The Fairy Hunter Alliance

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Sun Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Fairy Solaria

Last WA Update:

Most Income Equality: 540th Best Weather: 1,242nd Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,717th+6
Highest Average Tax Rates: 1,874th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,947th Least Corrupt Governments: 2,135th Safest: 2,153rd Healthiest Citizens: 2,232nd Most Inclusive: 2,327th
World Factbook Entry

Fairy hunter nations unite,
and join the fairy hunter alliance.

Welcome to the Fairy Hunter Alliance,

You could join if you want and hang out, chat about video games, anime, memes and whatever else.
Rp as a fairy monarchy or a fairy hunter republic

LinkOur discord

We are big on RP so if you do so, please use our date system as shown.

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    Our Date System

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The Fairy Hunter Alliance is home to a single nation.


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The Highest Disposable Incomes in The Fairy Hunter Alliance

The World Census calculated the average incomes of citizens after paying tax.

As a region, The Fairy Hunter Alliance is ranked 24,106th in the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sun Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Fairy SolariaLiberal Democratic Socialists“The sun rises for the republic”

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The Sun Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Fairy Solaria

Hells border oh hey welcome to The Fairy Hunter Alliance

FNAFia, Antiraider, and Hells border

Hells border

Anti Fairy Solaria wrote:Hells border oh hey welcome to The Fairy Hunter Alliance

Thank you, I wish to be good while I stay

FNAFia and Antiraider

Hells border

Everything is burning around me

FNAFia, Antiraider, and Jo hore

Hells border

Lately all my Issues are about Super Heroes and War with Tasmania. I'm scared for my "Country" Because how do these things just mass up

Anti Fairy Solaria and Antiraider

The Sun Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Fairy Solaria

Hey Antiraider you're back

The Sun Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Fairy Solaria

If u guys want to join n-day join this one shown on top

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New melody

We should all research cure

via Anti Fairy Pact

The Defender Alliance of Anti Fairy Pact Moderator

Welp everyone today's fairy hunter revolution day
So I made a pamphlet about it
I want people to read it

So today's fairy hunter revolution day 2020 alright

So today's the day to celebrate the anniversary of the Anti Fairy Pact a defender region we've known and maybe even love
News haven't been reached to much of the people so let me tell you what we've done
We've defended multitude of regions and have collaborated with game created regions like the Rejected Realms and the South Pacific on defender operations.
We've contributed into defended in large regions like Asia, The Writing Nook, and other places to begin with.
We've detagged hundreds or maybe thousands of regions.
So what started it all.
Apparently at first Anti Fairy Pact was literally just a dispatch. Yes literally.
It was pretty much just a rp sheet for nations who want to sign up to destroy fairies.
Didn't get much love in the Anime and Memes Alliance
but gotten more fame in Japan.
Later a region was made as a sort of unifying force for people in different regions to discuss matters and so forth
This later got attention to other regions who would want to join in into this.
Even then this was mostly an rp.
That was until the fall of Stella Solar System when AFP started defending
Even if it was declared before the event though, this event triggered the AFP becoming a defender region today.
Eventually getting attention from even game created regions.
Despite this we still love rp and would want the rp to also get extensive as well
So first let's talk about defending

Defending and Why the AFP partakes in them

Nationstates have these people who think they're the ones in control, who think that they're superior to everyone else, these raiders goal is to take control of other people's regions. Once they have control of your own region, they'll advertise their own region taking out all the officers of the region, suppressing and banning who they don't like from your own region and may even decide to destroy the region itself and maybe even try to refound your region in the same name after banning everyone else out of it destroying a whole community. Or if you're lucky they leave and move on to the next after a whole week or two trying to show "good sportsmanship to the natives" when in reality they think your communities are just their toys to play with thinking you are powerless against them. Even worse the big raiders use nasty scripts for their own goal easily putting many other regions into a big disadvantage. Though defenders use scripts too, they use it for the purpose of defeating other script users, not powerless people.
The AFP's goal is to stop regions from feeling powerless, to get all regions to have the ability to defend themselves against the raiders, to show that we are not your toys.
No matter who you are, at this point, it's impossible to ignore raiding and defending, those who ignore it will eventually get swept into it anyways when they themselves or one of their close allies become under the control of raiders.
Defending takes organization and the best way to do it is through a discord server, especially when our members are in many different regions at once
LinkDiscord links is here

So yeah even with some success in my organization, it still needs help and more people shall partake in order to stop raiders.

So Anything fun in AFP

AFP was originally founded on roleplay and AFP roleplay is pretty creative.
In a nutshell it's a fantasy sci fi type roleplay where we have nations and characters using magic and using high tech at the same time
And it's about the conflict between fairies and fairy hunters.
There's more about it in Linkthe World of Fairy Hunters wiki
Yeah and I want more people to join in so we can have some fun.

Anyways that's about it for my announcement, sorry if you guys are getting ravaged by zombies, but I guess your zombies can also celebrate with us lel.

Read dispatch

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