The Great Red Union

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Imperium of Achain (elected )

Founder: The Holy Imperium of Achain

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 566th Most Nations: 998th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,198th+26
Best Weather: 1,284th Most Inclusive: 1,296th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,321st Largest Governments: 1,442nd Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,460th Nicest Citizens: 1,506th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,512th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,550th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,585th Highest Average Tax Rates: 1,619th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,667th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,675th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,677th Healthiest Citizens: 1,694th Most Secular: 1,714th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,714th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,714th Smartest Citizens: 1,719th Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,766th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,890th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,915th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,147th Most Cultured: 2,233rd Most Cheerful Citizens: 2,272nd Longest Average Lifespans: 2,315th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,470th
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Hello, fellow comrades of Nation States! Welcome to The Great Red Union, or TGRU for short! We are the successors of the former RMB RP group of The Communist Bloc. We are a small, tightly knit community of friends, who mostly spend their time off site, but compensate with expansive and detailed role-play and world building.

Members of government:
Founder: Achain
Regional Emperor: Matterio
WA Delegate: Amblibahdesh
Minister of State Security: YugoslavUnion

Please join our LinkDiscord Server!, as that is where we carry out most of our activities.


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    TGRU RP Maps (Updated)

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    General Roleplay Guide

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    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

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The Great Red Union contains 17 nations, the 998th most in the world.


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The Largest Black Market in The Great Red Union

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As a region, The Great Red Union is ranked 17,135th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Ban KitanPsychotic Dictatorship“Oversight, Security, Equality”
2.The Anarcho-Flexist Territory of The Ricardo Milos FollowersAnarchy“GOLOSOVANIYE”
3.The Holy Imperium of AchainFather Knows Best State“Even in Death; I still serve!”
4.The Liberal Socialist Republic of YugoslavUnionLeft-Leaning College State“From the Ashes we rise”
5.The Vasilist Empire of MatterioScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Matterio is ascendant!”
6.The Confederacy of United Front of TexasNew York Times Democracy“Remember the Alamo! For the homeland!”
7.The Marxist-Leninist Union of Soviet LestlandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Into our Death: Blue, Black, Red!”
8.The Nordic Ordernsstaat of IcelandenPsychotic Dictatorship“Bestill gjennom frykt”
9.The United Socialist States of RoulixLeft-wing Utopia“Gloria Fortis Miles”
10.The Republic of Minervan StateLeft-Leaning College State“Ad Astra”

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The Republic of Russian Revolutionary Front

Ban Kitan wrote:By the way, in case it matters, I might start another nation in Siberia, just to occupy my time. Let me know if that violates any rules or anything.

Generally it doesn't. Thanks for keeping the RP alive even though everyone else is dead.

Siberia and the former USSR is a hellscape right now but lore is unclear enough that anything goes.

The Theocracy of Volbelvend

Ok, going to leave as this nation and join as a very similar one, just to modify some things

The Confederacy of Volbelven

Alright, fixed the country

The Vasilist Empire of Matterio
The United Socialist States of Roulix

I plan on posting tomorrow, maybe tonight

The State of Polska Rzeczpospolita Robotnicza

Alright it has nearly been a month and Achain will kill me if I don't do something at some point.

The Republic of Russian Revolutionary Front

Polska Rzeczpospolita Robotnicza wrote:Alright it has nearly been a month and Achain will kill me if I don't do something at some point.


The United Socialist States of Roulix

Separation Anxiety [Part Three] | September 2010

With the successes of Crimson Monday and the Double Crossed society as a whole, a majority of the population has either joined the society or participated in events led by the society. Polls show overwhelmingly positive views of the Double Crossed Society and Roulix. It was time for the winds of change.

It was once again time for the next meeting to commence. Franz, Head of Military Operations, and Head of Foreign Intelligence Operations sit at a round table in the capitol. They prepare their paperwork with the intelligence they have gathered over the past couple of months.

Head of Foreign Intelligence Operations: The strength of the French government has lost control over most of its population. Millions are unsatisfied with the way their government has treated them. They are ready for a new change, a permanent end to the status quo. I am curious to hear what the Head of Military Operations has to say about the situation.

Head of Military Operations: Well, I believe it is a great time to strike the enemy. I believe that we have amassed and mobilized a movement of revolutionaries who are begging to change the world, I think it is time to hear their cries for revolution. I think it's time to initiate our battle plans and work with the French, Roulixian-aligned parts of the military to topple the government. Franz, It is time.

