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The potatoez

Earth Allies wrote:The nation behind Ladymorrighan has died....RIP

Yes. :c
Rest in peace, Ladymorrighan

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The Imperial Monarchist State of Almerdonia



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The Democracy of Malgax

As your diplomatic agent from The League of Conservative nations I am required to give you this dispatch

The Republic of The League
Office of the Consulate and Department of Foreign of Affairs
Representatives of the Republic

Introduction & Overview:

This dispatch serves as the official guide to both residents and foreigners as to who can officially represent, make statements on the behalf of, or otherwise act on behalf of The League and its institutions and government in the inter-regional or extra-regional context. This dispatch will explain each position with a relevant ability, the scope of that ability, and the incumbent officers serving in that position, for the convenience of any diplomats or foreigners. Authorized statements may be given by other members of the regional government, but the positions in this dispatch are those with inherent authority to represent the region in their respective range of authority and affairs.

Representative Positions:

The Consulate of the Republic, and its members on its behalf, may speak on behalf of the region and its governing organs in any capacity or field and for any reason. Members of the Consulate are Consuls of the Republic and are defined as the Constitution as the Heads of State of the region. The Chief Consul is designated as the spokesman of the Consulate, but any Consul can sufficiently speak officially in the inter-regional context. Additionally, concerns relating to extra-governmental or out-of-character administration can be directed to the same individuals. The individuals holding this position of representative ability are listed below.

The Director of Foreign Affairs may speak on behalf of the regional government in the capacity of any general diplomacy being conducted by the Republic. The Director of Foreign Affairs is the chief diplomat of the regional government. Their range of representative authority includes embassy policy, positions on matters before the World Assembly, and other matters of general diplomacy. The individual holding this position of representative ability is listed below.

The Diplomatic Agents are employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs and its Director. They may speak on the region's behalf in matters of general diplomacy and policy, typically through updates on behalf of the Director of Foreign Affairs. This representative ability is only applicable to regions they have been assigned to represent the Republic to. The individuals holding this representative ability, and the regions they are assigned to are listed in a dispatch which is linked below.

The Director of Defense is the chief governmental security official in The League. They may speak for the region's governing institutions in regards to regional security and military policy relating to the Department of Defense in general, including the Defense Forces and Intelligence Agency. The individual holding this position of representative ability is listed below.

The General of the Defense Forces is the highest-ranking officer in The League's Defense Forces (LDF), an agency within the Department of Defense. They may speak on issues specifically relating to the LDF and its command. The individual holding this position of representative ability is listed below.

  • General of the Defense Forces Lyoa

This is an Official Publication of the Office of the Consulate and the Department of Foreign Affairs of The League.
Read factbook

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Io and europa

Hello the embassy, I saw the spaming of a person which CTE´d by the mods. All others, you must watch and be careful and stay safe from the power of spam

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The Radiance of Urum

I am scared of ceasing to exist
Bottom text

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The Teachings of Lemmingtopias

Atlantis is holding Winter Games on the 1st Feb to celebrate our region's 18th Anniversary. You are welcome to participate if you wish. Details in the dispatch.

Welcome to the Atlantis Winter Games
Held 1st February 2021 to commemorate the 18th Anniversary of Atlantis.

To Commemorate the 18th Anniversary of Atlantis, Winter Games have been proposed to bring nations sporting heroes together to foster friendship and peace between their nations. The Games will begin on 1st February 2021.

Host | The Games | Sign-Ups | Participants

The Host
The Games will take place at the snow-enveloped Lemming Mountains in The Teachings of Lemmingtopias. The Lemming Mountains, in the North of the country, have for millennia been considered sacred ground and are dotted with monasteries, temples, academies, hermitages and thousands of shrines to the Hellenic gods and Lemmingtopian mystic spirits. The largest complex is the Winter Palace, which will serve as a backdrop to the sporting events and which is the min residence of His Holiness the Lemming Sage outside of the Capital. The Winter Palace is also the resting place of the mummified body of the Divine and Perpetual Emperor Lomax during the winter months. Medal recipients and select dignitaries will be invited to a private audience with the Emperor in his mausoleum.

Athletes, Dignitaries and spectators will arrive at the Lomax Winter Station after a journey from any major city or airport in Lemmingtopias. From here, a funicular railway takes you high above the station to the Winter Palace Complex. Limited access to the Helipad can also be arranged on request. Here, Athletes will be welcome by the Lemming Sage prior to being transported to their team facilities and the athlete village. Rooms are available at the Winter Palace for foreign dignitaries. With the exception of a few pensions near to the winter palace, Hotels for spectators are available at any of the nearby Mountain Towns, most being around one hour's transportation to the site of the Games by rail or coach.

The ancient stone amphitheater has been extended with temporary seating to allow for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies while modern venues for the sports already exist and have been upgraded for the occasion. To ensure the safety of the ancient and sacred site, special routes have been laid out for spectators to follow with free tickets required to access the Winter Palace Complex or any of the nearby monasteries and temples. Temporary facilities have been installed to make the area comfortable for visitors as well as to ensure the safety of the site. Some mountain peaks have also been made available for visitor climbing.

