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Welcome to the Global Roleplay Region, the realistic roleplay region!

Role-Play (RP) Year: The Far Future

We are a fun, intergalactic, Sci-Fi RP region. If you want to join, fill out an application form and send it to the founders and the RP coordinators. Once you've been accepted, you can go ahead and start roleplaying!

Have fun!

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The Global Roleplay Region contains 5 nations, the 3,429th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Disputed Territories of KurthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.”
2.The Buy n Large Corporation of IntergalaxisNew York Times Democracy“Wondrous Future.”
3.The Founder of Global Roleplay RegionCapitalizt“Roleplay for Everybody”
4.The Republic of Terran DirectorateInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Might Makes Right”
5.The Republic of The Morathi Trader StateCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto”

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The Buy n Large Corporation of Intergalaxis

(Mind if someone likes this post? So I know who's here checking around NS.)

(I'm curious and lonely.)

Grand Chinese Republic, Kurth, Terran Directorate, Greater empire of joll, and 1 otherAutochthonia

The Republic of The Morathi Trader State

OOC: Hey everyone. It's been a while, and honestly I can't recall the last time I've been away from NS that long.

Reason I dropped off was I've been looking for a job/applying to masters programs. Regardless, I'm back now and I am looking into recruitment telegrams to get the region active.

Greater empire of joll

Iíve been inactive too because Iíve needed to focus on school. Iíll be more active in the coming days.

The Republic of Terran Directorate

Alright, let's go then. Let's keep this great idea going.

I'm commissioning into the Navy soon bit that ain't gonna stop me

Greater empire of joll and Intergalaxis

The Republic of The Morathi Trader State

OOC: I figured what better way to try to get things started again than trying to wrap up the civil war.

T'okos Defensive Station

The battle had raged for days and yet no relief had arrived from Morath. T'iuuk held his post and commanded his men as best as he could, yet he could see the battle was lost. The rebels while badly hurt pushed against T'okos again and again. From Ast'aqai raiding ships harassed the station and attempted landings. From space, the rebels carried out bombing runs targeting the stations defenses and weapons. T'iuuk knew that if he surrendered his men would die, and the rebels would hold the strongest defensive station in Morathi space. It was seal the fate of the Republic.

The decision had been reached among the officers of T'okos. The station would fall but on their own terms. Those who wished to leave could try to flee with the stations evacuation ships. Those who wished to die as warriors remained and assisted in the procedure. As the rebels prepared their next assault, explosions tore across the station. The path was clear for the rebel advance, yet T'okos was nothing more than a useless shell. The amount of time and resources it would have taken to repair it was beyond the capacity of the rebellion.

High Councillor Dhalos

Dhalos stepped into the Council of the Morathi Free State on Yenthos. He appeared frail and exhausted as he entered the hall. The room had been emptied as most the representatives of the Free State had gone to the front to aid General N'zak. Yet Councilor K'ot had remained to oversee the administrative work of the uprising.

The young councilor looked to see Dhalos. He appeared stunned by the arrival of the High Councillor. "High Councilor," K'ot spoke up "It is an honor."

"I have come to aid the Republic," Dhalos spoke.

"And we would be honored to have you," K'ot approached Dhalos.

"It would be no honor. I failed our Republic, I could not see what was in front of me from the very beginning. I had believed you to be the traitor, yet L'or was the true enemy. You are a far more honorable man than I. Once the war has ended, and we have restored the Republic, I will resign from my post." Dhalos' words caught K'ot by surprise.

"You have served the Republic well. None of us knew of L'or except those that stood with him," K'ot put a hand on Dhalos' shoulder. "When the Order of the T'or write their histories, you will be remembered as a great leader."

"I knew L'or better than most, he was my closest friend on the council, and now I am left to reflect on those years and that friendship. Were all his words poison in my ears? I have failed the Republic. The Order may write what they please, but I will go to my grave with great regret. I understand you are trying to comfort me, but I am too tired for that now." Dhalos sighed. "All I can do for your cause I call upon the people of Morath to realize Y'okos for what he truly is."

Kurth, Greater empire of joll, and Intergalaxis


Omg the last post was 27 days ago?!

The Disputed Territories of Kurth

Intergalaxis wrote:(Map has been renewed. Check out yourself.)

Seems that the map isnít working. Could be because Iím using an iPhone?

The Republic of Terran Directorate

Activity is a to fix it?

Iíve been struggling to write sci fi lately. Anyone got any inspiration?

The Disputed Territories of Kurth

Terran Directorate wrote:Activity is a to fix it?

Iíve been struggling to write sci fi lately. Anyone got any inspiration?

I know what you mean but for me itís just writing period! I joined the darkjedibrotherhood fan group and also doing rp for Conan exiles on Discord... each of those I am having a horrible time getting started. I donít get because I have great ideas I just canít seem to get them on paper

The Republic of The Morathi Trader State

Terran Directorate wrote:Activity is a to fix it?

Iíve been struggling to write sci fi lately. Anyone got any inspiration?

Yeah its been that way with me. A big problem was people joining and leaving, it was hard to keep a story going. I want to send out the recruitment TGs but at this point, I don't have the time to be committed to running the region long term.

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