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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

Sierra Grand wrote:You both are wrong, Utah is the best state, you got deserts, you got mountains, there you go everyone's happy

Dollystana wrote:Alabama is too inbred
Utah is a wasteland

Yall are wrong, Florida is best, altohugh if they want a panhandle, they should commit to it

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The Constitutional Monarchy of Weffleunion

Zebruski wrote:ALABAMA YEEEHA!

Dollystana wrote:No, Alaska is the best state

GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob wrote:florida is the best state, its so nice and hot

Ever heard of Texas?

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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

Weffleunion wrote:Ever heard of Texas?

Yes. Although everything is bigger, it's not necessarily better.

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The Monkey Empire of Zebruski


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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

Zebruski wrote:O H I O

Ohio doesn't do it for me
too much baseball

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The Monkey Empire of Zebruski

GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob wrote:Ohio doesn't do it for me
too much baseball

its all ohio

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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

Zebruski wrote:its all ohio

I must say... Football is about 1585% better than baseball

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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

Zebruski wrote:its all ohio

But I do like Ohio's flag, its unique

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The Memery of North Cromch

GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob wrote:I must say... Football is about 1585% better than baseball

ohio is now expanding it's targets list to ever ns nation

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The Holy Red Zombie Guy of GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob

North Cromch wrote:ohio is now expanding it's targets list to ever ns nation

Whatever, but Florida is the best state

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The Monkey Empire of Zebruski

North Cromch wrote:ohio is now expanding it's targets list to ever ns nation

North Stonksrea

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The Social Liberal Union of Northern Water Tribes


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Apple airport extreme


ima head out

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Female m0squit0

Hello my Embassy.

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Female m0squit0

I have a question. What exactly do I type in the "recipient" bar.

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The United Nordic Nation of Kepler-0085

i love pizza

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The Monkey Empire of Zebruski


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Untitled spreadsheet



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The Why this mates of Earth Allies

The nation behind Ladymorrighan has died....RIP

Post self-deleted by Sierra Grand.

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The Inherent lack of Happiness of Sierra Grand




Abbeyverne and The potatoez

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The Holy of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Great new update to the St Abby Times!:

Publication XII - April 07, 2021
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Perilous Moorland
Written by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
The next morning, had both Eliezer and Jinha trekking across the moorland once more. Jinha, rode along on top of his horse, a gray-colored thing. Riding on top of a horse-tack, looking forward instead of looking around. Rabbits hopped by, and the sounds of spring rippled along the moorland. There wasn't a thought of regret by Eliezer. But Jinha was a different case.

The heather bloomed with fresh buds. Acting as the besoms of spring, they rustled through the wind, with flocks of bees finding their buds sweet. Moss campion surround large rocks, forming a bed of green with pink flowers on the top.

Eliezer believed the sights were beautiful. Jinha was a different case.

"We're heading the right way," Eliezer looks at the compass in his palm. "not too far now. Sun is in our favor at least. It's afternoon." Eliezer turns around to look at Jinha, riding his horse, whom was not paying attention to his words.



"Did you even hear what I said?" Eliezer remarked.


"Idiot." Eliezer muttered. Not caring if he heard or not.

. . .

The city was now in front of them. The rubble remaining as it had been. The only exception was that the barbed wire had been knocked down, forming a barrier of shrapnel for them to walk on. Concertina wire, an annoying obstacle.

"I don't think we should enter the city. It's most likely filled with those dragon-walking bastards." Eliezer responded. "Also, we have your horse. The rubble within the city will make it difficult for us to bring him along."

Jinha nods. He gives a sigh, and responds. "Are you sure this mission will work, or is it a waste of time?" Jinha was having doubt over the purpose of this mission. Having second-thoughts over the whole thing.

"Look, you agreed to this expedition. If you leave, it's none of my concern, only yours. This could be the only chance we have to saving your girlfriend. Go ahead, leave, but I'm going in order to finish what I've started."

Eliezer turns around back to the barbed wire, he looks north, noticing the wire extends further. "The wire extends north, we can follow it until we reach something." He beckons with his head towards Jinha. "Lets go."

. . .

It was already sunset, and they had successfully trekked a long way from their starting place. They formed a makeshift camp within a cavern alongside a small hill. On top of the hill was a good look of the rest of the city. Allowing for you to examine the large but rotten structures, war had ruined them.

Eliezer remained resting on the wall of the cavern, looking at the small campfire they had made. Jinha remained outside, talking with his horse. Eventually, he came inside, grabbed his rifle he left in the cavern, then went back outside to stand guard and to sleep outside.

"Interesting," Eliezer murmured. "if it rains, it's not my fault." He pulls out the map of the Rowandale Sea and begins examining it.

I hope I'm not being wrong about this. But what if there is no remnants? What if I die trying?

After long desperate thoughts, he fell asleep.

In My Eyes
Written by Allangoria
Our Chief Elder wrote a personal poem in honor of sexual assault, and harassment month. This poem is to honor those victims, and understand how they feel. Hope you enjoy it!

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Chief Elder Releases Spring Address
Written by Allangoria
Chief Elder, Allangoria released his address on the plans for the up coming spring session. His address is released below;
Our Lord Reaper, Supreme Council, and The Outer Council Members;

Spring of 2021 has been filled with productivity, and many changes. We added Unanda as our new Elder of Foreign Affairs. We have a lot of upcoming plans to accomplish this spring season that will bring us to warp speed.

Joining The URA: I like the way President Suvmia has taken this organization. It took us about 8 months to decide. This will help achieve strengthening our friendship with the World Assembly community, and let us be apart of huge, and historical importance. We will begin the process soon.
Foreign Affairs Expansion: Expanding is a major key for our region. By the end of 2021, I like to have official embassies with The North Pacific, and the South Pacific. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. With Unanda, and The Fallen Word, I will be asking them to develop a better Ambassador Program, more detailed Foreign Policy, and conducting regular embassy audits, and issuing decrees for our ambassadors. We must conduct our Foreign Policy in a more dignified manner. That we shall.
Executive Mandate 003-21: This executive mandate establishes May as our Foundation Month. This will be a month long celebration of events, regional history, and we will release our plans for the St Abby Historical Society that will fall under our Culture Committee! 18 years is an amazing achievement!
Expanding the office of Chief Elder: My predecessors have explored the capabilities of the office of Chief Elder. There’s not a lot of precedents set for this office. I have tried my best to create, and write a traditional way of serving in this position. Now this doesn’t mean by increasing the power of the office. This is more establishing new traditions, preservation of our regional history, protecting our region from invasions, and being a light for our citizens to look to when in need. The best thing about St Abby is we have a chill atmosphere. You can make a name for yourself, or even restore your credibility. I’m proud of our revitalization era here! I took the weirdest path to get here. I left The Free Nations Region to escape persecution that I never asked for. My career was almost over , but I came here! And I said this would where I retire. That’s going to be awhile though. The crowd huffs a sigh of relief.
Creating a Fun Environment: Finally, I want to continue our growth of regional opportunities. We will be having regional newspaper games, and much more. We will focus on increasing incentives for joining the World Assembly like the Guardians of Abby. We have so many opportunities here like Dream World, and regional RP. We will see more gameside polls, RMB debates, and eventually Outer Council elections!! I will close with this. Hawkswind, and the regional founders created this region for us to enjoy. Kitsco sacrificed his kingdom, and stepped down to keep peace in St Abby! This region has incredible potential, and history! We are writing our chapter now!