The Games
Several Events across four sports will take place:

  • Bobsleigh

  • Ice Hockey

  • Figure Skating

  • Cross Country Skiing


Any Nation in Atlantis or a region with an Embassy with Atlantis is welcome to participate. Puppets are also welcome.

To Participate, please telegram The Teachings of Lemmingtopias.

In your telegram, you may also choose the skill levels for each of the four sports. This is not mandatory and if you do not do so, the default 25 skill will be applied to each sport. Each Skill level should be between 15 and 35 and the total across all 4 sports should be 100. You can also give a style modifier for your Ice Hockey Team between -5 (Ultra Defensive) and +5 (Ultra Aggressive) if you wish.


"Bob-Sleigh: 25
Ice Hockey: 22
Figure Skating: 20
Men's Skiing: 28
Women's Skiing: 30

Ice Hockey Style: +1"

The Games can be enjoyed by both roleplayers and non-roleplayers. An 'Everything Thread' will be created on the NationStates Forum for announcements, general discussion and roleplay. There will be a small boost for roleplay and non-roleplay discussion quality.

Xcorinate will be used to scorinate the Games.

Check Back Soon for More Details as the Games draw closer

Read dispatch

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The Grand Diarchy of Harmonic Empire


~~~ Card Hunger Games ~~~
Seventh Run Announcement

by Waiban, Harmonic Empire

Heyaaaa! Long time, no see, fellas, it is me Waibān. Now I know you’ve been waiting, so I’ll make it quick. The Seventh Run of the Card Hunger Games is here! A total of 48 players can join, but remember, for every player that gets eliminated, we are going to execute one tree! Don’t ask why.

How to Participate & Rewards
This event will be different, of course. That’s because it’s free! FREE! Hell, even the next game (coming soon, by the way) will be free! Anyone and everyone can join… but only one account per person. No puppets allowed! Winners can get one of any of the juiciest and succulent LEGS they’d like from this collection. Remember, slots are limited and are given on a “first come, first served” basis, so register now through TGs or Discord DMs and I’ll see you soon!

Potential CHG rewards can be seen here: page=deck/collection=33878

Survives till last
Reward: 1 Legendary Card


Forum Thread: viewtopic.php?p=38252327#p38252327
Discord Link: LinkNS Trading Card
[Published 24/01/2021]


Read dispatch

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The Meowth neko warriors toycat of Dollystana

Yo everyone check Gas Station out. It is an up-and-coming but fun region I joined not too long ago. I hope you will join or send a puppet

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The Tier King of Ubers of Mons magnus


If you take my cannon height of 3.5m and my cannon weight of 950kg I am apparently over 77 on the BMI scale making me the worlds most obese fire dinosaur.

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The Interstellar Democrat Union of Joeanian Republic

Hello I am quiting NS on Wednesday it's been s good year
Fare well

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Ns boy 1


We are holding a small survey on NationStates. Please participate and tell us your opinion on different issues.

Thank You

Abbeyverne and The potatoez

via Amalgamated Federation

The potatoez

Joeanian Republic wrote:Hello I am quiting NS on Wednesday it's been s good year
Fare well

:O :O :O

via Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom

The Interstellar Democrat Union of Joeanian Republic

The potatoez wrote::O :O :O

I'm not quiting now I changed my mind

Abbeyverne and The potatoez

via Amalgamated Federation

The potatoez

Joeanian Republic wrote:I'm not quiting now I changed my mind

:D :D :D

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Hello, i just joined embassies! UwU

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The Glass of Lemon 1

Try Our New Forum @:
NEW Poll!!: Click Here to Vote!
at least to us...

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The Inherent lack of Happiness of Sierra Grand

RIP Kobe

Abbeyverne and The potatoez

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The Socialist Republic of New Cerata

Cuara is holding a short survey on NationStates. Please participate and show us your opinions!
Survey Link:

Thank You!

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The Social Liberal Union of Northern Water Tribes

Telegram if you want me to add you to the petition. Then ill add your nation name to it (tell me if you don't want the ping). We need 50 or more signatures to try and get it started. Tell your friends about it, we need to get to 50 signatories! Upvote it to get it seen!


The Dream of Kirby
Mount kumi
Comrade Boris
Just porymonia
Old Zealand Founder
The Sakhalinsk Empire
Earth Allies
Kingdom of Englands
Ternocitic leigzondiantis
The potatoez
Northern Water Tribes
Sierra Grand
New Ropakstadt
Baloo Kingdom

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The Social Liberal Union of Northern Water Tribes

Sierra Grand wrote:RIP Kobe

I think I heard Chadwick B. scream Kobe forever and Kobe and Baden-ginsburg laughing in heaven

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The potatoez

via Altay

The Considerate dictatorship of Eastern Tatarstan

The Altaic Regional Ministery of Propaganda presents:

Nations of Altay according to the regional map on 27th January 2021.
Credit: Bithynia-crimea
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The United Nordic Nation of Kepler-0085

The potatoez wrote:Yes. :c
Rest in peace, Ladymorrighan


The potatoez

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Planet avatar


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Midna fanboy not


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