilimir in order to take a seat at the discussions. Given her recent acceptance as a head of state in the Rijksterritorien Dei Seia, it was seen as only wise that she take her seat and join in the negotiations, as to not miss out on influencing the Kurosian neighbour of Liranaholm.

The Imperial Military State of Novaya Equestria

RP: Military Exercises

The Ministry of Defense has announced that the Novayan Federation Armed Forces will be holding a military exercise west of the Morales Metropolitan Area. The name of the military exercises, codenamed Blue Diamond, was to foster unity and coordination with the various constituent militaries - the Novayan Armed Forces, Saiyanese Armed Forces, Nova Roman Armed Forces, Gallian Royal Armed Forces, Katraissauan National Defense Forces, Novikan Armed Forces, and Selanian Self-Defense Forces - that made up the Federation Armed Forces.

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