Foreign Affairs Gets More Tools!
Written by Allangoria
The Supreme Council adds more to the Foreign Policy Plan. Chief Elder, Allangoria felt it was time to expand his Foreign Policy plan going forward. It can be summed up as this below;
• The Foreign Affairs Committee is made up of 5 members. (Lord Reaper, Chief Elder, Elder of Foreign Affairs, Deputy of Foreign Affairs, and any Citizen nominated by the Chief Elder.)

• The Foreign Affairs Committee may grant asylum to a nation who seeks it. That said nation must have been persecuted, or kicked out of their home region illegally. That said nation can’t apply for asylum if they committed a severe crime.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee may deem any region or nation persona non grata if they are problem in Nationstates, or a threat to St Abbaddon with a simple majority vote.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee reserves the right to subpoena any ambassador to or for St Abbaddon.

• All diplomats, current, or future, will be required to apply for a passport visa, that will be kept on file.

• The Elder of Foreign Affairs is the main contact for Foreign Policy.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee will hold all diplomats accountable to follow all regional laws, rules, and customs. This isn’t excluded to St Abbaddon Constitution, Supreme Council Resolutions, Lord Reaper Decree’s, or Chief Elder Executive Mandates.

• Diplomats may keep nations in the region, join the World Assembly as long as they apply for a diplomatic visa. They may also become citizens if they wish to with consent from their main region they represent.
This plan will help strengthen St Abby’s Foreign Policy as a whole. It looks like St Abbaddon keeps moving forward.

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.
St Abby Joins The URA
Written by Allangoria, and Suvmia
St Abbaddon joins the URA! It’s a huge breaking news after 8 months of discussion. Allangoria hosted a small ceremony.
Allangoria “ Good evening, night or morning everyone! As you know the URA approved our membership on April 7, 2021. I welcome our new partnership with URA Founder Ellenburg , and President Suvmia. This was not a will we join? This was a when would we join. I’m happy to say The URA has made significant progress and met my expectations. And St Abby has made historical progress, and we add another chapter to our book. Mr. Founder, Mr. President; I brought The Free Nations Region, and The Freedom Isles to our alliance. But this is even more special. St Abby is not your typical region. We are made up of individuals who are the guardians of freedom, writers of history, and preservers who want our region to see tomorrow. For 18 years we have stood. And now Draganisia, myself, and our government now hold the task to continue its proud traditions. We have a lot to offer with Dream World our interegional RP. We have a ton of history, and much more. With that I’ll do the official signing honors.
Suvmia: Hello everyone! I am happy to be here to address you all as the President of the URA. Moreover, I am ecstatic to welcome you all to the United Regions Alliance; not only will St. Abbaddon be able to expand its influence via the World Assembly, but you are joining a wider community to partake in. I hope over the next few weeks or months that many of our fellow URA members will enjoy getting to know your region, your culture, and most of all, the citizens that reside here; we are all enthused to have you on board! I'll be in your server here, and in the URA server, so if you ever have any questions about the URA, feel free to ping me and ask!”
St Abbaddon will now be joining The URA. The official Executive Mandate 004-21 can be found here page=dispatch/id=1509114

St Abby Intends To Host 18th Anniversary Party
Written by Allangoria
The Chief Elder confirms everyone’s question of if St Abbaddon would celebrate its 18th year anniversary. It’s not official for dates, but St Abbaddon will have more information soon!

Publication XI - March 31, 2021
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Lord Reaper’s Monthly RP Story
Written by Draganisia
Jake was told to stay in the room outside of Emperor Brian’s main office while he first met with Jesse and David and after they left the office he then met with Princess Tang. Once he was done with her it was finally Jakes turn to meet with him.
As Jesse and David passed him he tried to ask what was going on but Jesse just gave him a sad look before he and his son David left without saying a word.
Jake wouldn’t be able to hide how worried he was about what he would find out.
Brian. “Usually I would tell you to sit down but honestly I am at the point where I don’t care whether you sit or stand.”
Jake simply stood there and listened.
Brian. “The truth is that I knew nothing was going to stop Jesse and Adria from going after him. To be honest I am actually surprised she was the one that went instead of Alexis.”
“They refuse to tell me what happened. So I was hoping you would. What happened on the Tang Islands after I got injured?” Jake asked.
“Adria is gone. She went with Jesse in order to kill Makarov and destroy the army he had there but… something bad happened. There was a huge explosion that destroyed the base as part of a self destruction set by Makarov. Jesse survived but your sister… she didn’t.”
Nothing would hide the shocked look on his face while he tried to hide his anger and sorrow. “So what is the plan now?”
Brian continued. “Now the main problem is no longer Makarov. It’s the one who has been pulling his strings the entire time. Mara is the Queen of the Dark Dragons and now she is free from the prison… that I put her in.”
Jake. “What do you mean?”
Brian told him what happened. “Thousands of years ago I had a happy Royal Family. However we knew that the humans of the empire... had it hard. They were not being treated well and so our parents wanted to do something about it. Eventually my father Galen found out what the Draganium element was truly capable of and planned to use it in order to change all humans into Dragons like us. The humans and many Dragons at that time... Didn't like that idea and this lead to the Civil War that destroyed the Empire. Our mother was killed by assassin's during the war and this sent my father and sister over the edge. Instead of helping them now they wanted to wipe out humanity entirely. Me and Gladius just wanted the war to end but we couldn't let them kill anymore innocent people. In one final battle we fought with the humans and their other Dragon allies against my father and his followers. I killed him and we confronted Mara as well. After a long fight I eventually knocked her unconscious. I should have killed her right then and there but… I just couldn’t do it. She was my sister and I still wanted her to be safe. So I opened an Ancient portal to the City of Dreams and threw her body into it. There she would be safe. Where I hoped she would meditate on what happened and try to redeem herself. But instead she only got more bloodthirsty and was corrupted by the Darkness. She used it’s power to influence people here and use them for her bidding. Makarov is nothing more than a puppet just like the rest of the Dark Dragons. And in order to free them from her control…” Brian brings out a sword made during the Dragon Empire which was one of only a few sharp enough to break through Dragon Armored Scales. “There is only one way that this ends and I need to know that I can trust you to do what is necessary to stop her once and for all… If I can’t.”
Jake thought about it for a minute and then finally answered. “NO.”
Brian was surprised and a little angry himself now. “What do you mean NO?!”
Jake answered. “There is more to this than what you are telling me. There is always more to everything that goes on. And unless I know the truth I will never do your dirty work like this anymore. It might be too late to save my brother but I don’t know her like you do. If that part of you doesn’t want to kill her it’s probably because you do know the full truth is not as bad as you think.”
Jake sighed and finished. “I am going to kill Makarov no matter if doing so brings back my brother Steven or not. But as for Mara you need to finish it yourself! Do your own dirty work.”
Jake then left the room without saying anything more.

