The Arm of Orion

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Founder: The United Nations of United States of the Universe

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Largest Black Market: 502nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 772nd Most Nations: 841st+16
Most Scientifically Advanced: 949th Largest Information Technology Sector: 981st Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,092nd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,210th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,406th Highest Average Incomes: 1,748th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,795th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,825th Smartest Citizens: 1,845th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,036th Highest Economic Output: 2,107th Most Secular: 2,132nd Largest Governments: 2,254th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,438th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,476th Most Developed: 2,603rd
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Hello and welcome to the Arm of Orion.

Once a barren cloud of stars, rocks, ice, and gas; the Arm of Orion is home to a growing, very clear, presence of life and at the center of it all is a small blue marble. Will you join those spreading across the Arm and beyond?

This is a role-playing region set in the Milky Way Galaxy. We are a group of role-players with varied experience in writing and welcome people with various levels of skill. We also welcome diverse backgrounds and identities, but the primary language used is English.

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The year is 2253 AD/CE.

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Embassies: The Alterran Republic, The Great Universe, Fredonia, The Wack Hawks, and Antares Confederacy.

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The Arm of Orion contains 22 nations, the 841st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in The Arm of Orion

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, The Arm of Orion is ranked 14,646th in the world for Most Extreme.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nationalist Junta of AlanoCorporate Police State“Aut Vincere Aut Mori”
2.The Empire of VitaeromaIron Fist Consumerists“May Mars Guide You”
3.The Kauv Kingdoms of Vordanian WarriorsIron Fist Consumerists“Fight for honor, for glory, for vengeance!”
4.The Queendom of UsnarovIron Fist Consumerists“Dum Spiro Spero”
5.The Oppressed Peoples of AlegifondiaLeft-wing Utopia“0”
6.The Federal Republic of South SlovestiniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“EIA EIA ALALA”
7.The League of MaltaraCapitalizt“Take what you can, give nothing back!”
8.The Stygian Mining Collective of Atheni PrimeIron Fist Consumerists“Every move reveals an opportunity...”
9.The Techno-Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicFather Knows Best State“Per Virtutem Pax”
10.The Ríocht Tùs of Aurora-AgaanFather Knows Best State“Through Hardships, we reach to the Stars”

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The Federal Republic of South Slovestinia

The Alliance for Democracy is on the verge of first contact and are preparing to enter the Epsilon Eridani system.

The Federal Republic of South Slovestinia

The Alliance for Democracy decided it had better things to do than make first contact because the people it was trying to make first contact with started shooting at them.

The Incorporated States of The United Helios Assembly

A Signal From Afar

The WOW signal, BLC1, The Tau Blips, throughout humanity's history of space exploration, there have been events and mysterious instances of what humans thought to be evidence of intelligent alien life among the stars. While humans have found simple organism on other world's near to Earth, no instance of definitive intelligence has ever been discovered. It seemed humanity was alone in its knowledge and technological power, at-least for the time being.

Unbeknownst to humanity, however, it was not a lack of intelligence the universe suffered from, but it was the in-fact the side-effects of s long dead intelligence that once governed the spur millions of years ago. Ancient artifacts, built by this forgotten power, had been what hid the abundance of alien life from mankind, called Veils. The Veils have slowly failed over the years, and now the last of them die, their unlimited power slowly flickering into nothing.

This has allowed, for the first time ever, for signals from the Tu'Vala empire and the Éan to propagate beyond their home-systems and into the open universe. The signals would first reach Sol, alerting mankind to a mystery. While the signals were weak and garbled for the most part, it became clear they were not one-off events like the ones heard in the past, but actual tangible evidence of a possible alien intelligence.

To investigate, a joint task force from the Tartarus Foundation, United Frontier Worlds and the The United Helios Assembly has been assembled to investigate one of the sources of the mysterious signals, the Gliese 667 system, home of the Tu'Vala (Saevia).


Alken Nauka felt excitement swell through him again

The same excitement he had felt when it was announced he would be heading the expedition to Ross-128, only to have that order rescinded less than 2 days later. He felt like the Assembly was punishing him in some way, probably for creating the Treaty of Psyche without their permission. He felt no remorse for that decision, having saved the lives of his men and what remained of UHA territory on the asteroid-station.