Franz Von Strucker: Very Well... It is time for unification, let's mobilize we must strike quickly and at the heart. When the time is appropriate we will declare war and fight alongside our allies. Let's begin.

The meeting ends, each of the parties works with each other to mobilize and enact strategies and battleplans that were drawn in preparation for this very moment.

Franco-Roulixian Civil War | September 2010

Detailed Battleplans are sent to The Double Crossed Society. The Double Crossed Society organizes armed protests across large swaths of the country, Roulixian aligned military personnel manages the frontline. The French government retaliates by deploying the National Guard to make sure violence doesn't begin, the French military is put on standby. After The Double Crossed Society is fully mobilized a Declaration of War is sent to the French government. The first shots are fired and an onward march toward the capitol is commenced. The French navy is disabled by French workers sabotaging boats forcing them to be repaired, same happens to their Airforce severely diminishing the air presence of the French greatly. Most of the French military is overseas, Workers in Mainland France shut down vital ports and the lack of ships makes it extremely difficult for the rest of the military to come and reinforce the French military. The Double Crossed Society holds the North and south of France, The French state Controls Britany and the rest of central France. The French state sets up a fallback line with its available military, while the National Guard quickly gets overrun by the sheer number of Double Crossed Society members. Over the next few days, the momentum is slowed by the French military in the South when The Double Crossed Society reaches their defenses. Probing attacks keep the French Military from counter-attacking effectively while making small gains. While in the north it's mostly been stagnant in defense on either side. The plan is to make large gains in the south. Then surround the capital in the North after the Roulixian declaration of war.

Roulix Declares war on the French State, Followed by a speech from Franz Von Strucker:

"Roulixians, it's time for unification! Our people have been enslaved and have been subject to inhumane conditions for far too long. Our enemies are the French Oligarch, Not the French people! The French have been oppressed for far too long by their own rulers. It is time to help our Comrades in the mission of freeing the oppressed from their Capitalist overlords. We are all Roulixians, Roulix doesn't belong to a race, land, ethnicity, or even government. To be Roulixian is to be free. Free from oppression, Free from Capitalism, Free from Tyranny. Roulixians UNITE! Together victory is inevitable! May our peoples be victorious and free!"

The Double Crossed Society is Annexed by Roulix. The Roulixian army is Sent to the border of Paris, and in a pincer movement, the Capitol is encircled, another push from the South unites the borders by connecting to the encirclement of Paris. The French state is split up into 3 parts, East, West, and Paris. Roulix advances on Paris while the rest of the army repels counterattacks. After some days pass Paris is captured, The Oligarchs are captured and Imprisoned. They are forced to sign papers of unconditional surrender. On September, 28th 2010 the war is over. The terms of Surrender are complete annexation to Roulix. Roulix Justifies this in the paper by claiming it was a civil war won by the opposition government to the French State. As for the French Oligarchs, they will be sentenced to public execution via guillotine in Paris.

The Nordic Ordernsstaat of Icelanden

Operation Western Waves(Part 1) | Haakonsvern Naval Base | August 25th 2010
The base was more alive than usual this day, logistical operatives were rushing around the loading bays and one of the many ships at port. Word around base was that high command had ordered a mission in the Arctic or even the North Atlantic. As the logistical operatives were loading supplies, a mission brief was happening onboard the NMF Ymar, the ship tasked for this mission;
"Listen here, your names and lives are hereby scratched from recent history, and as far as this mission is concerned it is done by nobodies. Your mission is the first of this unit and of utmost importance for both Nordic and Imperial interest. You will be transported to the northern coast of the British Isle and will be deployed with enough supplies to last half a year if needed. Now once you've landed and have been situated, you may begin your mission's purpose, to sabotage missile positions that the British have set up in the last few years. Secondary is to sabotage the local industry and military installations along the Northern Coast,” after a brief pause he spoke again,
"Any questions on your assignment? Oh, one more thing, you're not the only team doing this, there are two others that have been deployed as of this week already.” One member of the team raised their hand, and once given a nod to speak they did, "What of civilians? Are they expendable?"
"As far as the operation is concerned, there will be no ties to this and the homeland. On top of this, and one thing I forgot to mention, we will be assisted by IRA cells in the region in an attempt to further destabilize the Isle. IRA cells are to be considered an ally until further notice from High, or if they target you. Other than that there’s nothing else. Any other questions?”
The commander paused, waited, then dismissed the team. This operation had been in circulation for some time within Nordic Military Command and Imperial Command, and the time had come to further the influence of the Union.

The Nordic Ordernsstaat of Icelanden

Roulixian post soon, just had to start on this arc.

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