Lord Reaper’s Story Telling Part II
Written by Draganisia
Emperor Brian knew what was coming. He didn't want to do it but he knew that if she didn't stand down than he wouldn't have a choice.

Jesse. "A massive airship (like spaceships but can't go into space yet) fleet has been spotted approaching Draganisia from the west. It looks much like the same one that attacked Rowandale."

Brian. "Mara has many allies. Mainly those who already hated us. It's no surprise she is uniting them all against us."

Jesse. "And yet I still think there is more to this. What are you not telling me? What happened?"

Brian. "Assassin's killed our mother during the Dragon Civil War that destroyed the Empire thousands of years ago. At first my father did originally want to help humanity become like us but after that he and my sister changed. They wanted to wipe out humanity entirely and so me and Gladius stopped them. But in the end I couldn't kill her when I should have. So now she is coming for revenge along with all the others who want us dead as well."

Jesse. "Ok. I agree she needs to be stopped. But I still feel that there is more going on than that. You are afraid of something and it isn't just her."

Brian. "You are right. There are much worse things in the universe that want us dead and every second they get closer. If you think Makarov is evil... You haven't seen anything yet. Which is why I am worried. If Mara and her Dark Dragons can do this much damage by themselves... We will never be ready for what is truly coming."

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Foreign Affairs Department Getting Revamped
Written by Allangoria
Unanda, New Elder of Foreign Affairs, and The Fallen Word, Deputy Elder of Foreign Affairs, and Head of Media Relations/Gameplay Ambassador successfully took over the Foreign Affairs Department. Both members are replacing Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire, who moves to a less demanding position, Elder of Defense. St Abby Foreign Affairs is getting a full revamp, and the first major change in the Allangoria government era. The Chief Elder released this statement;
“Change is always happening in Nationstates! Whether it’s a new Delegate, Government Leader, or even an era. Here in St Abbaddon, we are seeing a little bit of both. Today, Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire will be departing the administration. While their loss leaves a gaping hole, Oceanic will still be here in our community! This opens up a new chapter in our Foreign Affairs department, and any individual who wishes to apply for this prestigious role. It will take some time to fill this important role with someone who embodies the St Abby tradition, and spirit of our community as Oceanic has. Therefore, he will be awarded the Hawkswind Second Class Medal for his accomplishments! He played a major role in myself joining this community, and government. He made me feel welcome when The Free Nations Region didn’t, and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for that. He was a great member who always offered the best advice! St Abbaddon will continue our revitalization project in this post Topid era! Our time is now, and we will continue writing this important chapter in our history!! While he’s moving to the Elder of Defense, I’m excited to be working with Unanda, and The Fallen Word. These two bright individuals will make our region even better than before! This will be a great era!”

New Roleplaying Rules Coming To St Abbaddon
Written by Allangoria
Roleplaying Rules will be changing! Supreme Council Resolution 003-21, proposed by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire, will be revamping, and changing the RP rules for St Abby. It’s listed below;
The St Abbaddon RMB roleplay is a more character-leaning roleplay. For separation of the St Abbaddon Discord Roleplay (which we will call the Legacy Roleplay), we will be calling the RMB (Regional Message Board) roleplay on St Abbaddon: Expanded Universe.

Rules can be added on as time goes by:

1. Under NO circumstance are you to act or speak on behalf of any other nation or character that belongs to someone else, UNLESS you are given direct permission from the owner.

2. To mark you are being OOC (Out-Of-Character), it is recommended you add OOC to your post, that way we know you are not intending to roleplay. Saying “Out-Of-Roleplay” is also allowed as well.

3. Nothing considered OP is allowed! If multiple people consider a certain thing OP it will either be retconned or balanced out in other ways if it needs to be.

4. It is recommended that if you wish to argue in OOC. That you utilze other messaging systems like telegrams, Discord, and other PM’s.

5. No adding background to other people's characters without consulting them.. it is a form of editorial/narrative god-moding.

6. The existence of nations must be roleplayed to be canon. That way other people may be able to roleplay in these nations. It is recommended some detail and lore be added to these nations, that way other roleplayers and nations may be able to interact with these countries.

This Month is St Abbaddon sharing all of its favorite memes, and pics from games!! Enjoy!
The Talent Show 🎤
Written by The Fallen Word

Defend Our Dear St Abby!
Written by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Allangoria’s Favorite!
Written by Allangoria

The Bush Dance!
Written by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Publication X - March 10, 2021
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Special Promo from St Abby’s Revamped Roleplay
Written by Draganisia

Location Unknown

“If we don’t destroy them than they won’t stop until they destroy us. This is not about the Light or Darkness. This is simply about survival.” Makarov said to the large Purple Dragon Mara as other Dragons were gathering around them.

Mara however disagreed with him. “But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thousands of years have passed since Brian first put me in the Dreaming City. It was hard but I have had time to think about what he said and what we need to do in order to have peace.”

“You had it Hard?!” Now Makarov was angry. “At least Brian put you there because he thought it would actually help you. My Own Family Betrayed Me!!! My father left me for dead! And then he even sent forces to kill me in order to hide what I had found.”

Mara was curious. “And what did you find?”

Makarov answered. “The truth. There is no Light Dragons or Dark Dragons. It’s just a lie Brian and his father created in order to justify what they did during the Fall of the Dragon Empire. The “Heroes” and their fight against Abbaddon himself was only a part of a much larger conflict. Abbaddon found something that they considered a threat to their existence. However while most wanted to destroy it… He embraced the power he found. Something that maybe we should do as well.”

Makarov had a black aura around him now and it was terrifying Mara. “What have you done?!”

Makarov gave an evil smile. “You think there might finally be peace but the rest of us know the truth. I called out for help in order to survive and the Darkness answered. If we are going to survive than we need to do whatever is necessary. If we have to become the Dark Dragons they say we are in order to survive… Than So Be It !!!”

Trouble In The East
Written by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
Troubles of the East

The townspeople had been kind enough. Eliezer, Gretel, Helena, and Simmons had managed to camp out in the hills outside of the village. When they had entered, the townspeople had gotten suspicious of them, though they welcomed them once they saw that they weren't enemies or members of the "Anarchists".

"This is a wild bunch." Gretel had said as they had first entered the village. It had been around four days since they first entered, and everything was fine currently. The weather had been bad though. Rain had been pouring for three days consecutively without end, this was angering Simmons whom wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Eliezer shook his head. "They may seem like a 'wild bunch' but they don't seem aggressive. Which is what we need right now. The less enemies the better." Brian had given Eliezer and the others the task of protecting Helena, which meant having the last amount of enemies as possible.

Though it was around dawn, it continued to rain heavily. Eliezer was reading a book while sitting inside one of the tents. Eliezer was sitting on a wool-blanket that he had traded for at one of the market stands in the village, an old woman had crafted them. Eliezer had traded the mat for several cans of food which he possessed in his knapsack. Gretel and Simmons had gone hunting for rabbits in the moorland the other day, but since the weather has been bad, they only managed to capture around four rabbits these past couple days.