Now it seemed the Assembly wanted to send him as far away as possible, and he couldn't be more excited.

Currently, he was riding in the HASS Sorin, a science ship bound for the Gliese 667 system over 20 light years from Sol, with Jovian and Tartarun cruissers trailing not far behind. Their jump had been made in two consecutive parts, one of 5 days duration that took them to a small red dwarf designated 9MASS 12298347HJ778 (Or as Nauka called it, N-mas) in middle of interstellar space, where the small fleet recharged the ships' exotic-matter drives, before continuing on. It was a ballsy move considering they left themselves open to interstellar wind and radiation, but the red dwarf's magnetic field had protected them from the worst. In the end however, it was all worth it. Nauka was pursuing what might be one of the most important discoveries in human history, and alien intelligence. While his comrades back on Ross-128 claimed that "goo" of theirs might have some for of intelligence, Nauka saw nothing but a waste of time. Surly no such creature could be intelligent.

No, he was heading for what seemed like a source of confirmed artificial radio signals. While weak they were promising.

The Federal Republic of South Slovestinia

Following their disastrous attempt at first contact, the Central Assembly of the Alliance for Democracy, convened for the first time in over thirty years to handle to unexpected situation at Epsilon Eridani, has resolved to continue meeting 'until such a time as it has been sufficiently determined the Alliance is in a position of clear security'. While widely regarded as a clear power grab for a body meant to be assembled only in emergencies, many see it as a necessary step to take in these uncertain times. In addition, the Assembly has moved to formally request to be given emergency executive power from the Executive Council, a request that is likely to be granted.

The Dominion of Tartarus Foundation

TNS presents
Stunning new works of AI

"Today humanity takes a great step into the future, as the Foundation declassifies the latest work of our scientists. Project Adam. A gigantic installation which is all to run one thing, the latest and greatest AI ever made, it will be able to act beyond its initial programming and be able to learn. So far in its proto state it has already complited a memory test and solved many complex equations."

"This experiment will perhaps be the begining of "True" AI, seen in science fiction as on par with humanity. Though the scientist have assured us, Adam is nowhere near so complex. But they are hopeful that it is only a matter of time, till AI can stand toe to tow with humans. The Ferro-Faith has expressed their utmost support and donated a staggering 40 billion pounds to the project."

The Incorporated States of The United Helios Assembly

Rebellion Rising?

Hello all and welcome to the Solar News Network. Our top story; early today, scanners detected a large burst of radiation from the surface of Luna, the UN's only remaining extra-planetary holding. In a statement made by the Helian Intelligence Central Authority, It was said that the burst was fist detected with " newly invented surveillance methods" that have been used to survey the Terran system. the burst seemed to bear many similarities with a low-yield thermo-nuclear warhead, around 8 megatons, and if data is correct originated from somewhere near the Moon's north pole, when the UN conducts many ice mining operations.

While no official reasoning for the explosion has been made public by Earth's government, many Helian official speculate that given the the importance of the norther Lunar ice reserves, the explosion may have been part of attempting to suppress a worker's rebellion. However, these are simple rumors, and hold little validity.

We'll update you as the story progresses.

New polska-litwa commonwealth, Kosmostia, Maltara, and South Slovestinia

The First Interstellar of Kosmostia

Luyten Consolidation
The Luyten system has surprisingly been under the Radar for a long time. Unlike most other stars on the frontier, it is sparsely populated, with few imperialist powers in the core daring to touch it. Only the Helians retain a grip on Luyten B, “Teplyy-Mir”. With the potential power of an entire star system in sight, the First Interstellar’s leadership decided to act, and to act now.

Unlike Hoth, the distances involved are practically neighborhood. The Union will be able to send far more men and material than they did with Echo Base. A quick development and assessment of the worlds will also allow for faster colonization and exploitation of resources, all good things in the fight against the capitalists. Luyten E was selected as *the* candidate. Since the fall of the authority on C, it has been a hodgepodge of warlords and petty states squabbling over the limited resources. Not fun for colonizing.

There are three main moons orbiting the E Gas Giant (Now named Fairbanks). Formally known as E1, 2 and 3, they are smaller than both Kosmia Primus and Secundus. However, smaller is a relative term, and all three are still massive for human scales, with natural resources to last a good while. Also, they’re a good refinery base for gas collected from Fairbanks.