"Bad luck," Gretel had said after one of her hunts. "might as well call quits on hunting rabbits." She lifted one of the rabbits to show Helena and Abby. "This smack ball of fur probably wouldn't even be good to trade for with the villagers."

Gretel had managed to get some good trades though with the rabbits; a bottle of whiskey. She was pretty drunk two days ago, and had scared the living daylight out of Helena. Abby bit Gretel in the leg once Gretel attempted to share the whiskey with Helena. However, Gretel didn't even make a sign that she had been bit, ignoring it by falling down onto her sleeping bag and snoring.

While reading, he ate a bite of a piece of stale bread, some crackers, and salt-pork. The hardtack crackers sucked, they tasted horrible, but he ate them anyway. For more Roleplay Stories, read our RMB today!

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

The Outer Council’s Newest Member
Written by Allangoria
The Outer Council is getting a fresh makeover. A few weeks ago, St Abby welcomed United nations of the islands to the newly created position for the Outer Council. The Supreme Council passed the Outer Council Extension Act which gives the Outer Council more operator power as a council. The Chief Elder said, “The Islands will make a great edition to this council. They have lots of energy, and good ideas! This will be a very nice edition!” The act will be listed at the bottom.

The Outer Council Extension Act
Written by Allangoria
A big piece of legislation that has dominated 2021 was the Outer Council Extension Act. This act, written by the Chief Elder, creates more jobs, and outlines more responsibility for the Outer Council. Allangoria had this to say, “This act gives our Outer Council the opportunity to grow into one of the mainframes for our region. We created 3 new positions, and eventually we will have elections for the lower chamber. It’s a huge goal we hope to achieve by 2022.”
This has been a huge discussion for the administration since day 1. We could even see more changes to the government, and specifically the Outer Council has we move along.

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.
Thalassia, and St Abbaddon Host Treaty Signing Ceremony
Written by Allangoria
On February 12, key members of the Thalassia, and St Abby Governments finalized the Treaty of Trident 🔱 treaty. Chief Elder Allangoria had this to say; “Good Afternoon;

Madam Founder, Sho , Mr. Chancellor, Owl Archipelago and our awesome ambassador, Jedinsto; I am so happy to finally host this incredible treaty signing. The Treaty of Trident marks a very long, and historical friendship. Both of our incredible regions have had a hard path to get to where we are today. Thalassia used to be Pacifica, and St Abby has had many administrations in her 18 year history. Through all the hard times, Thalassia natives, and St Abby natives have always cherished our friendship that we have had. About a month ago, I invited Sho, and her government here for a summit meeting. That meeting went so well, we left with a treaty that we are so happy to share with you, and their region. This administration began on August 28, 2020 here in St Abby. Since then, we have had 10 issues of our St Abby Times, a new design for our flag, and countless new infrastructures, and now our first official treaty signing! We are writing our own chapter in St Abby History! I couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it. I’ll now yield the floor to our other participants.” The treaty now is officially on display at the Hawkswind museum! page=dispatch/id=1488970

Congratulations to President Calvin Coolidge!
Written by Allangoria
Europeia elected a new President! Calvin Coolidge recently won their past election. The Chief Elder released this statement, “I’m excited President Coolidge. I know they are a very respected political leader in Europeia. I hope we can plan a festival with them during this session. I believe this could be our biggest event goal for 2021.” More development’s on this story will be in our next newspaper.

Publication IX - February 8, 2021
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Allangoria, and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire Joint Roleplay Story Back From The Past
Written by Allangoria, and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
”Captain Christopher Zamarron greets the Tang Islands natives. Well you can call me Christopher. My crew and I escaped from the hardships of our former home. The military has beheaded our king, and installed a new government into power. We escaped it on a windy, and cold night. I lost site on my map, and somehow we rolled into this sunny, warm, and welcoming place. Say their young lad , as he puts to a young 8 year old boy holding a teddy bear. What do you all call this place?”

The Tangian merchants murmur to eachother wondering if they came from the portal rumor that had spread, but they decide to give an answer. One of the merchants was the sister of President-Duchess Sunheart of the Yellow Tang Islands. Rebecca Bailey Violetshine the cousin of President-Duchess Sunheart speaks up with the group of merchants*

"We call this place St Abbaddon. We also lost our home. To a group whom we call the 'Western Hordes.' also known as the Garnean Empire. I fled with a group of people on ships. We made it to Sealand where we established trading posts. Then I traveled with this group of merchants here to the Island of St Abbaddon. Its where most of the commerce happens around here. We're hoping to one day return to our home. Anyway your welcome around here. Are you looking for a place to stay? Rowandale isn't far from here."
“Captain Christopher Zamarron looks around, and smiles. Well I suppose we will take you up on your offer there mate. We originally came from the shores of Crystal lake. Looks like St Abby will become our new home. We specialize in ship building, and my manufacturing company is what paid for us to come over here. Our women, and children must have a place to live in peace! We will need jobs, and places to live.”
The Tangians find out they can finally return home. And it seems now that Dragonisia is some free land.
Rebecca, "Ya know. Now since Dragonisia is open land. You could use it as your new home. The other nations are at war currently so they probably don't have time to colonize it. You could move your people there."
Yes we shall!! Captain Christopher Zamarron looks down from his ship. Welp it's time for us to download the wagons. This appears to be our new home.

10 St Abby Downs Gets Renovated
Written by Allangoria
For the month of January, the 25 Million Dollar renovation began on 10 St Abby Downs. The current occupant, Allangoria, put in a rose garden, new balcony, new office space, and a new swimming pool with a lazy river. The Chief Elder said it was due to the new staff members who wanted a better working atmosphere, and a place to host summit meetings!

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Thalassia, and St Abbaddon Agree to terms for the Treaty of Trident 🔱
Written by Allangoria
The leaders from Thalassia, and St Abby agreed to the terms in, The Treaty of Trident 🔱. This was the proposed treaty that was discussed during the summit meeting a few weeks ago. The respective governments said the official signing for the treaty will be on Wednesday. Allangoria had this to say; “Thalassia, and St Abby have a very unique bond that most regions can’t say they have. I remember when Thalassia was Pacifica. Through it all they have always supported St Abby in the good, and dark times!! This treaty only ties us even closer! I am happy to pass this treaty, and continue our incredible friendship!” The treaty will be on display later this week.

St Abby Turning 18 Years Old
Written by Allangoria
Yes you read that right!! St Abbaddon will be celebrating it’s 18th Anniversary! When asked about what the celebration would be like, the Chief Elder wasn’t sure yet, but we expect more details on that by the next Newspaper edition. St Abbaddon has see a strong resurgence in it’s government since the current administration has taken office. Expectations for a celebration are sky high since the region has been fairly active. There will be more information on that soon!

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.
Allangoria Falls Short In URA Presidential Election
Written by Allangoria
Allangoria, our Chief Elder, ran in the United Regions Alliance Presidential Election. Allangoria ran on a conservative platform surrounded by a huge promise to cut the URA government by 35% which led to several voters doubt this was a solid path. Allangoria finished third in the final election results. He said this “This campaign ended in a very heart breaking conclusion. We had the idea of bringing a long term change just as I have here in St Abby. I’m ok with this loss because we still have a lot of work to do here in St Abbaddon! I look forward to seeing how the URA works out, while I focus here at home!” It was most certainly a long, and tiring campaign. Will Allangoria run for President again? Well in his concession speech, he hinted he would probably sit out the next election.

The Chief Elder Is At Peace
Written by Allangoria
During the URA Presidential Elections, Chief Elder, Allangoria, was charged with Treason in The Free Nations Region. Charges were dropped after the Pre Trial. Allangoria said this; “I was very disappointed this was brought up again. Especially after I begged that you don’t mix OOC problems with IC issues. I’m glad this chapter is behind me, St Abby, and my NS career. I will continue to focus on my work here as Chief Elder, and I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings us! The Chief Elder recently returned to 10 St Abby Downs to resume work.

Publication VIII- January 17, 2021
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Lord Burton
Written by: Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
"Lord Burton of Rowandale, also the Archbishop of Raven; stood tall and proud as the Emperor walked through the adoring crowd. The Emperor’s purple mantle properly covered him as an overcoat as he walked through the hall of the Abbaddonian Abbey. Beautiful music played as he made his way down the hall to settle down. As every crowned King and Queen here did before him; to sit on the throne of King Abbaddon. The great golden throne was covered with a purple garment, for the noble metal of shining gold was hard to sit on (as in very uncomfortable). All Bahamut monarchs were crowned in this same church by Lord Burton, it in common was the fundamental law designated for all nations that faithfully followed Bahamut. Every noble raised their diamond coronet bringing bright flashes of dazzling light all around as the Emperor sat down on King Abbaddon’s Throne. The Archbishop of Raven gently lifted up the crown from its cushion which was being held by the Bishop of Rowandale and placed the five pound crown on the Emperor’s head. Upon properly placing it, the grand room erupted in cheer and grand celebration as the noblemen enthusiastically celebrated the newly crowned Emperor……"

Our Lord Reaper’s Roleplay Post!
Written by Draganisia
Alexis, Jesse, David, Sam, and Kait took a chopper to the Palace of the Tang Islands.

In the War Room they looked over maps of the islands and stuff like that while Jesse was quietly in the corner making sure his guns were ready.

Alexis. “Makarov has an army of thousands with this city under siege. We came only with a handful. I have no idea how we are going to do this. Any ideas Jesse?”

Alexis and the others looked at him as he continued messing with his Assault Rifle and Sword. “Jesse?”

He then told them what he thought.

"A healthy mind desn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day alive. But I think that's a luxury, not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take...inventory. Out-gunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds. On a suicide mission. But the sand and the seas here, stained with thousands of years of warfare... They will remember us. For this. Because out of all our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from Abbaddon itself. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight: We Will Kill Him.”

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Allangoria, and Niktobr Breath New Life Into St Abby’s World Assembly Program!
Written by Allangoria
St Abbaddon will now have new, and improved World Assembly Initiative Program! Chief Elder, Allangoria, decided to attack getting new World Assembly members by creating a ceremonial militia called, The Guardian Of St Abby. The program works as a new nation must endorse the Dragon Reaper, and the Supreme Council. Then they may apply for to become a member, and receive some special perks. Allangoria said this, “This program is to show that we take regional security, and the World Assembly seriously. A big thank you to Niktobr for developing the awesome design! I think members will enjoy this much more!” The link to the new dispatch is posted below!

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.
Thalassia, and St Abby Leaders Hold Summit Meeting
Written by Allangoria
This last weekend, Thalassa, and St Abbaddon held Summit meeting talks this past weekend. These 2 regions share a sacred history with having ties to Pacifica, and Former Monarch, Delegate, and Region mate Topid. The two regions discussed Cultural Affairs, World Assembly Fairs, Foreign Policy, and a renewed friendship was ignited. Both sides are expected to negotiate on the proposed treaty, and hold an official signing ceremony in the next few weeks. Allangoria, Chief Elder of St Abbaddon said this, “Thalassia is a great region. I was very happy when Sho founded Thalassia to keep the Pacifica tradition alive. Our two regions have a cool history. Having her government here was very cool. They were awesome, and I was happy to get to know them better since I’ve taken office here in our region! I look forward to a long, and prosperous relationship!” This story will be continuing in Publication IX. Stay tuned for more!

Our Very Own Allangoria Ran For URA President
Written by Allangoria
Our Chief Elder, Allangoria, registered to run for URA President recently. He’s expected to be a tough challenger to incumbent President Suvmia for the role. But several sources are hinting that Allangoria’s campaign has lost some of its momentum as he continues to focus on his new regional creation The Freedom Isles, and running St Abbaddon. He hasn’t issued any statements about his campaign. It’s expected he could lose all of his momentum when he squares off in the debates this week. This story will have more parts in the next newspaper! Stay tuned!

Publication VII - December 28, 2020
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

The Reef Prison
Written by Draganisia

The Reef Prison
Tang Islands
Jake was there in order to visit his father who was being held there on the island.
Jake. “This prison is huge. How big is this tower?”
Jesse. “I lost count while they were still building it. What I do know is that it can be seen from just about every part of the Tang Islands. Don’t bother asking me why they agreed to having it here. I wasn’t a part of that deal. Anyways your father is being held through that door on the left.”
They go through the door and enter an interrogation room. “Will leave you two alone but I will be in the room next door.” Jesse said to Jake and his father the former General Shepherd.
Jake. “Considering everything that has happened you are probably expecting me to apologize for not listening to your reasons.”
Shepherd. “I have seen the news Jacob. Dark Dragons are taking over the world just like I said they would. Why do you think Shadow Company was created? We knew this was coming. If Makarov didn’t do it then someone else would have. It’s all a part of her plan. It has been since the beginning.”
Now Jake was listening. “Who is she?”
Shepherd answered. “Their Queen. She has been imprisoned since the Fall of the Ancient Empire. And now she is trying to break free. And she is using the biggest distraction in history to do it.”
Jake. “What distraction?!”
(To Be Continued)

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Criminal Code of Codex Is Passed
Written by Allangoria
Since August, the region of St Abbaddon has felt several serious policy changes since Allangoria became the new Chief Elder. On Christmas Eve, the Supreme Council passed the Criminal Code of Codex. This Resolution affects citizens, and foreign embassies abroad here in St Abby, but also in the international RP region of Dream World. Allangoria said this “I believe this new resolution will strike down on spammers, sleeper nations who don’t want to endorse the council, and will provide better guidance to handle serious situations. The biggest thing this resolution shows is we all work as a team. Sure Draganisia is our Lord Reaper, and first line of defense against raids. But if the Council can also be proactive, it makes their job easier, and produces a more United front. The government of St Abbaddon is a team.” The Resolution is pasted below. page=dispatch/id=1481459

2020 Review of St Abbaddon
Written by Allangoria
This 2020 year of review will break down some of the key highlights that has happened in the entire year of 2020 here in St Abbaddon. While the first few months are kind of quiet, the ending was rather sweet for our region. To give some insight into the region, the concept St Abbaddon has been around since about 1998/99 on a forum. In about 2002, or so they moved to Nationstates. The nation known as Krypto may have been originally the founder. Unfortunately founders didn’t exist at this time. But since Hawkswind was the last member of this group, he is remembered in our WFE due to his contributions. As the original group is gone, St Abbaddon continues to shape itself with each generation gleaming with pride as they write a chapter in the history book. Now I present you the 2020 year of review.
  • January: Allangoria, then President of FNR, and Dragonisia Chief Elder/Monarch agree to make the interegional region called Dream World. It was a joint RP between FNR, and St Abby.