Three freighters are set to load with colonization equipment and personnel, capable of setting up a small base. Unlike Hoth, the structures don’t have to withstand wind and other hazards from atmosphere, but simultaneously, has to be armored against radiation and micrometeorites. A total of 450 people, 150 per world, are herded up into the crew section. They are cosmonauts of all kinds. Workers, geologists, managers, etc...

But beforehand, all three have to have a name. No one’s gonna say “I live on Luyten E1”. That’s tacky. After a period which can only be described as the most powerful brainstorming, the men and women decided to take inspiration from some old pieces of art from the early 21st century. Thus, E1 is now “Numa Numa”, while E2’s future inhabitants claim that “We are number One”, and E3 chose an old nation-State, a micro nation specifically, off the coast of the island of “Great Britain”. It is now “Sealand”.

This is what happens when Adults will be Children.

The Incorporated States of The United Helios Assembly

A Skirmish of a War

Good morning, evening, or night to all our viewers out there among the stars. You are watching the Solar News Network. My name is Jordan Serinov, your anchor today. Our top story of the day. We have breaking news arriving from the Ross-128 system today; reports from the system indicate that Lucidae forces have invaded and occupied the fledgling nation of Lumion. In a surprise attack, the Lucidae forces were able to completely overwhelm the Lumion defense forces in less than 48 hours. Having only reached us now, 19 days after the fact, through a courier-ship, we can assume our current facts do not represent the true situation on the ground. However, it seems that this 'war', if you can even call it that, has reached a conclusion with the complete surrender of the Lumion government.

The Helian ship HANS Cold Sight has been dispatched from the Sol System to monitor the situation, but as off now no further information has come to light. Well update you as more information comes in.

The League of Maltara

The Titanian Expansion
Due to the increasing tension in the Sol System, the developed nations have begun to step up anti-piracy measures around the major trade routes leading into and out of the system. Unprecedented numbers of Maltarans have been either killed or arrested by a combination of Helian, U.N., Stygian, and Tartaran forces, and the League is in danger of collapsing. At its hour of need, the most influential signers of the Code came together to plan the League's next move, for if they do not band together to fight off this threat, they are in danger of losing their very lives.

After much debate, it was decided that the Asteroid Belt is simply not an economical choice to run an alliance of pirates from anymore, due to both its close proximity to high-priority targets, and also the ever-growing population from the downtrodden, destitute, and . Because of this, the Maltarans began to look beyond the Belt to find a new haven.

At the behest of an unknown informant, the assembled Ships looked to moons of Saturn to establish a new home. Its general distance from most of their enemies and strategic position in the outer rim of the Sol System made it the perfect candidate for a new home for the Maltarans. Not only that, but its plethora of moons made it easy to expand, and made hiding a relatively simple proposition. However, there was just one problem - The existence of the United Saturnite Socialist Republic. Putting aside their collective differences, the signers begin to plan the downfall of their one obstacle to a new home.

The Incorporated States of The United Helios Assembly

Trade Across the Expanse

A new trade agreement, struck between the UHA and the Tartarus Foundation of Pluto, has opened the door to advances in medical technology across Sol. Called the Light and Dark Medical Sharing Initiative, or LDMSI for short, buy its signatories, the agreement gives Plutonian scientists restricted access to Helian genetic manipulation technology, while also allowing Helian access to Plutonian combat augmentations, like robotic limbs, for soldiers and others in the military.

Several political groups in the UHA have called for the agreement to be suspended, claiming that the trade will only embolden a nation that "has no moral respect for human rights." Praym Chandran quickly rebuked this statement, saying that the agreement would help both Helios and Pluto equally.

Battle in the Belt

As trade the to the outer Sol system has increased, a burgeoning of pirate activity has been seen across the asteroid belt, with seemingly new groups of pirates springing up every day. Recently, several dozen shipments of Plutonian robotic products to Mercury have been stopped and raided by a group calling themselves the Red-fists. Seemingly operating from one of the asteroids trailing Psyche-station, the Pirates have been able to strike without notice, catching escort teams off guard and unable to help the crews of these trade-vessel. To deal with the threat Plutonian leaders have sent a large warship, the Rockefeller, to the belt.

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