  • August: Emperor, and Chief Elder Dragonisia retires, and leaves this address, “ Due to dwindling game interest and distractions. I am hereby announcing my intent to resign my position as Emperor of St. Abbaddon. Jesbro is still WA delegate. But my resignation will call for a new election for a new head of state. Upon resignation I will be moving to a foundered non-competitive region where I may or may not continue playing the game. I am thinking I will continue but in a much less active state. Candidacy for the Chief Elder of St. Abbaddon is open, please post your interest. Reminder that you must have been a resident of the region at least one month to be a candidate and remaining elders must be relatively at ease with your candidacy.”

  • August 28: Allangoria becomes the new Chief Elder, and Draganisia becomes the new Lord Reaper.

  • September 8: The Supreme Council passed Security Council Resolution #001-20, the Official Constitution of St Abbaddon.

  • September 27: Supreme Council Resolution #004-20 is passed. The significance of this resolution was it called for the ban of all of Topid based, and designed flags. The new, and current regional flag was designed by Niktobr. This is important because the Chief Elder, and Elder Niktobr coined the new phase of Revitalization.

  • October 23: Chief Elder Allangoria creates The Hawkswind Citation Medal. This honors one of the most treasured members in St Abbaddon.

  • December 7: Supreme Council Resolution #009-20, St Abbaddon Foreign Policy of 2021 is passed. It’s the first major policy in the present era.

  • December 24: Supreme Council Resolution #010-20, Criminal Code of Codex is passed. This gives the the Council, and Lord Reaper a better definition, and emergency powers. It’s the second major policy under Allangoria’s era.

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.

St Abbaddon Calls for Region-Wide Condemnation of Nashville Attack
Written by Allangoria
On Christmas Day, an RV exploded in Nashville Tennessee. It was targeted for an AT&T call routing post. There were over 41 buildings damaged, and 3 injured. The Chief Elder stated, “ Today, I hereby issue a region wide period of peace, and prayer. On the morning of Christmas Day, there was an explosion in a RV in Nashville Tennessee. Please pray for the victims, their families, and our brave first responders! Take a second to acknowledge them, and strive to be more compassionate, be aware of your surroundings, and please be safe for the New Years season! Thank you!”

St Abbaddon Plans Summit Meeting in 2021 With Thalassia
Written by Allangoria
The region of St Abbaddon plans on hosting a summit meeting with MoFA Sho, and Thalassia. While there is not a confirmed date yet, but St Abby Chief Elder said this. “Thalassia is our main goal in the Foreign Policy sector going into 2021. They have a great region, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

Publication VI - December 16, 2020
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Allangoria’s Christmas Movie Recomendation
Written by Allangoria

If you are looking for a good Christmas movie, we recommend The Christmas Shoes! It’s a movie, a book, and a song. A little background story is this. A little boy named Nathan Andrews’s mother is diagnosed with a disease. While the family has to cope with this situation, this movie reminds everyone how important family is this holiday season. This will really bring joy to your hearts this holiday season! We here at St Abbaddon wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

A List of Good Christmas Charities to Donate To
Written by Allangoria
The Holidays can be tough. With the recent pandemic, and families struggling, it is the season for giving. The best way is to get involved with your local community. Feeding the homeless at the food pantry, adopt an angel child to make their Christmas dreams shine bright, and much more. There are also some national organizations that also really help with struggling families. We will post that here in the paper so you can get involved! So take sometime out of your day, and help someone in need! The little things will make a person’s heart feel with joy!

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

New Foreign Policy Is Established
Written by Allangoria
St Abbaddon has officially made changes to it’s Foreign Policy going forward. Chief Elder Allangoria stressed the importance of the timing for the huge upgrade. “Our region hasn’t taken a massive step like this in a long time. My take is we are going to focus on regions who will benefit us diplomatically, and World Assembly wise to. Putting this policy establishes a strong expectation, and professionalism that the requesting region will be receiving from us. For those regions who have embassies with us now, we will work with you on a case by case basis if need to be.” The new Foreign Policy shifts St Abbaddon in many areas, strives for a much more cleaner approach. The Foreign Policy update is posted below. page=dispatch/id=1451455

St Abbaddon Looks for Empowerment on World Assembly Affairs
Written by Allangoria
Debate discussions have began here in the region. Some options include St Abbaddon joining the URA, and some include creating a voting bloc alliance. The recent questions came up after the Chief Elder, and the Supreme Council passed the new Foreign Policy overhaul. As St Abbaddon continues to shift its policies outlook into 2021, this will become a huge discussion. The Chief Elder had this to say, “This is a decision that I am weighing with the best interest of St Abbaddon personally. I’ve been reaching out to potential allies, and discussing what is the best course of actions for St Abby. We will most definitely host discussions after the first of the year, and I’ll be looking for the best deal possible. We want a powerful, effective, and a beneficial alliance that will empower our region!” The Supreme Council will continue to discuss the decision going into 2021, and further into next year.

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.
Dream World Gets A Reboot
Written by Allangoria
Dream World will be getting a full reboot. The Roleplaying Paradise, and St Abby have been working drastically behind the scenes to work up a new exciting Roleplay between both regions. Draganisia, and RPP regional leaders are still working out the full details still. The original Dream World was a originally worked out by then President, and Founder of The Free Nations Region Allangoria, and former Monarch, and Chief Elder Dragonisia. Since then everything has changed. Current St Abbaddon Chief Elder expressed his thoughts, “Dream World has been a huge dream of mine. I’ve been wanting this to be successful. I am proud that this new generation of leaders are continuing such a proud legacy. We will continue to provide a strong interegional Roleplay with our new friends, and here in art Abbaddon!

[spoiler=Publication V]

Publication V - November 27, 2020
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

Draganisia Shared His RolePlay Story
Written by Draganisia
The Light and the Darkness have been fighting since the beginning of the universe.

Brian. "This is another move in our enemies master plan. A plan long in the making."

But there is a plan to keep balance.

Gladius. "Those born of both the Light and Darkness are more powerful than any others!"

But will their plan work?

Scout. "Those Dragons are preparing for one thing. They are going to attack Draganisia."

Before it's to late?

Brian. "She has the power to control everything and save us all. So now she only has one question to answer. How will this all end?!"

Allangoria Reflects on 2020 In NS
Written by Allangoria
This year has been a very interesting year. Not just here in the region, but personally as well. We saw our former Chief Elder, and Monarch depart us back in August, and we have seen our region have a bustling comeback. For me personally, I must say I’m extremely grateful to be overseeing such a historical region. This year we managed to establish a good working relationship with The North Pacific, revitalize our recruitment, and newspaper, and created several new projects that will boost us into 2021. I personally brought Allangoria into St Abbaddon back in 2019 for roleplaying, and build a relationship with the community. Little did I know 18 months later I’d be the Incumbent Chief Elder going into 2021. This region has had a strong second half of 2020. We will continue to build, and the Council’s expectations couldn’t be any higher! St Abbaddon smooth sails into 2021.

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Kuriko, and Efrua awarded The Hawkswind Second, and Third Class Citation Medal
Written by Allangoria
Chief Elder Allangoria has nominated 2 more members to be awarded The Hawkswind Citation Medal these past 2 weeks. Kuriko, a prominent defender, former 10000 Islands Delegate, and a big help with the stabilization of St Abbaddon, received the Hawkswind Second Class Citation Medal. Former nation, Efrua, received the Hawkswind Third Class Citation Medal for serving in various roles in the St Abbaddon Government. They also played a key role in the region’s stabilization after raid of The Black Hawks a few years ago. Allangoria had this to say, ”I full heartedly believe these 2 incredible individuals deserve this award for their hard work, and dedication to St Abby! Without them myself or any of our council members would be here today!” Kuriko has been invited for her official ceremony at Abbaddon Castle. She hasn’t reached out to confirm that invite with our office just yet.

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire Introduces St Abbaddon Resting Home
Written by Allangoria
Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire, Elder of Foreign Affairs, created a rather unique dispatch! This dispatch serves as a way to preserve, and remember all the former nations that sacrificed their hard work to put the region where it is today. To be included in this dispatch, you must be retired, a prominent former citizen or higher. As our Chief Elder put it, “When I look at this dispatch, I imagine the incredible history, and the colorful individuals who came before me. As Chief Elder, I know I am following a great tradition set by my predecessors. It’s a true way to honor them along with the Hawkswind Citation Medal Award.” The dispatch link is below, page=dispatch/id=1459741

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.

St Abby Welcomes Conch Kingdom, and Yggdrasil

Written by Allangoria
This past couple of weeks, St Abbaddon welcomed two new Embassies partners aboard since our last newspaper. Yggdrasil, and Conch Kingdom agreed to construct embassies with St Abbaddon. Our Chief Elder had this to say, “Both of these regions offer a great opportunity for us to develop stronger alliances all across Nationstates. I am so excited to be working with both of these regions!” St Abbaddon has been shifting its foreign policy since The Free Nations Region closed embassies. It’s good to see St Abbaddon is now building new alliances in NS!

Publication IV - November 13, 2020
Rowandale, St Abbaddon

Diving into the foray for an intimate look of St Abbaddon's many nations.

The Order of Hawkswind Medal Bestowed on three Regional Heroes
Written by Niktobr
This month, the Supreme Council of Elders unanimously voted to bestow the First Class variant of the Order of Hawkswind upon three individuals who have contributed greatly to the region and who's legacies will continue to endure.

1. Hawkswind: As the namesake of the Medal, Hawkswind is currently the only known St Abbaddon Native who has been a part of the region's existence since its foundation 17 years ago. Hawkswind served in a number of leading roles, including Delegate until 2016 when the region faced horrific raids and invasions. Though Hawkswind disappeared during this time, and despite whatever may have happened to him, his legacy has been enshrined in the modern day St Abbaddon.

2. Kitsco: Kitsco, the first real Monarch of modern St Abbaddon was a passionate Native who cared deeply for the region. After the devastation that decimated the region post-2016, Kitsco fought hard domestically to oppose the imposition of a password over the region, going to many lengths to ensure that St Abbaddon would never be blocked behind a password and forgotten. He ultimately forged a pact with the New Pacific Order in the form of a Protectorate Treaty, securing St Abbaddon's safety and restoring some semblance of stability in the region. When the Treaty was nullifed amid the St Abbaddon Pile of 2019, Kitsco voluntarily agreed to step down and peacefully hand over power. Kitsco's undying passion to save the region has earned him this medal.

3. Dragonisia: Dragonisia, aka Maelstrom Vortex helped sow the seeds that have sprung into today's St Abbaddon. He served as Chief Elder during Kitsco's reign, serving as a strong minded leader to set up the foundations of today's government while also defending the region and her honour from the outside. During the events of the St Abbaddon Pile of 2019, he was ferociously negotiating with many different parties to avoid the region's destruction. His sense of humour and his ability to connect with people, such as his befriending of then-Delegate of Pacifica Cormactopia Prime ultimately allowed St Abbaddon to emerge from the conflict unscathed. Maelstrom stepped down from his role in order to allow others to take his place.

The region of St Abbaddon is eternally grateful for the contributions of these three individuals, and their reception of St Abbaddon's highest attainable award is a recognition of their honour, courage and love for the region. Forever Remembering.

Chief Elder's Special Announcements
Written by Allangoria

My dearest citizens;

We are approaching the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, and Christmas 🎄 here in St Abbaddon! During these times I encourage you to show a little more compassion, acceptance, and love to those who maybe a little mis unfortunate in your communities, your states, your schools, and everyday lives. During the holidays depression can be at a very all time high. If you, or you know someone who maybe feeling a little down, please don't be afraid to seek help. We here in St Abby are always here to assist at anytime. Now onto some fun news, and announcements,

1. For the holiday season coming up, the Supreme Elder Council is working on hosting the Christmas Festival for the upcoming holiday season! If you want to help us plan for it, you can send a telegram to myself, or Niktobr. Even if you aren't on the Discord, you can most certainly still help out here on the RMB!

2.'We are also revamping our newspaper to! If you have any articles that you would like to submit please get them to me! We can always use more participation in making our paper the number 1 in NS! Feel free to message me, or Oranjea to see how you can get a job!

3. St Abbaddon is also looking for ambassadors! If you are interested, please send a telegram to myself or Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire to join our elite rank of Ambassadors! This is a great way to serve St Abbaddon in a small leadership role! We hope to see more faces!

These are just some of the things we have planned in our region! Please telegram our Lord Reaper, or our council members to join, and help out today!!

Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

Latest from the Government of St Abbaddon and the Supreme Council of Elders.

Supreme Council Shares Some Roleplay Stories
Written by Draganisia, and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
"Helena. It's time we move on. For all we know we could be the last humans left in this least I hope not. We'll head westwards into the woodlands; where hopefully we can settle and make camp there. We're going to stay alive, alright. I will kill as many of those dragons as I have to. I am not going down without a fight. Now let's get moving."


The Abbaddonian roleplay has been undergoing into a new storyline. One about the rise of “Dark Dragons.” Evil creatures that mutated from humans and turned into “Dark Dragons.” As of now the role-play continues on with us basically roleplaying in an apocalyptic world basically as Dark Dragons hunt down the remaining humans and “Light Dragons” (Dragons not infected by the darkness) As of now the roleplay of the “Dragon World” has recently begun but you can expect a lot more coming for the new storyline.

“Change. That is what the world of Abbaddon is going through right now. We thought we could stop him but it was already too late. Now everyone who were not Light Dragons like me have turned into Dark Dragons and have lost control of themselves in the process. Now there is a rumour that they are being lead by some sort of Queen. I don’t think she has complete control of them but if the rumors are true she knows how to drive their aggressive instincts for her own advantage. Before this people kept telling me that changing the world is hard to do. But from what I have seen… All it really takes is the will of a single person.” --- Emperor Brian

St Abbaddon Planning A Christmas Festival
Written by Allangoria
St Abbaddon has had a great revival since the new Supreme Council has taken office. Now the Council is working on planning out a Christmas Festival here in the region. Some ideas that they have is a 12 Day Christmas Trivia Challenge, Christmas Caroling Writing Competition, some Christmas Roleplay, and a St Abbaddon regional end of the year awards. There is so much fun coming to the region. If you are reading this, you are invited to our festival! We hope to see you there!

A glimpse at what's been happening outside of St Abbaddon in our inter-regional partners and abroad.

St Abby Establishes Ties With The North Pacific
Written by Allangoria
On November 12, 2020, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sanjurika for The North Pacific agreed to establish ties with St Abbaddon. Chief Elder Allangoria had this to say; "The North Pacific prides itself on being an ideal embassy partner with regions like St Abbaddon. I believe they will play a big role in our future when it comes to re-establishing our interegional Roleplay, learning from them on how to enhance our government, and having an ally who shares our Democratic ideals. Welcome to the team TNP!" This is a very huge step for St Abbaddon to revamp it's foreign policy since this new administration took office over 2 months ago. We can expect many more foreign policy changes coming in the future! Just wait, and see!

St Abby Times Brings You a New Fresh Look
Written by Allangoria
St Abby Times has a new look coming to you this edition. A very special thanks to Elder of Domestic Affairs, Niktobr. Thanks to his incredible design skills, St Abby Times will be even more of a pleasure to write, and bring a much better reading experience to our readers. If you are interested in working for the St Abby Times, don't be afraid to hit us up to join the team! We would love to have you here!

Publication III - October 30, 2020

RP Promo for the St Abby Times:
Written by Draganisia


The unthinkable has happened.

Jake: "Hi Alexis. If you find this recording... Don't feel bad about it. Part of the journey is the end. We are doing what we can to reverse what happened but... I don't think we will survive it. When I go to sleep I will dream about you... It was always you."

Makarov has won.

Adria: "He did exactly what he said he was going to do. He detonated Dark Draganium bombs in just about every single major city on Abbaddon."

And they lost everything.

Jesse: "We lost friends and family. We lost a big part of ourselves."

There is a plan to reverse it.

Jesse: "This is the fight of our lives. And we are going to win it."

But will it work before it is too late?

Adria: "This plan will work Jesse."

Jesse: "I know it will. Because we don't have any other options if it doesn't."

Hawkswind is Honored

This past week Chief Elder, Allangoria, came up with a proposal to honor long time regional legend, Hawkswind. Allangoria had this to say "For all Hawkswind has done for our great region of St Abbaddon, he deserves this great honor that the council will finally bestow upon him. Forever remembering Hawkswind!" As for the medals, they were designed by fellow Elder, Niktobr. The three medals are the highest awards that anyone can win in the region. The Supreme Council voted unanimously to approve the citation. Things seem to be picking up for the region. Below is the dispatch for more information on the Hawkswind Citation Medals. page=dispatch/id=1451041

St Abbaddon, and The Free Nations Region relations break down

On October 29, The Free Nations Region, and The Roleplay Paradise ended up having a disagreement. It started when South Asians, and founder Heaveria released a statement on the RPP server stating they would be combining the RP into their main server in 24 hours. This really set the RPers off, and set many countless hours asking questions about the issue. Several leaders in St Abbaddon from the Lord Reaper, Chief Elder, and Elder of Foreign Affairs agreed with the former FNR RPers that they should have had more time to get their work from the server, and encourage better peace talks between two. FNR President Sparsdan ordered the closure of the embassy. He stated that FNR didn't appreciate foreigners meddling in their disagreement, but would consider reopening embassies once peace was worked out. Former Founder, and St Abbaddon Chief Elder, Allangoria stated, "I personally agree with the mods on protecting their community, and doing what's right. At the same time I don't condone them for destroying the property in less than 24 hours. They could have offered a better peace solution, and I believed they would keep me out of their problems. That just wasn't the thing. I believe the President of FNR, and I will find a way to find peace. He's more than welcome to come to 10 St Abby Downs to discuss how we can move on from this." As of right now, The Roleplay Paradise is officially independent as of now from FNR. The evidence is listed below,

The Chief Elder's Set Free

This past week Chief Elder, Allangoria was declared innocent after a week long investigation over an OOC incident. We won't release to much information as it contains personal information. The Chief Elder had some one make a fake account of them displaying terrible threats. As this turned out it was done someone not as Allangoria. St Abbaddon rejoiced as the verdict came out. "This caused me so much pain, but also the great region I reside in. Now going forward, I can finally heal, and be there for this region that has stood by me. I'm 100% focused on being the Chief Elder here. We will continue great thing in this region, and be even more in 2021." This was a very emotional week for the Chief Elder. He returned back to 10 St Abby Avenue pumped, and ready to work.

Oranjea Joins The Outer Council

Oranjea joined the Outer Council this week. They will respondable for Media Relations. This includes with official press releases, helping with the newspaper, and much more. They were nominated by Chief Elder Allangoria. As he said "Their dedication to our region is extremely amazing. I believe they will serve in a great capacity here!" The Council voted unanimously for their nomination. For more information, we will have more information in the IV publication.

Publication II - October 13, 2020

RP Story By Draganisia

Unknown Interrogator. "So Prince Jesse... What can you tell me about the time everything started to change. Start with the first morning. The day that the Oceanic investigators arrived."

Jesse answered. "I was dreaming about flying. Over the forests, jungles, and eventually Draganisia City itself. I wasn't in some helicopter. I was actually flying myself.

Interrogator. "Like a Dragon?"

"Yes. But sooner or later though...

You always have to wake up."

St Abbaddon in the Halloween Spirit

St Abbaddon is celebrating Halloween in the region. Chief Elder Allangoria called on a special notice to spruicen up the WFE, and add a flag for decoration. The flag above was designed by our very own Niktobr! The Chief Elder said in this statement, "This flag really expresses the Halloween theme, and keeping to St Abby tradition. This region most certainly is in the Halloween Spirit!"

St Abbaddon participates in N-Day
St Abbaddon has struck gold with participating in the Horse Apocalypse for N-Day. While the group had a strong start, they ended up getting nuked causing a devastating ending. On some good news, St Abbaddon celebrated because it was a stem of activity here in the region. St Abbaddon has been working hard lately with the Revitalization program starting by the Supreme Council about a month ago. As the Chief Elder put it, it's a small step for Nationstates, but a huge opportunity for St Abbaddon.

St Abbaddon Planning a Christmas Festival

St Abbaddon has announced it plans to host a Christmas Festival this upcoming holiday season. Chief Elder, Allangoria, said planning for a great time to spend with other regions, and friends will enjoy the holiday season. Be watching our newspaper for more information in the upcoming articles. Also since our last news paper was in a different dispatch, I'll link it below.


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